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Jjp 4- pirates of the Caribbean

By Georgeh

2 years ago

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#632 2 years ago

Someday she will pass on. Her heirs may feel differently about profits. There is still hope

#633 2 years ago

I have seen a pattern with all three JJP pins.

WoZ - People were really hating the theme. Never some would say. Now it is on the hater's short list or already in their basement

TH - People were excited about the theme until they saw the prototype. JJP listened and changed it up. Good feedback initially, but even better feedback as of late now that the software is maturing.

DI - People freaked out about the theme and artwork. Now there are a bunch of people that are looking beyond the name of the machine and really starting to love it. Once the code matures, my guess is they will like it better.

My point is this. Whether it is POTC, Toy Story, or even HP, I think their machines are awesome and everyone will love it over time. I personally own a WoZ and can't get enough of that machine. I love you JJP is committed to code updates. Something Stern is still trying to figure out. Plus the build quality on JJP is second to none. Better than the Williams machines back in the 90's.

Excited to see their next pin!

1 week later
#669 2 years ago

Maybe JJP will really bust it open with J.K. Rowling doing the reveal of HP at Expo? Odds of that being the case?

#673 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Odds on that happening, there's more of chance Stern will announce a price decrease on the next title than J.K.R agreeing to a HP pin.
It's a shame as a lot of pinheads would love a HP pin but she is totally against the licence being used for pinball, slots, gambling, things she considers seedy.

I have heard the same BUT I have heard that Jack is the ultimate salesman. Maybe he shared a couple pints with her and got her to sign on the dotted line while she was slurring her speech about the next Harry Potter book she is working on. Just maybe?

#677 2 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

If you thought that reveal was a disaster, wait until all these people expecting Toy Story, James Bond or Harry Potter find out it's just another Pirates of the Carribean game.

If it is POTC, I think JJP could do a really good job with it. There are tons of material, the soundtracks are legacy, God know there gobs of prop options and the Voice overs could be a real hoot. Couple that with some nice artwork and some awesome LCD work and I really think you could have a winner. I just hope it is more WoZ like. I thought TH was too open of a pin for the money.

Time will tell.

#681 2 years ago
Quoted from TRAMD:

Harry Potter...YEAH!
Back to the Future...Yep.
Pirates of the Caribbean...meh.
Bond, Toy Story, Muppets...yuck.
Of course I thought DI was a disaster theme (heh) but I love it now.

I would have to echo the above. The exception would be PoTC. I think we think meh on that (as I do), because we associate Stern's attempt at that game with that theme. I think JJP could knock that ball out of the park and redefine how that theme should be done.

#692 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Where JJP can succeed where Stern failed with POTC is a deep objective based ruleset thanks to Keith Johnson. I think Stern's POTC game looks cool and has one of the best toys in pinball but its ruleset is it's biggest flaw. The rules in POTC do not center around beating modes based on scenes from the films with mini wizard modes for major events but rather involve hitting the same shot over and over again for a set of rather generic tasks. Want to destroy the ship? Hit the ship shot 5x, then 10x for the second ship, etc...ugh. I owned the game for a few months and sold it as the ruleset became boring rather quickly for me.
Keith Johnson is the king of objective based rulesets in my opinion. The man has a gift for telling a themes story through code and comes up with interesting and unique ways for modes to be played that work the entire playfield. With Keith on the code, JP doing great animation work and possibly David Thiel on audio (not sure if he is but he did do the audio for TH) POTC could be one hell of a fun game.

I really struggled to like Stern's cut of POTC. It was cool for a month or so, but quickly became the machine I didn't play. It was very redundant. Hit ship, Hit ship, Hit ship. JJP can do well with this.

3 weeks later
#811 2 years ago
Quoted from Vdrums:

While pirates doesn't appeal to me either, let's not forget how many people were shockingly disappointed with DI's theme before actually seeing and playing it.
I want a JJP game and and am holding off on DI just to see how #4 is.

If done well, JJP could really do well with PoTC. I owned Stern's version for about 4 months. I am fearing that people are drawing parallels to that effort. I am sure JJP will do a better job.

I am hoping for HP, but know better

#826 2 years ago

Jaws = "I'm Out"
Toy Story = "I'm Out"
PoTC = "We'll See"
HP = "Take my money sight unseen"

1 week later
#928 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Though it's been said many times, many ways... here it is again: JK Rowling does not like pinball and does not want HP licensed to a pinball machine. This is a well documented fact, otherwise Stern or JJP or someone would have gotten it done.

Nothing is as constant as change. Maybe, just maybe Jack can get to her and see if she will budge on this issue. People can and do change their minds. Maybe after what he has done with WoZ, TH, and or PoTC she can see the fun in this new generation of pinball? I guess what I am saying is just because a number of years ago she said no does it mean it is dead forever.

HP is the holy grail theme right now. The first pinball vendor that grabs that title will sell thousands sight unseen. IMO, Still worth chasing.

1 week later
#1255 2 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

They all (even the last one) did very well overseas. Maybe the hope is to expand the JJP market? In any case, having that many movies worth of source material is a boon for a licensed game.

Just rented the 5th movie over the weekend. I actually enjoyed it a lot. To me it was both funny and it kept my attention (unlike the last several).

Either way JJP has a TON of material to build a machine with. I was luke warm to the idea of PoTC. Now it is growing on me.

Should be fun to watch this one play out...

#1265 2 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

It's definitely a gamble right? If they do make POTC and it's not as good as the Stern, what a disappointment that would be.

I owned Stern's version of PoTC for exactly four months. I tried to like the game. I really could never like the game, yet love it. It was one of the fastest titles in and out of my basement.

#1362 2 years ago
Quoted from Hogbog:

Technically, yes. But, I've been in the gaming industry for over 25 years now(I'm 29). My dad started a route operation when I was around 3, and I was repairing games for him since the age of 7. Age of 12, every weekend, night, and summer was working for him repairing games in the shop and 100+ accounts we had around the Wisconsin Dells. I got an Electrical Engineering Degree and Mechanical Engineering Masters from UW Madison, and I've been working for JJP for 5 years now as the Electrical Engineer. I'm a decent player, and know pinball from many aspects (Operator, Collector, Tournament Player, Manufacturer, and now, Designer).
Can't wait to show you guys the game tomorrow! Hope to see most of you there. Some of you guys....not so sure about

OK, so my kid wants to be an EE or ME. He is considering UW Madison, Purdue, GT, U of I, and now added U of Min. He has been leaning towards Purdue. What would you say is a good reason to consider UW Madison? I always find asking alum of schools this question very informative. You get perspectives you don't get from visits and such.

Btw, good luck with the unveiling. It has been a blast to watch the progression of JJP. It really has changed the pinball industry.

#1775 2 years ago
Quoted from Hogbog:

I'm a bit short on time today, but I would love to tell you and your son all about UW. If I don't get back to you within the next week, please PM me.

No worries, but will take you up on it. Love hearing different views from people that actually went to the schools. Good luck tonight!

#1836 2 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Differences between the models or do we have to wait to find out? 4k usd is a big difference

Man, there was a day that a new pin was around 4K

I guess there are those out there that can afford 12K.....I am not one of them.

#2164 2 years ago

Well done JJP. Very happy for you guys. You are clearly now on top of the pinball world. Enjoy!

#2712 1 year ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

lol. I wouldn't be to sure about that. Many people by me that had WOZ sold it and agree it's not a good playing game. Hobbit seems to be universally hated as well, even more so than WOZ.

Completely disagree.

#2715 1 year ago

My biggest complaint about the new PoTC is the side art. Not big on the four fat heads of the actors. Would have much rather had a cool picture of The Black Pearl or maybe some skeleton art. I am wondering if yet again they were held back by licensing?

Speaking of that, why can they have a picture of a character, but not use their voice. This licensing stuff is over the top silly. I am really, really, tired of lawyers.

#2719 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

The sad thing is it's even dumber than people realize when you see it all from the inside, I learned that first hand. You can use this, but not that, and you can do it this way, but not that way, and you're told one thing from one person, but then you're dealing with approval with someone else and the rules have utterly changed on you.
Or you think "I have the movie rights, so I get all this stuff", but then the music is actually from a different sub company than the film, and was licensed to the movie, probably in some scheme to make profits look lower and avoid paying out percentages, and you need another $50k for this, and another person to approve that, and it's just a web of BS.
You can use this actor, but not this one, because the second actor is British, and has a totally different contract.
I suspect though that the things I learned with Alien are even crazier with modern films like POTC, because on the these old movies the contracts weren't written with all the modern digital media and licensing in mind. No way something like a huge budget Disney franchise isn't loaded with all kinds of detailed legal language for this that and the third. You can use this specific likeness, but not the person in motion, or whatever.
Personally I think NOT having a ton of film clips and re-used movie lines is great. I'm sure the JJP team chafed at restrictions, who wouldn't, but it means they got creative and did their own thing, instead of just playing back pre-canned stuff.
It's time these LCD games figure out their own footing, beyond being glorified DVD players. DI was a huge step in that direction, I imagine lessons learned there were a big help with POTC. JJP definitely has the edge on this stuff now in my mind.
I'll take 1200 custom callouts over a bunch of movie lines I've heard before any day. I'm not a POTC buyer, too expensive for me, but I feel like we should be defending custom work over recycled work wherever we can. Watch the movies if you want to hear the lines, let the game be original and new.

Thanks for the background, as messed up as it is! I am torn on the pros and cons of using actual movie callouts. Loved them on IJ. Always chuckled when I would watch the movies later. But I get your point. Doing original callouts are cool too.

#2970 1 year ago

If money were no object I would probably get the base machine and trick it out myself. I am sure as we speak there will be someone that sells a star cluster Mod based on the real date/time of the machine location. If not, maybe I should start on this? Then there is the side art. Not sure what the options are here, but simply do not like the fat heads of the characters that is currently offered. Probably some variation of the Black Pearl. Lastly I would black powder coat the legs and rails (kind of like WoZLE) and add my own custom topper.

Funny part is I probably could do the above for less than the LE....or maybe close to it. Side art might be the challenge

Who knows....then again, money is an object, so this is really a mute point!

1 month later
#3071 1 year ago

I have a quick question. With this new operating system, could it be possible to swap out a sound file that had the original movie music? Now it has been years since I have programmed. But when I did, we put sound files in a specific directory and tapped them upon need. Not sure if it is still done this way or not anymore though.

WAY back when, someone actually modified the sound bite that Willy says on "IJ". The one where she says "I HATE YOU AND I HATE THE WATER". I had small kids at the time and one of my kids was parroting that phrase. So I threw it out to the newgroup and before I knew it, someone sent me a ROM with the modified sound. Seems like if you can do it to a ROM chip, you could do it on a new platform? I could be talking WAY out of my league though!

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