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Jjp 4- pirates of the Caribbean

By Georgeh

2 years ago

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#649 2 years ago

Next two JJP games will be licensed games I believe but I still think GnR is not one of them.

1 week later
#697 2 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

The biggest problem is that they are getting Stern's discards or "B" themes rather than the "A" list. Stern is probably outbidding them or can more or less guarantee more money given they have higher volumes. People just aren't going to as excited by JJP themes overall (on the whole; exception obviously apply based on individual preferences) because of the "B" theme aspect.

Except in the case of KISS, which JJP passed on before Stern took it.

#708 2 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Wow, that's much lower than I would have thought. Perhaps there is an upfront payment with an ongoing royalty. Let's say it is somewhere in the middle at $50 a game. If 3,000 games sell, that's only $150,000. Hardly seems worth the time to negotiate the license, go through the approval process, etc. Much better for the IP holder to focus on Funko Pops or something. Of course, there is the added advertising element, but they can get that from so many sources. Still, $150k is $150k and since these large license holders have in-house licensing departments, perhaps it is worth it.

That's just the royalty - there's the upfront licensing fee which varies all over the place. There is money being spent.

2 weeks later
#787 2 years ago

Yup. Hobbit got its license renewed too but WOZ is outselling it by a big margin.

2 weeks later
#866 2 years ago

I'm sure there will be a professionally produced video like the ones for Hobbit and DI but it won't be at the reveal - I'd be very surprised at any rate.

#874 2 years ago

I hear you, Falcon, I do. I think people are having fun speculating, that's all. It's fun to guess what it might be and wish for what you'd like it to be even though it's the worst kept secret out there. One thing I don't really get is the negativity toward Toy Story, which, while I am too old to have grown up with it, can recognize as a money license worthy of challenging WOZ in terms of potential sales numbers. That said, the reveal should be fun and I hope everyone likes the game.

#896 2 years ago

Designed by Eric Meunier (his first design) with help from Pat and the rest of the Chicago team.

#900 2 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

I'm perfectly fine with widebody games. I think jjp really packs them nicely. I'm curious if they plan on most of their games being widebody, or if it's strictly up to the designer. What date is the reveal scheduled and will it be live streamed again?

At the Expo Fireside Chat in Chicago on I think Thursday the 12th and yes, it will be live streamed.

#905 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I wanted Harry Potter last year.
I want Harry Potter this year, and I'm going to want Harry Potter next year.
Let's just do it, pay the licensing.

Though it's been said many times, many ways... here it is again: JK Rowling does not like pinball and does not want HP licensed to a pinball machine. This is a well documented fact, otherwise Stern or JJP or someone would have gotten it done.

#1198 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Even with a title every 9 months, I think they're going to either need a larger facility, or to expand the existing one, as long as the market doesn't crash.
WOZ and DI are likely to continue selling in good numbers for the forseeable future. Assuming #4 isn't a stinker, and there's good demand for #5, I don't see how they'll avoid big order backlogs without an increase in production capacity. Recent footage of their facility suggests it's absolutely jam packed.

2016 saw the addition of the second playfield line to allow WOZ to go on without tying up the main line. At the time it was to not interfere with Hobbit; today it's to not interfere with DI. So that helps.

#2532 2 years ago

Disney doesn’t have the rights to much of the music to offer.

#2673 2 years ago

Cmon now - Disney doesn’t have the rights to sell but remember jjp on their own grabbed one actor by the agent and he’s doing custom voice work for the game.

#2773 2 years ago

Facts: Disney doesn’t own that stuff. Hobbit and woz are Warner properties they licensed nearly everything to JJP
Disney doesn’t own it they can’t license it they can’t it wouldn’t be 8600 you just don’t get it. Stern wrote their own movie dialogue read history learn what you are talking about please
JJP is licensing separately a couple of actors for custom speech for the game and some pirates music taken from Disney sources that Disney was able to use with permission. Plus there will be movie clips just not of actors doing pratfalls and things. There is lots of content but Disney doesn’t do actors contracts the way many others do. They don’t own Johnny Depps rights therefore they can’t license them

#2776 2 years ago

Doctor tramd/ you know I love you I don’t mean to get snippy with anyone that wasn’t the idea. I’m as passionate about JJP as any other fool so I get defensive with folks not meaning any harm. I wouldn’t want you to stop reaching out for tech help.

#2783 2 years ago

They can use still images and shots of his face but not anything beyond that.

#2843 2 years ago

WOZ: ECLE, standard, 75th Anniversary editions
The Hobbit: standard, limited, Smaug Gold, Black Arrow SE

New investment group came while Hobbit was going into production. So since Hobbit has wound down, we have:

Dialed In! Standard, limited, collectors editions
Pirates: standard, limited, collectors editions

Notice any new trend?

#2849 2 years ago

The CE of DI is limited to 150 total units of which most are shipped already. Of course there is the recurring issue that was the subject of so much discussion, that being that some distributors ordered a few more units than they had commitments for at the time. That said, it’s pretty close to out of stock at JJP and that will be the only run.

#2896 2 years ago

A handful of CE DIs huh? I guess your reading of the system is different than mine. Or else you have huge hands.

#2935 2 years ago

Interesting theory except that with Pirates they did it up front - the CE has the Davy Jones cabinet artwork package and even different playfield and Backglass art. I won’t debate whether or not it’s more badass than the standard and LE because whatever you think is fine but that sets it apart from WOZ and Hobbit in that there was no super high dollar CE option with those two games. So what was mentioned before is more applicable to this situation - there hasn’t been a late arriving option with DI and I don’t expect it, and with Pirates the problem is that the CE is going to have a number plaque and I think a wooden looking base for the topper and is supposed to be the supreme edition which costs supreme money up front. Assuming that the same model that’s been used for DI and now this game is going to apply to games 5 and beyond, the black pearl edition - nice name btw - would be an extremely tough sell. Good theory though.

#2968 2 years ago

It’s not stock black it’s like a darkish gray with barnacles on it. I held the legs it is not just plain black.

#3000 2 years ago

First quarter 2018 is the official line.

#3009 2 years ago

Stern went through the same deal with POTC they wrote their own script more or less and used fake voices and had a struggle with Disney all along the way. The stories are out there. David Thiel the audio genius has talked about it since he led the audio for both games then and now. Different studios like warner bros do things differently than Disney. That’s the deal.

#3027 2 years ago

It’s a thicker glossier decal all jjp games have them as an option other than ECLE WOZ which was direct printed cabinets. The other jjp games have decals and the radcal option

#3029 2 years ago

Depends on how you feel about the look. I have a Hobbit Smaug with regular decals. I thought the Smaug radcals were too glossy. They showed fingerprints easily. When black arrow Hobbit came out I saw the radcal cabinet side by side with the regular cabinet and I must say, if I were to buy a black arrow I’d be tempted to get the fancier decals.

#3033 2 years ago

The Davy Jones art package, the barnacles and the unique charcoal armor, the CE playfield backgkass and topper are unique to the CE.
It’s what helps make the CE special.

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