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Jersey Jack now accepting pre-orders for The Wizard of Oz!

By gweempose

10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago

I just put down a $250 deposit on one. Yes, it might be a little impulsive to pre-order something this expensive without even seeing a single photo, but I really feel compelled to support this new company. I have long hoped that someone would step forward and offer some real competition to Stern. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a great new line of pins, and I will be proud to say that I was one of the first to hop on board.

According to an email that Jack sent me today, the game will cost around $7,200. The people who pre-order it will save $700, bringing the cost down to $6,500. For those who are on the fence, it is my understanding that the deposit is fully refundable if you change your mind. I think Jack is simply trying to gauge how much demand there will be for this first machine. The email also stated that a wealth of information about the game will be made public within the next 45 days. I'm assuming at that point, the people who still want one will have to plunk down a bunch of extra cash.

This is a very exciting time for all of us. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this new endeavor is a success.


#2 10 years ago

Wish I had the space and money to buy one, even just from a collector standpoint. My wife would kick me in the nuts if I asked to buy one now though.

#3 10 years ago

That would be so cool. Do we know what the production run is going to be?

#4 10 years ago

Good for you Gweempose!!

#5 10 years ago

I also put money down. I have no idea if I'll actually want the machine once all the details are released, but I'm definitely interested. So I figured I may as well get on the list. Sure is a lot of money though.

#6 10 years ago

I just did as well from my phone as I am traveling. I am also compelled for some reason.

#7 10 years ago

Does anyone know who the designer is?

#8 10 years ago

Joe balcer

#10 10 years ago

Am I the only one that is skeptical on this whole Jersey Jack company? Gweempose - don't get me wrong I'm happy for you and I hope it ends up being a great purchase. I admire your boldness

I guess I have grown to like Stern and their games. I really don't think Gary WANTS to make games that may not have a bunch of toys like TZ - but that is what the market demands and that is how we still have a pinball company. In fact I like Stern games for the most part - SM is my favorite game. This will be interesting for sure.

#11 10 years ago

Gweempose, I get first dibs playing it at your house!

#12 10 years ago

I agree that SM is amazing. I am happy to have purchased it. However, you cannot look at Avatar for instance and not notice the bare playfield. Jack already runs an amazing company that builds games so I think he is on it. I cannot imagine what a license for WOO cost? I hope it rocks. So much could be done with that theme.

#13 10 years ago

It may not need a license...isn't it public domain after so many years?

#14 10 years ago

The books are public domain, the movie isn't. From everything we've seen so far, the pin is based on the movie.

#15 10 years ago

oh ok..yeah thats where I heard that from (my wife reads more than I play pinball which is alot)

#16 10 years ago

In The podcast I thought Jack stated that he had purchased the rights. His company also just released specs on a WOO ticket winner game. I guess it was a hit at a recent show.

#17 10 years ago

Oops. link already posted.

#18 10 years ago

Got mine in too First NIB

"We're off to see the wizard .... "

#19 10 years ago

Excited about this Too!
I will wait to see more info on this and see if I am
going to make any money this year. LOL
In a E-mail from Jack,He said it would have an LCD screen!
WOW, its about time pinball got updated.
Good luck to all you guys on your pre orders.

#20 10 years ago

It seems some of you got emails with a little more info. Mine was simply a thanks and more to come type email.

#21 10 years ago

Coaster, I asked Jack about The LCD screen and He told me Yes it would have one.

#22 10 years ago

We're in! I hope there are flying monkeys.

#23 10 years ago

Originally posted by coasterguy:

"It seems some of you got emails with a little more info. Mine was simply a thanks and more to come type email ..."

The first email Jack sent me was in direct response to one of my posts on RGP. After I put down the deposit, I received another email which was probably the same one you got. I think it's nice that he's taking the time to send each person a personalized thank you. I know it's not a lot, but it made me feel appreciated as a customer.

#24 10 years ago

I am absolutely excited. I have room for one more which I have stated before. I could part with one of my current pins should I ever need. I am still excited to see what TRON is about this spring too but JJ seems to be trying something different here and I am excited. I hope he uses LEDS from the start. I would love to get a NIB that needs NOTHING at all. A game designed with LEDS in mind would be even better than a LED conversion.

#25 10 years ago

Curses!!! Foiled again!!!

I was hoping to be one of the FIRST to purchase a Wizard of Oz LE. I had emailed Jack a long time ago asking him to let me know when I could be one of the very first to sign up. And then I see all you folks on here who have ALREADY beaten me to the punch!!! Well . . . I'll get you and your little dogs TOO!!!

I may have to go see the Wizard about this injustice! I'll bet that Wicked Witch of the West did this to me . . .

Anyway, I'm going to try and contact Jack again.

Brokedad . . . I'm glad to see you are finally getting to buy a NIB!!! KUDOS!!! I'm a 'Broke Father' too. Know the feeling . . .

And Sealclubber . . . I'm going to miss you most of all . . . oops . . . gotta stop talkin' the movie crap. I had to laugh when you said your wife would kick you in the nuts for trying to buy one of these. As I have told you before, my wife thinks I AM NUTS for loving pins!!! But hey . . . I bought me a nice refurbished TZ this afternoon and it comes in this Friday, and she will be furious. I get a kicking in the nuts for that! Then, when she finds out I'm making a deposit on this new WOO, I will get another kick. But . . . our nuts will stop hurting and we will have our PINS!!!

Thanks for all who made comments on here. Seriously, I was a little hesitant (thokennedy) to put out such a large amount of money for one of these. But when I saw all you people jumping on the balloon . . . er . . . band wagon . . . I just had to leap into this with all the excitement of a bunch of drunk flying monkeys!

I have almost a year to worry about how to pay for it and to try and avoid a divorce. I hope my wife doesn't leave me, take me to the cleaners for doing this without her permission, and I don't end up sleeping on a park bench moaning in the shivering night: "There's no place like home . . . there's no place like home . . . there's not place . . . .

#26 10 years ago

Luckily my wife likes to play them. We were downstairs putting some time on the BF. It might be gone tomorrow night. But that was the deal. SM for BF. I can't wait for the masked menace to stick it to me.

#27 10 years ago

While I'm excited about this and I've put down a deposit, I also have my concerns. I hope they don't go overboard with the "cute" factor and make the game cheesy and annoying. I don't want to listen to a constant background loop of Munchkins singing, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road." The reason I mention this is I watched the video of the Wizard of Oz pusher that Jack's company is selling:

I know that the pin will be made for a different market, so my concerns may not be valid. I'm not trying to be a stick in the mud, I'm just voicing my concerns at this point. And this is coming from a KS boy.

#28 10 years ago

I agree stangbat. I hope it is not tooooo "Cute" and a little more on the grown up side. Tornado, Monkeys, witch, emerald city. It could be cool.

#29 10 years ago

"I hope my wife doesn't leave me, take me to the cleaners for doing this without her permission, and I don't end up sleeping on a park bench ..."

Just make sure there is an electrical outlet close to the bench, and you'll be all set. I'd also recommend investing in a high quality tarp to protect your pins from the weather.

#30 10 years ago

I guess I am alone then But after seeing everyone pumped about it I'm getting more interested...

#31 10 years ago

One of the great things Jack said is that he is going to make this open source. I plan on having a ton of fun writing variations of the rules and gameplay to use on mine. I'm thinking Dorothy "money shot" .. hehehehe

#32 10 years ago

Originally posted by coasterguy:

"I hope he uses LEDS from the start ..."

I agree. At this point, it would almost seem counterintuitive to come out with a brand new, supposedly state-of-the-art line of pins and NOT use LEDs. I've been saying for a long time that I'm shocked that Stern still uses incandescent bulbs. Yes, converting an older pin to LEDs can often lead to mixed results, but I don't think this would be an issue at all if the machine was designed with LEDs in mind from its very inception.

#33 10 years ago

"The JJP platform will use open source code to allow players to program their own rules"

As BrokeDad mentioned this also, this is really good news to me. When the game gets too easy or boring, Voila a whole new set of rules!. And if they do it right you could just load rulesets that are stored on a USB thumb drive. Also can you imagine, trading rulesets with different folks or having folks post there rulesets here for downloading?

This open source feature alone gives the game a ton of flexibility. 7Gs is a lot of cash but I'm now tempted to throw down the deposit and go from there.

#34 10 years ago

I'm sure it will have flash rom for the gameplay and ruleset. It will make it so all of us pinheads can share and post our own variations. He's thinking ahead of the home market and us as well as the commercial market.

#35 10 years ago

Hey didn't I post something the middle of last year saying that for Stern to stay relivant with modern Tech. They should design pins that are capable of USB connections to change rules, hook directly to company servers for real time tournaments and service/software updates.

If thats what they are going to do with the Wizard of Oz they stole my Idea. LOL, where's my cut?

Sounds like it should be an awesome machine, I can't wait to see some early prototype pics.

#36 10 years ago

I did it!!! At 4 a.m. this morning, I received an email from Jack. By 7 a.m. I had made my deposit for the Wizard of Oz Emerald City LE pin!!! Mine will be #149.

Whew! I'm pumped!!! I've got to work really hard for the next year to pay for this thing. I fell for the hype and I have a lot of hope that this new pin will indeed be VERY different and LOADED with goodies. Jack told me that they will be using Bally/Williams parts. That is amazing . . . after all these years these parts are still being sought after . . . . being used in a new generation of pins!? I guess what is under the PF doesn't matter so much as what is on TOP and what is in the computer guts! THAT is where the new technology should show up. He said the pin will have LCD.

What say we keep this thread going and everyone post their pin number as each person signs up. That way we might be able to track the progress and continue to feel the excitement. We are all either set to be a major participant in pinball history . . . or . . . we could be 'taken' and just get a new variation on a Stern product! It's a gamble, but some of us have gone on and put our chips down.

Here is a suggestion to those who cannot afford to shake out the $6,500 in one lump sum. There are a TON of credit cards out there now at 0% interest for 15 months. You want one of these pins but can't figure out how to come up with the money or get a loan? Then pay for a pin with one of these credit cards and take the 15 months to pay it off without incurring massive interest charges . . . plus, it will be much easier on you. Just a thought.

Here's hoping that Jack and company makes a FANTASTIC pin that turns heads all over the pinball world.

#37 10 years ago

Has anyone heard how the payment will work? I would hope we are not expected to pay for it in full this early on.

#38 10 years ago

It's in the first post of this thread.

#39 10 years ago

Hey guys. Was talking with Jack today and I posed several questions about how a purchase and payment is to be made for the new Wizard of Oz Emerald City Limited Edition.

He told me: So that nobody misses out on this game at the Pre-Order price, the $250 refundable deposits must be converted to real orders within 60 days. Before that time, many more details about the game will be made known.

On March 1, 2011, Pre-Order customers can convert to be Special Order customers and be guaranteed a game for an additional payment of $1500. Full payment will not be required on 3/1/11.

I know a lot of people have been wondering about this. I hope this helps!!! I think it is encouraging, and that means a lot more people will be able to afford to jump in and say: "We're off to see the Wizard . . .

#40 10 years ago

So 250.00 + 1500.00 = 1750.00 due on 3/1/11 for a machine that could be ready by 12/2011 from a company that has never manufactured a pinball machine? That’s a lot of money up front.

Don’t get me wrong Jack is a very nice person but he will be investing millions of dollars to kick this off – including the money of those that front the 1750.00...

#41 10 years ago

I have no problem putting down the extra $1500 on March 1st ... Jack has been in this business a LONG time and will not be one to run off with peoples money or declare bankruptcy or something.

#42 10 years ago

I'm looking forward to the first photos of the PF & BG

2 months later
#43 10 years ago

No photos or video progress so far via youtube channel or facebook page...
It is not a lot to ask to document the whole journey for current and prospective clients.
I Don't Know

#44 10 years ago

I was told this weekend we should get more info.

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