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#11865 5 months ago

Just picked up an LE over the weekend and I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can help with.

1. Noticed while sitting in attract mode for about 30 minutes, the display just turned black. Had to turn off the machine and reboot, seemed to work fine after, but has me weary.
2. While playing a 2 player game, the display started "lagging", sound and display kept cutting in and out. Then it completely froze about about 10 seconds. Had to power off and on again. Which sucked because it ruined the game I was playing with a friend.
3. I'm having trouble figuring out how to add bass to the sound. Everything seems so high pitched, especially when hitting the pop bumpers and hearing the "yelling", it's almost ear piercing. I messed around with decreasing some of the sound effects and everything. But is there a way to add bass to the sounds? My stern games have a bass setting which is very helpful.
4. "Target ship hit" switch stuck open each time I power on the game. This seems to work itself out when playing. I took it apart to see if there was something wrong with the switch and how the ship "swayed" when being hit, but all seems to be fine.

Appreciate the help

1 week later
#11959 4 months ago

Issue with too many balls being put into play after 2 have been locked in the chest. Played 2 games this evening as 3 player games with friends and both times the game kept spitting out 3 balls into the plunge lane for each turn. Anyone experience this and know a solution?

#11964 4 months ago

Appreciate the feedback but I don't think it's any switches at all. Tested them and have no problems, turned on virtual lock for the chest and no longer have the issue. But it seems like when 1 player gets 1 locked and it remains in the chest, then another player gets their first chest lock, it thinks another lock is a multiball or something. Seems like a coding issue.

#11965 4 months ago

And now while we have been playing it randomly has the flippers go dead while playing a ball. No apparent reason or consistency. Totally random. I love this game but I've had to put so much work into it. More and more random problems that show up.

#11976 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

It thinks the ball has drained. So you likely have a loose connection in your ball trough or a bad opto.
Go into switch test mode and see if the optos for the trough all are ok. Then smack your open palm on the playfield firmly and see if any change.

FYI, adding to my previous post, the issue was ocurring in 1 player mode as well. As soon as 2 balls were locked in the chest, it would feed three balls into the shooter lane every single time. So I don't know why it only occurs when there are 2 locked balls in the chest. Appreciate the suggestion, prior to reading your suggestion I went and tested all the switches and optos in the menu. Manually put one ball in the trough at a time and they all tested fine. I went and "force calibrated" the ship, checked optos in the chest trough, etc... Don't really know what fixed it, but it seems to be working properly now even though everything checked ok in the first place. Further diagnoses will have to wait until October when I get back from a work trip to Alaska.

#11978 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I don't think it has so much to do with how many are in the chest, but how many are left in the ball trough. That's where I would concentrate (the 4th and 3rd ball positions) if it reappears (and it probably will).

Makes sense, thanks for your input. I'll check in October when I get back.

2 months later
#12971 75 days ago

While playing last weekend I noticed my flippers were going dead and everything was basically shutting off when the ball would go onto the ship.

I figured out that the switches for the bonus targets on the left side had the wires come loose. Probably from a bounceback cannon shot. I soldered them as well as I could, but they are in bad shape. Meaning that they are frayed and as tight as they can get. Has anyone simply added wire to them to give some slack? Or is there a "best way" to solve this issue?

#12973 75 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

You already figured it out.
LTG : )

Does it matter what type of wire I use, gauge size recommendations?

#13012 71 days ago

Having a problem with the leds for gold, fountain of youth, and map hole. The board shows a red led underneath rather that green and the lights will not light up. This happened before, but it fixed itself somehow. Anyone know hats causing the problem? I checked the connections and everything seems fine.
20191117_230337 (resized).jpg

#13014 71 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Red means the tiny fuse blew.
LTG : )

It did this before though, I never replaced a fuse and it worked fine for months. Where is the fuse located?

#13016 71 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Itsy bitsy thing nearby.
LTG : )

Could you please provide me with the exact location so I can attempt to fix it? Is it on the led board itself?

#13019 71 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

It is on the LED board itself.
Starting on page D-12 in the manual are the LED boards and parts list. Find the fuse and location number there. Very tiny, surface mount, I don't know if they can be fixed.
You can download the manual from jerseyjackpinball.com - Support - Downloads - Pirates.
LTG : )

Thanks I was looking through the manual already. Just didn't see anything particular to the fuse for the board. It's weird that it happened before and then worked again like normal. Usually if a fuse is blown it wouldn't start working again.

#13020 71 days ago

BTW, I just powered it on and they were working for about 5 seconds, then they quit and it turned red again.

#13022 71 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Probably a problem on the board shorting it. The fuse is very close to the red/green light.
LTG : )

Hopefully jersey jack can help out. I'll have to get in touch with them.

1 week later
#13091 62 days ago

Does anyone know the secret to getting a hold of anyone at jersey jack? I submitted a support ticket over a month ago, called and left 2 voice mails for Stan last week, called yesterday and left a voice mail with customer relations and still no call back or any type of contact from them. I've been dealing with a bad led board for a month now and all I want to do is get a replacement or support to fix it.

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