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It's Twins! ***pics added ***

By 85vett

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

Fraternal Twins to be more specific. Will be a couple of hours till my buddy will get here to help me unbox them but here's a teaser for all you NIB porn lovers Thanks to everyone that talked me into a Premium AC/DC vs the pro in my other thread.

I have this feeling that I'm not going to get any sleep tonight.


#5 6 years ago

Finally got them all up and running correctly. Didn't get to play last night as I had trouble figuring out the AC/DC cannon but after cleaning the opto's it works perfectly now.

I am really impressed with the playfields on both AC/DC and AV Pro. I expected AC/DC to be real nice but was pleasantly surprised to see the AV pro had a good clear layer on it. Also, really happy to see my lower window is clear with no issues. (knocking on wood).

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

#7 6 years ago

You know what's better then a new pin when you are 3? Playing in the box


#13 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinballgeek:

Great. with the machines in place the lineup just looks excellent
One question how is Avengers pro and Transformers le and is there any downsides to it

They aren't the most popular of choices but have a place in my heart. I love them and couldn't be happy with how they complete my line-up. Others have their reasons why they don't care for them. They are pins that you really have to play to make up your opinion on since they are either a love them or hate them type of pin. If you have any specific questions about them shoot me a PM and I'll answer them as honestly and openly as possible.

It's torture right now as I can't play them right now. My neighbor was on call today and had to run out so I'm watching his 3 and 4 year old until he gets back. My wife went shopping so I'm on my own and the pins are calling my name!

#17 6 years ago
Quoted from dinot:

Don't be so short sighted. The pool table is great for holding parts and tools while you work on your pins.

That's to funny as it's used for that more often then I'd like to admit.

Quoted from centerflank:

Congrats! I think that pool table is taking up valuable pin space!

Exactaly what my buddy said that helped me bring the pins in the house. We're moving in a couple of years so will have a dedicated pinball room soon enough

#19 6 years ago

MRBally - Thanks for the compliments. Here is what I have. http://www.floorjunkies.com/garage-flooring/garage-tiles-interlocking-floor/modutile-diamond-garage-flooring-red.html

Yes, I do jack my cars up on it to change the oil or do minor maintenance. Haven't had any issues with it but I do use a flat piece of metal under the jack when jacking. I put the jack stands straight on the floor though and have not had an issue. I've had it about 5 years now and love it. I wouldn't recommend jacking on it directly though. I did it once and it put a small dent in a tile. It worked itself out a couple of months later though. Took about 4 hours to install. The whole garage took me about 4 days. Gotta have a nice place for my babies to sleep though. Here are a couple of other pics of it.

I wish I could have a basement. Just not cost effective where I live so we just turned our formal dining room and formal loving room (one large room) into our game room.

post_12.jpg post_13.jpg post_14.jpg

#24 6 years ago
Quoted from Olddragon:

Lucky dog! Although I own a basement, local codes prevented me from building a loving room!

Quoted from dito:

Hm... Pics of the formal loving room would be interesting...

Your looking at it. Look at the top of the pic with all 5 pins and you'll see the dining room chandelier. Took pics standing in what is supposed to be the formal living room. It's just one large and long room.

#26 6 years ago

LOL... Damn auto correct. Sometimes these "smart" phones make me look stupid.

#31 6 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

I've been told a couple of times not to get the AC/DC because it is not 'kid-friendly' but I see your kids playing it. I've never seen the AC/DC...any issues or concerns with your kiddos?

No issues at all. I left family mode on and turned down the rudeness meter. I don't get yelled at by Steve much but with those things turned off I feel it's OK for the kids. The only questionable thing around here (being in the bible belt) is just the fact that the mini playfield looks kind of like the devil and Hell (as it's supposed to). Kids don't mind that but I'm guessing some parents may. If so, then they can play something else. Heck, all the kids that came over and played the pin this weekend all were dancing while playing. Reminded me of AV8's son playing. Was cool too see.

Example - My parents came over and played a bit. My mother is very easily offended to the point where "farted" is a bad word in her house. She played AC/DC a lot and never once said a thing, and trust me, she would have

#32 6 years ago
Quoted from hb1981:

Very nice! i'm jealous lol! i have a respectable Job, but i cannot even buy 1 NIB game how do you do it

All about choices. I'm very blessed to have a good job and a great wife that has the same desires as me. We have 2 passions that we share. Cars and the game room (more than just pinball). She's a teacher and my job doesn't produce that much more than her. It's just that we are very frugal with our money outside of cars and the game room. We don't drink, go out to fancy restaurants, don't buy a lot of nick naks, etc. We set up our living expenses (house, utility, food) to where it can all be covered by her paycheck. My paycheck is just for savings and fun money. We could have a house twice the size in a much nicer area but we just don't need it so no need to spend the money. Doing this has allowed us to afford some fun things where as friends of ours with the same income are living paycheck to paycheck without the fun things. For some the $$$ truly isn't there yet, will come if they keep working hard, but for most I really feel it's about choices on where you want to spend your money. That being said, most people I know think we are crazy for choosing to spend our money on pinball. They understand the car obsession though.

Our main goal was to set up our house to be the house all the kids want to come to so that when our daughter get's older they want to come to our house vs handing out at others. Makes it so much easier to keep track of her and that she's making good decisions when she and her friends are around us vs avoiding us.

#34 6 years ago

hp, I'm going to answer that last question knowing I'm going to get flack for it but TFLE is still my favorite as is my wifes favorite as well. We love AC/DC and we also love AV but TFLE is still our favorite. The theme just fits us nicely. We both could care less if the call outs have multiple Optimus voices or the extra second it takes a ball to travel down the lanes. We just love how it all comes together and matches our eyes.

If you are looking at either I'd strongle recommedn you play them first as their are very few people that would put TF over AC/DC but you could be one of them. Chances are likely that wont be the case but that's the only way to tell. TF will be less $$$ but AC/DC is the safer bet if you have to buy one without playing it.

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