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JJP has very poor customer service for non pinheads

By vidgameseller

5 years ago

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#5 5 years ago

This whole post is incorrect and presumptuous. Lloyd answers the support phone to well past midnight EST and I also spend tremendous amounts of time on the phone until the wee hours of the morning. Our website has the support number and a SIMPLE PHONE CALL would have landed one of the two of us and regardless of customer skillset we would spend an indefinite amount of time working with the customer to resolve the issue. I can guarantee that the customer did NOT call support because we would have and do jump all over each issue that arises. Also very few of our parts require soldering for replacement with the exception of maybe stand up targets? Trying to think of other things but none come to mind.

Every single one of our games has the support phone number in big bold letters included with the machine.

#16 5 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Have to agree with Alex on this one. When I got my game and could not get it to boot initially, Alex was on the phone with me and the game was up and running in no time at all. LTG was also very helpful when I had a few light boards go out. They have very good tech support.

I can't answer every call and neither can Lloyd so we split the load and we have other individuals who help as well. The question arises is what could have possibly been the issue that couldn't be worked out over the phone so much so that the game was down and required soldering for rectification. That's the piece i can't wrap my head around. I have swapped nearly every part in my game at one point or another and never once have taken a soldering iron out of my bag. We designed the game to be plug and play. I would GLADLY help this customer out regardless of skillset until their game is up and running. Regardless of time or day of the week I would be talking to them getting them squared away.

I can't speak to shipping damage like a forklift through a box/cabinet. That happens and its horrible but any issues with the running state of the game I will jump through flaming hoops to make sure is working properly.

#18 5 years ago
Quoted from vidgameseller:

OK guys, let me try to simplify some things here. We all know what pinball is. We already have ideas before we would even call the tech support. What im referring to is a person that has never owned a pinball machine. Sure Llyod or Alex can try to do all that they can, but with a newbie, there is plently of room for language barriers.
They can tell the customer a few things to check, like on it saying locating balls, They can ask, "did you put in 5 balls" is there a ball stuck somewhere. But ona newbie, once you ask them if the ball trough is regestering, are all the molex pins snapped in, etc, at that point, even Lloyd or Alex wouldnt be able to help the person out if they have no clue what a ball trough is, or which of the 150 connections to check.
So it doesnt matter how many of us have had good service, on a 10k game, 100% of the people should have good service

That's not correct. I have helped people who have never taken the glass off a machine before and barely use screw drivers in their daily lives swap coils and doing switch gapping/alignment. It's not as hard as you make it out to be. Sure there are different levels of skill, it just comes down to identifying their comfort level and being clear with your descriptions of a part and what they should be looking for. I do a lot of video chat/skype/facetime as well to assist with getting games running. There is ALWAYS a way.

#25 5 years ago
Quoted from vidgameseller:

Alex, like I said, they did talk to Lloyd and he wasnt able to help them out. The first time it not working out of the box was a quality control issue, not shipping, and I guarantee that the pin not being in the molex connector completly is something that you would have never been able to talk the person through over the phone.
Now as for the new problem, all i know is that they asked me if I can solder a part in for them when the part arrives, so truthfully, i have no clue as to what the issue is, as i cant think of anything that should require soldering at this point. But if you like, send me a PM and ill provide you the customers phone number, and maybe if you reach out to them and offer help, it might save face with JJP for this customer. Llyod has already upset them, so i doubt that Lloyd could help them out any at this point. I hope you will, as they seem like good people from what ive seen, but they have had bad luck on thier first pin purchase
Lastly, remember, i do have a Woz myself, and have had no issues, so i have not had to even try any tech support for the game.

I'll circle back with Lloyd but PM me info anyway.

#54 5 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Remember, this is a newly delivered and I assume produced machine. The coils are now soldered in. More than likely a coil is acting intermittent and so someone in the Service department at the plant figured a coil needs replacing so they are sending it out. The owner makes thousands of $$ per hour with his hands so we shouldn't expect him to risk damaging those hands with a 750°F tool in his hands

As I suspected it was a leaf switch. Of the prongs on the leaf for some reason broke off while playing so it's not making contact. I assured the buyer we will figure something out and we will. She was not a "pill" and was extremely cordial and I understood her frustration. As with all our games it will get fixed to everyone's satisfaction

#126 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

You can directly order from the JJP website. I don't think that used to be the case but I could be wrong. I thought you had to order from pinballsales.com which is a different company, but also owned by Jack.
So yes, it does look like JJP is selling direct now.

That's new as of expo. It wasn't the case before and isn't the case with anyone here.

#143 5 years ago
Quoted from vidgameseller:

I keep thinking about this post and just got to say, Bu#$ S*(&. I really dont see how you are even getting thumbs up on this Jack. These comments from you are strictly the salesman in you. Not coming from someone that actually cares about the individual customer. In my opionion, which since im not paying you anything for so i doubt you care. The only comments that you should have made were things like.
I dropped the ball on this after saying i was going to call. Although Alex has called and it looks like it will be rectified, Im still going to call them directly so that they know we do appreciatte our customer.
I know that pinball machines WILL break, its going to happen. But a game not working out of the box is just not acceptable, We have to do better than that.
for your statement how you send parts all over the world and even free service calls. Great, let me get you a cookie. Because i think that if anyone deserves a free service call, it should be a customer that doesnt even get one game played on their machine because it was broken. Although they did get a free service call, from me, and im not the one that made thousands off of them.

If you think we don't care about the individual customer than you really don't know much about us as a company and jack as a great guy. He has personally gone to people's homes to assist them with games as have I. The customer you had me speak with made it a point to say you were trying to become the local resource for JJP in that area but it's a pretty inauspicious start if that's the case. We help everyone and base the level of help on the skill set of the customer. The customer even stated her husband wants to learn to solder and I could teach him remotely and actually seemed eager to learn. That's an extremely positive sign. Aside from this edge case I don't see many if any who share your sentiment.

#157 5 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

Does the JJP or Stern warranty really say Parts and LABOR?


#189 5 years ago
Quoted from BoozeMarlin:

I must've have missed it, but what exactly was broken and had to be replaced?

The OP is actually incorrect. The game was playing for 3 weeks and then one of the leaf arms on the skill shot target broke during game play. That's it.

#193 5 years ago
Quoted from vidgameseller:

ALex, your wrong on this. The game was not working out if the box, The ball trough was not getting power and after a couple of hours of reseatting all the connections, I found one that the +5 pins on a molex connector was not pushed in causing it not to get power to the through. So AFTER i fixed the first problem, the game worked, but then about 2 weeks later is when they had the problem that you are trying to help them with. If your post is correct, then your saying that they never had a problem out of the box

I acknowledged you fixed the first problem however your previous post made it sound like the game never worked. Let's be honest here the first problem which you say took 3 hrs to diagnose should have taken 5 mins maybe 10 if you had to break out the multimeter. The ball not feeding into the shooter lane can only be but a few small items and a quick run through the test menu to see if the coil fired and that the trough registered properly would have pointed someone in the right direction. The whole posting of this thread and the extreme terse nature of your original post isn't exactly something any company would want to deal with regularly. I jumped in and helped the second I found out about the problem as I always do. Not to mention the fact that the customer had spoken to another at JJP (not Lloyd as you incorrectly assumed) to identify the problem switch and send a replacement right out. A little more tact would have been appreciated. Since Im handling it now. We are going to get a local resource to assist if necessary. Thanks .

#197 5 years ago

They worked with Steve to diagnose the switch problem just the other day. That was what the customer told me and I verified that today as well. WELL after expo so we are talking about 2 different problems. I don't care about the original problem. That's fixed and is not what the issue is now so stop bringing it up it's irrelevant. SMH. In any event thanks for the help. I've got it.

#204 5 years ago

Here is a simple timeline. Tell me where JJP fell down? I can't see it.

6 weeks ago: game arrived at customer home. Shipper damaged box and cabinet. Customer calls JJP on the spot and is instructed to refuse delivery. Customer did, game is shipped back to JJP, cabinet replaced and shipped back to customer and arrives at customer 2 weeks after initial damaged delivery attempt. Things happen. No big deal and the customer didn't think so either and appreciated the quick turn around in repair.

Customer calls JJP asking for a resource they could hire to help setup the game. Jen gets a referral to vidgameseller from a distributor. Vidgameseller goes there, sets up game but wasn't allowed to test play it. Customer try's to play game, can't, and calls Vidgameseller not JJP to come back and fix it. Vid can't find the problem, calls support and gets Lloyd. Lloyd walks him through what to check for and they get the problem resolved.

Expo happens here which has nothing to do with anything but keeps getting brought up so I'll mention it.

3 weeks of playing go by and a single target breaks from play. Customer calls JJP and speaks to Steve who works with customer to diagnose the issue of the broken switch. The part is mailed out same day but requires a bit of skill to install.

Vidgameseller comes on here and posts this thread saying JJP has terrible support.

</end timeline>

Sorry but there are 2 separate tech support events you are trying to make into one event and you were hired by the customer to perform a task. You went back at the request of the customer which is good customer service but NOT because we asked you to do tech support. You did that out of your own free will. I'm sure the customer appreciates that but don't come on here bashing us when you weren't asked to troubleshoot on our behalf by us.

#212 5 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

There seems to be some inconsistencies with your timeline. Don't forget to include:
1. The text received 20 minutes later by the OP that said the JJP service person told them (direct buyer of the WoZ), and i quote, "you need to suck up to Jack to get this repaired".
2. JJP is sending out a replacement part that will need to be soldered in, They (direct buyer of the WoZ) are told by someone at JJP (the mystery person) that they do not service the machines and only provide warranty parts.
3. The OP calls Jen at JJP and explains the situation and the problem, her response was, "I heard that this person was a problem, thanks, bye"
4. At the 2014 Pinball Expo, the OP sat down with Jack and explained the situation and how Jen was short to the customer and the OP. The OP mentioned that Jack thanked him for bringing it to his attention and that he will contact the customer to let them know that this is not the standard JJP type of response.
5. Over a week after the 2014 Expo, the direct buyer of the WoZ contacted the OP about the new problem and stated that Jack had not yet reached out to him and that they are having the same run around with the new problem.

You read most of the thread incorrectly.
I can't comment on the text message. It didn't come from me and wasn't seen by me so who knows.

#2 isn't a mystery person if you read the thread and is entirely accurate. By default the warranty is parts only however many times over exceptions are made and people are sent out to fix games. But that doesn't make #2 any less factual.

#3 I think you are paraphrasing. I read it differently. But again and this is a fact: JJP did not send OP out there. A few People said he should be commended by JJP? For us referring a paying customer to HIM? Yeah. No.

#4. Jack likely did say that because we hold ourselves to a very high customer support level. Don't see an issue here.

#5. 10,000 people at expo. 5,000 conversations. I'm quite sure the follow up slipped his mind amongst the million other things he had going on that week and the fact only a few days later he is on a flight to Europe. And what "same runaround"? There was no runaround with the initial issue and there isn't one with the new one either. Customer calls in gets diagnosed and part ships the same day. That sure is one hell of a run around? I know you hate JJP and especially me but stop trying to make something out of nothing. OP tried and just looks bad for doing it. Could things have been handled better? Absolutely. They ALWAYS can be. But the fact is OP was a customer paid intermediary who was not there on our behalf. Period.

#218 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

What is your goal here? JJP has the best support in the business...even if one customer is unhappy. 1000's are VERY happy.

His Goal is to try to make JJP look bad as is the goal of the OP when there was absolutely no reason.

He is a pedantic and cranky name dropper and attacks me at every opportunity usually with snide remarks. My biggest gripes are his annoying history lessons. What Father Time doesn't realize is other people can read Wikipedia too

#219 5 years ago
Quoted from lost8ball:

Sometimes I wonder that as well. I picture the dudes in the balcony on the Muppet show whenever I see his posts.



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#222 5 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

At least I am not pompous or arrogant. Never heard of the word pedantic so I won't comment on that one. Virtually everything I mention is from my actual experience, not an internet search.

But the thing is.. We don't care. No one asked for encyclopedia ballytanica in every single thread.

We could be talking about something innocuous and you come out with a war story about how you were part of x and y. Starving for attention is about the only reason someone does that. It's like the person who walks up to a conversation to interject with their own barely relevant story. Good god. Stop it.

P.S. Pedantic means overly concerned with tiny details and formalities especially in teachings. Seems like the perfect description to me.

#227 5 years ago
Quoted from starfighter:

Well Alex, I'm starting to see two trains of thought here. JJP is strong on phone support, but is weak on field support. If JJP had field support that was equal to the phone support, Jen would never had made the call to the OP in the first place. Everything else is spin.
BTW, the fact that the customer can not turn a screwdriver is irrelevant.

Except we don't technically do field support. Neither does any other pinball company. We do it on a case by case basis and front the bill for third parties to go out and do support where necessary. We aren't really light on something that isn't actually a service we advertise.

#237 5 years ago
Quoted from inhomearcades:

Stern does not sell direct. That is not a fair comparison.

I didn't mention stern. You did . And neither does JJP. People bought from pinball sales. (that changed recently but isn't relevant to this discussion as its a very recent change). And I do support for JJP and I guess by proxy pinball sales and I bend over backwards to help folks. I am not paid in any way shape or form but go to people's houses to fix games that are local to me. I can't drive 1000 miles to spend 5 mins fixing a game. That's just not feasible.

#252 5 years ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Irrespective of who is right and who is wrong, I find it fascinating that an employee of any company would act like this in public forum. Engaging in conflict publicly with customers and/or vendors and throwing around words like douche bag, shows very bad taste.
No good can come from this type of behavior. It might make you feel better, but it reflects poorly on your company.

I didn't use or call anyone the word you said above? I don't make it a habit to curse (despite being from ny). Go back and read the thread.

#254 5 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

Where did he use the term "douche bag"?

I didn't. I was called one though

#256 5 years ago
Quoted from TOK:

Maybe just say "no thanks" when someone asks a favor? It sounds like you're complaining about something you volunteered to do.

You mean paid to do by the customer. He was hired by the customer to come on site.

#288 5 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Pinball repair has got me laid in the past.


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