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Haggis Pinball - 2nd game = Fathom + Fathom 2.0 confirmed

By FalconPunch

6 months ago

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#372 5 months ago
Quoted from roar:

Just took a look at the majority of the Bally MPU AS-2518-35 games and sorted by average price from Pinside...
A couple of licensed titles at the top of that list... I'd consider Voltan an outlier, not too many people have had a chance to play that one, but you'd think their 5 released would be found in the top 10 of that list.
[quoted image]
Even with code re-writes on them... I'm hard pressed to think someone would want to spend their asking price on the Mermaid edition when the original version is a third of the price or less for most of these games.

You have to keep in mind that the average price is not for completely restored mint games.

#373 5 months ago

And dang you Haggis for doing this (but really, thanks!)

I’m in - order #238.

#390 5 months ago
Quoted from Taygeta:

This is a giant gamble from a new and unknown entity. Had they included all the upgrades included in the Mermaid edition into just one model, I may've been interested at the $7400 pricepoint, but they're asking way too much for the new version of the game. As great as Fathom is, and as great as the new version could be, it isn't worth as much as a NIB Stern Premium.
If their price was a little lower and they resisted the tiered/LE model this company could absolutely be a contender with classic remakes. But enough of the peanut gallery is ponying up, so I guess this is the right price point for some.

I thought the price was a little high on the classic edition - but $9k for an LE with all mirrored trim & components, LCDs in the aprons and metallic decals is actually not horrible. It’s more effort than Stern puts in their LEs for the same price.

For the sake of comparison, I just added up all the money I have in my fully restored chrome Xenon and it is $8k without including the labor.

#403 5 months ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

In the club. Are we locked in at the conversion previously of 8900 or whatever it is or is it subject to change?
Assume it may change, that true?

The price of $11,500AUD won’t change. The conversion rate between USD and AUD will certainly change between now and when you pay the balance.

#404 5 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

$8k?!! Damn. So glad I can do my own playfield touch up, clear coating, cabinet repair, stenciling, and painting. I restored my Gorgar and Stern Dracula myself and between the two I have about $3500 into it including what I paid for them. I had to pay for MPU repair on both since I don’t know enough on how to repair them.

Yea - it was an over the top, no expense spared type of restore. The cabinet prep/paint wasn’t overly expensive in the scheme of things. Th chrome everything was the most expensive part.

#424 5 months ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Voltan would be an excellent choice for reproduction for several reasons:
1) Rare title & hard to find
2) Already has a killer lost David Christensen art package
3) It has a basic layout & has lame lame sounds/rules, but that could be VASTLY improved with new code.
Same goes for Spectrum. A unique killer-art package with tons of insert options that could be recoded into a whole new game. I'd bang out Centaur & EBD first though.

I hope Flash Gordon is next - especially if licenses could be figured out on how to include more movie quotes and/or music from the Queen soundtrack to go along with the new code.

#505 5 months ago
Quoted from mjalexan:

Has anyone imported a new game to the US from Australia that could comment on taxes or tariffs? 9504.30.0020 has no tariff so I’m assuming there isn’t any tariff applied. Would sales tax be state dependent and claimed by the buyer on tax returns?
I feel kind dumb asking this since I’ve been exporting for 15+ years....

I didn’t pay any tariffs when I imported Alien from Australia but that was 2019.

#610 5 months ago
Quoted from roar:

Someone early on mentioned they were order 100 or something like that, so if it is orders from the beginning of time for Haggis and a number of those orders were two orders, one for membership and one for the game, they could still have a ways to go to sell out... I'm holding out, hoping it sells out before I succumb to the hype

The membership was only required to buy early. I think most of the order numbers over 100 were just for the MEs. I would guess they are over 200 sold at this point.

#698 5 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I’d doubt anyone joined the club after sales became open to the public, so likely a little higher than that.

I’m guessing 40 left +/- 40.

Still haven’t gotten # confirmation from order #238 either by the way.

#725 5 months ago
Quoted from jcg9998:

I think at this stage, Haggis can probably make quite a few of the titles from the 1981 time period and sell 250 special editions if the game has at least as many additional features as the Mermaid edition. However, because of the low market values of many of these games, they would probably struggle to sell classic editions. I think everyone agrees that Centaur will sell as well as Fathom. I think the same would hold true with many popular games from all era's. 250 is not a lot of games to sell worldwide. In fact, I'm wondering if this is going to inspire other boutique or new companies to try the same thing.

Have they said future titles will be limited to 250 special editions? I could see that number go up slightly as they get better at the process.

For me at least, whether I buy the next title is highly dependent on how well they pull off the 2.0 rules, sounds and animations. The 2.0 package is the only reason I pulled the trigger on the ME.

#776 5 months ago
Quoted from LTG:I'd get confirmation from them if this is correct.
LTG : )

The Pinball News article written on 4/26 stated:

“The Mermaid Edition will only be available to order for the next four weeks and will be limited to 250 machines.”

#855 5 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

If you married the right wife, then the WAF is not a problem... but I can see your point, however, there may be a few hundred biker chicks who would love it, so there is always hope. From a players standpoint, Centaur is a killer ruleset from that period, and the people I know who can get it rocking and rolling have never walked away unsatisfied. Most times, it takes a real Centaur wizard to show you the ropes, then it all makes sense, and you find yourself wanting to play it even more. I find the reflex to push the credit button is high with Centaur, EBD, Xenon. After playing a Williams Flash, however, it became harder and harder to live with Bally flippers and my quarters started falling into williams machines, almost exclusively.

Agree - the right kind of wife won’t care!

B624CA44-E4AF-4945-8D13-AD6C999F5FDD (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#947 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinzzz:

I love the idea. and i am in on a ME.
This week in pinball May 17, 2021
"On dimpling and materials, and polycarbonate and the thickness of it and how that changes targets and gameplay:"
"George Gomez: You can make it work, those guys in Europe put the plastic on the playfields, which by the way I think is absolutely atrocious. We spend so much time trying to make a pinball machine feel the way it does and shoot the way it does. And then these guys come and add a sixteenth of an inch and everybody says “oh, it’s just a couple millimeters”…yeah I know, but the position of your drop target or your standup target or your ramp flap, whatever, relative to the – you didn’t move the target up, so the ball is hitting the target at a different place, at a different height…[and] on the plastic, the ball tends to slide as opposed to roll on certain shots. When it skips, forget about it…it is a wild ball. That is the issue with the polycarbonate solution."

He was talking about playfield protectors for sure. At the end, he mentioned the ball sliding as opposed to rolling on poly vs wood, but that's a weak argument. There are differences between dirty playfields vs clean, waxed vs non-waxed, mylared vs non-mylared, regular rubber vs silicone, dual wound flipper coils vs single, etc.

I expect the poly to have a slightly different feel - but I'm also expecting it to have a different look and durability too.

#951 5 months ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

I played one game with a hardtop and vowed never to own a game with one.
He is utterly correct, the ball displayed some very odd behavior at times off the slings which I did not care for at all. It was very notable to me, I have not noticed this behavior on any of the pins I own with regular playfields, mylar protected playfields or clear coated playfields.
While I appreciate the product being available to the market, its not a product I would use personally so it isn't a weak argument at all.

I wasn’t referring to a playfield protector - I would agree that the height difference caused by a hardtop protector would cause negative effects.

I was saying the poly vs clearcoated wood physics argument is weak.

#971 5 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

and I can't imagine anyone having a *horrible* experience from playing it. lol

Ha - you and I have been in this hobby long enough to know there will always be a handful of people that will poop on it more than a routed Popeye. Just pop into any of the MM/MB/AFM remake threads.

As you said - Haggis isn’t trying to make an exact copy of Fathom - they are improving on the original in many ways. I know it will play slightly differently and I’m completely fine with that.

#997 5 months ago
Quoted from Chambo:

I’m just jumping in here because I’m an Aussie too
Congrats to all buyers. Personally, I’m torn - and short of cash after LZ and GNR

You only need enough cash for the deposit at this point! Don’t forget the order cutoff is on Monday.

#1039 5 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

I'll be surprised if they remake Paragon as it's a Super Widebody. Certainly worthy though - great game!
Centaur and Flash Gordon are tops on my list. I might even consider replacing my excellent EBD with a remake that has additional code.

Flash Gordon would be out of this world if they could get the rights to the film and soundtrack. There are so many goofy modes they could make from that movie. Sam Jones or Timothy Dalton would be great choices for creating the new call outs.

2 weeks later
#1249 4 months ago

I’m sure you could have it shipped via air freight if you don’t mind paying the extra $$$. When I shipped Alien from Aus to US it was around $1000 (700 air freight, 150 insurance, 200 customs, 60 for warehouse).

But hard to justify since sea shipping to US is included in the price.

1 month later
#1463 87 days ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I hope there are no other charges? I was under the impression that they were right around 8900 shipped to pps and then we pay shipping from there and that was it?

It’s 11500 AUD - so it could be anywhere from $6k to $13k based on the exchange rate (using approx high/low values from past 20 years)

1 month later
#1600 35 days ago

I’d love to see another update video from Damian. How many Celts are left? How many games per day are being made? When does he anticipate Fathom builds to start? Did he resolve his delivery door issues?

3 weeks later
#1650 8 days ago
Quoted from dscapo:

Am I the only one that felt slightly less enthusiastic about where things are production wise with Fathom? I understand the need to get Celts out, I understand the shipping and parts and lockdown constraints… I was not aware that they had to reverse engineer components or custom build things like rollover switches for Fathom. It sounds like they are admittedly trying to figure everything out as they go.
I don’t think that once the last Celts leaves, the Fathoms will start flowing through the building as I had anticipated.
This last update made it sound a year away, not a couple months.
I have faith that they can do it but I now believe preorders were way premature.

I'd love to hear how many pins they are currently making per week and when they anticipate Fathom production to begin (for real).

#1652 8 days ago
Quoted from simbob:

Folks, Melbourne, Australia - where Haggis is located- is still in the longest and strictest Covid lockdown that has happened anywhere on the planet. In about 3 weeks Melbourne will open up again and I would expect that can get a serious tilt on getting things moving then. Cut them a little slack, I think they have done a great job so far in incredibly difficult circumstances.

I never said they weren't doing a great job - nor was I critical in any way. I just asked how many pins they are currently making a week and what the new timeline is.

My assumption is that there is *some* work happening since I'm seeing Celt deliveries and Damian is making update videos from the factory.

1 week later
#1694 1 day ago

I’m enjoying these short manufacturing videos.

I’d love to see playfield inserts being made/inserted….metal being cut/bent/polished….backglass creation, etc.

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