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Jjp 4- pirates of the Caribbean

By Georgeh

2 years ago

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#701 2 years ago

If JJP can make an original themed game like DI into a great success then why can't they just make a great original pirate-themed game without this, IMO, now-outdated, expensive I'm sure, POTC license?

Lets be honest here, DI in so good as a game that it is a success DESPITE it's very strange and convoluted theme and not because of it. I mean the art, marketing material and video features some mom-jeaned guy everywhere instead of some cool pirates and ships and it's a success!!! At least they took that guy off the sides of the backbox before final production after so many of us almost lost our minds on pinside. It's a pin theme chosen as though someone lost a bet. Yes I know you've all come around to love (accept) the theme of DI now but it was work.

Now seriously, imagine if DI the game was themed as an original pirates game, the final sales would double. All it would have took was to tell Pat, "you have full creative control, now make the best pirates game ever made!"

So why does JJP now have to move the theme-slider all the way from (wha?!) man-jean-phone-dude to the furthest other Disney-mega-media-conglomerate extreme and not just something in the middle like an original pirate theme?

2 weeks later
#752 2 years ago

Toy Story is one of the best animated films of all time and I think would be a stellar pinball theme. The fact that the film references toys that many collectors would have owned during their own childhoods is an added bonus. Also the fact that many of us buy these expensive toys in order to fulfill some need to relive the simpler times of our youth ties directly into a central theme of the film itself. I think it could be magic if done with the approach that JJP is known for: pinball love first, then afterward profit (not the other way around).

2 weeks later
#901 2 years ago

We all (eventually) gave DI a chance so a JJP pirate pin will be easy to swallow. But if there's a picture of a mom-jeaned pirate holding up a cell phone all over it I'm going to lose it

#904 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

If JJP are reading this, please invest in a half decent streaming PC (something like an AMD Ryzen 1700 base - 8 core 16 thread - with at least 16GB of memory), a couple of camcorders and a capture card, if you have not already, and familiarise yourselves with xSplit / OBS / vMix (vMix probably the best for this kind of application).
A good looking stream on Twitch, then archived to YouTube would more than pay for the time, effort and expenditure.

Agree. Easier would be to call up an experienced streamer like deadflip to set it all up in exchange for some exclusive time with new release or whatever.

We are all rooting for you JJP - hit it out of the park with this one!

#907 2 years ago

I agree, I mean someone experienced set it up for them to use for themselves (consultant). Then at later time the streamer could have time with machine say.

Basically we are all saying the same thing. In 2017, it's important to do reveals correctly so invest the time and $ to do it right JJP. We are all behind you.

1 week later
#1188 2 years ago

No pressure Jack to meet some release date next year!

We appreciate your dedication to the art rather than only to the bottom line so release when it's ready and we'll be patient. We have lots of rushed-to-meet-a-deadline-the-suits-said-it-has-to-be-released-this-quarter-remove-as-much-as-possible-to-increase-profits options already. It is you who leads the industry in quality and respect for the artform itself so take as much time as you need and hit each game out of the park.

The best way to make a killing in pinball over the long term is to make the very best pins that can possibly be made. Thanks Jack.

#1215 2 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

Dialed-In 2: They called back


#1855 2 years ago

Do I need a twitch account to watch it?

#1869 2 years ago
Quoted from spinal:

Do I need a twitch account to watch it?

Currently have one yes and one no. Anyone else?

#1915 2 years ago

All I see is "stream starting soon". Anyone else?

#2226 2 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

JJP code 20% = Stern 100%
JJP is kicking Sterns ass.

#2236 2 years ago

SW LE just a bit more than POTC Standard. Hmmm, tough choice...

But SW has the accelerator from Getaway HS2 from 1992 that isn't even really featured in any Star Wars movie so have to go with that

#2363 2 years ago

Found this:

SW pinball tie-fighter spring cover

Cover up your hardware with our Star Wars Pinball Tie Fighter Spring Cover. This simple cover hides the spring located under the Tie Fighter. Spring cover includes a space themed decal.


Huh, currently out of stock though.

swtfs (resized).png

#2369 2 years ago
Quoted from mwong168:

That's almost $16K converted to CDN money.
Beautiful game otherwise and congrats to JJP on doing such a great job!

CDN dollar currently at 1.25

#2449 2 years ago

The people bringing up Stern are also often fans of this hobby in general and so want every company to be successful by making the best games that can be made (not obviously phoning it in as we have seen lately). This is why we bring it up - because we care about the direction the industry is going.

#2461 2 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

yep a standard here is $12197.08 with taxes and not counting starburst profit on top of that, a lot of money for a toy.
i was hoping for a better price but the game looks amazing!

$12197.08 is almost exactly $US 8500 x 1.13 taxes x 1.27 exchange rate. My understanding is that $US 8500 is MSRP so includes profit.

#2514 2 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Do wait...what the.... so when you tilt you lose your GAME on this? Sorry, I'm trying to get caught up and skimming through this thread as quickly as possible but man...

JJPOTC displays tilt warnings per ball with LEDs under and to right of right flipper.

#2720 1 year ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

» YouTube video

Pinball News Magazine - Pirates

At 11:00 (Eric Meunier):

"What I really wanted to do in the design... There are a couple of different fields of thought on how to design a game - what's the most important thing - and I believe that THE TOYS THAT AFFECT THE BALL ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT - those should come first - they should take up all the space they need and then your shots fit around them - you make the shots work around the toys"

Thanks Eric - some in the industry apparently need reminding that stripping the absolute $&@% out of a machine and filling in the rest with video and music just won't cut it especially when the theme was is so beloved by its fans - SW was a slap to the face for many of us (yes, some of you love it and it's the best pin ever made etc - good for you - I acknowledge that you enjoy it - I'm talking about the rest of us).

Eric, you are a credit to this industry - thanks for being a part of reminding others on how to design a pin.

Oh, and at 43:08 he says "I've been working on this game for a year". One year. How long was SW in development and not even a single magnet? - seriously, give that some thought. A theme about using the force.

#2812 1 year ago
Quoted from Vdrums:

I have posted this several times but I'll say it again. According to an interview I saw, woz was being sold at $6500 at introduction At A LOSS! This is a technique used sometimes in real estate to prime the pump and get customers and a reputation. I believe some game platforms have been sold at cost or less because they will make it up selling games.
JJP needs to actually make a profit.
They are in the business of building high end games and their stated goal is to build the best games possible, not sell games that are reasonably priced. It's obvious they keep pushing the state of the art and so their prices may continue to rise.
This complaint about pricing comes up frequently in my other hobby, high end audio. While there are many products there that make a JJP game look like pocket change by comparison, there are also many good values and lots of trickle down technology from the extremely expensive gear.
But one thing is that I've noticed in audio is that the pricing arguments become tiresome. There's systems from a thousand dollars to a million. It's just about finding the products that are in your price range, making wise choices and often (in audio) buying used. (Often at about half of retail). Pinball is the only consumer electronic I've ever seen that holds it value so well (which has its positive and negative aspects).

Great post - thanks.

I've noticed as well that many posts seem to be negative about JJPOTC because of the price. The physical machine and its price are two different things. A machine does not 'suck' because of its price. Reading pin reviews on pinside is a great example of this with so many low reviews because a pin is 'overpriced'. No one likes price increases but we should be clear-minded about this difference.

Would you really want to live in a world where the best car anyone could buy tops out at what only you can afford?

As Vdrums mentioned above, its good for a market to have a wide range of products because the high end tends to pull up on the quality of the lower end, whether it be because of tech or because consumer expectations are raised.

And at the end of the day, no matter how expensive a pin is to buy, at least everyone has a *chance* to play it on location or at shows. Nothing is possible if something doesn't exist in the first place.

I'm just happy to live in a universe where JJPOTC exists at all regardless of what it costs.

#2898 1 year ago

Sorry forgot if it was mentioned somewhere but can anyone confirm or deny if JJPOTC will have full theme music upon release?

#2911 1 year ago

At the high end of the market people want quality and are willing to pay extra so I think we will all be surprised how many they sell. No one will buy a SW LE after seeing even a video of JJPOTC - there is just no comparison between them - there's not even a shaker on the SW LE anymore for heaven's sake.

#2952 1 year ago

Every business eventually has to draw a line in the sand with respect to customer demands otherwise there is just no end. I also think the car analogy is much more appropriate than Costco for many reasons.

You should have just sold your pin and purchased the one you wanted without demonizing, unfairly IMO, the original seller. No one really screwed you over, it was just unfortunate timing.

5 months later
#3695 1 year ago

OK started a poll - please vote:


JJP needs our support - thanks

#3698 1 year ago

The proposed solutions by hobbyists are already much preferred to what JJP suggested especially, IMO, the slow-moving disk alternative. They said the issue is reliability and these have now been addressed.

If there are other reasons why it's being cut then they should be up front about that.

Yes, JJP needs to hear from their customers because sometimes companies make a poor decisions and then change course to correct and everything is good again the next day. JJP has done this many times before and we respect them for that.

#3701 1 year ago

We hobbyists and JJP are united by our passion for pinball. I'm not angry - just confused right now and hoping they change course a bit. That's why we're trying to help figure this out. I want JJP to be strong in the industry and can't see where diskgate and them admitting they can't close a trunk is going to take them. What a mess.

#3717 1 year ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I'll post a positive update here

Thanks for the positive update.

But keep in mind there are more reasons that JJP fans are sad and angry here and it's not just about the severity of replacing the centerpiece mech with a stock motor.

What was JJP about as a company? For me it was the fact that they were the "we'll get it right" company and the "won't ship a pin until it reaches its potential" company. It was the "reach for the dream" and the "world under glass" company. I still appreciate my WOZ every time I play it and see more attention to detail that I hadn't noticed before.

They were the boutique pinball company, the Ferarri of pinball or at least we wanted to think of them as that.

For us pinball also represents something ideal in the world - something that still has some magic like how we saw the world when we were young. A time when money and time weren't such a big part of everything - it was about the magic.

Now we all know this last-minute, cut and run rush job is not because they can't do it - it's because of financial concerns - because of time concerns - and they are willing to throw their reputation under the bus (or need to) in order to move forward. Where is Jack? Does anyone else find this a bit strange? Things seem to have really changed at JJP and something is definately going on.

So this represents for me a sad day for pinball because it's the ideal that has died - JJP was a company that stood for something magical - a company that would never compromise and would always get it right no matter what it took.

Frankly, it's sad JJP are probably lying to us about reliability and sound being the main reasons for trashing the main mech - this feels like a friendship that's breaking. Yeah it's for business reasons but the disrespect hurts a bit. There are other ways of keeping the 3-disc mech in the game like having them spin at slow speeds and become a greater part of gameplay as detailed in other threads. Eric knows this.

The ideal for Eric was to put as the centerpiece of the game, 3-rings rotating around each other. Then someone told him to remove it and probably for money reasons.

Yes it will be a fine game anyway - it will be fun because it's pinball.

But for me it's the ideal that has died, the reach for the very best at any cost and this is the first time we've seen JJP cut and run like this with such a massive removal of the main mech and then having Eric tell us that a stock motor is more reliable? Really? And admitting that they can't close a trunk. Really?

So what's at stake here is not just about a spinning disk, it's about what JJP stands for as a company and about WHY EXACTLY do people spend $12,500 on Ferarri pinball.

Anyway, it's just sad to see this play out like this. So again, thanks for the positive news, I'm sure it will be a fine game anyway. I'll play it, Eric will play it, collectors will still buy some of them, but when we look at the center of the playfield we'll all be thinking the same thing.

#3723 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

You get that emotional over a spinning disc on a pinball machine???? WOW.

Thanks for adding more content and insight into the conversation. Some of us care about Eric's vision and want to see it fullfilled. I think this artform is a big deal - enough to even post actual content here instead of one-liners about how it's only pinball.

#3730 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers during this trying time.

Appreciate it thanks

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