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Haggis Pinball - 2nd game = Fathom + Fathom 2.0 confirmed

By FalconPunch

6 months ago

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#708 5 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

It’s a bit weird that us Australians are actually paying a premium for the game since the US customers have freight to the US thrown in. Guess they wanted to be competitive in the US and so are effectively offering a discount.

Our freight is included too. I think sending a container load of pins to a single destination in the US may very well work out cheaper than shipping the same amount of pins individually across oz.

#710 5 months ago

Big arse Bill will be busy!

#729 5 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Haggis’ next title reveal should not be for quite a long time. There is a whole lotta work to be done until all merman editions are built and delivered. How the challenges are met and resolved will reveal Haggis’ attention to detail and the quality of their pins. This is not a simple job of reproducing a product with off the shelf parts. Many parts are not there, drawings for them are missing and fixtures needed to produce them are non existent. Add in the computer and new rules and coordination and change the the electronics. This is a HUGE endeavor and it is based on Haggis’ simultaneously ramping up production capabilities, well above what they have done. I am anxiously watching and awaiting Fathom Revisited.

A huge endeavour it is. And if Damain pulls it off he may well become one of the most loved men in pinball. Considering the incredible response he has had to it... Failure is not an option. He has to get it done... for himself, pinball & Australia. And if he struggles... I will be on the bus full of Aussies that will go to Melbourne & help him assemble them free of charge if he get's desperate. That's how important it will be.

3 weeks later
#1151 4 months ago

Melbourne now in 1 week Covid lockdown. Lets hope they locked the Haggis boys in the factory.

#1155 4 months ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

Am I missing something? Australia had like 10 cases of covid yesterday WTF are you in lock down?

That's why we have minimal cases & have had a low mortality rate compared to other countries. As soon as there is an outbreak the governments move to contain the spread before it gets out of control. Short, sharp restrictive measures means our lives are basically normal most of the time & we are enjoying very few restrictions overall at the moment. Only Melbourne is in lockdown.

#1160 4 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

They should get out of cold Melbourne and bring their factory to the north coast of NSW. I could have moved my business anywhere in Australia i wanted 4 years ago, not sorry i chose here.

Mid & North coast NSW..... God's Country! I have no desire to live anywhere else.

And you know what the best thing is? There are people that will deliver pinballs here we don't need to go anywhere else.

#1175 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

On recent podcasts, I’ve heard Ryan C, Martin Robbins, and other notable Australians joke about the history of Australia as a prison colony, so I suppose going on lockdown is just in your genes and doesn’t phase anyone.

There were a lot of escapes though.

#1177 4 months ago

I chose #200 originally but didn't get it. He offered a couple of other numbers & I ended up with #40. For the 40th anniversary of Fathom.

#1180 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinballer73:

Nice! I managed to score the same number to match my Celts. Looking forward to Haggis bringing the classic Bally's back. Bring on Centaur, Eight Ball Deluxe and Medusa!

He actually offered to change my Celts (#16) to #40 to match Fathom but i was quite happy to leave it as is.

#1188 4 months ago

I chose 69 for my birth year but it was already taken. Apparently 200+ others also must of had that as their birth year as well.</blockquote

I don't think they wanted it cause they were born in 69. lol

#1200 4 months ago
Quoted from chalkup8:

Don’t be Gilligan . All chrome bumper cars rock.

"If it ain't chrome it ain't comin home"

#1204 4 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Sorry, the standard are brushed stainless and the mermaids are mirrored. My mistake was thinking standard was chrome.

Great! it will match the chrome bumpers in the garage then.

1 week later
#1256 4 months ago
Quoted from gold1:

Just want mine (number 28) shipped to Geelong

If I lived in Geelong I would happily drive to Melbourne to pick my machine up.
lol I'm thinking about driving from Taree to pick it up in my Brumby.

#1259 4 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Then you don't get to have a chat to Bill though.

Probably run into him at the factory.

#1260 4 months ago
Quoted from gold1:

I have a Proton Jumbuck that would do the job.</blockquotEither of them comfortable

Then you don't get to have a chat to Bill though.

Either will comfortable fit 1 pin in the back. Stops us from buying too many.

1 week later
#1279 3 months ago

I have spent the last few days in Melbourne & yesterday afternoon I had the good fortune to visit Haggis Pinball at the new factory. Damian & Martin happily welcomed my son in law & I & showed us around. I was impressed with what they have achieved a month after moving in & with the manufacturing equipment Damian has accumulated it is easy to see that with his commitment & obvious passion he is here to stay.
I ordered a Celts last year & a Fathom recently so I am in for 2 machines that I had never seen, from a new manufacturer setting up a new factory.... am I crazy! I have followed blind faith & a gut feeling & after my visit yesterday all I can say is I am very happy! I had a close looked at the Celts being assembled & quite simply I thought they were better than what I was expecting. I have a good eye for detail having done my own restos, swapped playfields, done cabinet decals etc and I thought these are really well made. Every bit as well built as my AP Hotwheels, probably better. So much of it is made in house. Damian makes many of the brackets etc under the playfield, the plastics, even the plastic inserts in the playfield etc. I really like the hybrid playfield, I like the cabinet construction etc. I couldn't find anything I didn't like. And of course, I looked at the Fathom prototype and I loved it! I have reached a whole new level of excitement now & can't wait to get Celts when it's finished in the next month or 2. When I first put a deposit on it I thought I would get one & if I didn't like it I would flip it but after looking at it yesterday I'm sure it will be coming home to stay. After I will anxiously awaiting my own beautiful Fathom.

20210624_172140 (resized).jpg20210624_172244 (resized).jpg20210624_173659 (resized).jpg20210624_173712 (resized).jpg20210624_173721 (resized).jpg20210624_173748 (resized).jpg20210624_173903 (resized).jpg20210624_173912 (resized).jpg20210624_173943 (resized).jpg
#1285 3 months ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

Sounds like no way they will start Fathom production in July from what has been posted.

I believe they will start some part of Manufacturing of Fathom in July. Whether it be mechs, C&C playfields, cabinet parts whatever. The factory to me is about half way being ready but work is going on regardless. All I can say is.. what an effort in 1 month!

#1286 3 months ago
Quoted from Boof-Ed:

I’m happy to wait an extra month or two as a few purchases lately have been quite expensive.

So am I. I would rather wait a little longer to get a machine I am really happy with. I don't think Damian will let anything leave there unless he is happy with it also.

#1287 3 months ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

I too have a feel good for Damian and co. they all seem like stand up people and want to share the stoke.
Wish there was more videos and/ or correspondence on progress. But considering Vic is in Corona lockdown still, I am happy to see they are still kicking goals.

Yes. Real nice guys passionate about what they are doing.

Expect a new video in the near future.

#1289 3 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

One might speculate the two projects will overlap...
Celts could still be in the assembly and finishing stages... while Fathom is in the sub-assembly and parts manufacturing stages. Etc.. So fathom 'starting' may be before celts 'finishes'

I think your spot on with that assessment from what I have seen.

#1302 3 months ago
Quoted from John_I:

Fathom is the game at the top of my classic Bally list. I can order a Mando Premium for cheaper or maybe a Godzilla, so there is that consideration too.

I have seen this game in the flesh. It is built better than a Mando. For me it was "love at 1st sight" & I have no regrets committing to it & I am more a dmd era man. You would have to spend a shitload of money on an original to get it anywhere near this machine.

#1312 3 months ago


Quoted from cooked71:

That’s the best update I think we’ve had. Very concrete and gives me a huge amount of confidence in this. Bally’s classics are in good hands.

Well I was there Thursday afternoon. What Damian said in the video is spot on with my observations. I walk away feeling the same way.

#1323 3 months ago
Quoted from DakotaMike:

Well, I mean they've got 20 Celts cabs to still build over the next couple weeks, and then they're starting on the Fathom cabs. So that seems like good progress. I assume then we'll start to see some pics of Fathom production, which will be great to see!

I seen the other celts cabs he mentions in the various states of construction. There were about 10 in the spray booth. But an enormous amount of work has gone on just setting up the factory to this point. I would love to see it again when it's finished. The main point of my visit was to see. in the flesh. the machines I have committed 20 thousand bucks to. I left very happy with what I seen there & I know that they will be built within a reasonable time frame,

#1324 3 months ago

I have a few photos of Fathom too. But they are soft porn strickly for personal use only.

#1330 3 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

I'd say he's been politely asked not to.

You are absolutely right about that. Promised I wouldn't put any Fathom photos up.

#1331 3 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

You should make the run up the coast one Sunday for comp here mate. It's only 2.5 hours.

That sounds like a great idea.

#1333 3 months ago
Quoted from Ty-Arnold:

Wow. It seems like this company keeps getting better and better. I hope they are putting out more games soon. I am very interested.

Well if our man in Melbourne has his way....

Quoted from punkin:

Give me a PM or connect through the book when you are ready and i'll give you the addy. There's a spare flat with bathroom here too if you want to have a few beers and crash the night.

Thanks for the invite. I do have a mate down this way that would be keen too.

#1336 3 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Here's a link to the real-estate listing of Haggis's new building complete with pictures. It's from before they recently moved in but I always find stuff like this interesting. It kinda helps visualize the surroundings when watching Damian's video updates.

It certainly wouldn't be "cheap" this building. Whilst it's about 45 minutes drive south east from the heart of Melbourne it's located in a large modern industrial estate with many other quality businesses around. He will need to keep the machines moving out the door to keep the rent paid.

2 weeks later
#1410 3 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:That’s because we don’t oversize our clothing like you Americans do. All your stuff is at least 1 size larger than ours.

Including your Big Macs & Whoppers

1 week later
#1437 89 days ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

My daughter has been binge watching this Australian show for some time now. Must be some kind of connection with Australia and Mermaids.
[quoted image]

We do a a couple of miles of nice beaches available to them to congregate.

#1477 83 days ago
Quoted from roar:

M if I can get an original EBD for $2,800 or a Haggis version for $9,000, that would have to be some pretty fancy 2.0 code to make me want to take that plunge.

$2,800 would buy you a project in Oz with a long way to go to & a lot of $$$ to make it "like new" & so darn many of them are just projects or very tired. I'm sure if a brand new one was on offer many punters would be tempted.

#1480 82 days ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

What is anyone's best guess right now... are we talking 3 to 6 months until games start shipping or by next spring? Just curious.

Personally, I would be surprised if they ship in 3 months. Delays are just the norm in pinball production these days.

#1490 81 days ago
Quoted from Our_Man_in_Oz:That's like the definition of what's annoying me right now in Aus, even 80's stuff going for stupid money compared to US. Trying to help my mate buy his first pin and he's wanting something like his 80's('79) fav Stellar Wars, but even those old things are overpriced.

Maybe he should forget about pinball & buy a Torana instead.

#1502 79 days ago

Our American mates are just sitting back now & going what??? What are we talking about now?? I thought this thread was about Fathom? Now we are are talking about shipping. Argh wait I get it. They both involve the ocean. Doh

#1550 75 days ago
Quoted from gprotein:

We need an update in this thread. Lockdown or not, just a face to face video to let us know how far behind the schedule is

Quoted from Mr68:

I'd be understanding with a bad update as long as its honest and realistic. But no update is troubling.

Quoted from Mr68:

I have and my last two emails have been ignored. Last one sent on 06/14/21.
Please don't tell me to patient as I think nearly two months for an email response is plenty of time.


Your granddad would have told you when he was fighting in the trenches..... "put your faith in an Aussie"

#1551 75 days ago

We can all see there has been plenty of cash spent on the factory. Yours & mine. I doubt that the entire sum of all the deposits he has taken would cover what he has spent? I have been there & I am happy with what I see. Exactly what you see in the video.

I have now paid in full for my Celts & a deposit on Fathom. I know my Celts will be home soon & I will be one step closer to getting my Fathom. I don't believe there is anything to worry about but I do believe there will be some delays. Its inevitable in todays world really.

#1559 74 days ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Your comment is not lost on me and it's one of the reasons I have always had a fondness for Australia.
On July 1, 2018 we celebrated your country and our 100 year alliance. And it was much more than just grandads as you will read.
"US, Australian Service Members Mark 100 Years of 'Mateship' "
FORT MYER, Va. -- Being a "mate" in Australia has a whole different connotation than in the United States.
Australians trust a mate implicitly. A mate is a person who shares the last drink of water or the last bit of food or the last beer in the six-pack.
A mate is always ready to help.
A mate shares values, and that is why the United States and Australia celebrated 100 Years of "Mateship" yesterday morning with services at the National Cathedral, followed by a special Twilight Tattoo here last night.
For the U.S. and Australian militaries, the idea of mateship reaches to a higher level. On July 4, 1918, U.S. and Australian soldiers went into combat together assaulting the German line on the Western Front. The Australian soldiers were battle-hardened. The Americans were green. For the first time in history, and one of the few instances in World War I, American troops fought under the direct command of another country. Australian and American soldiers -- from the Illinois Army National Guard's 33rd Infantry Division -- literally fought shoulder to shoulder at the Battle of Hamel. Platoons of Americans were attached to Australian companies.
At the end of the textbook combined arms effort, there were 1,062 Australian casualties and 176 American.
Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that while mateship began at Le Hamel, it grew with each conflict. "That mateship -- that partnership -- continued through World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Somalia, and -- most recently -- in Afghanistan and Iraq," he said at a reception before the Twilight Tattoo. "I know that all of us assembled … are proud of what our nations represent and the strategic significance of our relationship."
Dunford cited incidents from World War II, Vietnam and Afghanistan in which Australian soldiers worked with U.S. forces to uphold their mutual values. "That is what mateship means to me -- it is my pride in being associated with the Australian armed forces," he said. "I can speak on behalf of all Americans here in saying we are deeply proud of our bond and look forward to the next 100 years of mateship."
Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan spoke of the bond between the two nations at the memorial service earlier in the day. He said the United States and Australia built an edifice as impressive as the National Cathedral in their fight against tyranny in World War I and beyond. That edifice, he said, was in Northern France.
"Its walls were not made of stone or wood, but of flesh And blood," he said. "Its mortar was the mud of the trenches. Its foundation [was the] courage in young kids from Queens and Queensland, from Adelaide to Appalachia."
The bonds forged on the Western Front endured, and Australia and the United States stand together in an interesting and complex world, Shanahan said, adding that the relationship needs leaders who can deal with ambiguity, uncertainty and change.

Impressive! Nice that we are remembered for our efforts as much as we remember the efforts of you guys.

#1560 74 days ago
Quoted from fastpinball:

The place is looking great! When can we visit? For, you know, a business trip!
FAST Pinball

Seems like a hundred years ago you could just jump on a plane & fly to another country! I know we will be able to that again one day but until this virus is under control we're all grounded. Simple as that.

But I'm sure you would enjoy your "business trip" to Melbourne. It's a great city. All sorts of "business" you can conduct there.

Maybe you get to visit for title 3 or 4.

#1563 74 days ago
Quoted from fastpinball:

Yep. This has been shared before.
My wife has overhead my pinball conference calls with Australia, Italy, France and the U.K. and thinks it is time for a pinball business trip/world tour!
Pinball friends all over the world is a great thing!
FAST Pinball

Definitely sounds good for the marriage. It appears she has "thrown the ball in your court"

2 weeks later
#1577 60 days ago
Quoted from Engel67:

I have no problem waiting. Gives them extra time to get things perfected.
[quoted image]

As long as they don't go broke beforehand. They still have those bills to pay every week.

3 weeks later
#1595 34 days ago

Build quality is excellent. Wish the Led Zeppelin I unboxed last week was on par

20210917_164522 (resized).jpg20210917_165031 (resized).jpg20210917_165903 (resized).jpg20210918_072133 (resized).jpg
#1596 34 days ago

I'm sure I will be extremely happy with Fathom if this machine is a preview. Celts may not appeal to everyone but you cannot go past the quality. It's no MM (although it will be parked next to it at my house) But it's fun all the same.

I bought this machine for 3 reasons... The "show" pricing appeared value for money, Damian was putting a lot of effort in his YouTube videos and I wanted to support a fledgling Aussie startup. Glad I did it. He can move on to bigger & better things. Er... I mean games.

20210918_110356 (1) (resized).jpg20210918_163313 (resized).jpg20210918_164837 (resized).jpg20210918_164900 (resized).jpg20210918_170734 (resized).jpg
#1597 34 days ago

Photos do not do it justice. It's a beautiful machine. Build is 9/10

#1601 33 days ago
Quoted from dscapo:

Looks incredible! How does it shoot on the acrylic?

It seems great so far I can't seem to notice too much difference but I haven't given it a great workout yet. I have just played a few games in the garage. I have to do a little re-arranging & shift a machine to get this one in the house. Right on my limit at the moment space wise.

#1602 33 days ago
Quoted from John_I:

From what I can see the artwork looks really nice and vibrant. I love the lock bar branding and powder coat color they chose. Are those LEDs along the side wall of the cabinet?

The quality of the artwork is excellent and they are LEDs along the side.

He offers 6 different trim colours for this machine. This colour is "Stonemason"

#1603 33 days ago
Quoted from John_I:

Congratulations on your game!!!

All in all it looks nice and the best part about it is that it's a finished product in the hand of a buyer! A lot of companies never get this far and they did it despite obvious challenges in the world these days. I am really looking forward to seeing what Fathom looks and plays like!

If this machine is anything to go on Fathom will be fabulous!

1 week later
#1609 24 days ago
Quoted from Only_Pinball:

One thing is for sure, they can build CRAZY nice pinball machines down in Australia!!!!

And rebuild the old ones into "crazy nice machines"

Glad they shipped all those container loads of pins over here from Europe & other places years ago when they did. Else prices here would be totally out of control. The demand for machines here is incredible at the moment.

#1612 24 days ago
Quoted from Our_Man_in_Oz:

Yeah it's OTT here IMHO at the moment in the market. Seriously can't see it being sustained in our tiny market when all the randoms coming in wanting a pinball to break their lockdown boredom start wanting to travel again and spend what's left of their spare cash (especially all those affected by lockdown business crisis'). .

Definitely some "new players" will come & go. But I guarantee some of these people who are currently buying their 1st machines etc are going to get the bug. Just like you & I & most of the people on this forum did. To what level that will be is how much space they have, how much cash & how much enthusiasm.

#1613 23 days ago
Quoted from jellikit:

I want to jump into this thread to thank Damian and Haggis Pinball for a donation of two Clan Haggis membership packages to Project Pinball for our silent charity auction at Pinball Expo this year. It is very much appreciated coming from our friends down under. Thanks again!
[quoted image]

He's a good man that Damain.

#1615 23 days ago

Well we will just have to see what happens with prices when things are somewhat normal again.

2 weeks later
#1633 9 days ago

Great honest update on what's going on. Looks like we will be waiting a little longer for our Fathoms. I have my Celts (#16) & I am extremely happy with the build. If I have to wait a bit longer for Fathom & it's built as good as Celts... Which I believe it will be, I will be extremely happy.

#1655 6 days ago
Quoted from dscapo:

Of course the lockdown is understandable. I was surprised more-so at the preparedness to make a Fathom. I assumed everything had already been designed and working.

Manufacturers often change or improve a design while building a machine. We have seen that countless times in pinball.

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