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By goren1818

2 years ago

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#66 1 year ago

Zach and Greg sealed the deal. Can't wait for it to ship!

8 months later
#1036 11 months ago

My daughter came home from college this weekend for her Thanksgiving Break and got to see the new JJ POTC for the first time. We have had at least one pinball machine in our house for the last ten years so she has experienced a number of games as my collection grew and changed. Typically, when a new game arrives she plays it once and never touches it again. That changed with JJ POTC. For the first time EVER, she has repeatedly gone back to the machine on her own to play.

So what is different about JJ POTC. First, unlike others on this site, she loves the theme, having grown up watching the early films on DVD and going to the theater to see the latest. Elizabeth Swan has always been one of her favorite characters but she appreciated that characters from the latest films were also part of the game.

Second, she finds the machine to be beautiful. (It deserves to be in the SDTM’s top ten world under glass.)

Third, everything anyone has ever written about how well this game shoots is true. Fun and fast, you can enjoy the game without having any idea as to what to do other than following the compass or shooting the ramp to the ship. She had fun with it the very first time she played.

Fourth, she is intrigued with the rule set and has quickly grasped the basics while playing the game and continues to go deeper into them as she advances her play. (Apparently, this rule set is not too challenging for the casual player.)

Finally, as she continued to play, guess what – all those inserts are important because, as advertised, no game is the same and there is always a different path, as highlighted by the inserts, that needs to be followed.

What I have enjoyed most is not just her interest in the machine, but the enjoyment in playing it with her as we discover new aspects of the game while plundering gold from each other. Looks like this one is a keeper at our house.

2 weeks later
#1458 11 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

#356 is in the house! Unboxing coming soon!

Great News! Hoping for an updated review. After you get some plays on it, I would like to know how you compare it to LOTR.

1 month later
#2749 10 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Ok! So I've narrowed my problem with the cannon hate load. It raises up enough and stays there, but as soon as I hit a flipper on either side it drops back down effectively making the shot impossible. My switches all check out and I've done the "bang on the playfield" test. Any ideas?
What could cause pushing either flipper to lower the gate?

I am having the exact same problem and have been hoping someone has a solution.

#2792 10 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

I figured it out! So I remembered people earlier saying if any switch was hit on the lower playfield, the gate closes. Days ago I had a leaf switch registered as stuck closed. It went away on its own without me adjusting it, I just kept a mental note of it in case it happened again. I adjusted it anyway and the problem ceased! It must have been touching when the flippers vibrated the machine. Odd it didn't happen during the "bang on the playfield test". Anyway, there it is. Hit the ship three times in one game.

Thanks! I will check that out.

1 month later
#3733 9 months ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

For the guys that have had this game for a couple months or more, what do you think of it?

I previously wrote in this thread about my daughter coming home from college over Thanksgiving Break and playing it for the first time. Though I have had pinball machines in the house for ten years, it is the first that she has ventured to the rec room to play on her own. She loves it and we love playing it together when she is home as it is so much fun to play with others. (Unfortunately, my wife has no interest in anything in the basement except the treadmill and, on most days, me.) I have played it almost every day since it arrived in October and I have yet to tire of it. My "bolted to the floor games" look more likely to leave than this one.

#3796 9 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I doubt many would disagree this game (similar to TZ) was ahead of its time in creativity and advancement.

Well written and I agree. Not only the creativity of a TZ, but also the depth of code like, not surprisingly, LOTR, and the layout makes it incredibly fun just to shoot (as good as or better than IMDN). I think they had hoped to be pumping these out in 2018 with the plan to switch over starting in 2019. Maybe a year and a half (which would take us from reveal to rumored end of production) was as long as they could go with, apparently, two Lawlor titles (and more popular themes than Pirates) ready to go.

#3828 9 months ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

Are there a lot of satisfying shots?

Yes, many great shots and it is a smooth shooter. I find the upper playfield challenging, never tedious. I think the sound is great and fits perfectly with the game. Jack Danger is suppose to stream the game this afternoon at 5PM CST on Twitch with Eric and the design team. Probably worth watching.

Dead Flip (resized).jpg
#3899 9 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Have we even seen the final “break the curse” wizard mode completed yet?

My big moment would be successfully completing a wizard mode. For 'break the curse," do you need to have completed all the movie wizard modes or do you just need to have played them all? Playing them all will be hard enough.

#3989 9 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Free a pirate, get that dog! Available Now from our website store!!

This is getting ridiculous! How many more of these mods are you going to convince me to buy for this machine. I don't think I have had the monkey and the kraken on for a week. You guys are killing it!

(And yes, my order is in.)

2 weeks later
#4907 8 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

The people who are saying the vast majority have no issues are mistaken

Agreed. I have been bummed with the issues and I have still to get the auto-plunger right, yet I love the game even with the problems and have played it almost every day since it arrived in November and rarely turn on my other machines. However, it has made me wary of buying another Jersey Jack machine in the future. It was just too much money to spend to have so many issues that were due to poor design or quality control issues and not related to ordinary game play.

#5052 8 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Kaneda posted my rebuttal today! Pirates fans unite, yarr!

Listened to it on my drive home tonight. Great job of representing the fan base though it was obvious that Kaneda was not swayed. I don't understand how he can call this a polarizing pin since he is the only one I have heard ripping it. I hope he has you on again.

#5360 8 months ago

Listened to the latest Kaneda podcast and left wondering why he continues to ridicule those on this thread who love their POTC. He just cannot let this go as he cherry picks information from the thread and emails he gets to his show in an attempt to prove his point. (Notice that none of the emails supporting POTC are being read.) This is more than having a different opinion. He seems to be obsessed with the need to be right on an issue that is purely subjective. In his efforts, he fails to see the fallacies, contradictions, and hypocrisy in his own argument. (By the way, he remind us that he still has that Patreon account that he said he would no longer discuss on air.) I guess this is how his podcasts usually run and I know, stop listening. So I will end my rant and spend more time with podcasts like Slap Save and Special When Lit.

#5501 8 months ago

Wow delt31! Just finished listening to Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast on the commute home and you were awesome. You gave the rebuttal (in explaining what makes POTC so great) to Kaneda’s last podcast that I would have liked to give if I had the communication skills. (No Kaneda, I don't think you were fair and balanced on the last podcast.) I agree with everything you said about Pirates, though you could have talked longer about the Star Map, which I thought would be a fantastic toy but something I cannot figure out. (Still hoping on that one.) What was most impressive was your broad discussion and insights into the pinball hobby. Then you dropped the Alien above Pirates comment . . . interesting. I never played the game, probably never will have the opportunity, but an interesting take on the machine. I hope Kaneda has you on again.

1 week later
#5838 8 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

game of the year at the TWIPYs - which will be POTC.
-disclaimer-Of course that’s not true-

I think I own the game of the year. The one that will be announced and the one that should have won if it had come out at the beginning of 2018 and enough people had played it.

#5841 8 months ago

I think Iron Maiden will be the game of the year. It is a great game, but POTC got my vote.

1 month later
#7750 6 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Does anyone else have consistent issues with the ball flying out of the top of the maelstrom?

I used to have that issue occasionally until I installed the Mod Couple's Kraken and Maelstrom Battle. Has not happened since. If you are going to add those two mods, you might as well load up on all of the others (you will end up wanting them anyway) and save on shipping.

1 month later
#9846 5 months ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

Well that’s one of those mods that prolly makes it harder to read the star map. But dam that twinkle looks sexy

Since I can never read the stars, the option to have it look better might be the best way to go.

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