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Jack*Bot club... Everyone welcome

By Syco54645

5 years ago

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#85 3 years ago
Quoted from Casinorun:

Shlockdoc, this is an example of a piece I had to recreated for my Jackbot.

Hello there, very nice job with this broken plastic, it look super quality... I'm in the process of buying a Jackbot (so hope to join the club very soon..). The one I'm buyng got a broken plastic, the blue long one on the left to casino run, does anyone know a source for replacing this plastic ? I searched but did not find one, perhpaps do someone's got a nice vector scan of this Jackbot plastic ?

Many thanks, I love this pinball...

2 months later
#103 2 years ago

I will join this club shortly. Proudly.
In the meantime... Rick at pps, as I asked for Jackbot plastics:

"We are about to run them using the original WMS artwork, so should be in the next 2-3 months to be available.

Please let others know.


2 months later
#133 2 years ago

Received confirmation yesterday from Rick@PPS:

"Supplier is working on getting samples at which point probably 30-45 days"

Just wondering if mini pf will be done, I suppose no?
I found a pinbot one and got it as I was assured here in the forum it fits perfecly, just in case...my jb is gonna arrive in a week.
Think this pinball will be much more appreciated in the near future

1 month later
#218 2 years ago

Officially in the club! This pin is a beauty. New decals and chromed molding, polished steel rails and lockbar, leds, new polished steel legs. Waiting for plastics as I got the usual one broke(repaired) and couple of others semi broken or faded. Bought it fully restored by a real pro local collector and seller, my only concern is what will happen when I raise the playfield, blades are really thin..but there is a micron space on each side . Did half an hour of fast play, everything seems 100% perfect but I'll test further. Wow this pin is really fast. I think I'm gonna play with some colored leds combinations, and I really would like a transparent mini PF, think that would be cool. Just waiting for final touches and final test play ...and I'll take it home.

2017-09-21-PHOTO-00001459 (resized).jpg

2017-09-21-PHOTO-00001465 (resized).jpg

2017-09-21-PHOTO-00001463 (resized).jpg

#224 2 years ago

Love the colored arrows of the sample model

#225 2 years ago

Me too

#232 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Welcome to the club, dang that looks nice congrats. The mini pf is pretty simple to make, I made mine in about 3 hours, if your half way handy you should have no problem. Get some brown craft paper and slide it between the pf and the blades, that should help. Before you led it clean the underside of the inserts REAL good. Please don't color bomb your game, let the great plastic and pf art shine. I'll be putting on a couple double spot lights so the colors of the art show better. A pinsider is doing a new acrylic pf back board with graphics on it that we will be able to light up. Should be interesting to see and compare with that flat black one. I'll be getting the first one.

Thanks! Good point about colored leds, JB plastics are really cool by themselves, the new ones will shine even better. I'll try the brown craft paper trick for sure . When I get JB at home I'll start with my "paranoid" cleaning of everything and clean the underside of inserts. The more I play this pin the more I like it.

1 month later
#239 2 years ago

Ding Dong ! From Rick@ppp, one hour ago:
"The plastics are here and will be up on the store in the next couple of days."

Thanks to everybody who sent their plastics for letting this possible

#244 2 years ago

I did ordered too the same, set, visor decal, mini pf and extra spare casino run plastic, the most sought ever from almost all JB owners I think....Thanks Rick, also for fast mail replies

#251 2 years ago

Yes I really would like to see that mod too, very curious about that. In the mid of the process of cleaning my pf.. I noticed how nice is the bumpers area and I really also would like to try a transparent mini pf, I think it would be really cool.
My mini pf is also the less colorful one, by the way.

#256 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Man that was quick, Pick is really on the ball, my plastics arrived today. They are sooooo nice I hate to put them on the game.

... I'm gonna hang them in a golden frame on the wall for some weeks before putting them in "production".

3 weeks later
#265 2 years ago

Wow! That’a a super cool mod! My congratulations, the matrix lighting system is something I got to try. Thanks for sharing these pics, gonna look for these clear screws too. My JB is still punishing me, hard pin is it, got to practice more- but I like it so much, and changing plastics with new ones was so easy.
Any news about back panel mod?

4 weeks later
#271 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Oh man I FINALLY got my game back together, all new switches, flippers rebuilt, new flipper bats, all new rubbers, pf stripped, polished and waxed, a couple new plastics, new star posts, blue on one side red on the other, Cliffy switch slot protectors, lit up the outlane switch slots with double headed flex led, red on one side blue on the other, replaced the 4 metal bolts on each outlane guide and put red on one side and blue on the other side single head flex leds under the pf pointing up into the zerk fittings to light up the clear plastic bolts I replaced the metal ones with. New coin door with keyless lock, my blue Leg Light-Ups, beatmasters blue shooter housing light up, new clear flipper buttons with my home made light-ups, new lock bar and receiver, new legs and levelers, removed all cabinet and head cartage bolts and repainted, all led's installed, added an OCD board (the stock settings makes all inserts look perfect), added a Pinnovators sub woofer board (WOW what a difference in sound), hand made a new clear mini pf, added 3 double spot lights, put an Ice Blue Frosted 10 led Comet led strip in the center drain, cleaned the cabinet and backbox inside and out, removed and cleaned the power supply, made 2 oak runners for the back of the cabinet (the cheap pine ones were toast), installed new start button, removed pf and sanded 2 pockets for the mirror blades to sit in so the pf doesn't even come close to the mirrors when it's lifted and lowered. I THINK that's it but still waiting for the custom pf back board, it should be here in a couple weeks then I have to figure out a way to light it up from behind. The pictures make the dark areas of the pf look even darker, it's actually lit quite nice.

Wow Looks awesome ! Congratulations, super well done job. Transparent mini pf looks awesome, want to do the same. Where did you order the bumpers lighting ? Cheers-

#274 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

They are from Cometpinballbulbs, red top leds with white bottom leds. You have to super glue them on to the caps, hot melt just doesn't hold up.

Nice, thank you for the info

1 month later
#285 2 years ago

Come on people let's resurrect this thread !

Yesterday I made a discreet score on my JB ...3.300.000.000 and something. I know it's not a great score and I got to improve.
My pals love so much this pin ! Love the pin rules and the pin itself. This pin's got really me hooked.

#289 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

You got a sub woofer on it? This game really sounds great with one.

I would like! With Jack Bot music pumping I'm sure it would sound fantastic. Think I'm gonna go that route...

1 month later
#313 1 year ago
Quoted from chaskett:

Get your enhanced 5 drop target base and 5 drop target back here:

Pinbot/Jackbot Enhanced 5 Drop Target Base
This is an enhanced underplayfield drop target base for the 1986 Williams Pin*Bot and 1990 Williams Jack*Bot pinball machines. This piece is often found broken or glued together on the pinball machine. Having a new base is ideal to keep the moving target rigid and free from wiggling in the up or down position. I have enhanced the slim piece that attches to the under side of the playfield by thickening the material and adding a diagonal cant to make the piece able to take more abuse.

Pinbot/Jackbot 5 Drop Target Back
This is a replacement drop target back for the 1986 Williams Pin*Bot and 1990 Williams Jack*Bot pinball machines. This piece is often found broken as it is constantly getting hammered by the silver ball. Having a new back is ideal to keep the moving target rigid and free from wiggling in the up or down position.

Thanks ! Mine is in pretty bad shape and I'll order one soon ! Nice to see some one finally made this.

3 months later
#344 1 year ago

Wow. I definitively consider me IN if them will be done and fit Jackbot,
seems it is JB reinassance, new plastics... new ramps.... gorgeous!

4 months later
#428 1 year ago

Excellent job . Jackbot is absolutely a keeper and when you master the game is such a great satisfaction. Great pin, and my personal greetings for joining the Club!

Quoted from jibmums:

Spent the last few days flattening and gluing the 2-2-A-A-A and all the arrow inserts in my playfield. First time flattening inserts so I was a little apprehensive about how they might turn out, but they're just about perfect. Made my own clamping blocks from Home Depot hardwood flooring samples, a different size and shape for each type of insert. I think I'm going to lay some removable mylar over the cards and grid area to prevent any possible insert chipping in the future, then the repopulating can begin.
[quoted image][quoted image]
Old vs. new parts for the pop bumpers, how did they function with such broken skirts? This isn't even the worst one.
[quoted image]

3 months later
#505 12 months ago
Quoted from jibmums:

Another rubber-related question, what size are you guys using for this long one next to the lift ramp? The manual calls for a 3" but that's so tight that it's pulling on both end posts so hard that they're angling over slightly, and then I can't fit the plastic over the threads without bowing it down. A 4" rubber is on the looser side but then no problems with the posts or plastic, and it's not like this is a high-bouncey area. The last thing I want to do is break the NOS plastic I just bought, so to be on the safe side I think the 4" it is unless someone tells me differently......?
[quoted image]

Me too I'm interested in this as I got same problem and worried about too much tension there. Think I'm gonna stick to 4" too if there is no right exact size...

3 months later
#545 8 months ago
Quoted from abagwell:

Hiya folks...been hunting for an affordable Williams and well....here I am![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Welcome to the club. Whoever choose Jackbot is a man o fine taste, Sir. I got this pin since two years and still play it very often. Intriguing rules and pretty difficult, never boring gameplay.

1 month later
#558 7 months ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

One week I will be joining can’t wait

Welcome to this Club. The more I play this game the more I like it. It seems a simple design but it's a masterpiece of deep rules and tricks, addictive and a very fast pin, pretty hard to master. After a couple of years I definitively can say it's a keeper. And very easy to shop too, new plastics are available. Have fun! Cheers.

4 months later
#648 79 days ago

Hi all. Any help please on an issue I caused... I decided to attach a second led strip (comet) and I did attach it to GI on the upper left slingshot light. Everything is led. I took care attachin it with alligators . The problem could be there was another strip (ball throug led comet strip) attached to the same slingshot light but lower one. What an idiot .. now almost lower playfield is no lights. Checked fuses and seems ok, if I did short something where do I look? Fuses seems ok. Any help appreciated.. thanks!

#650 79 days ago
Quoted from HowardHurtz:

Did you install from under the playfield with the game on?

Hi, no when game was powered off.

#652 78 days ago

Thanks. I will start checking for pinched wires or connectors where I attached allogators clip and try to follow cables and check them to the board.I’m Newbie on shorts, I think these are the first steps?

1 month later
#674 41 days ago
Quoted from HowardHurtz:

You are in multiball with a ball trapped on each flip and an eye lit... Do you shoot right-right, left-left, or cross field? Bowen goes cross field on the PAPA vid, but I seem to have much better luck with the 'backhand' shot.

Me too backhand, as I miss much more when I try cross field shots. The more I play this game and the more I love it. Did hit very good scores only after a looooooooooong time spent playing it. Rules are so deep, a pure pinball happiness. Definitively a keeper.

2 weeks later
#680 25 days ago

I had kids too at home plunging really hard (did not have any problems..) and I just did cut a little bit the plunger spring, so now even if they pull hard the ball does not enter the vortex like a bullet.

3 weeks later
#694 1 day ago
Quoted from jibmums:

Just finished up a good game, first time I had a lane lit for "extra ball" from the full house....and a second lit for "extra ball" from the slot machine....and a third lit for "extra ball" from exiting the mini-playfield at the right time....all at the same time. Now I'm going to make it my mission to get all four lanes lit and take a photo of it. I'll need either another mini-playfield exit, or a lucky Casino Run, and no ball running over a lit lane 'til all four are lit. Anyone here ever done this?

Yes but after a looooooooong time playing this marvellous beast. I got really high scores one year after purchasing it, when I studied very well the rules, jackbot is no pin for the casual gamer I think, and I earned really huge points insisting with casino run again and again. Extra balls did help for sure when I did set my personal records and in Jackbot you can obtain at least three of them without too much effort and with some skills.
My problem is I get high scores only if a friend of mine comes to me so we can make small tournaments, when I'm alone I feel it more difficult to try alone.

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