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#1727 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Check out the Hobbit and how varied the modes are. For example telling you to not hit certain shots and although it has a ton of drop target specific modes, it does a good job to make it seem that it's not just X shot.

I think for me a good example would be my favorite mode in LOTR vs my least. Favorite - Gandolf vs Saruman- Shoot ramp shots to attack Saruman, shoot tower to get Saruman trapped on top, shoot ring tell the butterfly to go get the eagle, shoot tower to rescue with eagle. Least Favorite - Warg - shoot all lit shots to kill wargs.
Similar with IMDN - Favorite - aces high - shoot lit shots to take down fighters, shoot ramps to lock on bomber, shoot pharaoh to shoot down locked on bomber within timer or re-lock, shoot roving shot to take down fighter ace. Least favorite - Icarus - combo ramp shots to shoot at Icarus before he flames you.

The shot variety that progresses the mode makes for a great game that never gets old. Spamming the same shots over and over gets stale. I am not familiar with the rules of POTC yet, but am highly interested in adding on to my game room. I'm hoping the most of the mode shots are more like the ones I like and not the later.

#1732 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

Great explanation but the modes are just like the modes you do not like. Their are so many different modes tho I do not know how they could make them all like the modes you like.

I certainly wouldn't expect all of them to be that way, just as the games I mentioned have some I really like, some I don't as much, and the rest are in-between. However, it would be a major plus if it had a good mix of shot depth and basic spamming shot modes. For 10k, I'm hoping this is a game I would keep around for a long time. On the surface and from the play I've put on it so far, its a winner for sure, but I'm not sure on the rules yet. For that amount of cash, it must have it all!

1 month later
#3139 10 months ago

As an owner of MBRLE, I can tell you that yes its a fantastic game and you'll love it. However, given that this would be your only game, POTC is the correct decision for you. It'll absolutely last longer due to its complexity. If you already had three or four deeper games, I would say MBR, but in your case its an easy decision to abandon your MBR order for POTC. I never cared for Hobbit, personally, but a lot of people like it, so that's just going to be personal preference.

#3176 10 months ago

Man you'd think for damn near 10k, they could add protectors from the factory like CGC. Its so much easier to add when nothings in the way.

1 week later
#3542 9 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

I read somewhere it's going to be a yellow brick road version stripped down no flying monkey

That sucks. What do they have against the monkey? I thought he was pretty cool.

#3726 9 months ago

For the guys that have had this game for a couple months or more, what do you think of it? Is it still worth 10k? Are you having any thoughts of dumping it soon? How is it compared to other games you own or have owned? I must admit, I've never had such a difficult time deciding on a game before, but the price still has me held back. For some reason there is a mental threshold past 8k for me. Even if you only had it a very short time, how is the honeymoon period comparing to other games you've owned?

#3739 9 months ago
Quoted from blimpey:

These last few posts have me second guessing my Munsters LE. I have the option of switching over to a Pirates and think I’m going to do it. The tides have turned and I’m jumping ship.

Yah I would be making that switch for sure.

Thanks for everyone's input. I really do appreciate it. There certainly seems to be a positive consensus and there have been very few HUO sales (2 I think) and they didn't get greased too bad, it appears. My biggest concern is that 10k potentially leaves a lot to the downside if its not a game that would last long and that's why I posed the question.

#3760 9 months ago

Screw it, you only live once. I just paid in full for an LE, so it looks like I'll be joining the club. Oh boy!

#3763 9 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

peer pressure is a wonderful thing, isn't it

Yes, but I clearly asked for it. I just needed this monkey off my back. Too many brain cycles were getting monopolized over the indecision and in the end its not that big of a deal.

#3786 9 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Note I am BS guessing with NO fact just opinion but really looking at this game as hard as it is to fathom based on sales price I wonder if part of the issue is Eric designed a dream machine almost To complete and advanced to make a sizable company growth profit. Add licensing, actors, delay, and 1 plus year of refinement without a new release and budgets start to get thin... I doubt many would disagree this game (similar to TZ) was ahead of its time in creativity and advancement.

This makes the most sense to me. Take complexity, price, and delays and I'll bet in spite of all its grandeur, the game is not creating a windfall profit due to relatively lower volume. Then you hear rumors of YBR WOZ being set at a higher price with some stripped off features. If we pay close attention, it will be somewhat telling with the next release.

#3818 9 months ago

In the scope of 9500, I would go NIB over a demo unit that saved $400. $800 would get me to go with the demo unit. I guess it really depends on how many games are on the demo unit. Do you still get the warranty?

#3819 9 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Seems like woz, then WW than Toy Story so an opportunity for more pirates really seems rare especially how detailed and custom that game is another run wouldn't be easy.

I highly doubt we'll see anymore this year. 2020? Who knows? That's what pushed me over into purchasing one now. The odds of finding a good HUO deal locally in the next 12 months is almost nadda.

#3904 9 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Btc is coming in 1.0. you will only need to have played all wizard modes, but probably winning them will make btc score higher. That's the current plan.

I've always liked that with STTNG wizard mode. Does winning them earn a specific award (artifact/treasure) that's used to multiply the scores in BTC?

#3914 9 months ago
Quoted from Nostaw:

Does anyone here have any of the Pin Stadium products on their JJP POTC? I'm very curious how it looks and user feedback if it enhances any light shows. I tried to search for POTC Pin Stadium, but thought I would ask here and see what opinion/experience people have with the light mod.

Post 3888 shows a picture of it with Pin Stadiums.

#3920 9 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Pirate with tons of mods!

Hey that's the pirates that got me to drop 10k on pirates! Thanks a lot man :/

#3981 9 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Frick we love this game. First game honestly in a long time I actually strongly recommend to people as it is so darn complete.

That says a lot given the games you own and have owned.

#4081 9 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

With the Pin Stadiums on and off as I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But for this pin, I love them.

The GI on the lower half of your playfield looks turned off. There is zero glow under the slings or outlane guides. That's why it looks so dark. I do like how the Pin Stadiums light up your art blades.

#4169 9 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I wonder if that means the Break the Curse super wizard mode will be coming soon as well?

I'm reasonably sure he did say during that stream, that the super wizard mode would be included in that release.

#4396 9 months ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

While I do love this game, I’d have to agree. It feels like I’m just playing multi ball after multi ball after multi ball. It’s a bit heavy on the multiballs. I may go in and make them harder to achieve in the settings.

Smart move. It seems like people are reluctant to make thier games harder, but willing to make them eaiser. The designers have the adjustments there, realizing that people have different skill levels and also for operators to bring game times down. I remember I was getting Two Towers multiball too frequently on LOTR, so I made it more difficult to qualify. The game was much more balanced and rewarding (for me).

#4512 9 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Those movies really are a slog, aren’t they?

I think a good community effort would be documenting each chapter title from the game with a few sentences explaining what happened. It’s something I’ve considered taking on but I just can’t deal with watching movies 2-5 again. I haven’t even finished 5.

For me 1 - 2 were the best, followed by 5, with 3 and 4 as the worst. I actually found 5 to be somewhat entertaining. I finally watched 5 recently and really had not planned to until I purchased this game. You just have to go into these films with no plans to take them seriously.

#4514 9 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Is 5 the one that opens with the safe robbery?


#4851 9 months ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

JJP seems to have quality control issues lately. Hopefully this won't be an issue if they can achieve a steady line.

Whoever is in charge of QC needs to get axed and they need to get someone in there that takes a little pride in their work. There is no excuse to get a new 10k game and have a list of shit that needs to be fixed before its playable. One small thing, sure, but not a list.

There should be a comprehensive checklist that's gone through for each game before its boxed up. I'll have to admit that I'm a bit concerned about getting mine.

#4859 9 months ago
Quoted from dgposter:

I am paying Chris extra to open my game and tweak it for me. He is going to install the Cliffy set, ModCouple disc silencer, new Titan rubber set and the Tilt side art blades. He will then playtest it and dial it in perfectly before shipping it out to me in a wooden crate. Chris follows this thread closely and is aware of what needs to be checked out, so I feel I am in very good hands.

Depending on how much he's charging, its totally worth it. Unless the shipper drops it a few times, you should be able to un-crate and play with no worries regarding tearing a brand new game apart for repairs and upgrades. You can actually just look forward to playing and enjoying!

#5096 9 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

As JJP starts to make more and more pins they likely can only spend X amount at a time on licensing and parts which is why I think Pirates production is stopping so future titles can be made.

If the ~200 or so Alien owners out there are capable of producing boards/parts ect to support the now defunct HW games, I'm positively confident that the ~1k JJP POTC owners can manage as well, especially since the producing company is not going anywhere.

#5296 9 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I hope it stays that way.

Agree. The only character faces I care to look are are the skeletons, crew of the Dutchman, ghost crew, and zombie sharks. It seems like the sharks wouldn't complain.

#5307 9 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Really hoping this is added. Those types of moments are in Keith's other games so really hoping we see them with Pirates. Each wizard mode should have one of those moments as well as the super wizard mode once its added.

Yes and it doesn't really have to have movie assets or complex coding to do this. Just as an example, after defeating the Kraken, you could have all the inserts go bright green and slowly dim away with an horrific sea monster-like sound to go along with it and the shaker that rumbles up then down with the lights.

2 weeks later
#6203 8 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Decided to cancel it though and order Black Knight 3

Since my distro is telling me that he's still waiting on my LE to be built still, I may be doing exactly that. Especially since "to be built" has already left the building from my understanding. I probably won't shed too many tears though, that BK looks bad ass.

#6219 8 months ago

Well okay. I suppose I'm still in on this game then, which is great. I was just starting to consider atlernative options, since I was getting the feeling that I wasn't going to get a game. So I was thinking had 10k floating around that needed a place to go and BK was looking like a possible good fit. If I get a pirates still, I'll just snag a premium down the road.

#6278 8 months ago

Is the actual cabinet (width) dimensions any greater than B/W super pins?

#6384 8 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

We've only had this for a bit over a week, but the star map was driving me nuts with the giant halos around all the star points. So, I made a filter to focus the LED points so it looks like real stars.

Can you show a picture of it from the players view? Further back? I like your concept. I was just thinking as I was looking at it, that when looking at the real nighttime sky, all stars are not equal in size. I'm thinking that it would may look better if they were all a bit different.

#6683 8 months ago

Clearly there is no testing before the games go out. To miss reversed flipper coils? There's no way that game was tested. Just assembled and shoved out the door. I can't believe JJP hasn't fired the jackass that's in charge of QC, with all the problems that's been reported over the last few months.

1 week later
#7268 7 months ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

I was told that JJP is waiting on parts...God knows when I'll get my machine.

I'm in the same boat as you. Waiting on my game, which is waiting on parts. I guess if Willie comes out before mine is ready and I like it a lot more, I can just move my cash over to it.

1 week later
#7597 7 months ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

My POTC LE is in the last batch too.

As well as mine. Two weeks, turned into two more weeks, turned into two more weeks, turned into three months total (it now appears).

#7600 7 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Those boats from China are a bitch, and if they spill them overboard enroute, you need to chase them to portland on the tides.

I think its delayed more from pirate looting than flotsam.

2 weeks later
#8406 7 months ago
Quoted from Breger1:

Got my new Pirates set up last night! Hesitated on SE, but I wanted POTC and LE hard to find. Overall I'm happy with it and not regretting the standard. Adding shaker motor, back illumination for star map area and some colored LEDs in the GI to offset the all white. Great game can't wait to get into it more.

Did you have any issues out of the box?

1 week later
#9009 6 months ago
Quoted from Breger1:

Don't know if I'll powder coat, maybe in a while, when the newness wears off.

I actually like the way the stainless looks, so I'd leave it. I think the LE is a worthy upgrade, from a value standpoint, but honestly, the only thing I'd really miss (that can't be added) is the RGB lighting.

#9160 6 months ago

Metallica is a fine game, deserving of its spot in the top 10. Pirates is suffering recently from some troll ratings, like the guy that rated it a 2. I can't see how someone played a working example of this game and found it to be only worthy of a 2?

#9256 6 months ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

When I was setting up the machine....I go to pivot the backbox up....my backglass and speaker panel were just hanging in the backbox. JJP didn't attach my backbox speaker panel during assembly.

Those guys must be lighting up fat ones during their breaks. Any other issues? Mine is coming from that same batch. I'd by lying if I said I wasn't worried, considering their track record.

#9385 6 months ago
Quoted from kcZ:

Interesting... Pretty sure that I read this before it was deleted. Curious why it was sent deleted now.

Maybe he changed his mind?

#9399 6 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

I haven’t been able to play/ evaluate this game yet. I know LE’s are gone or scarce. Is the Standard really that much lesser of a model than the LE? From the matrix, it seems not. Thanks

The only thing you're losing that cannot be added, is the color changing GI. I purchased an LE because the value for the extra 1k was there with the extras. I don't think I could add them all for less then that, though there are some things I could live without. I say get the standard and add whatever you want to it, I doubt you'll regret it.

#9421 6 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

IF the shaker was implemented in more strategic places I think it could play in to the game more. For example, we all know the sinking of the Dauntless should have a big light show and shaker motor

That's somewhat of a fail really. I mean it wouldn't be that difficult to code some shakes into some key places that make sense. Shakers really make the game so much more immersive, IMO, when coded right. The cannon shots/hits/explosions is pretty much a no brainer. Heck, maybe it is shaking and the game is just so figgen heavy, we don't notice it.

#9449 6 months ago

Number 3 is finally home! Now I have to wait till I get home this evening to work through all the problems.

20190523_130145 (resized).jpg20190523_140555 (resized).jpg
#9468 6 months ago
Quoted from joseph5185:

What problems!?!?

I was being pessimistic, based on historical data. In fact, the only thing that ended up being wrong with mine is the sagging screen and damaged back glass. Looks like some of the art on the backglass rubbed off due to the screen sagging and the buffer piece rubbing it.

I did also notice that sometimes the chest lock will allow a ball to fall through the release flap. Is there an adjustment for this?

#9496 6 months ago

I have to give a shout out to JJP support. My backglass had some minor damage during shipping. I had a response almost immediately after submitting the ticket, I sent a couple of photos, and now a replacement is on the way out to me. All within 2 hours. That's the way support is supposed to work!

1 week later
#9957 6 months ago

This is by far the most addictive game I've ever owned. Just so many ways to approach it and I'm still learning the rules. My other games are getting ignored. My sons son's friend came over last week and played it, then came back the next day saying he was dreaming about it all night. He then played it for a couple of hours while my kid played Xbox (my kids not really a pinball fan).
This is just a fantastic game. My one gripe is the cheap drains out of the star map after starting a mode. Totally needs a short ball save there. I love escaping the locker on right outlane drains. I also finally played liars dice yesterday and lost all my gold lol. Now if I can just get to one of the mini wizard modes.

#10062 6 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

Only wish I could load the cannon more consistently. What's a good strategy for loading the cannon once the door is open? I can't find any consistent shot for getting it in there.

That's the best thing about it, that you don't get to do it very often. When it does happen, you're like "oh shit, I get to shoot the cannon!". I'm used to the switch notification when I start my game up, yep its the dauntless switch. However, I did get the super jackpot on curse of the black pearl multiball once, I just had to let all the other balls drain out while I focused on loading the cannon with the ball that was on the pearl.

#10064 6 months ago

I'm curious which character you guys have your highest score with? I'm not sure if that's telling of anything regarding the charter perks or just where you had your lucky game. I think mines the latter. Cutler Beckett is 1st (I do like how I only have to hit the gold button once) with Pintel as my second highest score. Funny thing is that I don't play those two as much as some of the other characters like Blackbeard, Norrington, or Carina (I need all the time I can get, since I can't shoot to save my life).

#10306 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

And they are optional, which is why they aren’t pre-installed

Are most people installing these? I haven't

#10494 5 months ago
Quoted from Troz:

Until v1.0 ... Barbossa is king

Dude is that 5 ball? I can't even crack a million.

#10519 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Why a blue rubber in the chest? I mean, come on.. blue?! Ironically, coincidentally, I have the exact same rubber in black. And the foam. Yay!

Yah that chest is sort of a nightmare for us OCD types. I'm trying to figure out how I can conceal that small LED board that's stands out in plain view as well. Replacing the blue rubber is an easier win. I need to order one of those in black.

#10576 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

The most recent episode they were talking about research someone did, comparing "I'm out" people when the mechs were pulled to owners/enthusiasts/fans now.

I wasn't as hung up over the feature changes as much as the price. When I heard the price was almost 10k shipped, I was like well that sucks, I guess "I'm out". I had pretty much put it in my review mirror and forgot about it. Then months later, I had an opportunity to play a bunch of games on one, and now its in my game room. Unlike most other games out there, this game actually feels like its worth the price it commands.

#10580 5 months ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

I think the reason nothing was used in that area is because its easy to bind up one of the spinners. The top rail piece is holding it down. Not really worth cutting up a 38.00 mod, but sometimes you just want to see if something will work.

I ran into that issue as well and it was from simply adding the Mezel top rail (in its intended location). Something moved a bit during install. I had to push things around just slightly to get the left spinner going again. There is almost zero tolerance.

#10588 5 months ago

Highly recommended tonycip gold coin shooter rod. Goes perfect on my game.

20190613_200148 (resized).jpg20190613_200224 (resized).jpg
#10606 5 months ago
Quoted from kcZ:

I can load the cannon but not terribly successful at hitting the target hole in the other ship.

Practice Practice Practice
It hit it rarely as well, though I don't often get the cannon loaded to try.

2 weeks later
#11035 5 months ago

I just got some black mirrored blades from pinball decals. Fail!
Looks like I'll have to cut them.

20190629_180147 (resized).jpg
#11036 5 months ago

Blade dremeled down to fit. Next problem, flared hinge bolt. Ground that down, so looking better.

20190629_182327 (resized).jpg20190629_182512 (resized).jpg20190629_182639 (resized).jpg
#11037 5 months ago

Install totally sucked way more than I expected. They were so tight that the playfield was sitting on the screws. Ultimately I had to use two sided tape on the front half. Zero space for blade protectors, so we'll see how long they stay nice.

15618561613347901642401821090658 (resized).jpg15618561819302199212465525944095 (resized).jpg
#11074 5 months ago

My wonderful wife made a nice frame for my LE certificate that matches the game. I think it looks great.

20190701_192443 (resized).jpg20190701_192805 (resized).jpg
#11172 5 months ago
Quoted from tgrinchy:

The flippers are multi-stage meaning if you lightly press only the bottom flippers will flip; press all the way in and both the lower and upper flippers flip.

Cool, I did not know that. That's going to be a nice challenge for me, since I've been mashing the buttons all the way down since I've been in the hobby. I can't wait to test it out.

1 week later
#11356 4 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

On another note, is anyone finding that the wizard mode for the red (Maelstrom) movie is a bit easy? I have started that wizard mode three times and have finished it the last two times without a problem ... and I am not nearly as good a player as most here.

How do you all rank the wizard modes in POTC from least to most difficult to complete?

Do you all find that some are much more valuable that others?

You're a better player than I am. I've never been able to start that one. I've come one shot away a couple of times, so I couldn't tell you if it's easy to beat. I've only been able to start 2 wizard modes - On Stanger Tides and Dead Mans Chest. I haven't been able to beat either one.

I'd say OST and DMC are both easier to start because the qualify shots are the easiest. COTBP is the hardest because it forces you to make that cannon shot, which is a challenge for me. I find that the shots to Maelstorm and the BT are tough because the ball likes to drain when I miss those. So my ranks for starting difficulty are:

#11416 4 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

To me, the integration in POTC is just right. I am not interested in seeing movie scenes over and over (particularly if the movies are bad like the last few). I like it when they just set up the situation and let me play pinball. The callouts and music draw me in more than the video. Hobbit is amazing in integration, but the shots were just not there for me. I have not played the latest version, but I stepped out of my order when I got a chance to put time on a local one.

This ^
Pirates too me rewards in spades on the shot variety and the number of satisfying shots overall. Pretty much every shots feels good to make and I really can't think of any that are grinding, even on the pearls deck. When I play Hobbit, the movie integration is second to none, the sights and sounds bring the game to life and draws the player in. Sadly, for me, almost all the shots feel grinding, which is why I will never own one. Its just not a layout that keeps me coming back like Pirates. Also, I'm a sucker for interactive toys like the rocking pearl, cannon, spinning disk, and soon the opening and closing chest!

1 week later
#11619 4 months ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Speaking of Liar's Dice, the game cheats, all the time, we never win!

I've won a couple of times. But yeah, it's rare.

2 weeks later
#11867 3 months ago

So far I've been through all the mini wizard modes except curse of the black pearl. I'll have to say, there is some polishing that needs to be done on Dead Men Tell no Tales. There really isn't much there aside from counters on the display that keeps track of your shots. It really felt like it wasn't complete. I'm hoping the forthcoming code update makes it a little more substantial.

2 months later
#12975 21 days ago
Quoted from arzoo:

Probably one of the coolest mods you can add

Without question. Even turned off, the chest looks way better closed.

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