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Haggis Pinball - 2nd game = Fathom + Fathom 2.0 confirmed

By FalconPunch

7 months ago

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#155 7 months ago

Anyone know if it's possible to join Clan Haggis today, and be able to order a Mermaid Edition ahead of time? I assumed the Clan Haggis thing was only for people who bought a Celts. But in looking closer it seems like anyone can just buy in, just like the Spooky Fang club. But I don't necessarily wanna spend the $70 to join the Club, if it won't actually allow me to order sooner.

Cuz I think these are gonna be sold out very quick.

#160 7 months ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

I just joined Clan Haggis this morning. As of 9am I was order number #93 for the clan membership....guessing this means they sold at least that many? Deposit down on a Mermaid edition. I was in the market for a restored fathom but this just made my decision easier.

Yep, just put my deposit down as well. As soon as I paid for my Club membership, I got the option to put down a Mermaid Edition deposit. I guess I was overthinking it!

I wonder if any Mermaid Editions will even be left by the 28th?

#190 7 months ago
Quoted from surfnrg:

Ya... it's a risk..but I love old bally's... i'll get the set. Just sucks because I wouldn't have paid for the added mermaid edition if they didnt hold back the 2.0 code. I'm not a big fan. I'm guessing they'll add that in on the standard after getting their orders.

Right, but I'm guessing the reason that there's no 2.0 code on the Standard is that it doesn't have the LCD screen or the RGB LEDs. Without those, it's a lot harder to communicate with the player and actually implement new, mode-based, gameplay. And if they put those elements into the standard, then there wouldn't be much to differentiate it from the ME.

Quoted from Frax:

Priced out, as usual.
Oh well. Enjoy, folks.

Well, bear in mind that the ME is very, very limited, and it's a well-know and loved design and art-package. With only 250 MEs being made, how many will actually make it to the USA? Maybe 150, 125? I can't see any owner having trouble selling this for what they bought it for down the line. Especially if these indestructible pfs really are as robust as what Haggis is saying they are. So while it is a lot of cost, it's a very liquid, non-depreciating, purchase.

#191 7 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

I’m in! #14 babay. Let’s hope the topper doesn’t disappoint

How'd you get your number? I'm in, but I don't know what spot in line I'm at/

#218 7 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

They should email you a confirmation[quoted image]

That's not your LE slot number. I ordered a shirt and it was order number 102 or something, and then later put down my deposit and I was order number 121 or something. That's just the number of any order on the Haggis website. Although theoretically it will tell you who's ahead or behind you.

#228 7 months ago

I for one can't wait for the inevitable "It doesn't play like the original!" and "The flippers are all wrong!" comments and threads to start poring in!

#281 7 months ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

As far as investment goes....I don't understand that for I never have looked at pinball like that. I buy what I want to play. Not what I think will give me a return. I can't see the value of a mermaid version tanking on the aftermarket though and should hold its value steady like the majority of NIB. But again who cares if you lose money if you got you moneys worth of fun. That's all that matters.

Sounds like a person who has enough space and/or funds to buy and hold onto as many games as you like.

Many of us are space or budget limited, and need to sell/trade old games in order to get new ones. So pins holding their value is a big deal to folks like me. Being careful with buying and selling is what has allowed me to own the games that I have.

#290 7 months ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

Neither to be honest with you. My comment on buying a pin as an investment was talking about those individuals who only buy with the speculation of the game going up in value. Not buying a game that they actually want to play and enjoy. That is what I am talking about. Would you rather buy a game that you don't care to play and gain a $1,000 on it a year later when you sell or would you rather buy a game that you enjoy playing but lose $1,000 on it a year later? I would pick the latter. If someone picks the first choice then that sounds like a bad time. You can find a way to make up the difference to buy another one a year later. Life is too short to try and make a quick buck on a pinball machine.

So more speaking of "flippers." I get ya. Still, a pin retaining good value isn't a bad thing at all. Plus, the really fun games tend to be the ones that hold their value anyway.

#445 7 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Hey Zack. Can you explain this? No one has an invoice number below 100 and none of us have gotten our game numbers yet.
Whats up?

Right. I asked him the same thing. Maybe an inside type deal. Since he's a distro and media, ect. Maybe not. He might just have a direct line to Damien/Haggis and be able to chat directly and find out his slot.

But I'm just speculating

#507 7 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

Confirmed by whom? Did they email you your info?

Seems like they are slowly working through the depositors. I've seen that they are up to people who's online order number was around 110. I'm 125, and haven't been contacted yet. And one could assume that every other order# is a deposit, so there are probably 7-ish people they'd need to contact before me.

I'm a bit annoyed with myself though; before I realized how the process worked, I ordered a t-shirt and I was order number 102. But then I waited a couple hours before joining clan haggis and paying the deposit, and by then I was online order #125.

Ah well, I'm still hoping that I'm a fairly low number. And now I know how it works for next time.

#523 7 months ago

Hoping that depositors will post if/when they've been contacted by Haggis. As it's been a couple of days since I paid my deposit, I'm getting anxious for confirmation that I'm good to go. Order #125. As it's the morning now in Victoria, hopefully we'll get some more updates/action soon.

#543 7 months ago

Received my email confirmation. It actually came in late last night, but went to my junk mail folder, and I didn't see it until this evening.

#616 7 months ago
Quoted from surfnrg:

Anyone else notice that on the video it mentions 2.0 code, but doesn't mention that it's for the Mermaid Edition only. If it's available on all models do you think they'll offer refunds for those who went Mermaid? I would have waited otherwise.

Pretty sure no apron screens or rgb lighting means no 2.0 code.

#632 7 months ago
Quoted from Jecco74:

This remake came at a good time.
I look forward to many years of successful remakes for Haggis.

Came at a good time for me as well. I nearly went in on the new run of Alien, and I nearly went in on a RAZA (bullet dodged). But decided to wait and see what came. Sure am glad I did! As this is a super cool project!

#679 7 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

so true only one game shipped and they are collecting dosh for the second one? I'd love for them to be doing Flash Gordon but want to be sure it arrives.
now what other pinball companies started talking about their second game whilst people waited for the first?

It's smart to have the next game ready to go as soon as the first is finished. Much better than waiting years between new releases like CGC, AP, or JJP.

#750 7 months ago
Quoted from jcg9998:

I think at this stage, Haggis can probably make quite a few of the titles from the 1981 time period and sell 250 special editions if the game has at least as many additional features as the Mermaid edition. However, because of the low market values of many of these games, they would probably struggle to sell classic editions. I think everyone agrees that Centaur will sell as well as Fathom. I think the same would hold true with many popular games from all era's. 250 is not a lot of games to sell worldwide. In fact, I'm wondering if this is going to inspire other boutique or new companies to try the same thing.

Quoted from gdonovan:

You are not going to sell 250 Future Spa 2.0 for 8k a pop.
Some titles I doubt you will ever see just because licensing headaches with various franchises.

I definitely think that some of Bally titles might be a harder sell...BUT a lot of potential buyers are holding off until they see how this Fathom release goes. If all the Fathom games get out the door with minimal delays and headaches, that would instill a lot of confidence in people who aren't sure of Haggis' abilities.

I for one, feel very confident that I'll get my Fathom ME by the end of the year. But I get that a lot of potential buyers are worried, given the track records of some of the previous boutique companies.

1 week later
#890 6 months ago

It's pretty quiet around here. Hoping for a big update from Haggis soon!

2 weeks later
#1086 6 months ago

Glad they all sold out, one way or the other. Wouldn't have felt right if they only made say 232 or something, plus it means the demand is there going forward to future titles.

Only question I have now is when we'll find out our build order. I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to know how many games will be built before mine. And of course, I know that containers will have to filled prior to shipping, so build date is no guarantee of a delivery window or anything. Still, I'm damn curious!

#1176 6 months ago

I chose #86. For my birth year. Seemed as good as any number.

4 weeks later
#1307 5 months ago
Quoted from Our_Man_in_Oz:

Amen man. Feels like blasphemy to speak of the 'hallow' title that way here lol. The music alone was enough to make me turn the other way from it too.

Eh, I still like GNR's cover of Live and Let Die.

#1322 5 months ago
Quoted from chalkup8:

Best update ? Really ? 50 Celts orders being filled now out of production of 200. Then onto Fathom. He's standing in front of the same background shot with the same 5 partially built Celts games that was posted here the other day after a factory tour. Celts is only getting started now! "Bally's classics are in good hands" There's more coming ? Can't wait.
A quick proto Fathom vid would be very nice and most welcome right now, easy to do, yes? No one is that busy, surely. Pull your I Phone from your pocket.

Well, I mean they've got 20 Celts cabs to still build over the next couple weeks, and then they're starting on the Fathom cabs. So that seems like good progress. I assume then we'll start to see some pics of Fathom production, which will be great to see!

#1339 5 months ago

Any chance of a DBA-ready coin-door option? I'll be putting my Fathom on location, and it would really be nice to have the ability to accept dollar bills.

Pretty much all pins released stateside since the mid-90s have had coin doors with a DBA slot cutout. But I get there are aesthetic considerations with this particular game.

#1379 4 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Once again, i'll repeat myself for those with poor comprehension. It would not cut out a single classic remake buyer as you argue if it was an option, now would it?
I'll also repeat that i don't expect it would be retrofitted to a machine thats about to go into production either, i'm just suggesting this is something i'd like to see as an option, one of the main reasons i am into pinball is for the art, and there is zero art in a coin door as big as a milk crate. The front of the machine and the backglass are what you see when approaching a pinball.
Repeating once again, that the only possible reason anyone could have to argue against it being an option is resistance to change. You'd still be able to order with the coin door for fucks sake.
Twin LCD screens in the apron is hardly classic either is it?
A painted coin door is not an alternative to no coin door mate.

I actually think the chromed coin door on the ME is astheticly pleasing.

#1393 4 months ago
Quoted from MT45:

Arrived yesterday. So excited for them and looking forward to a Mermaid Edition[quoted image]

Huh, mine didn't have a beanie hat. Was it supposed to?

1 week later
#1444 4 months ago
Quoted from Boof-Ed:

Wow. $4000 non refundable deposit. Am I reading that correctly? I paid $1500 AUD deposit.
[quoted image]

I guess GAP wants some money down to hold the game as well as Haggis? From what I've seen, GAP seems to price things at a premium. I haven't personally had any dealings with them, and maybe they're great to work with...but when I've checked prices on their website, they always seem to be high.

#1452 4 months ago

For my fellow American buyers, seems like Wise will be the best way to pay our remaining balances to Haggis. Best exchange rate by far, been in business a long time, and are very legitimate. I just compared what it would cost to send 10,000 AUD via Wise, and via Wells Fargo, and Wise was literally $300 USD cheaper for the same amount of Australian Dollars.

I'm not sure if Haggis will want us to pay in AUD, or whether they will accept USD. Even if they accept both, one method may end up being a lot cheaper for us than another.


Also, I'd love an update from Haggis soon. It's been a while since we got any new info. According to Damian, they should hopefully all ready be working on the first 30 games.

#1459 4 months ago
Quoted from Gotfrogs:

Thanks for the heads up. I use the app OFX for my downpayment. It cost me $1198 USD to send $1500 AUD. Before the next payment I will compare it to Wise.

Quoted from punkin:

I use OFX all the time to send US$ to China, really good rates compared to the big banks.

Seems like OFX is very similar to Wise. I'm personally more familiar with Wise, and I think costs and exchange rate were very close to OFX when I looked.

1 week later
#1506 3 months ago
Quoted from Clytor:

Hey, we are all eager for updates. Especially those of us with Mermaids on order. I don't think you see any other manufacturers giving any more updates than this. Let them do their thing and I'm sure they will give us something juicy when they have it.

While I agree with you, we did have very frequent updates for the first few months. So I think perhaps an unrealistic expectation was set. But unrealistic expectations or not, it has been over a month since the last update, so I don't think it's unreasonable for people to wonder how it's been going there at Haggis Pinball.

But as you say, all we can do is wait.

2 months later
#1669 46 days ago
Quoted from jardine:

It's interesting that Haggis has had to close. They are manufacturing, as is my business, and we didn't close.
I am actually in the construction industry side of things and even with the 2 week closure of this industry...we still didn't close.
Couldn't find an updated permitted industry so if someone does...feel free to correct me but the photo shows who can work and stay open.
I just know that a lot, A LOT, of small businesses are operating through lockdowns because...well...tbh...f*ck the government!
[quoted image]

Haggis didn't close. Since they're in manufacturing, as you said. But the lockdowns still contributed to delays in other ways.

1 month later
#1753 4 days ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

I believe Marty has stated a few times on multiple podcasts that he doesn't want to show the code off but have buyers experience it for the first time when they get it in their homes.

Correct. He has said it is finished now though.

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