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#7711 6 months ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

Yep ill have One Grand Blitz Wax on Saturday. Whats recommended on the playfield maintence thread over and over

Word of Caution with Blitz......Don't take it through Airport Security....they'll take it! Forgot my wife put it in my carry on and was so bummed.....Just bought another

1 week later
#8434 5 months ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

No new news here. Last I heard, some time in May.

I thought they aren't making any more LE's ....if I'm reading this correctly.

#8622 5 months ago
Quoted from Breger1:

I've had my POTC 5 days, finally a code update

That definitely is way too long to wait. Stern gets it out much faster than That! New GB code came out in 2 days if I recall!

#8867 5 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

LE in the market in FL for 8400...someone got a steal.

saw that early this morning - too far of a trip

#8868 5 months ago

Is the SE a LOSS ???????

Buying a POTC SE, unfortunately LE's sold out and kind of maxed out on money - but would have found a way to get the extra $ for it.

For those that have a SE do you feel like you're losing out to a LE?

What I'm losing
1- Powder Coat - don't care
2- Invisiglass - I'm adding
3- RGB GI Lighting - Kind of bummed - but WolfManCat mentioned that the White GI actually makes the playfield brighter and easier to see ball.
4- External Headphone jack - never used in previous games so not a loss.
5 - Molded Playfield Toys - not a big deal
6- 2 Pop Bumper Rotation Toys - Really cool and believe this is a Loss.
7- Topper - Don't care and can always add if I want
8- Target Decals - Only $30 to add and will as they add to the game aesthetically.
9 - 72 Light Starfield on back panel - Really cool, but don't know if I'll notice it gone.
10 - Shake Motor - I like them but not a necessity. I believe shakers make things loose under playfield anyways, but if integrated well into gameplay then a buy for me.

I believe You do get $1k more in add-ons, however missed the boat on LE.

Feel Like buyers remorse, funny even mentioning that on a SE, but want feedback from you guys.


#8870 5 months ago
Quoted from thirdedition:

We bought an SE and have been happy with it. We got a few questions about it on stream last night and you can watch some of our replays to really see the game in action. For me if it is SE vs nothing, I would take the SE all day long. I'm not really missing the extras on the LE, but I can see why some people would.

do you have the link? thank you

#8878 5 months ago
Quoted from JordanB:

The only think I'd miss, *really* miss, would be the external volume control. That gets a lot of use. Saves literally seconds off of having to grab a key and open the coin door.
I like the shaker during the chapter select, probably wouldn't notice it missing though. Starfield I don't use/notice, but the flashing playfield target I do (which is in the standard). The topper is weaksauce.
I'm glad I have the LE, but if SE were my only option, I'd certainly get one!

Where is this located...I ask as I haven't picked up my game yet. Great insight and will be happy with a SE. Forgot the external volume you can adjust from outside.

#8879 5 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Why would you want external volume control for home use? You can easily set the volume inside the coin door and forget it. Do people change their volume regularly? I set it and forget it.

Good Point, my wife turns our GB Premium to Low so it doesn't wake me in the morning. The funny part is, even with low volume, when that Screamer goes off it's at FULL STRENGTH.

#8881 5 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

When you have the control you'll find out It comes in handy, that is why I am adding it to WOZ. Different times of day, different needs (talking to someone while playing versus the house being empty.. etc)

Cannot find it on JJP site. Link if you have it. Never thought about using while trying to talk to somebody...Great idea.

#8884 5 months ago

thank you houdini

#8887 5 months ago

I couldn't do the last update, because I'm an Idiot, on my Hobbit. Until PanzerFreak, Great guy BTW, shared his steps with me and it worked perfectly. So here it is. Hope this helps.

1. Reformat thumb drive, quick format option is fine
2. Download 3.10 ISO from JJP. https://www.jerseyjackpinball.com/support/ Download the one named "The Hobbit Full Install 3.10 [USA Mirror] *NEW*"
3. Download "Rufus" Rufus (I had issues with the one JJP recommended, Rufus was recommended by someone on Pinside and works great, and seems easier to use)
4. Install Rufus
5. With formatted thumb drive in computer open Rufus application, click the "select" button and browse to where the Hobbit 3.10 ISO is on your computer
6. Select "START" in Rufus
7. Will take a while to build ISO image on thumb drive
8. With Hobbit turned off plug thumb drive into game
9. Next, with thumb drive still plugged into game turn back on and it will go through the install process
10. Once completed it will ask you to power cycle the game, just off and back on

#8912 5 months ago
Quoted from FryDaddy:

Yes my order is showing up Friday. POTC Black Pearl Mini Playfield Quantity: 1, POTC Assembly Decal Set Quantity: 1, POTC Printed Playfield Assy, CE Quantity: 1, POTC Printed Plastics Set CE Quantity: 1, POTC Playfield Decal Sheet CE Quantity: 2, POTC Printed Plastics Set LE Quantity: 1. So now I can play it like I stole it and just clean and wax but keep the play field the way it should be.

Sorry I don't understand what you did here. Did you buy an LE and add the CE stuff?

Thx, didn't sleep much last night

#8927 5 months ago

R thE latest builds made with the correct mfg fixes

#8964 5 months ago

Mine is a Late April or early May build. Don't know as I haven't picked up yet.

Haven't went through all the tips and tricks thread. Any idea if my build date has any of the fixes made as I would assume that JJP was made aware of and hopefully made Mfg adjustments

#9018 5 months ago

I think the white GI brightens up the play field Just like wolfmancat said. I'm fine with it. Don't think u r going to miss the RGB GI. Yes it's cool but nothing like being able to see the ball

Also noticed your spotlight on rocking
ship is turned left

#9019 5 months ago

Also just noticed the lanterns on the ship are RGB now that's cool

#9023 5 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Just found a photo from last week. These are the wee washers on the sling posts now, as of 1/21 anyway.
One side had them stuck to all three posts. The other three were loose upon post removal.
[quoted image]

why are these needed

#9042 5 months ago

All I see is a little indentation , don't see what the fuss is about

#9045 5 months ago

Has that happened on everyone's as we'll?

#9051 5 months ago

Wow not good

1 week later
#9417 5 months ago

Wolfmancat said the white GI brightens up play field and I agree RGB would have been great but game plays the same outside the extra bling which I wish I could have but oh we'll. don't have mine yet

#9419 5 months ago

Yep bought iNVISIGLASS it makes a huge difference. Shaker , maybe , I like them but think it loosens things

#9645 4 months ago

I have my SE paid for, just need to find time to pick it up....Next week. CE Looks awesome and too bad all the playfields didn't look like that.

I'm glad I pulled the trigger on the SE, even though I wish I had the Spinning Bumpers, the rest I don't really care about.

A NIB LE just sold for around $11k, so I imagine these SE's will soon all be gone as that's the only option now and SE owners like the game from what I read as they don't feel they're missing a ton of stuff you can't live with.

#9652 4 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Anyone with Any model Pirates should be happy. They 100% play the same and there is nothing to justify or doubt. An Absolutely brilliant game at all accessory levels. Rarely does a game fit that criteria but this one does. If you enjoy the game you made the right decision and future value is a mute point as we are not trading futures here. Dam I love this game warts and all Still simply the best and proud to own one. (Or two..). Arghhhh

Don’t and won’t be selling this game ever.... even if I wanted to my wife would shoot me

#9655 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I've gotten better at playing that mode, but for a while it was like...wuh?
BTW, this game is having one of the best honeymoon periods since I started helping with a route locally here (pin stuff only). I was a bit concerned because this would be the first 1 play/$1.50 or 4 play/$5 machine due to the high LE cost (all pins are going here, and soon), but I upped the ball count to 4/game and put the ball counts (3) on the other machine price cards so n00bs could see they were getting one more ball per game at the higher price. People seem to be accepting the bump in price and jjPotC is killing it on earnings. Double the nearest machines and triple some of the other machines on the route. We'll see if it lasts, but it's an encouraging start.

That’s great to hear

#9666 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yeah, it gets pretty crazy as the game goes on. Might be nice to have a "calm pearl" mystery award show up every now and again...

Yes, like Calm before the Storm, with a countdown let's say 8 seconds before the Seas get heavy, then let the rocking begin.

#9677 4 months ago
Quoted from djxealot:

SE still comes with RGB insert lighting, so arrows are full RGB. So is the strip underneath the pearl ramp. The white LEDs on the SE are for General Illumination only. Gameplay effect is zero.

Plus the Lanterns on the Rocking Ship playfield are also RGB, which is coo.

I bet in 1 week that all the SE's that are available for sale will probably be gone.

#9687 4 months ago

anyone know the box dimensions before taking game out?

#9689 4 months ago

Great , Thx, Lloyd, now going to see if it will fit in the back of an Expedition

#9713 4 months ago

We'll lets hear from all u SE owners too. I'll have mine next week once this stupid cold goes away

#9756 4 months ago

For those that haven’t bought a special edition heard they’re almost sold out for left across the country

#9757 4 months ago

4 left to be sold

#9787 4 months ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

So if I have this right...there are 4 collectors edition unspoken for? No limited editions and several standards?

No CEs left no LEs left ... I think there are only 5 SEs available

#9866 4 months ago

Did David thiel do the music for pirates?

#9870 4 months ago
Quoted from lordloss:

He doesn't work for jjp anymore, so no more Thiel magic

Doesn't matter at least he did it for pirates

#9872 4 months ago

Glad we at least had him for a while yahoo !

#9873 4 months ago

AnySE owners loving their game minus some of the necessary and unnecessary bling

#9876 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

There no way to add a starfield to an SE. The mods I saw were to add a video screen to that area.

The stars don't do anything or am I incorrect

#9879 4 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

You are incorrect.
LTG : )

That should exciting to see don't have my game and have never played it

#9903 4 months ago

is that $16 k US dollars or Euro?

#9905 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

I tried to convert 14k euro, was guessing at the exchange rate... just checked back at their site and I see that now only have the SE left... all CEs now also gone!! So now the big question is, what do you miss out on with the SE? I could look at the comparison charts, but I prefer to ask owners because they are the best at plucking out the relevant info...

You miss:
Powder Coat
Shaker Motor
2- Spinning pop bumpers
Target Decals - you can buy
Headphone jack and volume control on outside
Some custom molded playfield toys

Aside from that the game plays exactly the same

#9906 4 months ago

The only thing I believe you'll miss is that Starlight panel, Spinning bumpers. You can always add a shaker, and invisiglass, plus the Headphone jack, which I've never used.

#9908 4 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

RGB GI lighting is gone.

Yeah forgot the RGB GI,,,,,definitely 1k added to the LE, SE should have been 8k, but they're selling and I think there's only 4 or 5 left out there. Don't see them being available next week.

#9925 4 months ago
Quoted from dts:

You can add the spinning Tortuga Tom, but it costs $220. So, missing RGB GI, Starfield, and topper. Can add shaker and headphones, powder coat if you don’t like stainless, buy the extra plastic toys such as Devil’s Triangle, etc. Same machine, really, just without the LE label. If I were doing it over, I’d spring for the CE but am not concerned about the standard being any less fun to play.

$220 where do you see that? That seems expensive. Did you buy the SE or LE

#9927 4 months ago

so with headphone jack, probably over $100, shaker $140k, Invisiglass $300, Powder coat - don't know cost. $220 for the 1 spinning pop bumper not to mention probably another $220 for the other one that spins under the ramp, Already up to $980.

That's without the RGB GI, Starlight, which both cannot be added. Definitely $1k added. I don't think Stern adds that much to their Premiums, but I could be wrong.

#9946 4 months ago

Totally agree

#9949 4 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

In comparison to Stern 6 months is a blink of an eye. Stern games are run for years then later some are vaulted after. Pirates was on the line far shorter than any other pin they've done and for me I wasnt paying that close attention so it's understandable that I'm irritated. What I'm worried about is that if they make more LEs they will give them the yellow WOZ treatment. I'm not going to overpay for a pirates LE. $9,500 is a hefty enough price.

Just buy the SE you won’t be disappointed .... you will be when they’re all gone within a week

#9952 4 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

Yea, they'll all be gone this week for sure.

My distributor had 1 left last week sold it and within 2 hours had 3 other callers who wanted to buy it. He said they’re like gold

#10194 4 months ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

Just picked up one of the last few remaining POTC SEs from Automated services...said they have 4 left in their stock just FYI!

Wow....great...thought they were all gone!

#10195 4 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

The Radcals on POTC CE are great, but they aren't as shiny and blinding like the Dialed in CEs.

Is that a Good thing or Bad thing in your opinion?

#10196 4 months ago

Take as much time off as needed Keith and Hope everything is Good with you! God Bless!

#10215 4 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Must admit it is refreshing and Amazing to see a game title with more Want adds then FS adds. You know you have a winner with that trend. I do hope JJP finds a way to bring this back for the masses to enjoy would be a shame to not see this great game out there.

If they don't remake it....Price will go up and I still wouldn't sell mine.

#10217 4 months ago

Yeah Goonies would be cool.

I don't think I've ever been this excited to get a game.

#10309 4 months ago

I bailed on getting the SE.

#10310 4 months ago
IMG-4072 (resized).JPGIMG-4073 (resized).JPGIMG-4074 (resized).JPG
#10312 4 months ago

Yep, RADCALS as I think you mentioned they were a pain in the Rear to install.

#10314 4 months ago

Yep they do.....I'm not taking it off....waiting for my Wife and Daughter to get back from France in 10 days to let them do the honors

#10320 4 months ago
Quoted from dts:

Where did you find a last minute LE?!

I'm sworn to Secrecy

#10323 4 months ago

ball stuck on upper playfield 1st ball played, bummer. the upper ramp is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch lower than the ramp....any ideas.

Also, no washers on either side... they look good, but need to get kit from JJP

IMG-4077 (resized).JPGIMG-4078 (resized).JPGIMG-4080 (resized).JPGIMG-4081 (resized).JPGIMG-4082 (resized).JPGIMG-4083 (resized).JPGIMG-4084 (resized).JPG
#10327 4 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Lower right sling post looks like it dug in.

Yeah I saw that to my buddy said it shouldn't be an issue as it's not like slinging like the hammer ... U think I should adjust it if so how.?

#10328 4 months ago
Quoted from tgrinchy:

Looks like you need to reseat the black pearl as it’s fallen off the front support. Mine was that way from shipping without a foam block supporting the pearl.
Undo the rear screw behind the pearl, slide it back a bit lift front and back forward.

Do I have to disconnect wires underneath or can I do without doing wires

#10333 4 months ago

Keep it for a while then sell it then get you're CE

#10367 4 months ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

ball stuck on upper playfield 1st ball played, bummer. the upper ramp is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch lower than the ramp....any ideas.
Also, no washers on either side... they look good, but need to get kit from JJP[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Was on phone w jjp and my ramp lifts up and down plus forward and backward apparently I have a broken bracket underneath so they're sending me what I need

#10418 4 months ago

Does the SE have RGB on the flashers or is it just white?

#10435 4 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

Hey guys, if you haven’t done so already you might want to inspect the map hole on your game for the protruding t-nut. (Run your fingers in it if you can’t see it well) I read about that on the troubleshooting thread (thank you Pinside contributors) and saw that the t-nut was protruding slightly on my newer build SE. I checked the balls after a few games and noticed that they had a few nicks on them. I put a small hard rubber piece above the protruding piece to provide protection and replaced the balls. It seems to be working for now, but I imagine that I will pull that t-nut eventually and grind it down. To preempt the question, the rubber piece has not increased hole rejections at all. I actually haven’t had any.
I don’t want anyone to have a damaged playfield because of this and I can’t imagine trying to swap playfields on this beast.

I saw this on mine.....ordered cliffy's and surprised the map cliffy doesn't cover that side where nut is.

Please show us what rubber piece you put there. Might have to take off and grind it.

#10458 4 months ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

This is what I used. It is a firm rubber piece that is kind of a protective footer. It has self-adhesive on the back. Seems to be doing the trick for now as it at least covers up in the initial contact with the t-nut.
[quoted image][quoted image]

great idea!!!! No bounce outs?

#10632 4 months ago

does the brown paper need to be removed for the LE topper?

#10637 4 months ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

The way they make it sound, this pin will never be made again lol. Better stock up on plastics!

What sold in minutes

#10640 4 months ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

does the brown paper need to be removed for the LE topper?


#10688 4 months ago

I now have to admit. Originally I thought that the White GI would be fine, but now that I have an LE it is Awesome!

#10698 4 months ago

No us 2 I don't think is good on these shiny playfields

1 week later
#10946 3 months ago

anyone notice how the flipper rubbers are getting dirty quickly. I only have about 10 plays on the game and noticed it. I might switch to silicone as they don't collect the dirt that much.

#10947 3 months ago
IMG-4186 (resized).JPGIMG-4187 (resized).JPG
#10949 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Yes! I clean the game frequently. I did switch to Titan silicone bands for a while - they still got dirty but they wiped clean easier. However I am back to Suzo/Happ rubber at the moment to see if my gameplay improves. So far I still suck!

Good to know....just thought 10 plays was to early to see dirt.

#10954 3 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

What kind of balls you using?
I thought the same thing out of the box with the original balls but since I switched to the ball baron brand it isn’t as bad.

the ones that came with the game and they were pretty shiny.

#11013 3 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

The map2 piece goes on the backside of the map hole to protect the back of the hole from ball hits. The goal is to try to keep the map 1 piece as flat as possible and then not torque too much pressure on it, so I put down map 1 (after wiping the area with the activator so the 3M adhesive for the front edge would stick well):
[quoted image]
...then put the map2 piece on top of that at the backside of the hole:
[quoted image]
...then put the ball guide on the right on top of that stack. Then I put in the post and screw to hold the deflector, paying attention not to tighten overly tight and also to orient the deflector to similar orientation to when I took it off.
[quoted image]

Update on the install. I just did this Map yesterday. Didn't need to remove the stand up targets. Cliffy fit right over them. Also, the far right post screw is longer than the left as the left one was too short for the right side with the 2 Cliffys.

#11118 3 months ago

did anyone get a goody bag with key fobs in their game? I only had the pinballs inside.

Also, didn't get a CD Manual either.

#11125 3 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Was there really a CD manual? Who even has a CD drive anymore? Just download it from the website.
Yeah, keychain and a pair of sling plastics came with it (along with a COA for LE and plugs/screws for the topper).
I have some extra key chains if you want one, I ordered a spare set of plastics and there were a grip of those on the sheet.

Thx Harry I'll just call to get them fromJJp

1 week later
#11265 3 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Hey guys, who wants a spinning davy jones? Works on all models of POTC. Simplified mechanism, easier to install, plug and play, no special wiring, integrates with all OEM connections. Could I interest you in a spinning Jack as well? All coming down the pipeline with a full matching set.
This is a 3D render, colors will obviously be painted in and texture added.
[quoted image]

As long as he's not Green LOL.....I think I would want one as the current figurine is kind of Bland. That's coming from a guy that really never pays attention to that. Looks Great

1 week later
#11375 3 months ago

When we set it up we had the back legs all the way out as we would normally do on any game. However, it was 7.9 degrees.

When we set up a friends, my tech said the game is designed so the back legs are almost all the way down. That's what I had to do is lower my back legs almost to the bottom and it's now 6.5 degrees.. Still might make it just a little steeper to 6.7 ...jury is still out.

#11377 3 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

I love that the legs are such that it should be 6.5 sitting 'flat'. It would be nice if everyone designed this way.

Great point

#11380 3 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I just wish if they did they'd move the bolt holes down about 3/4" so a standard pinball dolly could slide under it without lifting the machine front.

I had to raise my front legs a little to get my penguin dolly underneath

#11461 3 months ago
Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

It will be very hard for me to ever acquire another game, this game is just that good. Luckily no issues except for dust, man this game has so many moving parts or something the flippers go from red to black after 20 plays. Soon changing my will to get buried in this game when I kick the bucket.

Okay, I thought it was just me, but totally agree on the dirty flippers. My Plunger is dirty after 20 plays. I might take apart and clean to see if that helps.

Also, going to get Silicone flipper rubber like I did on my GB.....they don't hold the dirt like stock ones.

#11462 3 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

We will all meet Davy Jones Locker at some point why not in a pinball cabinet! lol (note to self start working on the pin-coffin mod...) As for dusty flippers I long ago went to the Titan clear rubbers on the playfield and never looked back. With a low cost Comet LED strip in the ball trough ($4) the flippers glow nicely and complete the theme look. Plus easy to clean with a simple rag and alcohol wipe. Arghhhhh.

please take a pic of the flipper and comet LED strip

#11464 3 months ago

Not that's cool looking...thx.

1 week later
#11663 78 days ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

Chest mod complete! Now my SE is even better lol

Cool.....I don't mind it being open actually as you can see how many balls are in the Chest...just my opinion.

#11664 78 days ago

Correction...not cool....very Cooooool !

#11667 75 days ago
Quoted from evh347:

I took some pics for people wanting to install the Cliffy on the Tortuga/Mystery hole. I have to give some credit to jordanb for his post earlier:
Diverting from that guidance, I did NOT loosen anything underneath the playfield to get enough slack in the white pop skirt.
Hopefully this is helpful:
1) I used a 5/64 allen wrench to get Tortuga Tom off.
2) Take the two phillips screws securing the motor to the base out, but ENSURE you are mindful to catch the small white plastic spacers that become loose as soon as you take those screws out. I always work with a cloth on the playfield to block potential holes where parts that I don't see can fall into making a 15 minute install take over an hour just to find the parts I dropped while installing.
3) You should get enough slack in the motor to wiggle it out enough to expose two additional phillips head screws securing the bottom of the assembly. I took those out with a magnetic screw driver. If you need extra slack, the motor plugs into a molex underneath the playfield which you can unplug to give you additional slack. They don't need to come all the way out, but this is what gives you the slack to get a screw driver into the two screws holding the VUK ball guide (the same one that gives everyone trouble with SDTM out of the Tortuga/Mystery kicker).
4) I loosened the post/rubber by hand from the top of the playfield.
5) After cleaning the area with an alcohol rub (Cliffy supplied), I placed the Cliffy and then re-installed everything in backwards order.
Now onto the MAP hole Cliffy...but I need to wait for a friend's extra hands to take that on since the ship has to come off completely.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Ok EVH###, I wish i would have seen this as I took the screws of the top of Tortuga, then was a pain to get the screw in that is blocked by his hand.

Now, I couldn't complete putting the Cliffy on as I couldn't get a screw driver on the VUK guide without damaging the Skirt. How did you get yours off without damaging the skirt?

Thx, Tony

#11668 75 days ago
Quoted from evh347:

The MAP hole is also heavily mylar'd, but I recently discovered that a small corner has begun to lift up, so I do want to get a Cliffy there soon.

My corner was lifting too, and I should have pulled it off, but installed MAP cliffy right over it. It will hold it down, but I'm concerned the little corner that was lifting might come up and just cause dirt to build up there.

#11689 74 days ago

My wife was playing and ball got stuck on upper playfield.. after looking it was the spotlight that was hitting the ball and top or the right flipper.

So added a lock washer with Blue Loctite, then still had to bend up the metal so that it didn't hit. I added the washer as to not have to bend the light up too high where it didn't hit the back of upper playfield...so now light is still directed down like it was intended to.

IMG-4419 (resized).JPGIMG-4420 (resized).JPGIMG-4421 (resized).JPGIMG-4422 (resized).JPGIMG-4423 (resized).JPGIMG-4426 (resized).JPG
#11727 70 days ago
Quoted from JordanB:

Here's what I did:
1. From underneath, I removed the 2 nuts holding the pop bumper ring and removed it from the yoke:

Quoted from JordanB:

Here's what I did:
1. From underneath, I removed the 2 nuts holding the pop bumper ring and removed it from the yoke:
[quoted image]
I think this is necessary to allow enough movement topside. It was awkward until I removed the right support.
2. remove Tom using the allen wrench
3. Once you have Tom and his plate off, you'll see the motor (which the plate was attached to). Undo the two screws holding the motor in:
[quoted image]
and pull the motor part way out. I think there should be enough slack in the wire.
4. Next, unscrew the two screws holding down the white pop bumper housing.
Here's a photo where you can see one of them (there are two):
[quoted image]
Things should be loose enough to get access to the troublesome scoop screws. The motor unplugs from the underside (yellow molex coupler) if you need more slack.
I think that's it... sorry if I missed any steps!

When you removed the 2 nuts underneath did everything come off at the bottom i.e. the spring, plates etc.

#11729 69 days ago
Quoted from lhammer610:

Is what you see in these videos normal for those arrow insert lamps? JJP Tech does not seem to know.

mine does the same thing as it's not as strong as the other blinking red arrow inserts.

#11733 69 days ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Definitely does not appear to be normal.

it only does that when blinking, but other times its as solid red color as the other inserts....maybe thinking the LED isn't close enough.

#11755 68 days ago
Quoted from tonycip:

I'm enjoying the game a lot, scoring 1m-2m regularly, but I need some strategy tips to break through to the next level.
I need this whole Shot X Super X Bonus X exc.. cleared up some as to when to shoot for these. someone kind of explained them back in here somewhere. are they explained in the manual? . I saw the video of the guy who had the 24m shot.. I would need a map drown out to figure out what was necessary to do that..I would be happy to get some help to get to 3-5m game .

I hear the Shot X, Super X, when I play the game and Have No CLUE what they hell it means or what to do!!!

#11756 68 days ago
Quoted from GnarLee:

So first time hit 9 shots and multiball 2nd time hit 9 shots but 2x for multiball. The dim flickering arrow is saying that you hit the shot at least 1 time but need to hit it more to complete the piece. Hope that made sense

So if I understand you correctly....the 2nd time, we need to hit each arrow/lane/ramp twice?

Also, the dim Flickering....That's Brilliant!

#11759 68 days ago
Quoted from RTS:

I think it means you hit the action button when there was no gold to collect and the lower display and audio are telling you the next award you will receive for completing the Pirate lanes.

so only hitting the action button and not hitting a target on the playfield....seems pretty easy.

#11769 67 days ago
Quoted from RTS:

No, you still have to hit the target after completing the inlane to get the award The audio cue comes when you hit the action button before collecting. I didn't say it gets collected when you hit it.

Ok thx it's sometimes confusing trying to figure things out

#11814 66 days ago

Thanks to JordanB for posting how to access the Tortuga hole deflector plate....I finally installed the Cliffy yesterday. 1st time I tried to install it I failed.

#11815 66 days ago

Underneath, you need to back-off the nuts but don't have to take them all the way out, plus Disconnect the Spinning Motor for extra wire to be available.

IMG-4469 (resized).JPGIMG-4470 (resized).JPG
#11816 66 days ago

Now, 1st time I took the cap off I undid the screws on top....don't do it as the one screw under the arm is a pain to put back in....Just need an Allen Wrench to go through hole that takes cap and plate off.

IMG-4471 (resized).JPG
#11817 66 days ago

take both screws off motor, then I had to remove the screws inside holding the white pop plastic, but just leave screws inside cap
IMG-4472 (resized).JPGIMG-4473 (resized).JPGIMG-4474 (resized).JPG

Also, the 2 plastic spacers you have to be careful they don't fail into back of playfield...happened the 1st time and took a while to get the damn things.

#11818 66 days ago

now you're able to angle the pop assembly on angle to get to plate screws

IMG-4475 (resized).JPGIMG-4476 (resized).JPG
#11819 66 days ago

I put a towel down and put a magnet to catch any possible screws falling

IMG-4477 (resized).JPGIMG-4479 (resized).JPGIMG-4481 (resized).JPG
#11820 66 days ago

Now I put the deflector plate back in but forgot where it was positioned as mine always hit the left flipper, but if you look on top of your defector it should have wear ...where it hit the bottom of the wire form ramp, so that was good as I knew where it had to be position wise.

Also, I used blue tape to hold those stupid designed white spacers to keep them from falling....once you get the screws in the hole, just screw them in a little bit then pull blue tape off

IMG-4483 (resized).JPGIMG-4485 (resized).JPG
#11821 66 days ago

DONE !!!! NOW I just need to do the Depths as that looks like a PIA....If anyone has install directions and pics that would be great

IMG-4485 (resized).JPGIMG-4486 (resized).JPGIMG-4491 (resized).JPG
#11824 66 days ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

For Depths I just lined it up at the edge of the hole from the topside, put my middle (longest) finger on it and slowly slid it over the edge

I would have you take pics of your install....but they might Ban you from Pinside....Giving everyone the FINGER! THX

#11870 62 days ago

Just put in the Cliffy Tortuga yesterday and was pretty easy....Until I dropped one of these dumb Stand off Spacers. I used a magnet to hold the cliffy then reached in with my left hand and pressed it into place.

Suggestion is to used blue tape to hold the spacers, plus, keep playfield in down position as when I lost the spacer I had playfield resting on the slide bars. Took me forever to find it, couldn't get out with anything so I used a Shop Vac to pull the damn thing out.

IMG-4522 (resized).JPGIMG-4523 (resized).JPGIMG-4524 (resized).JPGIMG-4525 (resized).JPGIMG-4526 (resized).JPGIMG-4527 (resized).JPG
#11879 61 days ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Huh. I didn't take anything off to install the Depths cliffy.

I couldn't get my FAT hand in there without it...lol

2 weeks later
#12000 46 days ago

that is cool.

#12003 46 days ago
Quoted from kcZ:

wanted to discuss my POTC.

how bad was your chipping

#12055 42 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Only to install Cliffy's. I would absolutely not remove mylar for any other reason. And specifically, only the MAP cliffy due to the bubble that would keep it from laying flat.

My mylar was lifting by the hole on the back right side, but forgot to take off mylar before putting on Cliffy. the whole cliffy lays flat, but I can see that the Cliffy is slightly raised on the back right side, but barely. I'd like to take it off and reinstall, but it's minimal as the post behind the deflector holds it down pretty well. Do think it will cause any issues ...only that removing wax might not be as clean as I'd like.

#12090 41 days ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Should I take the risk and do it?

Go For it Mate....I haven't played as much as I have wanted, but when I play a game, I find something new.....it's an unbelievable game and will never leave.

#12140 39 days ago
Quoted from MurphyPeoples:

Contact Cliff. These are brand new and I do not think on his website yet, but he is making them. : )[quoted image][quoted image]

why do we need this on the Boyou hole? Isn't there Mylar to protect, plus the inside is protected with metal as well.

#12141 39 days ago

also, has anyone noticed how fast your flipper rubbers get dirty on this game. I've waxed it twice already with under 60 plays

#12143 39 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Titan flipper rubbers don't seem to absorb as much of the dust, they wipe clean easily. They also don't wear through the tips as quickly.

Great point....now I need to buy some Titans.

#12228 35 days ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

Here’s mine. Ball sometimes gets hung up on it but not very often.[quoted image]

that's a lot tighter than mine

3 weeks later
#12485 13 days ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Well, koops went way out of his way to improve upon his BP ramp support and alignment piece. He was kind enough to take my plethora of input and changes to make something that should work for everyone. I printed out a test today and am going to be testing it out later tonight to see how it all fits and works. If everything goes well then I should have some ready to ship this week.
[quoted image]
Pic is missing one piece I was still printing. Uses set screws to adjust the saddles to level and support the left and right side of the ramp.

what does it do?

Also, would be great to someone, even Stern, to make the gate on BP Ramp (left side) angled higher on left side so the ball doesn't get stuck. Now I've also tighten the screw on right side of the ramp to angle it down, but the ball still gets stuck sometimes on the gate.

#12490 13 days ago

Okay,,,,just caught the incorrection...thx....Meant JJP

#12491 13 days ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

I also took out the rubber piece on the ramp support on the right to give me more latitude to move the ramp down to its lowest position. (I am talking about the ramp support that you screw tighter to lower the ramp.) This allowed the ramp to be at its lowest setting.

So getting rid of that rubber piece helped lower the ramp that much to prevent balls getting hung up on the gate? If so, that's great to know.

#12524 10 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yeah, it just seemed a weird corner to cut. And there ARE exposed connections. The positive and negative lead for the power adapter are plainly exposed in the picture. I'm sure there are other points not immediately obvious.
But I'm very cautious about things like that. I'll admit that.

does adding this to any machine void the Warranty?

The sound is good on the machine already, but not awesome.

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