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Jersey Jack Pinball Startup POP Eliminator

By harryhoudini

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

I've talked about this for a while. I have not come up with a slimline, cheaper solution yet but I am offering up my current solution. It's a bit pricey because it involves a few separate components which should be eventually combined in to a single PCB but I am not sure the demand is there yet. This is specific to JJP games at this time because I haven't made other harnesses yet. If you want it for other games I can sell without a harness and give instructions on what needs to be hooked up.

Are you sick of hearing the loud "POP" when you turn on your JJP games? It's not damaging but it sure is annoying.

What if there was a simple plug and play option to get rid of that popping sound all together? In fact, any whining or other noise from the speakers on startup can be dialed away with this handy device.

Installation is really easy. Simply remove the backglass, unplug and re-plug a few connectors and you are ready to go. Digital readout of the settings on the device tell you how it is performing and lets you configure delay parameters to set the mute timeout for any amount that fits your game's needs.

Right now this device is only plug and play for JJP games as we investigate and make harnesses for other manufacturers.

*Note this will not solve any sort of audio issues during game play. If you have whining, buzzing or other issues you may want to look in to a change out of your ground loop isolator. This are installed from the factory at JJP but seem to be inferior or otherwise not always protect from that DC whine/feedback. A search on Amazon for these will return a top result which has proven to help with whining issues on other games.


#2 5 years ago

Here's what the startup sounds like (whine/whistle/pop), turn up the volume

With the eliminator installed. The slight click is the relay closing, it does not come over the speakers and can be set to happen at any time during the boot (so it could coincide with the loading being complete and the screen showing).

#3 5 years ago

I like the juxtaposition of "annoying popping noise"..."turn up the volume to hear it"

#4 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I like the juxtaposition of "annoying popping noise"..."turn up the volume to hear it"

Heh, it doesn't work on mute!

1 month later
#5 4 years ago

I'm surprised really that this product sold, I figured I was the only really, really anal one.

I have to write a quick anecdote. No one in our family is in to pinball except my wife. Everyone was over looking at mods yesterday and they wanted to know what the pop eliminator did. I told them, but obviously had to demonstrate. First time I turn the game on.. wait... wait... POP! And they all sort of nodded their heads, they heard the pop, lol. Turn game off, put in the device, turn it on... wait..... wait...... ... ... wait...... game on. They all started looking around and smiling at each other. Pretty hilarious given what this thing does and how it has almost zero basis for game play, but I tell you what.. I am way more happy starting a game not having just heard that damn pop.

That being said, while it doesn't really need an install video, here's one anyhow. I'll post this along with some written instructions to the website soon. They're all getting shipped out, I just finished putting them together. Obviously if you have other stuff on order we'll try to group them up.

#6 4 years ago

HA, can't believe I didn't update this thread but yeah, it's slimline now It's a single device which slides right in the backbox and plugs in with about 5 minutes of getting in to the backbox. Fully configurable for each game if needed, comes programmed for most common startup times. Set it and forget it

#8 4 years ago

Here's a video on programming the device, if you need to. It's set already when you receive it, but just in case.

#9 4 years ago
6 months later
#10 4 years ago

One of the best mods you never see! Easy to install and instant improvement!

#12 4 years ago

I’m a member of the pop eliminator club. Love it so much I pulled from my last JJP Pin sale to put in my next for fear Houdini would stop making them. JJP should be buying this mod for all their games.

#13 4 years ago

Fyi we're working on a generic version for all modern games and both turn on and off pops.

Thanks guys!

My wife shakes her head at me each time I turn on a game and it pops. I keep removing them from our games to test stuff.


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