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Haggis Pinball - 2nd game = Fathom + Fathom 2.0 confirmed

By FalconPunch

6 months ago

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#321 5 months ago

Was so stoked to see the boys get this license. For once an Aussie company doing something really cool, aside from the first original IP title. Literally the one classic pin I've nearly bought a bunch of times now. The idea of nothing more than interstate freight from the factory is so novel!! Now I know what all the US members take for granted lol (well from the distrib of course).

1 week later
#767 5 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

I really want to go in on one but the price is just hard to deal with for an 80s pin. I do think they have it priced right though given the current market and the cost of wood and various parts shortages that is becoming the norm today.

The whole, but it's an 80's pin argument just doesn't gel with me given the reality that we are remaking an 80's design pin today, at today's manufacturing costs (in Australia not America or anywhere else). Yes a modern designed, 80's style pin like TNA cost $US6000 in 2017 by Spooky, but that is now 4 years ago and I'm quite sure Haggis' production costs here in Aus are significantly higher all round than Spooky's were then and probably still nowadays. The other salient point with Fathom is, seriously go out and try to buy a fully restored Fathom (with say a CPR playfield etc) for less than $US6.5-7.5K as it is. It's not massive overs for a brand new version with all new modern tech in it.

1 week later
#930 5 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Thanks for the explanation. I understand now. LCL may be an option?
I use LCL from China a lot. It's not as cheap as a full container, but it's much cheaper than air freight.
I use Stockwell's here for all my imports and exports, they are pinball people and a family owned business.

I use PCFS.com.au .They're top guys and have looked after my pinball imports from the US. Handled my TWD premium import a little while back brilliant, very quick for Sea, fast clearance, and excellent rates. Used to use Shipporter but their rates can't compete.

#980 5 months ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

Having owned AFMRLE, MMRLE and MBRLE and owned fully restored originals, give me a remake any day.
I prefer them and I’m like you and hoping for this to be better/different. It’s a good thing but just my personal opinion. I know there are always going to be the purists. The beauty of these new remakes is that there is room for both in the hobby. I think CGC proved that. Good luck to Damian and Haggis with this and future endeavours.

My thought as well having also owned those three originals and two remakes being MMR and AFMRLE. I had a NIB AFM back in the day too and very mint MB. My MM had a perfect pf buy few small niggles on the cabinet. I had zero hesitation sending it to be sold and replacing it with MMR.

#1012 5 months ago
Quoted from Chambo:

I’m just jumping in here because I’m an Aussie too
Congrats to all buyers. Personally, I’m torn - and short of cash after LZ and GNR

Another reason I'm now happy to have skipped both those two Rock themed pins. Mermaid and now Mando (possibly LE).

#1059 5 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Pop out Stern rather than GnR?
[quoted image]

Yeah no Rock theme pins for me(regardless of amazing gameplay, design, features etc etc) with the single exception I'll import a BIBLE one of these days.

#1087 5 months ago

Congrats Haggis!! You guys nailed it!

And for those Americans who don't realise we have two major Football codes in Aus . Oh and the other guys got rid of those stupid umpire outfits like nearly 2 decades ago .
one-referee-nrl (resized).jpg

#1090 5 months ago

I said major....calling soccer a major football code here is like calling it major in the US

#1092 5 months ago
Quoted from ausretrogamer:

It’s the real football, as the rest of the world calls it.

Yeah Except us and the USA. Happy to be in that camp lol.

#1095 5 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

We have 4 major, soccer (or football as it's properly called), Aussie rules, Rugby League and Rugby Union. That's before you get into gridiron (sorry yanks) and International Rules Football (mix of aussie rules and Gaelic football) and other minor football codes.
Pretty sure our biggest team sport across the country would still be netball though.

We have 2 dominant codes which soak up followers, AFL and NRL. Just look at the viewership stats across all platforms.. Talking about the other codes down from there after Soccer and Union is like talking about the alt codes in the US ie Soccer, Union, and way down the line but operating (like gridiron here) Rugby League.

#1100 5 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

I'm not going to argue with you if you mistakenly think there are only two major leagues in Aus.
Think and say what ever you wish, it's no skin off my nose.
You posted while i was posting Dave. Where the fuck is fishing in that list. It was always #1 when i was a kid.

If you think those other two are 'Majors' in audience than go right ahead, I think the measurements would disagree but what do I know hey, I'm just the bloke who tried to help you when bought my Houdini had all those issues all of sudden with it .

Quoted from rotordave:

Almost twice as many people play “soccer” in Aussie as League, AFL and rugby put together.
It’s the same here.
Basketball is the biggest growing sport there and here. All the kids are playing it.
rd[quoted image]

LMFAO How did I know I was also going to have to state that I was NOT referring to PARTICIPATION, but audiences ... Many participate in the US too. Participation is high thanks so many parents being too scared to let their kiddies play contact sport. I used to play it too, at age 7-8 till I got bored with it and never watched a game since like a lot of people who played it as kids. Basketball is exactly the same since it doesn't have the contact sport issues associated with it. The A-League was so popular with TV audiences, it ended up only broadcast on PayTV and streaming.

#1106 5 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Ok mate, settle down. I said i wasn't going to argue with you. It's not as important to me as it is to you.
Thanks for the Houdini i still have it and enjoy it.

Lol, man you are an interesting dude, just as per what Bill mentioned when he picked up Houdini. I wasn't arguing by any stretch, it's just off topic banter mate, seriously . Oh and seems you haven't grasped how to quote previous posts. fortunately this thread isn't million miles an hour or you can easily miss specific replies if not quoted.

Very pleased you're still enjoying Houdini, I haven't had any interest in the other AP titles since that one myself. It wasn't bad, but just not enough to stay in my collection long term.

Now back to how awesome Fathom is going be

#1109 4 months ago

Or do you like to pass a comment back minus the quote in the hopes of people still linking it to the OP but hoping the poster doesn't notice it and comment back

#1131 4 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

So, I'm loving the mash up of American Bally Fathom being made by Haggis in Australia.
You guys have any Aussie drink recommendations for me for when I get this game? I'm a beer, whiskey and vodka drinker but also open to try something original.

Cooper's Pale Ale for beer. I love rum too but whatever you do make sure you don't drink Bundaberg Rum, pure molassesy filth. There are quite a few small makers emerging now whom I'm sure are pretty good, but I just haven't gotten around to trying them over my penchant for Caribbean rum as yet. You could have look here though for ideas and then see if they are sold in the US : https://www.nicks.com.au/store/spirits-liqueurs/rum-cachaca?dir=desc&order=score&region_country=13013

Quoted from punkin:

I drink (way too much) Coopers. It's the largest independently family owned brewery in Australia.
Plus they make proper ales, not stinkin' lagers.
[quoted image]

You beat me to it. Coopers all the way man! Just give me the original good'ol pale ale, green label. I admire that they are making efforts to keep up with craft brewing hipster market with all the more recent varieties though!

ci-coopers-original-pale-ale-523941770addc22a (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#1232 4 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Close behind you at #163!
(I requested #001 and am SHOCKED that I didn't get it. ...

Looks like I'm way up the chain at #232. Guess I'll go back to sleep for a while till they get to it.

#1235 4 months ago
Quoted from Boof-Ed:

Game number and build number are different. Pretty sure Damian has stated that they will be shipped based on when the order came in.
Series ticket holders will get theirs first though.

I would have thought, while true (like if you asked for number 44 but where actually customer 134), a number right down the line would be a reasonable indication of where you stand in the production line. Don't think they were just throwing other (non-requested) numbers out randomly.

#1246 4 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Weren't you in early though? ... I rekon yours gets built before mine hey?
I'm 92, but I must have been later than the 200th ME sale. I bought in on the penultimate day.
I would guess the build order should align with the order of sales. Except the series buyers being first.
If someone was the 10th buyer and asked for #222, for example, then that would be opposite to my case.
I guess I just mean that perhaps receipt date (chronology order) would be the best indication of the order games might be built in.
My payment advice was 19th of May, 10pm ACST
The way it seemed to me from correspondence when my initial list of numbers were all unavailable, buyers whom requested no number were probably not allocated until after sales ended, and after all requests were reconciled. I did not get a list of remaining numbers, but did learn the highest and lowest numbers available at the time (54-244), so I sent another dozen picks and said I'd leave it up to them.
After all whom were requesting numbers actually had one, then I think the remaining build numbers would have been slotted to the unspecified# list of buyers. I have no idea how many that would be, but I guess they would be fairly well scattered through?

Yeah I was 27th April. That's when my order number was given (that's meant to not mean anything), which is #200. Guess a lot will depend on how many people jumped in and started requesting specific machine numbers and threw out the actual queue order in terms of production sequence. I personally had no interest in getting a specific number. Hopefully they don't go and default following the actual numbering sequence in production(would be pretty poor form) as by sound of it I'd have been fairly early in ordering.

Quoted from Jarson:

Then you gotta wait 3 months (?) for the boat to get here.

Welcome to our normal world of buying new pins down here! One of the very few times the situation has been flipped. God forbid people in the US have to wait for a container to be packed from the factory then for the sea freight, then for port clearance and then road transport delivery instead of on a truck from the distributors(or you pick up in person) that got their allocation 5 days ago or less from the factory

#1253 4 months ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

Hey Man, #202 We can pick up together......road trip lol

And I’m in the middle, looks like us south coast guys like the #200 numbers.

And complete the whole 'now we know what it feels like to pick up a pin fresh from the factory' American style experience

#1266 4 months ago

Tim Tams lol. I've never clamoured for them myself, but so many go mad for them. I used to love Fudge coated Oreos but kind of got over them them they brought out Cadbury Choc Coated Oreos here. I just want good 'ol Chips Ahoy back that we used to have till couple of years back, they leave all of the choc chips available well behind! Right now I have to buy them on ebay or Catch.com. Don't mind a Pepperidge Farm Nantucket Choc Chip either just quietly

1 week later
#1306 3 months ago
Quoted from John_I:

Personally I would rather have the Fathom no matter what the price, because GNR game play bores me and I don't like the music.

Amen man. Feels like blasphemy to speak of the 'hallow' title that way here lol. The music alone was enough to make me turn the other way from it too.

#1328 3 months ago
Quoted from DakotaMike:

Eh, I still like GNR's cover of Live and Let Die.

Yeah have to agree there too, hard not to like anyone's rendition of that Wings classic. Back in the days of T2 I also didn't mind You Could be Mine but grew past it.

Guess music is one thing we're not that worried about with Fathom lol

2 weeks later
#1402 3 months ago
Quoted from Mark000:

Bugger I just caught on this site and all the Mermaid Editions are sold the classic is definitely not worth buying. Hopefully EBD will be in the line up.

There was a pretty decent window before they sold out, much better than recent Spooky releases. But yeah probably half a chance of picking up a cancellation. I reckon someone (amongst the Aus buyers) is going to suffer some kind of lockdown related stress and not be able to pay the balance. So you could easily get yourself put on a standby list I reckon.

#1421 3 months ago
Quoted from Engel67:

Haggis had a spot open up for a Fathom Mermaid Edition and I sent my deposit yesterday.
They have been very responsive to emails.
Once my deposit clears, I will be informed of my edition number.
What a beautiful machine!

Interesting and nice one. I'm going to hazard a guess with the dramas we've had here lately, someone's hit a financial difficulties with the lockdown. Might start to take some of the heat out of the over-hyped market locally in many categories not just pinball!

#1423 3 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Yep. No government $$$ pouring in this time. Definitely feels different this time.

100%. It was definitely a bit surreal last year with everyone kind of going nuts spending on everything as an alternative to OS holidays, a diversion from boredom, etc.

#1425 3 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Yeah nah yeah it was real though.
No question.

Yeah it was all around, no missing it. I've seen cars I own(current not collector's), a boat I've got a major share in, all go up to the point I'm selling out of one at a profit (the boat). That's the mind blowing part for me. Then there's pinball...

#1432 3 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Gonna be real again looks like, but perhaps a bit the other way. Assistance here not realistically available to smallest businesses this time. Clearing out loads of mum and dad livelihoods. Nobody seems to care is a bit surreal.
Others may come up for sale too, I'd say. They will sell quickly, just saying some people that ordered may have been a "special buy" for their budget and many are under additional financial stress now. ...

Well yeah that's what I'm thinking too. All of the sudden, a lot of people with what they thought were disposable funds may not find them so 'disposable' any more. Few less COB's out their perhaps in the next cycle.

But yeah that's enough OT for now

1 week later
#1487 81 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

I have a mate in Coffs Harbour who is selling his only machine, a EBD. He want's 10k for it.

That's like the definition of what's annoying me right now in Aus, even 80's stuff going for stupid money compared to US. Trying to help my mate buy his first pin and he's wanting something like his 80's('79) fav Stellar Wars, but even those old things are overpriced.

#1493 80 days ago
Quoted from russdx:

At those prices must be cheaper to import? even with the shipping plus taxes? That game goes for £1500-£2500 here in the Uk depending on condition.

Absolutely, no question in many cases. Not saying that buying the one single one listed here on Pinside is necessarily the right price point at $3600. It's becoming more so by the day here. If you've paid $A1000 on shipping you've paid too much. I can do sea freight for $500 for example and have a freight forwarding contact I know personally. Although I get the feeling our small market could well come crashing down though with all these people coming into pinball and spending willy nilly now that we've had these recent covid lockdowns here. Got to start biting sooner or later.

Quoted from Screwloose:

Maybe he should forget about pinball & buy a Torana instead.

Bahaha, yeah they're an absolute steal at the moment too

#1496 79 days ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

500? you're comparing door to door air with either just the actual freight component of lsl . or the cash price for a spot in an illegally mixed box with no separate BOL.. apples v apples or it doesnt make sense.

I'm saying you can go through a freight (and customs) forwarder like I know and land a machine here between $500 and $800 -not talking with GST. I used to use Fedex freight for around $500 but like 15 years ago, but obviously not these days - no point in adding the cost if you're trying bring the cost of the whole exercise down. Nothing 'illegally mixed' as you put it, this from a large scale Freight Forwarding provider.

Quoted from punkin:

This is the quote i got from MM this morning $US to me;
Thanks Gerry, if this moves ocean keep it as one pallet, if it moves
air it needs to be split to two pieces, the pallet and the carton. Based
on that, we can offer door to door, insured *:
AIR: $3,245 * (about one week overall transit)
If just to arrival Brisbane airport = $1,845 insured
OCEAN: $2,135 * (congestion now, estimating 8 weeks overall transit)
If just to arrival Brisbane port = $885 insured
* excludes duties/taxes/exam/GST as they may apply.

That's terrible pricing on air, but not surprising really at the moment. Probably badly affected by Covid for air cost. But sea freight, the direct to port isn't too bad. But what are they quoting there in the rest, as they often lump in local handling costs that are totally unrealistic. I was quoted $575 extra to get a machine 60km's from the freight warehouse to my place for example when I brought in my TWD. I organised my own for a fraction of that cost or would use my truck to go get it nowadays.

#1498 79 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

Yeah, i know who you mean, and i use them all the time for shipments from China.
I'll give Stockwells a chance at my P3 too, they should be able to beat the above.

Not sure if we know and use the exact same company. I'm talking about PCFS in Sydney is who I use.

#1513 78 days ago
Quoted from DirtyDeeds:There's a Stellar Wars on Ebay and Gumtree for $3.5 but it's in Perth and looks like the seller just wants to sell local.

Yeah spotted that one on Gumtree and already shared it with my mate a few days ago.

Quoted from punkin:

Gotcha. Just I know there's a pinball guy that is my company too.

Yeah PCFS just have helped me because the owner is a client of a business I'm involved with. (he may or may not have ever helped anyone import a pinball before). That's how I first got on to him, as he was keen to look after me due to that connection.

2 weeks later
#1576 61 days ago
Quoted from screaminr:

We're still in lockdown and it's not going to end anytime soon

And numbers starting curve up not dissimilar to what happen in NSW. So yeah you guys, especially under Chairman Dan, will be in it for a while too.

1 month later
#1610 24 days ago
Quoted from Screwloose:

And rebuild the old ones into "crazy nice machines"
Glad they shipped all those container loads of pins over here from Europe & other places years ago when they did. Else prices here would be totally out of control. The demand for machines here is incredible at the moment.

Yeah it's OTT here IMHO at the moment in the market. Seriously can't see it being sustained in our tiny market when all the randoms coming in wanting a pinball to break their lockdown boredom start wanting to travel again and spend what's left of their spare cash (especially all those affected by lockdown business crisis'). Then there's the factor I love to bring up on the local FB groups to a lot of these people, hey what are you going to do when something goes wrong with the restored 90's title you paid a mint for. I was astounded when I came across a bloke who had bought a few machines and lived way out in the country and now needs repairs done. I suggested he's up for a quite a hard time if he never learns to maintain his pins himself living so far from anywhere, let alone the expense of having someone else do it. Quite astoundingly he expressed that he wasn't phased by the option of hauling his pins around 550km(340mi) round trip and paying whatever the pinball store in Canberra recommended by FB randoms (who's not got the best rep around really) wants to charge him .

#1614 24 days ago
Quoted from Screwloose:Definitely some "new players" will come & go. But I guarantee some of these people who are currently buying their 1st machines etc are going to get the bug. Just like you & I & most of the people on this forum did. To what level that will be is how much space they have, how much cash & how much enthusiasm.

Yeah I admit there probably will be some who keep going with it who where introduced to it thanks to covid lockdowns, the way I found my way into in the late 90's just wanting to build a games room. I think on the other hand though there will certainly be a lot of I can see a lot of scenarios where say the better halve's of many of these new to pinball owners saying I want to go on holiday, we need to buy this, etc, so you better sell that pinball machine(s)/toy you paid (say) $12-18k for last year. Then there's the ones who end up getting back to their normal patterns of going out and find their pinball(s) starting to gather dust, which then only further erodes the WAF to the point where they're getting told they don't even play them much any more .

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