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JJP has very poor customer service for non pinheads

By vidgameseller

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

OK, here is the story. I get a call from Jen at JJP asking me if i can set up a RRWoz for one ofthier customers. The customer has never owned a pin and did not know that they had to set it up. She tells me that the customer will hire me to come set it up. I dont hear from the guy and I call to check on the status. He tells me that the game arrived and that the box had damage, after peeking in the box they saw some cabinet damage (from what i hear it was slight, but at 10k shipped with invisiglass they want perfect)

So here is the first issue. Instead of just cross shipping a new game, they wait and recieve the original game back, repair it, and then send it back. Takes a couple weeks. So i go over and set the game up for the people. The husband was called in for a surgery and wanted to be the first to play the game, so i cant play test it. I show the wife as much as possible and go home.

2 hours later i get a call from them that the game will not play, Now remember, I did not sell this machine, it was a direct pinballsales.com order. I explain that i did not sell it, I am not an authorized JJP service person, that they need to contact JJP. After a short time, I decide to call a well known authorized JJP service person and ask them to call the customer since they dont know people, exspecially after 5pm. I recieve a text 20 minutes later saying that the service person told them, and i quote, "you need to suck up to Jack to get this repaired" so they are livid. On my way home, my wife says to me that she knows that i want to go over and help the person out and tells me to go there. I go there and check out many things and realize the ball through is not regestering anything, so it keeps saying "locating balls" After 2 hours of diagnosing, and reseating almost everything im about to give up when i see a glimmer of metal. One of the molex pins on a +5 line was not snapped in. Push it in and the game is up and working.

Now, 10 days later, i get a text telling me that the game is broke down and that JJP is sending out a replacment part that will need to be soldered in, can I do it since they dont know how. Since JJP refused to even do anything as far as me doing a service call for them, I tell them that they should contact JJP and have them send a service person out. They are told by JJP that they do not service the machines and only provide warranty parts.

This person is very pissed at JJP. I would be also. They spent 10k on this game, and was not even able to play it out of the box, and now issues already and JJP tells them to find their owns service person. That the issues were things that were caused by shipping and it is not their fault. This is just poor customer service. Maybe it does have "shipping issues" from being sent on multiple trips from the damage, but a molex pin not snapped in is quality control, not shipping. And the current problem requiring something soldered in, im assuming that it is electronic problems, not shipping. But hey, you got the money, and chances of a repeat sale are slim, so lets leave them to themselves.

Lastly, after going out the first time to help the, I called Jen at JJP and explained the situation and the problem, and the response was, "I heard that this person was a problem, thanks, bye" Then at expo, I sat down with Jack and explained it and also how short Jen was to the customer and me, which he thanked me for bringin it to his attention and that he will contact the customer to let them know that this is not "normal" reactions to things like this. However, when the customer contacted me yesterday about the new problem, he stated that Jack has never reached out and that they are having the same run around with the new problem.

Anyone else have service issues. Luckily, my ECWoz has never had an issue, and i even have an early run one and have not even had a single light board issue

#8 5 years ago

I actually tell my customers that they need to learn a few things themselves, as pins are high maintenance machines. So I agree with you on that part, but a brand new machine not working out of the box, there is no excuse for that. I sell used games and if a customer gets the game and it doesnt work when they first play it, i either go over and fix it, or find someone in the area and pay them to go fix it. I dont leave the customer holding the bag right out of the gate. I guess i just like to sleep good at night because i felt good about the way i treat people. But im guessing the ones that take the money and run sleep well also, but that is because they can afford a nicer bed with the 10k sale

#12 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

This whole post is incorrect and presumptuous. Lloyd answers the support phone to well past midnight EST and I also spend tremendous amounts of time on the phone until the wee hours of the morning. Our website has the support number and a SIMPLE PHONE CALL would have landed one of the two of us and regardless of customer skillset we would spend an indefinite amount of time working with the customer to resolve the issue. I can guarantee that the customer did NOT call support because we would have and do jump all over each issue that arises. Also very few of our parts require soldering for replacement with the exception of maybe stand up targets? Trying to think of other things but none come to mind.
Every single one of our games has the support phone number in big bold letters included with the machine.

You can stand up for your boss all that you want, you calling me a liar and that my post is incorrect shows that you know nothing as far as this transaction. I did not post names, but since you did, I will tell you right now that the customer did talk to Lloyd. I actually called Llyod myself and provided him the customer number which he called instantly to the customer. So they did talk with you tech support. I also showed Jack the text from the customer, as well as several other JJP distributors, Pincades, Kingpin. And both of those distributors said that if it would have been one of their customers, that they would have went out instantly or hired someone local to take care of it. Its JJP that dropped the ball here fro a direct pinballsales.com sale. So neither distributor wanted to get involved since they didnt sell the machine

So go to Jack and ask him if I sat down after the Hobbit seminar at expo to talk to him about this and ask him if he called the person directly like he said. Please prove me wrong.

#17 5 years ago

OK guys, let me try to simplify some things here. We all know what pinball is. We already have ideas before we would even call the tech support. What im referring to is a person that has never owned a pinball machine. Sure Llyod or Alex can try to do all that they can, but with a newbie, there is plently of room for language barriers.

They can tell the customer a few things to check, like on it saying locating balls, They can ask, "did you put in 5 balls" is there a ball stuck somewhere. But ona newbie, once you ask them if the ball trough is regestering, are all the molex pins snapped in, etc, at that point, even Lloyd or Alex wouldnt be able to help the person out if they have no clue what a ball trough is, or which of the 150 connections to check.

So it doesnt matter how many of us have had good service, on a 10k game, 100% of the people should have good service

#21 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

I can't answer every call and neither can Lloyd so we split the load and we have other individuals who help as well. The question arises is what could have possibly been the issue that couldn't be worked out over the phone so much so that the game was down and required soldering for rectification. That's the piece i can't wrap my head around. I have swapped nearly every part in my game at one point or another and never once have taken a soldering iron out of my bag. We designed the game to be plug and play. I would GLADLY help this customer out regardless of skillset until their game is up and running. Regardless of time or day of the week I would be talking to them getting them squared away.
I can't speak to shipping damage like a forklift through a box/cabinet. That happens and its horrible but any issues with the running state of the game I will jump through flaming hoops to make sure is working properly.

Alex, like I said, they did talk to Lloyd and he wasnt able to help them out. The first time it not working out of the box was a quality control issue, not shipping, and I guarantee that the pin not being in the molex connector completly is something that you would have never been able to talk the person through over the phone.

Now as for the new problem, all i know is that they asked me if I can solder a part in for them when the part arrives, so truthfully, i have no clue as to what the issue is, as i cant think of anything that should require soldering at this point. But if you like, send me a PM and ill provide you the customers phone number, and maybe if you reach out to them and offer help, it might save face with JJP for this customer. Llyod has already upset them, so i doubt that Lloyd could help them out any at this point. I hope you will, as they seem like good people from what ive seen, but they have had bad luck on thier first pin purchase

Lastly, remember, i do have a Woz myself, and have had no issues, so i have not had to even try any tech support for the game.

#29 5 years ago

I have sent Alex the customer info, so lets see how it goes from there.

To those blaming the customer, im sure that its easy to do that, but everyone here expects things to work out of the box, even with a $10.00 toaster from walmart. Its how you talk to and handle the customer when a problem arrives that is the issue, and we all know with pins, there is always an issue

#67 5 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

The question is where do you cut the umbilical on customer's like this. The game is a coin-op machine made for routes where a service person regularly attends to the game.
This type of customer will never be happy with a pinball machine unless they decide to learn and get their hands dirty, or have a regular technician scheduled to come to service the game monthly.

You couldnt be further from the truth. These people are actually quite nice, but when the machine doesnt work right out of the box, even that can piss the nicest guy off. And then to be told to find your own service person, cmon, if you think that is reasonable, well, i cant say what i think right now or i might get a ban vote

However, quick update, I think that this post has actually been benficial. I never thought of contacting Alex directly. I figure going through Lloyd, and the talking to Jack, that the problem should be taken care of. But that wasnt the case. But by posting here, I have PM'd some with Alex, and actually recieved a text from the woz buyer that Alex called them and that they are happy with where the conversation ended and are trying to rectify the problem.

#68 5 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Give them exactly what they want.
Following the same Pro, Premium, LE tiered model, give people options for levels of support.
- If you are a DIY'er, join the free "Home Ownership Program".
- If you need more guidance, but are willing to use your hands, the $299/yr. guided support program is a good choice.
- If you never want to touch the inside of your equipment, then you should purchase the $999/yr. in-home support program. This covers 1 technician visit per month and an annual cleaning.
All support plans exclude the cost of parts, except during the 1-year parts-only warranty period.
Just brainstorming, and I'm not sober, so this may be silly.

Im not going to say that I agree with you fully on this, but the way this buyer is, Im sure he would have done something like your 3rd option to never have to touch it. He has his skill expertise and it is not pinball and he is fine with that. When talking with them and how I handle my customers, I never once implied that i would do service calls for free, to them, its not really about the money as much as it is supporting your product. They want another machine and flat out told me that they dont have any problem paying me to come and maintain/service the game, just want to know that there is someone and some level of support available

#133 5 years ago
Quoted from JerseyJack:

"If it ain't broke, it ain't Pinball"
We cannot make an Unbreakable pinball machine for a million dollars.
I own a service company that makes money because things break. That's why there are parts companies too.
I built a company based on customer service. We have provided free parts and countless free service calls all over the world.
Our warranty is the broadest most liberal and longest in the industry. I'm even shipping parts for free on games out of warranty.
I've swapped whole games, playfields, you name it. We have done service calls for free for operators on location. So newbies are not the only ones who don't know how to fix pinball.
I've even been known to show up at someone's home or location to service their game.
A toll free number listed in the manual, on line even on shirts rings on my cell phone that I answer.
There will always be people who fix things with check books.
The customer has spoken to our people and everything is happiness going forward.
We have hired an industry service expert Frank Becker who is getting up to date for the last month at JJP to run the service and support division
We strive to get better every day and we will. It's pinball. I can guarantee it will break!

I keep thinking about this post and just got to say, Bu#$ S*(&. I really dont see how you are even getting thumbs up on this Jack. These comments from you are strictly the salesman in you. Not coming from someone that actually cares about the individual customer. In my opionion, which since im not paying you anything for so i doubt you care. The only comments that you should have made were things like.

I dropped the ball on this after saying i was going to call. Although Alex has called and it looks like it will be rectified, Im still going to call them directly so that they know we do appreciatte our customer.


I know that pinball machines WILL break, its going to happen. But a game not working out of the box is just not acceptable, We have to do better than that.

for your statement how you send parts all over the world and even free service calls. Great, let me get you a cookie. Because i think that if anyone deserves a free service call, it should be a customer that doesnt even get one game played on their machine because it was broken. Although they did get a free service call, from me, and im not the one that made thousands off of them.

#173 5 years ago
Quoted from JerseyJack:

The person we sent was recommended to us by an authorized JJP distributor.....

NOt sure who you are talking about here, but Jen called me to see if the customer could hire me to just set up the machine. I was never hired to do a service call and im the only one that has been to the customers house. I went and worked on the first problem and was not hired or paid for by JJP so just curious who you sent that JJP hired

Im a retailer myself and service what I sell. SO service is not an issue for me, and if JJP wants to pay me to go work on the machine, thats fine. This is what i told the customer as well, that the repairs/service should be hired by JJP so that they cant try to void a warranty. The closest JJP distributors is about 3 hours away

#190 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

The OP is actually incorrect. The game was playing for 3 weeks and then one of the leaf arms on the skill shot target broke during game play. That's it.

ALex, your wrong on this. The game was not working out if the box, The ball trough was not getting power and after a couple of hours of reseatting all the connections, I found one that the +5 pins on a molex connector was not pushed in causing it not to get power to the through. So AFTER i fixed the first problem, the game worked, but then about 2 weeks later is when they had the problem that you are trying to help them with. If your post is correct, then your saying that they never had a problem out of the box

#194 5 years ago

ALex, maybe you are the one that needs a little tact. You continuously post false information. I know for a fact that Llyod was the first person to talk to them, since i called Lloyd personnaly and gave him the phone number for the customer to which he called them instantly, However, this is the call that ended with them being told that and i quote "need to suck up to jack to get it repaired" Ask Jack, I showed him the text at expo. So quit calling me a liar.

As for Taking two hours to fix it. It actually only took a second to fix it, but to find the connector that wasnt properly affixed inside a molex is what took two hours. If you think that your such a bad ass at repair then, let me have you come out here, and i will make one molex pin not be properly seated on the wire harness and see if you find it in 10 minutes. I bet you wouldnt, and that is with you knowing ahead of time that it is a pin not pushed in. Troubleshooting often takes more time than the repair.

Lastly, since you keep calling me a liar on things, ask the customer, he will tell you that I reseatted every connector and such to find the issues, per Lloyds advice, but then again, you say it wasnt lloyd that i was talking to. (you want me to show my phone numbers to show you, i dont think that JJP will show up as SSBilliards direct line)

Its real classy getting on me for posting something that brought light to a customer that was nt getting good servie from the place that sold the machine to them. And as far as me having a multimeter, I didnt even have a screwdriver, I went out of my way on my way home from dinner without my tool kit, just to try to get this game going so that his 2 young children could get a game on it before going to bed. To me, that is customer service, As for you blaming other things and saying that i have lied, well, that is kinda the reason for this post in the first place.

To think, i didnt make a penny on this sale, and selling games is what i do to put food on my table, but i went out of my way to help a JJP customer, and to try to get them additional help, when maybe, someone at JJP should have just got up and taken care of the proble to start with. Im not a multi-million dollar company, but i went far and above for a JJP customer, without any appreciation from JJP at all. Now thats class

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