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#230 1 year ago

Could use some tech advice from owners: The chest in my production model (unlike the proto I was babysitting) swings forward, mounted only on the left side. There’s a bit of friction keeping it from swinging, but nothing else. Is that correct? Repeated ball hits definitely push it around and presumably out of the proper ball lock launch path. I’m trying to troubleshoot ball lock issues reported but that I can’t reproduce. Wondering if this chest is sneaking out of place...

Second thing: Suggestions to make POTC harder via pf adjustments? I have a PAPA tourney coming up I’ll surely be asked to reduce ball times for. I can’t even figure out how to make the right outlane harder — I can remove the rings but that rubber on the posts bounces the ball in to the safety of the shooter lane a lot.

#234 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Chest have a screw or something come loose from underneath ?
LTG : )

Are you saying it should be attached on the right side? I’ll inspect when I get back over to the location.

#264 1 year ago

Owners: I need your help. Is the chest supposed to be mounted somehow on the right side? Mine swings out freely from the left side. The ball lock shot knocks it way out of place. I cannot see where hardware would hold it down on the right side. For now it’s idiotically zip tied.

544EE293-34C5-4851-A095-A553795D9035 (resized).jpeg
#267 1 year ago

Wow must be a manufacturing error — I don’t have the bracket attached to the chest or even those nylon nuts. Just some bare threaded mounting posts on the plastic to the right of the chest.

#290 1 year ago

Wow must be a manufacturing error — I don’t have the bracket attached to the chest or even those nylon nuts. Just some bare threaded mounting posts on the plastic to the right of the chest.

Spoke too soon -- I found the bracket, it's just broken. But installed!

#291 1 year ago


The POTC I have on location has had a bunch of really confusing chest problems (in addition to the chest mounting bracket being broken). Balls kept (reportedly) jamming right at the exit, yet the switch and coil work totally fine when tested. I finally caught the problem in action while I was there and, with the ball up against the lock arm, I could hear the coil clicking (receiving power), but the arm wasn't moving. I believe the gap between the arm's magnetic plate and the coil magnet was too great, and the magnet couldn't overcome it.

I used the little tab on the metal plate the coil attracts to close that gap and I *think* it's working now. I have turned on virtual locks to reduce the problem -- note that this only makes balls not lock in the chest, but the forks still launch balls into the chest. It would be nice for operators if we could fully bypass the chest device if it has problems. Future code update?

IMG_6866 (resized).jpg
#294 1 year ago
Quoted from Axl:

Is this a proto game? The new chest doesn`t open or close. it is static.

This is a production model. This isn’t a chest opening issue, it’s a ball locking issue. Even in the proto (which I operated, briefly) the balls still lined up in the chest, Simpsons couch-style. It’s the same now, but the chest is stuck open.

#295 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballj:

I had the exact problem, and thought it had to do with the latest code update, until I heard the clicking noise like you heard. I noticed the exact same stop that you found and how it wasnt hitting it. I adjusted like you did, and haven't had a problem since. I assumed this was just the gate somehow binding against the chest, and the stop prevents it. Anyway, my chest lock has been working fine..but maybe this is an adjustment that may be worth noting on for anyone else that has the issue.

Good to know! Thanks!

2 weeks later
#437 12 months ago

Well I completely melted an LED I replaced in a spotlight — they are 12v wedge lamps, as I now see in the manual. Good to know!

#546 11 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

The rocking ship pivots were changed after the first 20 games, and those have all been dealt with.
Nothing else to worry about, or coming. Buy your POTC with confidence of a great game.
LTG : )

I think I have one of the first 20... what should I look for? I’ve seen ball hangups on the ramp out of the ship, two different ways: One where the ball rests on the one way gate. The other is when it wedges HARD in the start of the wireform.

1 week later
#859 11 months ago

My spotlights are slowly getting knocked out. They get hit and the bulbs just crumble — usual wear and tear. They are 12v lamps like flashers, but serving as GI. I’m looking into adequate replacements that aren’t ultra bright, but haven’t found any. LMK if any of you have replaced with anything cool!

#861 11 months ago

Ok where the heck are these from? Found in the bottom of the cabinet under the pf.

image (resized).jpg
#865 11 months ago

Woah! Why are they midway back in the cab

1 week later
#1100 11 months ago

I’ve had two moderate fork issues keeping it from retracting, some minor ones, too:

1) The actuator, a small white cylindrical plastic piece that hits the up position switch but also keeps the fork mech on its track, fell off, so it wouldn’t depress the switch when it was in the up position. Easy fix, but the actuator screw couldn’t get a good grip in the threads of the fork mech and I had to replace the whole thing. If it happens again I’ll modify it myself.

2) The fork release coil (technically a relay) was getting jammed with the magnet too far away from the plate it attracts. This also happened with the chest lock in my game above the pf. I had to bend the tab that allows for play in the relay to reduce the gap.

Smaller problems in the proto I had before this model had me bending the up position switch a few times.

#1102 11 months ago
Quoted from Outlanes:

So I took the mech out and reassembled and now it seems like its intermittent. It always works in test but it's almost like retract doesn't always have enough power in game or something.
You think bending the tab is best?

If you hear it clicking in test mode but not retracting, and you can dislodge the up position relay lock with your finger, then it’s the tab.

2 weeks later
#1452 10 months ago

Is there a repeatable (describable) way to get the ball into the cannon once it’s lit that you’ve all figured out?

I’ve been working on a backhand from a left flip trap but that rarely works. Lucky shots from the tip of the right work, but getting it there is hard. What have you all discovered?

#1509 10 months ago

I have the same VUK chipping. Was hoping it would last until Cliffy came through. Not sure how there are games from the 90s with no chipping in similar scoops. Bummer.

Aiming issue: My ball was hitting the wireform on the way out, had to bend the deflector down a bit. It was hard to tell that’s what was happening.

#1541 10 months ago
Quoted from Zora:

As far as I know you can order a full playfield protector to be installed on the production line. However, I habe not yet seen any comments in this regard. Does anybody order such protectors? And if so what is the experience? Different play feeling? Which quality?

JJP did not make a protector this time. However, PF Protectors did. Mine has arrived. Extra thin new product. Installing this weekend and will report back!

#1575 10 months ago

Holy crap that was a lot of work.

PF protector installed. New super thin model. Seems great. Raised the spinning disc a smidge. Pics indicate what we had to remove for your reference. It was a lot.

I really think this should be offered in the factory again. This would have prevented some really bad chipping in at least the scoop. Noticed some other chipped spots around a sling post (!) and of course the map hole. For $8500 I really need this game to keep its value on location. Hopefully this will help

80F1C7F9-EBE5-41CF-BD40-23A542F76B7C (resized).jpeg9CC2BF97-9FB0-45FE-997D-4B9E06D0BEDC (resized).jpegAA25DA60-ACC3-48D5-9DDB-73F747547D99 (resized).jpeg
#1579 10 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

Was that chipping around the bottom sling post by any chance?

Yes. Here are some wear spots from our SE on location.

0F22C71C-693F-484B-9139-F7CFA70F1C65 (resized).jpeg31FAB08F-6B05-4089-B088-B0A17F13FB52 (resized).jpegD9F82FD1-69EF-4184-939C-7EA923AE98E0 (resized).jpeg
#1714 10 months ago

I spent 20 minutes getting the ship back into place last time I removed it. Hey ltg can you give me your step-by-step for getting the ship back in? SOMETHING was resisting me popping it back into place, but I still don't know what. Is it an angle thing? Should I title the ship?


#1715 10 months ago

Duplicate post

#1880 10 months ago

Mine was hitting the ship return wire form! Bent the deflector down a bit.

Quoted from f3honda4me:Hey the kick out for the "mystery/tortuga" is very erratic. I'm thinking I'd like to turn down the strength of the kickout a bit to see if that prevents the bad habit it has of kicking SDTM sometimes, but can't find the setting for it in the menu under coil settings? Anyone else made any adjustment to that kickout to prevent the instant SDTM?

1 week later
#2345 10 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

I haven't experienced that. Try a dab of hot glue or silicone.
LTG : )

Every single spotlight LED has exploded in my game at this point — losing the diffuser sometimes but mainly just shaking apart to the point of failure. I replaced them all with warm Comet flashers (they are 12 volt bulbs, take note!). I’ve had my game on location for 14 weeks and it has a lot more action than others. Similar thing also happened to the ship spinner optos. The housings shook apart to crumbled little pieces and I had to replace entirely. Heads up.

1 month later
#3285 8 months ago

Getting the ship back in is really a struggle every time for me. I have no tips. I’ve done it 3 times and it just *doesn’t seem to fit* back in. Until it does.

Quoted from FlippinJB:

Must say I was dreading removing the ship, but following LTG’s instructions, it was reasonably easy (sorry about the rubbish pic).
Laid the ship on its side, and when I got under there, the brown/green wire was off because it had broken at the insulation. Must say, the factory soldering job was sloppy at best. It looked like a blindfolded five year old had played 'pin the tail on the donkey' with a soldering iron while dizzy on lemonade. The loom at this point was too tight, so I removed a couple of wire ties.
Getting the ship back on again was another matter, although I’m sure this gets easier with practise. So, the Black Pearl is up and running again. What a great game. Thanks LTG.
[quoted image]

#3312 8 months ago
Quoted from Captchaos:

Anyone having issue with the pinballs not being released from the chest after being locked? I checked the mech and it works, during multi ball I see it trying to release but the balls seem stuck. Thoughts?

The arm is attached to a mounting bracket with the relay that pulls it back. You can bend that whole bracket easily with your hand. I’ve had to adjust mine. There are further adjustments you can do if the relay (coil magnet) isn’t pulling the arm sometimes.

#3330 8 months ago
Quoted from darkryder:

Yes, it didn’t fix the issue. The game can’t release the balls from the chest and it just goes into and infinite ball search. I can see the release arm/gate isn’t retracting far enough to allow the balls to roll out

Get in there and bend bend bend. It’s a really easy mech to adjust.

2 weeks later
#4361 8 months ago

I’m getting CRAZY amounts of flipper dust from the upper playfield. What is flipper dust? I will rebuild but man so dusty.

#4400 8 months ago

Unfortunately the opto wire cannot be reattached in any reasonable way.

I’ve had three optos crumble to little bits so far, the entire harness, opto, and connector assembly must be replaced. It sucks. It plugs in below the pf, to answer your Q.

I had JJP send extras the last time, keeps knocking the game out of service at my location. I wish at least I could work on the C-shaped switch itself but, like new Stern node boards, they are not made to be worked on.

The optos will need to be re-engineered, methinks.

Quoted from Pinballpal:

The green wire on the back of the right opto on the the upper playfield broke off.(wow that is a mouthful I am assuming their is no way to fix this except for getting a new opto? I am not even sure how it is wired up. Does the opto plug into a board under the upper playfield or underneath the main playfield? Does anybuddy know were I can buy this opto? I am sure JJP will send me one but I would like to have some spares. [quoted image]

1 week later
#4936 7 months ago
Quoted from RPZ:

Anyone had any issues with spot lights? Couple started flickering and then stopped working, when I had a closer look, they were loose/unsoldered. Have some other white ones but way too bright. Anyone know where to get the ones the game brings from? Thanks![quoted image]

All of mine have failed. Recommend replacing with flashers (reminder these are 12v!!!) that don’t have two parts to separate.


#4937 7 months ago
Quoted from RPZ:

Thanks for posting! Now I know where it may have gone if one goes missing.
Also on this note. Couple of places where the ball got stuck on one of my last games...
First one, only happened once, second one keeps happening, have to hit side so it drops down (any fix?)[quoted image][quoted image]

Argh wish I had a pic but I had a ball trap wayyyy up in the wire nest under the Pearl! Totally invisible until I pulled the ship.

#5124 7 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Has anyone installed one the the new thinner clear playfield overlays? Far cheaper than a new PF, and would help protect the investment.
That said if someone is not planning on using their CE playfield option to buy, let me know

I have one installed. It does the job and no gameplay problems have arisen. Looks nice after a few months of high play. I did have to wipe out all the flipper dust from underneath the protector in he back right. The ship just rains it down. Would recommend for ops to protect your investment. For home? Meh!

#5265 7 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Here is my 2/4/19 build date LE with the fix factory installed:
[quoted image]

Since someone asked, the idea here is to remove the wood screw holding the metal bracket at the pictured post’s location and replace it with the post, thus applying pressure to the side of the subway. You don’t drill a new hole or anything.

#5417 7 months ago

How do you actually start the purple spinner multiball?

Once I see that spinner shit arrow insert flashing white/purple (and the little multiball insert) I start shooting forvtge spinner. The multiball never seems to start, and I’ve seen the purple arrow stop flashing. So confused!

6 months later
#12451 17 days ago

No idea where this came from. Operatable without it?

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