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Haggis Pinball - 2nd game = Fathom + Fathom 2.0 confirmed

By FalconPunch

6 months ago

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#173 6 months ago

I can't believe some of you guys are hung up on the Haggis name.

Clan Haggis member #74 here and Mermaid Fathom was ordered first thing this morning.

#188 6 months ago
Quoted from surfnrg:

I feel bad for those with originals. Guessing we'll see a few for sale this week.

I have an original and ordered the Mermaid edition without hesitation.

#213 6 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I don’t see the benefit of limiting the extra code to just 250 games.

JJP did a similar thing when they included an additional mech limited only to the GnR CE games.

#226 6 months ago

**Edited. Haymaker already beat me to it.

Man, have I been slacking lately.

#243 6 months ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I think it will play way faster.
- Plastic playfield, ball flies on those
- new modern 50v flippers
I think it’ll play fast as hell.
Better have some spare drops on hand!

Great points and I'll enjoy it playing faster. I will also assume that the flipper power strength will be adjustable in the settings as is the norm these days.

#309 5 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

If they were to hit full steam on day 1... which is highly unlikely... first container probably wouldn’t land until likely sept. Hope for an xmas present

If Haggis starts running late with my deposit in, I'll just cut and paste comments here from the RAZA thread.

#354 5 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I’m asking if I should take the chance and order one never having played a Fathom.

Keep in mind this is now a hype thread and Fathom is the shiny new object standing directly in front of you.

In a short couple of weeks Stern is due to drop The Mandalorian and that will be the next shiny new thing we will all want. Meanwhile your deposit money here will be tied up for several months and waiting on updates before actual results can be a bit of a grind for some.

That said, GO TEAM HAGGIS!

#386 5 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Looks like 12 to go! Congratulations Haggis Pinball!!

I'm excited too but let's all slow down a bit. Invoice numbers often begin at the number 100 and sequentially go from there.
I was already a Clan Haggis member and ordered first thing I could on members only, opening day. My invoice number is #131

#419 5 months ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

If ya’ll want to take a look...i get it...different cab, different game...still looks neat!

Stuffing a cat in a plaid bag and torturing it is animal cruelty.

#441 5 months ago
Quoted from Gritty:

In for Mermaid edition!

Congrats. What is your game invoice number?

**It doesn't mean anything solid but I'm curious to track anyway. Lowest game order number I've seen so far in this thread is 107.

#444 5 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

I’m in! #14 babay. Let’s hope the topper doesn’t disappoint

Hey Zack. Can you explain this? No one has an invoice number below 100 and none of us have gotten our game numbers yet.
Whats up?

#452 5 months ago
Quoted from gonzo73:

Just a guess, Haggis contacted distributors first, and 100 or so are locked up by distributors.?

As far as I know Haggis is selling direct and shipping is through Planetary. And why didn't Zack answer DakotaMike when he asked him a day ago?

Also, I got my Clan membership before Fathom was even announced and my invoice number for that is #74. How did Zack get #14 in the time window *after* me and others?

My guess is that's his game number and if true it means a lot of low numbers were given out ahead of time to the pinball elites.
I'd like an explanation from Zack or someone before I speculate too much.

#454 5 months ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

Maybe he likes #14? Could be the number he picked. Mermaid peeps can pick numbers.

No numbers have been issued yet. None. Numbers can be requested but we've been told to wait.

#459 5 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Or... did he buy into the package plan which allows him to hold his number???

Quoted from Mr68:

No numbers have been issued yet. None. Numbers can be requested but we've been told to wait.

#485 5 months ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Or 68 , you go down on me and I owe you one✌️

Slow down there buckaroo. Why do you think I'm Mr. 68?

Quoted from Coindork:

I’m stealing your line to use on my wife.

A smart man would turn that offer around and she would owe you one.

#494 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Just speculation… but buying the package of all 5 puts you to the front of the line for build order and delivery. It’s possible that it also puts you at the front of the line for number choice, in which case they’d wait til their 3 week order time period is up and start assigning numbers… with package purchasers getting assigned first. Also possible that they are waiting for previous Celts owners to have a chance to order (3 week order window). Again… just speculation.

I appreciate you qualifying your comment as speculation but no, that is not what Damian told me.

Everyone that buys a game can request a number at the time they place their order. If the number is available at the time they request it, it is allocate to them. My first several number choices were already taken. #01, #250, #13 have already been assigned. My fourth choice of #68 has just this morning been assigned to me.

Damian also told me that games will be manufactured in the order they were placed.

Clan Fathom #68

#496 5 months ago
Quoted from wfumed2:

Are you guys receiving confirmation on numbers via email?

Yes. My first notification after placing my order was this morning and I would guess they have a lot of people to get back to.

#500 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

I wonder if they’ll load them all in the same shipping container in the order they were placed also?

There was something about owners blood type and sperm count.

#552 5 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

I don't know all the details. You can joint the club, Clan Haggis - https://haggispinball.com/ looks like a one time fee and you get a bunch of goodies too.
LTG : )

Its an annual fee, Lloyd.

#565 5 months ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

I watched like 4 times, pity the flippers dont look to light up like Medusa. Maybe they do but not activated yet.

That raises an interesting question. What will our mod community come up with for this game?
I'm not much of a mod guy at all but there are a few that I enjoy and I appreciate the creativity.

#578 5 months ago
Quoted from dr_nybble:

Anyone else notice that Planetary shows under "New Items" both Fathom and Medusa bumper caps?
[quoted image]

Nice catch!!

Anything on Centaur?

#620 5 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I got an email back yesterday - confirmed not an option for any of the classic remakes. Hardtop only.

I think it’s important to view this project not as a remake trying to make it it as original as possible, but instead a new upgraded version of fathom. Better rules, flippers, lighting, sound, displays, bling. But still the classic Fathom layout and iconic art.

I agree and this is exactly what I want in this machine. Especially the bulletproof playfield. A lot of old school guys will turn their noses up at Fathom 2.0 for many reason but its all a positive for me.

I already saw someone say that Fathom 2.0 wont play the same or have the same feel. No shit. Just like JJP plays/feels differently than Stern. Just like Chicago Gaming play/feels differently than Bally Williams. American Pinball, P3, they all play/feel differently and are all fun.

Damain and his team have hit the sweet spot for me.

#657 5 months ago
Quoted from TomKatt:

I'm not going to claim to be an expert on these things, but I have concerns about the longevity of that acrylic PF...

There is nothing wrong with dissent and playing devil's advocate and it's good to question things. Because you quoted me I'll respond.

Quoted from TomKatt:

I have no doubt the acrylic is hammer tough - they make security glass out of that material... But UV will yellow that over time and I personally think those PF's will look pretty hazy in a year or two of real play.

Haggis says in one of their videos the acrylic they are using will not yellow and I'm willing to go with them on that. Additionally, none of my games from any era or manufacturer is exposed to UV rays. The windows in my home are tinted for UV protection and the shades in my game room are always closed. I think most hobbyist protect their games in some fashion or another.

But let's pretend that my playfield has a disaster somehow. Normally you would have to strip the playfield, both on top and bottom and send it off to a professional at great expense and inconvenience. With Haggis I can purchase a replacement, remove the top side only (much like a thorough cleaning) remove the old top and install the new replacement. And it sure seems like I could do this with the playfield never being lifted and removed from the cabinet.

That's something I could do in less than a day. A typical playfield swap is beyond my capabilities/patience and I think that is true for most people. And I think I'd first try flame polishing the playfield similar to what I've done with ramps. That would be easy too.

Quoted from TomKatt:

I was also going to comment that the ball probably travels a lot differently, but that would just be me being pedantic and modern pins are already a whole different thing than the old machines I love.

I don't think you're being pedantic and you raise a good thought. Here are a couple of quotes that I agree with along with one of my own.

Quoted from cooked71:

I think it’s important to view this project not as a remake trying to make it it as original as possible, but instead a new upgraded version of fathom.

Quoted from Joydivision:

you will find the game feels quite different, but it's still essentailly the same fun game with both - it doesn't suddenly not feel like a Fathom, what's key is the layout, the sounds (especially when the second level is reached) speech & multiball flow - when it all comes together.

I don't think new design mechs or other components will change that (in any negative way)

Quoted from Mr68:

Just like JJP plays/feels differently than Stern. Just like Chicago Gaming play/feels differently than Bally Williams. American Pinball, P3, they all play/feel differently and are all fun.

#682 5 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Tried to resist but failed. In for Mermaid.

Congrats. Mind sharing your invoice number?

#718 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinchild:

I joined out of respect

I'm kinda proud that I joined before it was cool. I didn't know that Fathom was coming but my instincts told me something worthwhile was happening there. I don't care about the swag, I just wanted to support new pinball in what I fondly consider a brother country.

And what put me over the top was Damian's gregarious video personna that reminds of a few great friends I've had over the years, all in one.
He needs a haircut but that's just me being jealous.

#817 5 months ago
Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

I had A feeling this was coming..... I just got a charge on my Credit card for foreign Transaction fee for $92.21.
Does anybody else have extra charges from processor?

Did you join Clan Haggis at the same time? That's a seperate charge and with the exchange rate that sounds about right.

#820 5 months ago
Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

I had A feeling this was coming..... I just got a charge on my Credit card for foreign Transaction fee for $92.21.
Does anybody else have extra charges from processor?

I just checked both my PayPal and the credit card that the charge directly passes through to. I have not been charged that transaction fee.

#823 5 months ago

Here is my PayPal charge: Total $1,500.00 AUD
Here is my Credit Card charge: Total $1,212.46

There are no other associated charges on either of those accounts. Not sure what else I can say.

#825 5 months ago
Quoted from roar:

If PayPal brokered the deal I do not believe you will see another charge on your CC.

Yes sir, that's how it appears to me and what I've been trying to say.

#827 5 months ago
Quoted from rotordave:

PayPal factors their fees into their charges, and don’t tell you about it. They also give you a shitty exchange rate.
If you directly paid $1500 AUD in USD it would be $1167.
The cheapest way (believe me, I send a lot of dough!) is to do an international bank transfer. The cost is the exchange rate factor (usually a point or so) and generally a $15-20 bank fee, depending on the bank.
I use PayPal for low amounts as it’s easy and hassle free. But for anything over say $1000 ... bank transfer.
You’ll all want to set up bank transfers when it comes time to pay the balance. It will save you hundreds of dollars.
[quoted image]

Now I'm on board. Many thanks Dave.

#891 5 months ago
Quoted from DakotaMike:

It's pretty quiet around here. Hoping for a big update from Haggis soon!

We have multiple Haggis threads going on and I posted this just this morning. Great minds, right.


#910 5 months ago
Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

FYI...... In regard to Foreign Transaction fees.
I found out that one of my Capital One card has NO Foreign Transaction fees. So I will be changing my remaining balance when ready to that card!
So That I do NOT incur additional cost!

Thanks for that tip. I will check out my other cards and see if any of them will do this.

#915 5 months ago
Quoted from pins4life33:

If they can be shipped directly to Canada that might put me over the edge to pull the trigger on one.

If I lived closer to the border I'd offer my Canadian friends to take delivery and they could pick it up later. A lot of extenuating details to complicate my idea no doubt. But if you have a friend or could find a trusted Pinsider in a neighboring northern US state near you, it could work out.

Plan #2. There is a great price break on shipping two games or more to the same location and that cost could be shared to make it economical for everybody. Shipping from Planetary Pinball in Nevada to Colorado where I am, is going to be cheap ($350?) and even better if we divide that cost. You arrange for pick at my place with the shipper of your choice after that.

Something to consider and you guys may even come up with a better way.

Lets go Haggis. I'm already impatient.

#917 5 months ago
Quoted from Zukram:

Is that a viable option to deliver to a US location for our northern neighbors to come pick it up ? In any case I am fairly close for anyone Ontario/Ottawa... And have games on order already too.. Not sure what else would need to be worked out..

Yep, and we benefit from the cheaper shipping also. Win-Win.

#927 5 months ago
Quoted from Gotfrogs:

Texas boy here. I just placed my order. I am very excited!

Congrats, I'm glad to see orders still coming in despite the Mandalorian hype that's going on. Although I'm probably comparing apples to oranges on that one.

Quoted from Boof-Ed:

Mermaid? What was the order number? They must be getting close to that magic number by now surely.

Yes, I'm wondering your order or invoice number also. Only nine days left till the order window closes.

#955 5 months ago

Six days to go with only a few spots left and they are headed to completely sell out all 250. I was really pleased to hear him say that.

I understand about people hesitating with the new playfield technology. It's human nature to be suspicious about things people don't understand. But these new playfields are one of the reasons I ran to Haggis and put my money down. That and I love Fathom.

#964 5 months ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Does Haggis clearcoat the polycarbonate sheet?
Gomez was mostly commenting on the coefficient of friction being different, which makes the ball behave differently, and I think he admitted if they clear coat the sheet then the ball would have the same friction as a normal playfield.

Yes playfields are clear coated.

#966 5 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

you say this based on?
They've made a point about their coatings to avoid scratches... putting clear on top of that would nullify that.

In one of his videos he talks about it. Unless I misunderstood.
I'll do a passive search for it but I'm not going spend a lot of time. Better yet, I'll send Damain an email to confirm.

#967 5 months ago

Found it.

Youtube version if you don't use Facebook.

#970 5 months ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Helpful, but that's for Celts when they offered 3 different versions of the playfield. Fathom is seemingly only getting one option and I don't think it's been clarified if it's more like option 2 or 3 from that video.

Good point. The thing of it is, I don't care.

I fully expect these games to play differently and not just the playfield. The flipper mechs, slings and probably the drop targets will likely have a different feel and sound to them. The original Fathom is over 30 years old and this is to be expected.

But that doesnt mean its going to be a bad difference which is the sense I'm getting from some people. (not you) It's just going to be different and I believe that difference will be negligible.
And with coil strengths etc available in the settings, who knows, this new game has the potential to play even better.

This will be a modern Fathom, which is what I want, and I can't imagine anyone having a *horrible* experience from playing it.

#973 5 months ago
Quoted from kklank:

I actually like the fact the fact that are only offering their patented process for the new Fathoms. If you didn’t, every asshole out there will be saying why buy a new Fathom when you can restore an old one and then it’s ultimately the same game.
They’re taking a chance by doing this but I believe in these guys! And I’m one of those assholes that already owns a restored Fathom with a new playfield and cleared cabinet! It’s beautiful.
But this whole package of new code, lcd displays in the apron and the unique playfield is very exciting and worth taking a chance.
I mean of course it won’t play exactly the same and I don’t want it to play exactly the same!
I’m hoping it plays crazy fast with the nostalgic feel.
Kind of like busying a resto mod/old muscle car with a crate engine, new trans, new rear end, new disc brakes. Sounds bad ass!

I wish I could up-vote you 4 times.

#1009 5 months ago
Quoted from pins4life33:

Ya we already ship a lot of pins from the US and Canada just rather not go through the pain or expense. Our arcade might even receive all of them and distribute to all Canadian owners if it helps to get them direct. We aren’t Nitro and sell new machines but we do sell a lot of used machines and ship them everywhere in Canada so we have the experience to get it done. If the container was sent to a Canadian location I would pull the trigger but looks like there are not many left so us poor Canadians might have to suck it up and get them shipped from US. If there was a Pinsider on the border on Montana that person would be a busy guy as there is so many games that we would love to import in Canada.

I realise I'm not an ideal candidate but if I can help from Colorado I'd be glad to talk about it.

Another suggestion I will make; Maybe compose a Pinside thread or an ad to recruit someone in Montana or neighboring states.
Best wishes

#1010 5 months ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

And for what it’s worth I don’t like the coin door either but I guess it will grow on me or maybe if it’s universal size I can swap it out for something else. As long as it plays well matters mow but we like to nitpick!

I would have preferred they made Fathom in a traditional Bally Williams cabinet. No matter, I'm glad to be in.

#1055 5 months ago
Quoted from HaggisPinball:

Firstly, we will be closing orders for the Mermaid Edition at haggispinball.com on Monday 24th May at midnight AEST. Only Classic Editions will be available to purchase direct after that date.

#1072 5 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

Be interesting what proportion went overseas.

I'd be curious about that also. I know two of them are coming to Colorado.

#1075 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Curious how many are coming to Minnesota…

FYI. Bryan Kelly spills more beer than he actually drinks. Take care of your machine.

#1104 5 months ago
Quoted from PinballAir:

Without reading the other 22 pages of this thread, is the game like the original or not?

It's a remake of the orginal with modern day improvements. There's plenty of pictures and information out there if you don't want to read this thread.

Link to TWIP article.

#1115 5 months ago

So, I'm loving the mash up of American Bally Fathom being made by Haggis in Australia.
You guys have any Aussie drink recommendations for me for when I get this game? I'm a beer, whiskey and vodka drinker but also open to try something original.

#1126 4 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

I drink (way too much) Coopers. It's the largest independently family owned brewery in Australia.
Plus they make proper ales, not stinkin' lagers.
[quoted image]

Any man that buys his beer by the pallet is destined to be a friend of mine.

#1166 4 months ago

I just this morning got my email confirmation from Damian. He's working on them.

#1179 4 months ago

I got game number 68 as its my family name.

#1191 4 months ago

Haggis thread bump

Haggis Cartoon-3 (resized).jpg
#1216 4 months ago
pasted_image (resized).png
2 weeks later
#1288 4 months ago

The communication and transparency via regular updates from Haggis has been outstanding so far. I expect this type of communication to continue even when they have unexpected setbacks, which eventually all business do. My guess is a Haggis update from Damian coming soon, probably around the first of July.

#1293 4 months ago
Quoted from John_I:

Has anyone figured out what the cost of a Classic will be including shipping to USA/Florida?

All US machines will ship from Planetary Pinball in Reno/Sparks, Nevada to your location. No overseas shipping fees, so normal shipping cost.

#1335 3 months ago

Here's a link to the real-estate listing of Haggis's new building complete with pictures. It's from before they recently moved in but I always find stuff like this interesting. It kinda helps visualize the surroundings when watching Damian's video updates.


#1342 3 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

I wish you could order machines without a coin door. Just art and a thumblock for the lockdown bar.
At least offer it as an option guys. It will save you money by not doing it and i'll pay the same price.
Hell, i'd buy conversion panels for all my machines.

I get your point but we need easy access to the control buttons inside the door along with anything we might store inside. (I'm assuming Haggis will use those control buttons)
You might be able to do something creative with a blank door if you're motivated. Personally I like the look of a full feature coin door or maybe I'm just accustom to it.

zzzx large 1 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#1395 3 months ago

Haggis acknowledged to me in advance that my kit would be short a couple of items. Said they would send the balance to me later after the items were back in stock. Just a few days ago I got notification of a second package on its way.

#1398 3 months ago

Looks like the beanie was a bonus or substitute for something. Attached picture is from their webpage.

Personally I don't care what they send me as I joined Clan Haggis to support them as I was following them along anyway. They really caught my attention with the bulletproof playfields video and that's when I began researching everything about Haggis Pinball.

I didn't know they were making Fathom when I joined and that was worth it to be able to order a machine before the general public. I'll be giving most of the swag away to deserving friends and family anyway.

zzzz1711439671 (resized).jpg
#1415 3 months ago

Fathom bump

Bump 3.gif

#1436 3 months ago
Quoted from FlippyD:

Is Nitro the only place to order one for North America? Do they still have inventory? I see you can add to cart on the their website so I'm guessing yes...?


#1442 3 months ago
Quoted from Boof-Ed:

Wow. $4000 non refundable deposit. Am I reading that correctly? I paid $1500 AUD deposit.

Me too and I'm glad I bought in during the limited time window.
pasted_image (resized).png

#1455 87 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

I hereby apologise for my crime of altering a quote and making a joke that the other participant got.
Guess it's an aussie thing.
Sorry to those offended.

I didn't see it but I like your aussie style. Cheers

#1470 85 days ago

I love Medusa as it sits, but with extra code, Haggis would get me again.
But, baby steps for now and let's see how the do with Fathom.

#1481 84 days ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

What is anyone's best guess right now... are we talking 3 to 6 months until games start shipping or by next spring? Just curious.

Yeah, I'm hoping Damian proves me wrong but first quarter next year is what I'm thinking. We need an update.

1 week later
#1539 76 days ago
Quoted from gprotein:

We need an update in this thread. Lockdown or not, just a face to face video to let us know how far behind the schedule is

I'd be understanding with a bad update as long as its honest and realistic. But no update is troubling.

#1544 76 days ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Mate, if you have a vested interest, go and contact direct.

Quoted from oldskool1969:

Again , if you have ordered , ask a direct message. Then share it here if you want.

I have and my last two emails have been ignored. Last one sent on 06/14/21.
Please don't tell me to patient as I think nearly two months for an email response is plenty of time.

#1554 76 days ago
Quoted from Screwloose:

Your granddad would have told you when he was fighting in the trenches..... "put your faith in an Aussie

Your comment is not lost on me and it's one of the reasons I have always had a fondness for Australia.

On July 1, 2018 we celebrated your country and our 100 year alliance. And it was much more than just grandads as you will read.

"US, Australian Service Members Mark 100 Years of 'Mateship' "

FORT MYER, Va. -- Being a "mate" in Australia has a whole different connotation than in the United States.

Australians trust a mate implicitly. A mate is a person who shares the last drink of water or the last bit of food or the last beer in the six-pack.

A mate is always ready to help.

A mate shares values, and that is why the United States and Australia celebrated 100 Years of "Mateship" yesterday morning with services at the National Cathedral, followed by a special Twilight Tattoo here last night.

For the U.S. and Australian militaries, the idea of mateship reaches to a higher level. On July 4, 1918, U.S. and Australian soldiers went into combat together assaulting the German line on the Western Front. The Australian soldiers were battle-hardened. The Americans were green. For the first time in history, and one of the few instances in World War I, American troops fought under the direct command of another country. Australian and American soldiers -- from the Illinois Army National Guard's 33rd Infantry Division -- literally fought shoulder to shoulder at the Battle of Hamel. Platoons of Americans were attached to Australian companies.

At the end of the textbook combined arms effort, there were 1,062 Australian casualties and 176 American.


Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that while mateship began at Le Hamel, it grew with each conflict. "That mateship -- that partnership -- continued through World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Somalia, and -- most recently -- in Afghanistan and Iraq," he said at a reception before the Twilight Tattoo. "I know that all of us assembled … are proud of what our nations represent and the strategic significance of our relationship."

Dunford cited incidents from World War II, Vietnam and Afghanistan in which Australian soldiers worked with U.S. forces to uphold their mutual values. "That is what mateship means to me -- it is my pride in being associated with the Australian armed forces," he said. "I can speak on behalf of all Americans here in saying we are deeply proud of our bond and look forward to the next 100 years of mateship."

Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan spoke of the bond between the two nations at the memorial service earlier in the day. He said the United States and Australia built an edifice as impressive as the National Cathedral in their fight against tyranny in World War I and beyond. That edifice, he said, was in Northern France.

"Its walls were not made of stone or wood, but of flesh And blood," he said. "Its mortar was the mud of the trenches. Its foundation [was the] courage in young kids from Queens and Queensland, from Adelaide to Appalachia."

The bonds forged on the Western Front endured, and Australia and the United States stand together in an interesting and complex world, Shanahan said, adding that the relationship needs leaders who can deal with ambiguity, uncertainty and change.


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