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Haggis Pinball - 2nd game = Fathom + Fathom 2.0 confirmed

By FalconPunch

6 months ago

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#297 5 months ago

I've always said someone should remake Fathom, Centaur and other old Ballys. Problem here is the price is insane. If they can make a classic version Monster Bash for a little over $6200, the classic version of Fathom should be $5000 AT THE MOST.

1 month later
#1290 4 months ago

Has anyone figured out what the cost of a Classic will be including shipping to USA/Florida? Not that the price isn't still a show stopper for me. I literally hate chrome armor and the updated rules don't excite me, so was never a mermaid buyer to begin with. Every once in a while I get a twinge telling me to buy a classic despite the fact that it's priced at least 50% higher than I think it should be...and that is before shipping. Maybe if I get a bottom line cost with shipping, it will finally push me out of the game for real!

#1294 4 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

It's mirror polished stainless on the mermaids and brushed stainless on the classics. The cost in aussie dollars is <= a stern pro, so i don't know how it could get 50% cheaper.

$7360 US dollars for a single level remake game with no ramps before shipping? MB classic was much cheaper and think of how much more game there is there. Just saying this should be more like $5000 at the most for a Classic. And by the way, I didn't say it should be 50% cheaper, I said it was 50% too expensive. Big difference.

#1296 4 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

So go halves in one with a mate. Problem solved.

Haha, as I mentioned it's still possible that I'll pull the trigger because I want a nice Fathom that badly! I've been hoping for years that CGC would make some of these classic games once MM, AFM, MB and CC were out of the way. It appears that's not going to happen and Fathom is the game at the top of my classic Bally list. I can order a Mando Premium for cheaper or maybe a Godzilla, so there is that consideration too.

#1299 4 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

A GnRle is $16,850au ex Melbourne here. A Mermaid is $11,500 delivered. Is that 50% less expensive?

I guess I should have never given a percentage and should have given a dollar value because percentages are different depending on which way you are comparing. Doing the math on your numbers Mermaid is 32% less expensive then GNRLE. On the other hand, if you look at it the opposite way, GNRLE is 47% more expensive than Mermaid.

Personally I would rather have the Fathom no matter what the price, because GNR game play bores me and I don't like the music.

1 week later
#1350 3 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Put the menu buttons under the lockdown bar please. One thumb lock lets the bar up, menu accessible, glass off if you want in the cab.

You are in a very small minority in not wanting a coin door. There was almost a worldwide revolution over MMr not coming with coin mechanisms on the back of the coin door. To me a coin door is tradition and games without it would not look right just like not having a back glass.

#1369 3 months ago

You would be paying extra to get it with no coin door mostly because there would be so very few people who want it to divide the one-off expenses. Plus the extra cost of different wiring harnesses and all the other related different hardware. Especially with a classic game like Fathom from an era that no one had HUO games, I would bet less than one person in 50 would elect to not have a coin door even if it cost a little less instead of more.

Personally I would rather have a swift kick in the nuts than give up the coin door. Just last night I went into the coin door on my TX sector to look at the manual and put it back later. I opened the coin door on GoT to put some parts in that I will install the next time I am working on the game, so they won't get lost. I also went into the backbox on LZ to look at which connectors are empty for power for future mods; which required me to open the coin door to get the backbox key. So the coin door is a quick storage spot that doesn't require removing the lockbar, playfield glass and raising the playfield to get too. Storing certain items outside the machine = losing those items because they are not in the machine where they belong.

The other point is that I have sold a few games to operators! Who wants to limit their secondary market for something as silly as this? They would literally have to cut a hole to put a coin door in.

Seriously if this crusade is so important then sell it as a mod. A piece of wood cut to just the right size with artwork and hinges already installed...

#1371 3 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

It's not a crusade, it's an idea for an option.

Quoted from punkin:

Your arguments are not the well thought out ideas being floated above, it's just i don't want it so you shouldn't have it.

Actually my argument is that its a terrible idea and I wouldn't get your hopes up for it to happen no matter how much floating you do. I never said I don't want you to have it. I would love for you to have your pins exactly the way you want them. I want mine with the coin door, but I might change my mind if your friend in Palm Beach is a big dude who wears cowboy boots!

1 week later
#1412 3 months ago

Any idea what the other four games are? You think there's a possibility of a wide-body like Paragon?

1 week later
#1460 87 days ago

From GAP: "The total price is $9000 plus $360 shipping, Plus duties / import taxes which will be determined after games have entered the US."

That undefined "duties / import taxes" is a little scary. Do we have duties and import taxes with Australia? I would think there would be no duties or import taxes from Australia to USA, but maybe I'm wrong?

I still wish the Mermaid version came with powder coat rather that that mirrored finish. Anyone planning to powder coat theirs after receiving it?

1 month later
#1599 35 days ago

Congratulations on your game!!!

Interesting that it basically has a sky light to let ambient light get to the back of the translite when the game is not on? I like the positioning and size of both displays. Glad to see a node board type system, but would prefer to see generic Ethernet cables for the interconnect instead of the ones they are using. They look bulky and appear to need a glob of glue to stay in place.

From what I can see the artwork looks really nice and vibrant. I love the lock bar branding and powder coat color they chose. Are those LEDs along the side wall of the cabinet?

All in all it looks nice and the best part about it is that it's a finished product in the hand of a buyer! A lot of companies never get this far and they did it despite obvious challenges in the world these days. I am really looking forward to seeing what Fathom looks and plays like!

3 weeks later
#1637 10 days ago
Quoted from Screwloose:

Great honest update on what's going on. Looks like we will be waiting a little longer for our Fathoms. I have my Celts (#16) & I am extremely happy with the build. If I have to wait a bit longer for Fathom & it's built as good as Celts... Which I believe it will be, I will be extremely happy.

With all the things Haggis has had to endure that are completely outside their control, it's amazing they've gotten as far as they have and maintained their enthusiasm throughout. I expect them to move forward as the restrictions are eased and can't wait to play one of the new Fathoms. Pinside can be a rough place to say the least and I'm glad to see people be understanding. To me they deserve a full pass on any delays and nothing but words of encouragement.

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