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By goren1818

3 years ago

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#12813 1 year ago

I’ve been trying to buy the one in Melbourne, but I haven’t heard back in about a week. I hope everything is ok and he’s just busy.

2 weeks later
#13051 1 year ago

I just wired funds to Pinball Sales in Australia to secure one of the last NIB LE's. It should fly its way to me next week - looking forward to it!

#13056 1 year ago
Quoted from luckymoey:

Congrats but surprised demand is so weak in AU. That's a lot of money wasted on transport. Guess the strengthing $ over the last 12 months makes it workable.

I was surprised at how cheap airfare was - about the same as shipping a pin in the US.

2 weeks later
#13172 1 year ago

It took a circuitous route here traveling the pacific for a while, but 235 is in my garage! NIB!

#13212 1 year ago
Quoted from paynemic:

So are there any nib machines of any trim level available in the US? I called and put a hold on the last one in Australia for a friend, but it’s an LE and he might prefer a standard.

I asked JJP. I think the Australia machines are the last nib in the world.

#13250 1 year ago

It took a year to sell the 650 LE's they made, so I can see why they'd just move on. In retrospect maybe they could have positioned the pin better in the market and sold more, but at this point you could chalk it up to experience. Producing more without guaranteed sales because it had potential is sunk cost fallacy thinking.

#13262 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

The main problem with selling the LEs was there was a LOT of negative emotion aroung discgate and trunkgate, removing or nerfing two features they had talked up for MONTHS. Lots of people cancelled orders before they got a chance to PLAY it. Once enough got out that people could play the game, demand boomeranged pretty hard, but it was too late. JJP had already schedudled the end of production.
It's considered a freshman masterpiece by Eric from everyone I know that's played it, and that will just keep growing the demand. If Jack really wanted to make sure this is a real thing, he would build 3 with the parts he has on hand and send one to every major show for the next year so people can be exposed to it hands-on. No promises to make more, just exposure to a masterpiece of a game (that should help sell GnR, BTW, since that's Eric's next game). I was really surprised there was no jjPotC at Golden State last summer. If I didn't have a full van, I would have brought the one from the route down there. I just assumed SOMEONE would bring the most recent JJP release, but that's not the case.

I hear what you’re saying. And if was JJP, I’d try to catch that lightning with my next title. This pin has been out for a long time and even with good reviews it just sold out this week.

You’re running a company. You need to decide where to spend your next several million dollars on parts and labor. Are you going to bet on the machine that underwhelmed, even though it could have been a hit? Or will you take the lessons you learned and bet on the next machine?

Rick and Morty (whatever you think of it) sold 750 machines in 4 hours. That’s an order of magnitude quicker than POTC. If I wanted to sell machines, I’d figure out how to catch that kind of wave. An older machine with a cult following is great but it doesn’t keep the lights on.

1 week later
#13336 1 year ago

After playing mine for the weekend, I'm just starting to understand how the systems work. I absolutely love it so far. The conversion from 220V was super easy and I was running in no time. I had my first decent game today - 936K which is way above my second score of 124K.

#13339 1 year ago

JJP will send you a conversion kit for a $50 exchange fee so you don’t have to do any soldering.

#13421 1 year ago

My action button sticks all the time - I’ve tried loosening the mount, tightening it, rotating it. Nothing seems to keep it working smoothly. Is this common or should I just make a warranty request for a new one.

1 week later
#13644 1 year ago

What 12K prices? I bought mine for 10.5 including air freight to the US. The game took over a year to sell 1000 units. I love mine and won’t sell it, but it’s never going to sell in big numbers.

#13647 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

You can't accurately say "it took a year to sell 1000,"

Look at the pinside marketplace for the last two weeks.

It literally took over a year - it's simply a statement of fact.

Yes, prices rose in the last two weeks - that's supply and demand for you - any time the supply drops to zero it's going to affect prices. How is that evidence of a large unfilled market demand? It's a natural market adjustment to the new supply level.

#13650 1 year ago

It’s fun to speculate, and I suspect none of us will ever know the full story.

And agreed about shitting on games! Life’s to short for that.

#13652 1 year ago

Edit: realized you’re asking about the second time. So I’m not sure.

2 weeks later
#13870 11 months ago

What a coincidence - my tortuga started draining down the middle just last night. The metal shield/deflector was indeed loose. A quick tighten and it's fine now!

#13887 11 months ago

I'm not judging anyone - honestly I'm not. I have a POTC with pooling in the playfield too.

Still, I can see why JJP and Stern might look at these threads and think twice about sending replacement playfields. How many are just going into a closet as a backup or being sold? If my playfield needs replacing someday I would feel obligated to use the replacement - the warranty is to make me whole and fix the product.


#13945 11 months ago

I have yet to see my pirates light up neon pink. In fact the only time the GI really changes significantly is for effect when you start a multiball, and then it goes back to mostly white with the occasional special effect. Personally I love it.

#13950 11 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Was about to post nearly the opposite comment ! I don’t think the RGB GI adds much to a game like Say, Monster Bash, but I think it is QUITE important to the moodiness of POTC.

I think the argument that the playfield gets too dark is way overblown. There are traditional white spots that are always on and always lighting most of the playfield. You can see them in the picture below (not my pic). The pf is all blue but the white spots are clearly illuminating the black pearl, shining on the pops, shining on the pf, left sling, spinning disc, etc. In person there really aren't any places for the ball to hide. They're well placed and you don't lose track of the ball.
50b0f5715e6060da3a2d04373b4a1f4b48c5c8a3 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#14147 11 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

That and while the result is awesome for pinball use the parts are like virtually printing in glass. Resin parts have No mercy for manipulation or a ball strike. We have printed many but you really can’t put them anywhere a ball could fly to.

Flex resin is a good option and will tolerate a lot of impact.

6 months later
#15504 4 months ago

I always go for Add Gold so I can stack Tortuga multiball with others. Then again, I'm not a great player and I need those multiballs quickly to score big points

#15514 4 months ago
Quoted from LesManley:

So close...just Cotton left to get all my characters scores over 5 million and once I get it, I am done. I am not going for 6 million per character. It was fun to try this first with all 4 mil then all 5 mil, but I want to get back to playing some of the other characters and really trying to blow up their scores with their better advantages. Maybe the code update will drop and then it will really open up the game again?
[quoted image]

Jesus - I only have one character over 1 million.

1 month later
#15676 3 months ago

Breaking news: pinball machine spotted at pinball factory.

1 week later
#15778 3 months ago
Quoted from adamross:

My plunger has suddenly become to weak to launch the ball, any tips on a replacement spring?

Before you replace the spring, check if the plunger is hitting the auto launch. When you release the plunger it shouldn't cause the launcher to move. Mine does, so I put a small rubber foot (the kind you might stick on the bottom of a small device) under the playfield to keep the launcher from rotating into the path of the plunger.

#15779 3 months ago

Also check the shooter tip - if it's broken you'll lose a lot of power. That's happened twice on mine because of the way it hit the auto launch.

#15781 3 months ago

Here you go!

936C07B0-57EE-4BD2-A7AC-4DFF1FB96091 (resized).jpegD41A4083-3335-47D0-BC58-392E36747138 (resized).jpeg
#15782 3 months ago

The foot I had on hand was much thicker than necessary, so I cut the top off. Mine didn't need more than a couple mm to clear the shooter.

1 week later
#15823 84 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

My Black Pearl hangs mainly to the left... actually, it's always to the left! It rocks, but never gets horizontal, simply rocks from extreme left to very slightly left... is that how it should be? I'd have thought rocking equally from left to right, with horizontal being the mid-point would be normal...

I had the same concern with mine - it's normal. It should go from left to almost level, but never to the right.

#15828 84 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Locate the metal bar behind the playfield. Loosen the two screws and adjust to taste. Make sure it can still make the full vertical up/down extents after adjusting.

Maybe I'll make mine tilt more to the right! The way it is now it's too easy - I can get a ball in the cannon nearly every time.

#15852 81 days ago

You could start with the coil sleeves if you suspect they are worn, and inspect the linkages while you're in there. I'd be surprised if they were already worn out.

There's nothing wrong with using full flipper strength - that's what older machines did when they didn't have an adjustment. Once the EOS switch fires it cuts the high voltage, so you're not going to melt the coil or anything.

#15860 81 days ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

I think there may be more airballs and risk of damage to the ramps by cranking the flipper coil power up too much, though the flipper mech would likely be fine.

Sure, but he’s saying he has to turn the flipper up to make the ramps. In which case I figure why not turn them up instead of rebuilding them? That’s what the adjustment is for.

#15945 75 days ago

You're sure the flipper isn't rotating within the linkage from the force of the flip? The link has to be clamped down on the shaft way tighter than some people think.

#15987 71 days ago

Correct - it's not supposed to be on the moving parts. The sticky pads will line up perfectly with the plastic ramp if it's installed right.

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