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6 years ago


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#1 6 years ago

Here's a shocker: after installing the deadworld mod on my JD, I started having problems during multiball! Imagine!

So, after multiball starts, the game takes the balls off the deadworld ring with no problem. However, what is happening is that while there are still 2 balls in play (some balls drain), the game thinks that multiball is over. Any ideas?

#2 6 years ago

Game must not be detecting all the balls,Do you have 6 balls in the game?
Put the game in switch test and test the ball through opto board,There's 6 optos on this board and slide a business card in between those optos and see if they all register on the screen.

#3 6 years ago

Check the function of the opto that the crane drops the balls through when unloading. If it's not counting the balls correctly, that could confuse the programming.


#4 6 years ago

Thanks. One thing I plan to do is replace the crane opto board (I bought another one when I got the mod). Maybe that will do it.

#5 6 years ago

The deadworld mod gave me so many problems I just took it off.

#6 6 years ago

The Deadworld mod DOES NOT cause the problems! It just is way more sensitive to problems that already existed. You have an opto problem either on the crane drop (or the crane isn't dropping it correctly), or in the trough. Very, very common problem on Judge Dredd (and other games of that era) and you can find many posts addressing fixing them with a quick search here or on RGP.

The cliff-notes (no pun intended there Cliffy!) version is clean all optos (alcohol on a q-tip works nicely), make sure optos all work, make sure crane drops ball consistantly through the drop optos, make sure your trough doesn't have divots (or even magnatization issues!) that can cause the balls to hang up, etc.

Since your game thinks you are only playing one ball when infact you have two on the playfield during/after multiball, that seems to be a clue that it's a trough issue. The game thinks one more ball is down there than there really is. I would start with the opto in the second to last position to the outhole (and the last one for good measure) and make sure it isn't blocked/dirty. If it were a ball drop off the crane issue, chances are your multiball would never end, instead of ending early. Of course anything can happen when you are chasing opto ghosts!

Best of luck! The mod is well worth the hassle it can take to get your machine up to speed. There is no cooler ball lock in my opinion!


#7 6 years ago

Thanks Chris, I'll give that a shot.

#8 6 years ago
Quoted from DrStarkweather:

The deadworld mod gave me so many problems I just took it off.

Same here. I replaced my trough entirely and the dead world drop optos. Everything was perfect in SW test mode. But the game got confused after the first multiball and didn't recover until a power cycle. Pulling the dead world mod did solve the issue.

#9 6 years ago

Got it working!

Here's the solution to those who gave up:

A buddy of mine replaced the opto board for the Deadworld. Now, in and of itself, this did not fix the problem, so it's probably not needed in most cases. The real problem with the game was that the spinning shutter underneath the playfield that disrupts the optos was not down far enough. So, the signal wasn't being closed correctly. We lowered the shutter closer to the optos and guess what, it works now like it's supposed to!

#10 6 years ago

Woohoo! Congrats...it's a great feeling when you finally figure out a nagging issue, isn't it! Now enjoy that fully functional game of yours!

10 Years for opto disruption!

#11 6 years ago

hmm I would have guessed one of the balls was not being dropped through the crane opto, and falling off before. This is very common, and exposed once the mod is installed. It's hard to notice, as your eyes are every where else except the crane in MB. I had this problem as well.

#12 6 years ago

Atomicboy, I think what you described was the case, but the origin of the crane not dropping the ball correctly was because the shutter underneath the playfield was not down far enough.

#13 6 years ago

JD is a pain in the ise-hole to maintain. There have been times where I was -><- this close to putting it up for sale because of the nit-picky BS is needs.

#14 6 years ago

I'm glad to her you have good friend with some mad skills. To bad that his skills are not playing the game.

#15 6 years ago

I have a couple of sort-of-related questions about this JD I just picked up.

1) I get errors for switches 28 and 32, which after doing a little research I realized were never installed in the game, so I'm thinking this is a software issue. It is currently running the L-4 ROM. I plan on installing the Deadworld mod eventually, so will the new ROM that comes with it take care of these switch errors or do I need to do something else?

2) My crane magnet is very weak and won't pick up a ball. I have ruled out alignment issues, so I'm thinking maybe the coil is bad. I get 71 ohms across it from the connector. Can someone else measure theirs and tell me what you get? Obviously the Deadworld mod won't work if the crane isn't working, so I want to get this fixed before I order it.


#16 6 years ago
Quoted from DrStarkweather:

The deadworld mod gave me so many problems I just took it off.

The Deadworld mod is the most overrated mod in all of pinball if you ask me. You can only use it with special home roms, which cripple the machine's ability to accept coins. I'm not a fan of ROM "upgrades" which take away game features. And the end result is no real change in gameplay. If anything, it's more challenging without the Deadworld mod.

IMO, JD with the Deadworld mod reduces the game's value.

#17 6 years ago

I respect your opinion. My only question is how does the coin acceptor feature add to the entertainment value versus having a fully operational playfield lock/toy? To me, seems a waste to have a big toy that does next to nothing (with the virtual lock).

#18 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

And the end result is no real change in gameplay.

It does in fact change the gameplay. Without the mod, multiball is just a flail fest as all 6 balls are released at once. With the mod added, it takes time for the balls to be released from the planet. Therefore, you actually have time to line up your shots and it's much less of a flail fest. Also, having the ball put back into the shooter lane after it is locked, changes the game as well (albeit not drastically).

#19 6 years ago

Most overrated mod in all of pinball? At least it does something other than block your view, unlike the myriad of useless junk that people like to cover their TZ's with. At 60 bucks it's a bargain over $200 Hallmark toys too.

Now can anyone help me with my questions?

#20 6 years ago

My only issue is with the rules - since it drops them on the top left flipper that should be a super jackpot shot to do the loop as they come off the dead world - other then that the mod makes the game a lot better. Its not like adding gumballs to the gumball machine - this changes the game.

#21 6 years ago
Quoted from fusion301:

My only issue is with the rules - since it drops them on the top left flipper that should be a super jackpot shot to do the loop as they come off the dead world

Agreed, that would be awesome. JD has a great design, but some weak rules.

#22 6 years ago

I've checked my crane and top ramp divertor optos to the DW and appear to be registering fine during the game and switch test. Occasionally I might get a credit dot or jam in the ball trough but plan on ordering the pinbit jam protector anyways. I've never played a JD with the DW mod and would think it adds to the game based on youtube videos I see you can actual take the time to aim some of your shots between each ball release from the crane. At least this is a mod that is easily reversible if you decide it doesn't float your boat.

I have given away all my coin cartridges on most of my games since they are set to FREE PLAY anyways. I also have home roms on my other games like White Water and it made the game more enjoyable with an actual ball save

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