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2 years ago

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#1119 12 months ago

Anyone have an easy solution to the ball getting stuck here at the top of the right ramp?

22254162-8929-487B-AC25-D160A9C3EB08 (resized).jpeg
#1135 12 months ago

Has anyone had trouble making the chest lock shot? My game is slightly steeper than factory pitch, but only very rarely will the ball make it into the chest lock. The flipper power is higher on both (Left-24, Right-30) but the lock is still super hard. Is there a physical adjustment to the forks that doesn’t require taking the whole thing apart?

Another issue I am having is the Bonus animations are gone. It happened in the middle of a game last night where during the bonus, the screen background was dark and it just had the text of my bonus. I tried again this morning after leaving it off, and same thing, no animations in bonus. Is this some sort of bug?

#1162 12 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Yes, mine seems to almost always flash. Not sure what that is about.

A red insert means that you have collected one of the pieces for At World’s End multiball. The blue light indicates that the shot will advance On Stranger Tides multiball. So in the case of the inner loop, if you have already shot it once to make it red, it will alternate between blue and red as it should.

A faint red light indicates partial progres on collecting that shot for At world’s end (So after the first multiball).

Everything is color coordinated to match the movies. Alternate color blinking isn’t something special, it just means 2 things going on at once. Hope this helps!

#1170 12 months ago


Found a bug with Elizabeth. The photo below shows that no chapters are qualified even though her power is 3 chapters always lit. This occurred right after my first chapter was played.

54C36882-D1F7-44E8-B91E-72656067A40A (resized).jpeg
#1182 11 months ago
Quoted from Outlanes:

That makes sense. But why only that shot? The purple shot doesnt blink in a similar manner? I must be missing something.

The only shots that should blink blue/red like that are the inner loop, right orbit, and chest lane since they all feed to the upper left flipper to combo into the inner loop, which is how you advance On Stranger Tides. The purple shot is the left spinner and that light is only on to indicate a jackpot or the super jackpot. When not in a multiball, that insert is either red (to indicate At World’s End progress) or just off.

3 months later
#6163 7 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Deadpool's callouts are high pitched, not funny, and really just annoying. I'm honestly shocked IM didn't win callouts. Both the Demon and the Sorceress on that game are amazing to hear.

“Now say, Deadpool is the greatest.”
- “No.”

Literally every dang time I play that mode

#6164 7 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Deadpool's callouts are high pitched, not funny, and really just annoying. I'm honestly shocked IM didn't win callouts. Both the Demon and the Sorceress on that game are amazing to hear.

“Now say, Deadpool is the greatest.”
- “No.”
Literally every dang time I play that mode.

Meanwhile Gibbs has 10 different ways of saying GOLD!

1 week later
#6881 7 months ago

Anyone having an issue where the 2x standup is registering the left ramp exit switch? It’s weird because switch test shows everything working fine, but during the game, if I have a shot lit on the ramp, the 2x target will just give it to me. And no, it’s not when I have the characters that spot shots when you hit a target.

1 month later
#8624 6 months ago

New code release notes?

#8638 6 months ago

Will any more changes be made to what the characters do?

#8645 6 months ago

I’m assuming Break the Curse will be in 1.00?

#8661 6 months ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Been outta the JJP loop for a bit, Will they be making more LE`s?

Not for a while

4 weeks later
#10148 5 months ago

The other big change in 1.0 will run all the extra character benefits, which will open up a lot of new strategies. Can’t wait.

1 week later
#10531 5 months ago

Hey troz any idea when the INDISC finals will be uploaded to YouTube? It would be interesting to watch how some of the top players play POTC in a tournament.

Killer score btw!!

2 weeks later
#11087 4 months ago

Can’t wait for 1.0 to be released. Will be a great way to polish an already A game.

#11089 4 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Flipnoutpinball had a Wonka live stream last night where they interviewed Jack. Someone from JJP was in chat, JJPLive. I asked if there is any news about POTC 1.x code, JJP replied back with "stay tuned"!

Wow, nice. Sounds like it’s just around the corner.

#11199 4 months ago
Quoted from beefzap:

So I played this game today and I was overwhelmed with the total package. I had no idea what I was doing but enjoyed the shots and the beauty of the game. Would consider buying one and have not considered buying one mainly due to it not being a mass produced pinball. But what a great game, levels above anything I have ever played.

This is how we all feel

2 weeks later
#11423 4 months ago

Any word on the new code? JJP just posted new code for Wonka and Dialed In, but nothing yet for Pirates...

1 week later
#11660 3 months ago

Anyone at ReplayFX get a chance to talk to Keefer? Maybe he’d say when to expect the new code.

2 weeks later
#11862 3 months ago


It’s a race between GB and POTC now. At least this game has way more to do than GB, but cmon, it’s been nearly 2 years since release and still not fully complete

#11864 3 months ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

Maybe its taking so long because they are reworking the impossible fountain of youth super jackpot and adding an optional ball save on chapter select.

I’m sure they’re fixing those things... but they are also adding a ton. They keep pushing updates out for DI, Wonka, and even WOZ got another update. Where’s the POTC love at?

#11936 87 days ago

I think the main reason code is delayed us because not only is Keith the lead programmer on the game, he looks out for the whole software team. That means a decent amount of his time is working with Joe to fix Wonka bugs, since that is their main production game currently. Not to mention working with Eric on game #6 which is supposed to be released in December. My best guess is we will see 1.x around Expo time

2 months later
#12823 16 days ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

I found one for sale in Europe, CE NIB... works out at $16.2k delivered... seems a bit pricy to me... but it IS a CE NIB!! Any idea how many CEs were made?


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