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Jjp 4- pirates of the Caribbean

By Georgeh

2 years ago

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#92 2 years ago

I think that out of everything I've seen mentioned in this or similar threads, Harry Potter would be an absolute smash hit mega seller.

I know I'm a broken record but I'd seriously buy two or three LEs/CEs of a JJP Man of Steel or even Justice League (in a few years after the movies are done) pin; or anything with Superman really.

Other themes that I would like: Guardians of the Galaxy, Princess Bride, Willow, Goonies, Neverending Story, Labyrinth, Predator, Doom (may be better without an LCD screen), Queen, Space Balls, Monty Python Holy Grail.

BTTF or POTC would be OK and I would probably consider them if the game play was good but not on theme alone.

The Beatles don't do a lot for me and good luck getting the license but I am sure it would be a huge hit.

I'm not sure I can imagine a 007 JJP pin. It seems difficult to mix all of the different eras and actors. Bond is great and I know this is one of the longest running franchises ever but I can't imagine it being a good pin, especially with video on a JJP pin.

Toy Story? Muppets? Heck no. No kid's cartoon or puppet themes, please.

#153 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

But Neverending Story is okay? That's VERY kiddie, and not a very good movie, compared to something like Toy Story.

Quoted from TRAMD:

No kid's CARTOON or PUPPET themes, please.

We are also talking about a JJP game. The music, sound and visuals of Neverending Story are fantastic. I thought the movie was pretty great too (I've seen it multiple times as an adult) but not everyone has the same tastes. Toy Story was a wonderful movie but doesn't have a very epic feel to me personally and seeing cartoons on that big JJP LCD wouldn't thrill me in the slightest.

As far as puppets, I love The Dark Crystal but I'm not sure that I think it'd make a great JJP game. It'd be 100x better than The Muppets, however.

#177 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

You could have the two old hecklers, Statler and Waldorf as little animatronic Muppet toys in a balcony on the playfield, watching the ball and making fun of you the whole time you play.
» YouTube video

This is a fantastic idea but one fantastic idea does not a great pinball machine make. As much as I love those guys they are the only bright spot in the Muppets for me. I just don't think they can carry everything else. Great video, thanks for posting it!

I like humor in games but I don't want one that is all humor. MM is just shy of too much humor for me. I like serious themes like LOTR too but agree that humor does add to a game. Actually I think the humor level of WOZ is just about right.
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#261 2 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

Ummm... video games? Worse yet console games? No thanks. I have some fond memories of playing NES, Super Nintendo and N64 growing up but about halfway through high school lost interest.
Mame got me into arcade games which got me into coin op but personally I found them to be boring after a very short time which led me to Pinball and I've never looked back.
Bring on JJP #4, I'm excited for it!

Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

I've had video games in my life since the 70's with our "fancy" Atari 5200. Saved up my own money and bought every Nintendo system (so I didn't have to share it with my little brothers lol). I've owned every PlayStation system and still have them all except for my NES which I gave to my little brother when he got old enough to play. I just can't/don't find the time to play anymore. I have 5 unopened (very good) PS4 games that I just can't find the motivation to play. I liked the idea of them and even bought them right after release, I just never end up with the motivation to play them.
Anyone else in a similar place with video games or am I all alone?

I could have written either of these posts (except it'd be 80's and NES to start). I bought a new PS4 with the VR and a bunch of games for almost $1000 but have hardly played them.

#268 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

That's how I was with the Playstation/Xbox type games. The attempts at being "movies" and super realistic just bores the tears out of me.I have a bunch of PS3 and X360 games I've barely touched...I didn't get a PS4 or Xbox One...but Nintendo always brings the fun - super weird, super colorful, super creative games I WANT to play. I played my Wii U quite a bit, and I'm playing the Switch non-stop. Just absolutely love it. If you loved NES/SNES games when you were a kid, consider the Switch...IMO it brings back the magic of video games with style and fun that gaming has mostly left behind.

I completely agree with the attempts at being interactive movies. I don't enjoy that at all. I have a big stack of Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 games that are either still in the packaging or have been played one or two times. I will probably get a Switch when they come out with Smash Bros for it. I have loved every iteration of that game. Also, my kids (ages 4 to 11) tend to like Nintendo more than the more mature systems. I am somewhat hesitant as I am angry with Nintendo for how they handled the NES Classic. They assured everyone that they would make enough for everyone that wanted one and then never even came close.

#271 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Yeah, they totally underestimated how much people wanted that thing...but, the good news is this: Eventually the Switch will have some version of the Virtual Console...even perhaps a "Netflix" style legacy game library to play with the online subscription. Or, you can do what I did. Buy a RetroUSB AVS - an awesome HDMI NES system that plays old cartridges. Buy an Everdrive, load it up with every game ever, put it in your AVS...and it's infinitely better than the NES Classic could ever hope to be.

I have pretty much every retro gaming option one can have including original cartridges and systems, clones with megacarts, Retropie, Hyperspin system. I also have a modded NES Classic with over 700 games. It is better than all of the rest. There are a few things that other options have over it but overall it is the best way to experience classic NES.

2 weeks later
#336 2 years ago

I just REALLY hope it isn't PotC! It would have to be fantastic (a la Dialed In!) for me to consider it then; especially if it is themed after the most recent movie and not the entire franchise. If it were Man of Steel or Batman V Superman I'd buy 3 LEs and that is not a joke. I might give away my wife for a Superman JJP pin and she is fantastic and hot as hell.

#387 2 years ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

I got 2 superman pins I'm looking to trade for 2 hot wives. they must work good together though!

I specified JJP Superman. Nice try...I'll give you my 14 year old dog for the only current Superman turd pin.

1 week later
#583 2 years ago

007? Beatles? POTC? Toy Story? Muppets?

- No. No. No. No. Fuck no. What the hell? Are you guys seriously interested in these themes or just trollin'?

Harry Potter?

- Sure, sounds cool.

Princess Bride?

- Hell yeah! .... Stern? NOOOO!

Also, WOZ is a masterpiece and the darkness of the story, color of the visuals, legends surrounding the film, adventure aspect, entertaining villain, female driven cast and satisfying resolution should leave us all wondering why it wasn't done before. The movie and pin are timeless classics for multiple reasons.

I actually like Bond and initially thought it would make a great pin but then you start thinking about the multi-actor problems and repetitive nature of the scripts and you run into a hot mess of a game. Also, there was already a modern Goldeneye pin, right?

#613 2 years ago
Quoted from Micky:

What is this, because all i can find is a movie from the 80's.....am i not looking at the right thing??

Correct. You are looking at one of the greatest and most beloved movies of all time. Rob Reiner created an all-time classic.

Quoted from dmbjunky:

So 20 years old is modern?

To me, "modern" in pinball is DMD on. Regardless, "modern" could be removed and the point remains.

And on that point, when will we finally get a modern Superman pin?

2 weeks later
#646 2 years ago

Ready Player One is probably my favorite novel of all time; I've read it three times. The only books I've read more are The Hobbit and The BFG. This comes from a guy that has read a ton of books, mostly sci-fi or fantasy, over the past 25 years. That said, I don't think it'd make a good pinball theme. It is not focused enough for that.

1 week later
#680 2 years ago

Harry Potter...YEAH!
Back to the Future...Yep.
Pirates of the Caribbean...meh.
Bond, Toy Story, Muppets...yuck.

Of course I thought DI was a disaster theme (heh) but I love it now.

3 weeks later
#740 2 years ago

As awesome as JJP is, Toy Story would make it really easy for me to decide to buy SW and AFMr instead. Of course I was really negative about Dialed In due to theme and I own an LE and love it now (Lawlor is my favorite designer). The theme is still sub-par, however. I won't buy two stupid themes in a row, JJP. If this is Toy Story, I'll wait for #5. If the theme is Toy Story and the game play is like The Hobbit, this will be a major negative hit to JJP. I hope that isn't the case as I believe JJP to be the greatest pinball machine maker of all time.

#789 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

I highly doubt the machine will be anything like their previous 3. All of them have been extremely dissimilar thus far. I don't think it's in their m.o. to recycle stuff.
That plus it's a new designer.

I just meant that The Hobbit game play leaves a lot to be desired compared to their other two pins. I didn't mean it would be similar game play, just similar QUALITY of game play. I like The Hobbit but it is inferior to WOZ and DI.

#815 2 years ago

I am warming up to a PotC JJP game more and more every day. If that is the choice, I look forward to trying it.

#818 2 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

me either. i think (as brother to the designer) it is a lot of fun and people will like.

Can you at least confirm if it is?
A. One of the commonly mentioned themes in this thread lately.
B. Not one of them.

#821 2 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

it is...
... a pinball game.
sorry, that's as far as i can go. my brother's trust and my integrity are at stake here. we are not that far out from the reveal.

I figured but a girl can dream, right? I hope you convinced him to make that Superman pin!

1 week later
#869 2 years ago

Please no Toy Story...

And no POTC would be nice too...but better than Toy Story.

But I'm sure it is one of those unfortunately.

#922 2 years ago

Now that I have accepted that it will likely be Pirates, I think I can get behind that. My family loves those movies (at least 2-3 of them) and with great music and hours of footage to take well-done visuals and call-outs from, it will actually probably be pretty awesome. It could potentially (likely?) have sound and visuals superior to The Hobbit and if the game play is on par with Dialed In, it would probably rival even WOZ; which is my personal favorite game.

As far as Toy Story, I guess I can see why some people would be interested in that; I'm just not interested personally. If you want a family-friendly cartoon theme that has widespread appeal, you probably can't choose better than that.

Muppets? My initial reaction is WTF? But then I imagine a little box seat in the back corner with a little LCD playing Statler and Waldorf scenes and I think that alone could sell me. Damn you JJP! I can't keep spending all this money on your LEs!

1 week later
#1259 2 years ago

Semi-delusional: "Maybe it will not be PotC?"
Competely delusional: "Maybe it won't have Johnny Depp in it?"

And then we'll have a Harry Potter pin with no Daniel Radcliffe.

#1582 2 years ago

A couple things I don't understand about those that "know":
- Haven't you already "stolen" some "thunder" from the reveal?
- If you know and have no intention of telling us, why are you still posting here? Do you get joy out of the "neener, neener, I know and you don't" thing?

Quoted from pinlink:

Maybe just let them have their moment that they have worked so hard for...?

Isn't hundreds of thousands in dollars of profit what they are actually working so hard for?

#1664 2 years ago

Thank you for the leaked photo. The people upset about the leak that already knew...shut up. You went to the lengths to know (many of you coming here just to brag that you knew) and apparently you're just pissed that somebody else made it easy for us. The people upset about the leak that didn't know and it "ruined the surprise for you"...shut up. You should have left as soon as people started saying they knew because you KNOW somebody was going to leak it. Also, it is the theme that was generally considered to be correct for years. And you can still watch the live reveal to see the game actually play. If you are expressing fake concern for poor little JJP over the leak...shut up. Do you actually think it will make any difference in sales for a few dozen people on Pinside to know the theme a few hours early? Wow, some people need to get a life.

#1690 2 years ago

The game looks seriously awesome and my wife is even in on the theme. Something is going to have to move out to make room for my 4th JJP LE.

#1708 2 years ago

HAHA! That's not one that I was planning on ditching but I was at Game Exchange in Denver today and they have an Avatar LE for a decent price. You may want to contact them.

#2277 2 years ago

Did you guys watch to the end of the stream when they are interviewing Jack? He said "We had a lot of wind in our sails...*nervously laughs*...no pun intended...going into this reveal and really felt this would solidify our legacy as a great pinball manufacturer but then...but then...*tears up a bit*...but then NeilMcRae posted a leaked picture of the collector's edition on Pinside and now we will be shutting the factory down tomorrow...I'm sorry...*hurriedly walks away with face in hands, clearly sobbing*

So I guess maybe I won't be getting that LE I put the deposit on tonight.

#2285 2 years ago
Quoted from toasterman04:

Price man price ..... stern is still untouchable in that area.... they are the Walmart of pinball... forever strong! No matter the quality or depth... price is always the deciding factor for the masses

Yep. I am probably buying both a JJPOTC LE and a Star Wars Pro. I feel that while this new Pirates appears to be the current pinnacle of pinball, $5300 for a NIB that is fun and a theme I love is pretty darn good.

#2462 2 years ago

As the excitement has died down some, I still have an LE on order but I have some concerns.
1. I don't recall hearing possibly the best property related to PotC: of course I mean Hans Zimmer's amazing score. Did I just miss this? I didn't watch the entire stream.
2. I also didn't see many clips from the movies. Are there plans to increase this?
3. The multitude of modes sounds cool at first but I fear it may make them overall mostly forgettable just like I feel most of The Hobbit's modes are.

#2547 2 years ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

Omg.... that is bullshit. Music is so important for this theme. certainly with movie themes, often music and theme belong to each other. Remove the music from alot of fantastic themes and you have nothing anymore. I was watching the potc twitch video and thought it looked nice, but i was missing something, cause i did not get the potc feeling, at all... and than i understood: where is the fucking music????
Unbelievable, really a dealbreaker for me. Just cannot believe those licenseholders, you cannot shoot Smaug in a pinballmachine, you only can use of the shitty aliens pictures not the great ones, themes get cut in half by removing music.... what is next? A James bond pinballmachine with the main character called Harry cause you cannot use the name James Bond?
As a pinballcompany i would never pay for such an empty license.
This will be a great pin... again... just great. Which is fine for many pinball machine costumers. But not for me, saving for that one holy grale pin. Great ain't enough for this kind of money for me personal, it needs to choke me when i see it, have a bad night of sleep cause i need to have it. It should be fricking super fantastic and mindblowing instead of just great.
JJP is getting closer and closer though. This ain't even his fault. Cause if you want a big licence, you have to deal with assholes. That is for sure.
It is even more painfull cause the iconic potc music is made by Tiësto, born in Breda, The Netherlands....
Start at 2 minuts, put the speakers wide open and get goosebumps within 1 minut. So sad this song aint in... ;-(
» YouTube video
Ik denk dat ik Tijs eens een mailtje stuur of hij niet ervoor kan zorgen dat in ieder geval die track er in komt haha .

I listen to Zimmer's/Tiesto's "He's a Pirate" daily; oftentimes many times per day. It is one of the greatest songs ever by two of the greatest musical artists ever (Zimmer and Tiesto). I will place my JJPOTC pin next to my 7.1 surround theater and crank Zimmer's and Tiesto's masterpiece on repeat while I play it.

Having said that, it is very disappointing that the song will not be on the pin. Is it possible that many of the video rights also didn't make it onto the pin?

#2624 2 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Hmm now I know what this must be about!!

You better change your number ASAP! You know Jack probably has mafia ties.

Quoted from MK6PIN:

It’s the whole “ Jack sobbing” thing that grabbed my attention. Is there something ( jokewise) I missed somewhere?
I didn’t watch the stream TRAMD referred to

I was joking about all of the people angry with Neil and talking like it was going to ruin the whole reveal for JJP; which it clearly did not. I didn't see Jack at all on the part of the stream I watched and I am sure he is on cloud nine as he loves pinball and pinheads and many of us love him too and his new game looks like it will be a smash hit. I look forward to mine arriving.

Sorry if my joke caused confusion.

#2657 2 years ago

I thought I would hate BM66 due to the theme but after playing it, I liked the way it shoots and there seems to be a lot of potential with deeper code for a very funny and entertaining theme integration. Plus, Julie Newmar is just so damn sexy. If they ever finish the code (it just seems like it would be last on the list with how few there are out there compared to other Stern games that need code updates), I would consider buying it. It has a lot of potential.

I love Dialed In. I am still trying to get deeper into the code but I am not that great of a player. The theme is actually really entertaining if you can get past the mom jeans and cartoony and mismatched characters on the field. Many of the modes are fun and memorable. The selfie mode is great when other people are around. It has better flow than any game I have ever played, by a good margin. I believe it will be considered a masterpiece for years to come and that its placement on the Top 100 is no fluke. I probably said at least twice on these forums that I would never buy DI due to the theme, despite WOZ and TZ being two of my favorite games. I ate that crow and I cannot see my DILE leaving my basement for a long time. It is second only to MMr for most played game in my collection and I have a lot of great games (and a few turds).

I truly believe that JJP is 3/4 on masterpieces of the silver ball with The Hobbit being their "dud"; though it is still a very good game with fantastic visuals and sound.

#2659 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

What are the turds in your collection, and why do you still have them?

Street Fighter II, Star Wars Episode 1 and TMNT are the ones I consider turds. I am planning on selling them all soon...except maybe SF2; I just sort of like it for some reason.

#2663 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I would have threw , Hobbit, WOZ, NBAFB and Avatar into that list as well.

would have thrown*

You would certainly be in the minority on WOZ. The other three may not be all-time greats but I enjoy them and it is probably a stretch to call them "turds". Avatar and Hobbit are some of the best looking and sounding games of all time. NBAFB has a different problem. It is a great game that people dislike due to the theme, appearance, sounds and strange scoring.

Now I am wondering why I even justified your post with a response but it is already typed.

#2667 2 years ago

I am sure some guys don't think Margot Robbie is attractive, either. To each his own.

For me, Margot and WOZ are fantastic.

#2770 2 years ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

I just dont understand this license crap. I see the worst and most cheap games using all sounds and shit a license has. And on a 10k pinballmachine i cannot have a song which i can buy for 2 euro +- everywhere.
For 100 euro i can buy all songs + all blue ray movies with extra content easely.
Why not on a pin?
The standard edition costs 8500, why cant it be 8600 with complete use of the license? I dont understand it from both ends. The license holders damaging their own goods by not selling the whole package. But JJP i also dont understand, why pay for an incomplete license? Pay more or go look for an other theme with better deals. The Hobbit showed us it is possible.

That makes a lot of sense, actually. I am also really disappointed that the theme, video and dialogue from the movie won't be in the game. It seems like a huge missed opportunity. Hans Zimmer's theme is amazing and there would have to be so many funny and fitting call-outs that could be used.

#2771 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

you buy what's new and popular. Typical boring ass cookie cutter collection. No variety. No imagination or thought put into it. I've seen it a million times. New to the hobby. throws money around like it's nothing. buys the same shit. Buys all new stuff, because they don't want to learn to fix anything. Fly by night collector. Yawn...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I guarantee you havn't played or even seen, at least 30% if not 50% of the games I have. The only ones you have bothered to even take a look at, are the popular DMD titles. If it's not a JJP, DMD stern, or popular B/W title, you wouldn't give it a second look.

If it's wrong to have a lot of money, buy the best games, and spend time enjoying playing pinball instead of having to repair them, I don't want to be right.

#2774 2 years ago

I don't personally understand all the details of licensing but know that if JJP didn't get those things, there is likely a good (financial) reason. I can still lament their absence, however.

#2780 2 years ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

exactly....as we all know this industry essentially has no infrastructure to provide on site customer support so anyone who owns a machine will at least need to learn the basics about repair. Neo clearly likes "old school" games, which is completely fine. I myself find them incredibly boring, and when my kids play them they are bored even more. The newer games provide far more entertainment for the younger generation.


Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Doctor tramd/ you know I love you I don’t mean to get snippy with anyone that wasn’t the idea. I’m as passionate about JJP as any other fool so I get defensive with folks not meaning any harm. I wouldn’t want you to stop reaching out for tech help.

I didn't know if you were addressing me or not. I didn't disagree with your post about the licensing.

Quoted from CaptainNeo:

it's not about money, and anyone that owns a machine should start learning about the technical aspects of it if you plan to be a collector long term. Because eventually you will need to know. but if you would have read several pages back, you would understand the reason i'm commenting and referring to things a certain way.

I understand where you are coming from and have read all of the posts. Having different tastes is fine, otherwise everyone would be after my wife. There is an odd reaction to someone not liking what you like that seems to be a normal human thing. As WOZ is my favorite game (pending playing JJPOTC), it bothered me when you said it was a turd. Then the more rational part of me realizes that I should take no personal offense to you not liking a game I love; that's fine. I have fixed or replaced many minor to moderate things on many of my older games (and even a few of my NIB games). I have so far enjoyed doing the repairs I've done and found them rewarding but haven't dived into large restorations of games. I have a Spider-Man that needs that and I will probably just sell it.

Quoted from Skyemont:

TRAMD, I like your collection.

Me too!

Quoted from CaptainNeo:

TRAMD does have a lot of diversity. Thou, I don't agree with some of his choices, I do respect and give kudos to his collection, because of his range of manufacturers and generations. Little bit of everything in there. Diversity is good.

As I live in a fairly remote area in terms of access to pinball, I have had to rely on reviews and Pinside when decided games that I will buy. Thus I have bought many games that I've never played (MMr, TZ, TOTAN, WOZ, DI, GB). So far this has worked out well as I've liked all of them and all of these games are in the "never leaving" category.

1 month later
#3102 2 years ago

Maybe they could at least get this song?

3 months later
#3477 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Wow thats disappointing.... ill be getting my deposit back more than likely and buying other stuff in the meantime. They are gonna lose some sales bc of the slow rollout no doubt.

Not from me. I can wait for a pin this good (I haven't played it but I trust you guys). I sold seven games to make room and have money for four new ones this year. JJPOTC's spot will be waiting for it until it arrives.

#3535 1 year ago

I am a big time JJP fan (best ever IMO) own all three pins (two WOZ and have JJPOTC LE on order) and I dont see how anyone could argue against TH being their worst pin. Regardless, it sounds and looks better than almost anything else and the theme integration is superb. I also just think it is a very fun game. It's just not as good as the all-time masterpieces that JJP has otherwise made.

#3551 1 year ago
Quoted from arcadem:

What the hell? Calling The Hobbit the worst Jersey Jack Pin? Are there other 'bad' JJP games? Given the nearly universal high regard for all of JJP's games, why not just say it isn't as good as the others. Using the term "Worst" carries a negative connotation that TH does not deserve. All of the JJP games thus far are masterpieces compared to almost all other games out there. Would you call the Mona Lisa da Vinci's worst painting? Personally I think DI is my least preferred JJP game but I would never call it the 'worst'; it is just not my favorite one just as TH apparently isn't for others. But worst? Please!

Semantics. Usain Bolt has a "worst" 100m time that is far better than any of us could achieve.

1 week later
#3636 1 year ago
Quoted from Axl:

Just to clarify to the poster that was concerned that Kiera was gone, she is not. Still there.

Good! I have planned placement specifically so you can see Keira's gorgeous face on the side of this machine.

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