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Is Willy Wonka next from Jersey Jack ?


10 months ago

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#234 9 months ago

WW is the only title they most likely have full license to release, so it stands to reason it’s the next game. TS won’t have Hank’s or Allen’s voice work, so count that one out as being next. Since pirates didn’t have almost any assets at all, other than one photo of each actor.

$9.5k aside, it’s just too small a market to warrant more of a full license purchase. JJP would have been wiser to do a “Black Rose” type of title or a POTC ride version of the game and skip any mention of the movies, because that is almost what they did.

Players on the other hand, are spending $9.5k feel like they should have a game with full license, after spending that kind of money and are disappointed when they don’t.

Have played JJP Pirates and Sterns pirates and there is no comparison. JJP Pirates is a blast to play with sooooo many targets to hit, with nice flow (although still think Dialed In is JJPs best table to date). Unlike WOZ which has almost no ball interaction with the various items on the PF, POTC silver ball has all kind of interactivity. Most likely WW will have that kind of shot layout if Pat is working it. My guess is we will see WW at TPF come spring. It does not make sense for any other title or the backlash of another very limited license from Disney, will be too much.

1 month later
#338 7 months ago

All you DI trolls, please stay out of this and all JJP threads (lol). We don’t need your nonsense here (lol). DI theme is the only thing you can bash, because you know Dialed In plays the best out of any game made. Has the most ball interactive toys. The most shots. Buttery smooth flow, and on and on. So the only thing you can bash is the theme. Which is not a weakness either. It is so well integrated into the table.

BTW, if you’d only open your narrow minds a little, you’d realize the theme is awesome, unless you don’t like all the disaster or campy sci-fi themes of the past. Dialed In stands tall in the theme business and it is refreshing to have an original theme, instead of all the copy and paste movie themes out there. Grow up and stop bashing the best pin ever made just over the theme. You and I know there is nothing else you can say negative about one of the best pin’s ever made. At the very least it is in the top three of all time. No I don’t work for Jack, lol. But he is a friend of mine.

#351 7 months ago

WW at TPF. Bank on it. Only rumored license with full assests. TS, wonder if it’ll be like POTC, which has a Disney name with one photo of each character and not much more? Hope not, because TS will be high on my list to buy, if it has some original voice work. Disney is sooooo tight on assets. You’d think they would want a great product. Not saying to give them away.

Having said all that, would rather have a packed play field, than spend on Disney assets.

#353 7 months ago
Quoted from BrewinBombers:

You're expecting a March 2019 reveal of JJP Wonka? Wow. That'd be great.

More than a rumor. Heard directly from a birdie that I cannot mention. It will be revealed. Exciting stuff! Finally and a long time coming. POTC was last reveal and that was almost 2 years ago. Finally a table with all the assets to make it great! A month and a half and counting down...

#356 7 months ago

Not sure who is on TS, but Pat is on WW

#362 7 months ago

Pretty sure it’s Pat on WW and it will be released at TPF. Pat likes regular bodies and so does Jack. Weigh less with better ball flow and cheaper to make and ship. TS was going to be first, but since it most likely won’t have full assests like WW, WW will be released first.

1. WOZ - Partial assets - saw Judy sing, but with someone else’s voice for example.

2. Hobbit - full assets and hence version 3.10.

3. Dialed In - original title so full assets. Brilliant game and JJP’s best effort to date.

4. POTC - very limited assets - no original music, voice work, movie clips, etc. only one photo of actors and Disney name with POTC logo. That’s it. Think game would have done better without Disney name and hassle. Generic pirates game and you’d have a winner. Put more of the no license money into game, like make 3 rings work with better material and orders would have been stellar. Lots of people counted on that feature. Many ways to make that work. Make it out of aluminium for example, so no warping. Which is what they were worried about.

5. WW - full assets - should be a big hit.

6. TS - back to partial assets, but no issues with actors faces, just voices. Disney is a tough one to deal with. Will be interesting to see how well it comes out in the asset area.

You can see from the above how JJP has released partial or full assets every other release.

#371 7 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

So will JJP release back to back pins with Johnny Depp or will it be the original?? Has there been any confirmation?
[quoted image]

Yep, original. Deppwould be a bad choice for sure and kill most all sales. His mug on POTC has hurt sales of that machine (no fault of JJP, as his negative stuff hit after machine release). I know people who were going to buy and then seeing Depp on artwork and after all his negative press as of late, canceled.

#372 7 months ago

Toy Story will be good, coming from JJP. That’s going to be a winner. So many fun things can be done with that. I imagine it as a packed PL table. Just like, but different to Pat’s all time best table Dialed In. Now that’s a dream machine!

#412 7 months ago
Quoted from Greenandwhite:

What is the average time between an announced pin and when the games begin to ship? Wonka could be epic, looking forward to seeing the final product!

The whole reason it’s been two years since we’ve seen a new announcement is to close the wild gap between announcing and shipping. Plan is to ship within a short period of announcements, like big daddy pinball stern does. Ship within a couple weeks of announcement.

#433 7 months ago

Willy Wonka for the win! Wish Toy Story first, but happy with WW at TPF next month. Finally JJP will be releasing a new table after two years waiting. Just hope they don’t up prices. That would not be good for JJP or us customers.

#435 7 months ago

It should be only an LE. $8,500 and it’ll sell like hot cakes. Standard, LE, CE makes no sense, with little differences, other than paint. Or if they do this as before, limited LE to 500, not 2500. Even Stern knows this is not good marketing.

#437 7 months ago

I know that, but my point is Sterns playfields reflect different options, not just paint. Like Munsters Pro has no lower PF, etc. If that were JJP, they’d all have a lower PF the way they build them. Good for standard, but not compelling to buy higher than an LE. LE not compelling because 2500 is not really too limited, like Sterns 500 LE models.

#439 7 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

I actually like that JJP gives you the whole game at all trim levels, and if you pencil out the jump from Standard to LE, the parts are worth pretty much the difference in price. They aren't bending you over for a nicely-appointed machine.

I agree from a consumer standpoint, but from a business viewpoint, Stern’s model works well, because LEs sellout sight unseen almost.

#483 7 months ago

Quite excited to see what Pat and team come up with for this title. If all the songs and assests are there, it’ll be a shoe in for game of the year! Sure it will be packed with toys, ramps, deep software and light shows!!

#504 7 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

What if wonka really is rumored to be a rethemed woz? (JJP following in Stern's footsteps of taking one layout and re-using it ALA big juicy melons, can crusher, primus). If true, how much are they going to change beyond artwork? (I assume pops would be oompa loompas, witch would be perhaps slugworth. Upper left could be the entrance to the factory, the house spinning could be replaced with a glass elevator).

This will never happen. Why would pat reuse a current table? He’s a top designer and doesn’t need someone else’s hand me down to be successful. No one will wish to buy a reskin of any of the four tables as good as they each are, won’t happen.

#505 7 months ago

And I know it won’t happen because I spoke to Jack directly about this.

#520 7 months ago

Hoping they release in 2020, MOon walker...MJ and Harry P. Of course GNR, but that’d be another table already done in the past by Stern, like POTC. Don’t we have enough of doubling up? Yes I know JJP versions are better.

#527 7 months ago

DI is not going to be re-themed, if ever. The table is brilliant the way it is. It’s campy humor and a blast to play. I’m not into disasters, but the jokes in this game are plenty and fun, making the table a hit theme wise. I love my Dialed In and it would anger all of us owners if Jack did re-theme it. Which he won’t because I asked him directly before spending $10k.

No one wants to buy a re-themed table at nearly $10k. Just ask the Beatlewitch market, the theme alone should sell the table, but people are staying away in the droves, at such high prices being a 1980 re-themed Seawitch. At the high prices Stern is asking, can you imagine how well it would have sold if it was a Magical Mystery Tour or Abbey Road modern original 2019 table? Even at such high PRICES it would have been a sellout. Stern really blew the Beatles license. Beatlewitch is not selling well at all and hopefully Sern has learned their lesson and won’t punish the market again with a high price license done through Ka-Pow.

#531 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

You say that, but how much did Supreme sell for?

Come on, Supreme is a crazy business model and everyone knows that. There’s no comparison.

#555 7 months ago

New TWIP confirms what I’ve been saying.

Pat is on WW (standard body) and will be revealed spring or most likely TPF. High anticipation for this game and with full assets, should be JJPs top table along with Dialed In, since it had full assets as well being an original table.

Eric is on TS (wide body) and will be revealed in the fall. Which makes sense he’s on TS, since he dealt with Disney on POTC and prefers wide body tables. Good fun since TS should be packed with none other than, (drum roll) lots of toys! Lol

GNR next year. Sure it will be good too, but do we need a second one already? Just like 2 POTCs? Really like that WW and TS have not been done by some other pinball company previously. Refreshing to have 2 new titles, not retreads from other companies, even though I know JJP does them better. (Would have been fun to have Batman and Munsters done by JJP for sure to see what packed features they’d have, although Sterns are nice.) Lol

#557 7 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I don't see toy story happening. Nobody has a reliable source on toy story. I think people are getting their hopes very high based upon some pretty unfounded rumors that have spread like wildfire.

I’ll give a hint. My prediction is not coming from a rumor.

#566 7 months ago

Rumors are running all over the place, like cockroaches, lol. Hopefully in a month we’ll all find out.

#580 7 months ago

Except (and I know we’ve privately discussed this) my understanding is higher level than yours. WW spring Pat’s table and TS in the fall Eric’s table. So sure on it, that I’d put my golden ticket down as part of the wager. Lol

As a business, JJP really needs these 2 tables to become relevant again. Not that they aren’t now, but it’s been two years since anything new. Really want to see them take off out of the niche realm of pinballdom. Before Deeproot comes on the scene to make it 3 players, like almost all industries settle into, a big 3 competition race. Competition is good although, for us consumers.

#585 7 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Willy Wonka, Toy Story, and Harry Potter? That sounds like one hell of a pinball release schedule if true Hopefully a HP pin comes out at some point and JJP is the one making it.

Heard that JK Rowling is so padantic about anything made in the Harry Potter world, that JJP is the only company she would allow to make a HP table. 2020?

#612 7 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I really don’t see the need for another GnR pin, but I’m not a fan of band pins in general.

Fully agree with that. Why do a repeat? Better yet, if you want a music pin pick one that will be generally liked by most.

#614 7 months ago

No I haven’t. If all true and probably it is, tough to pick a music pin then. Original themes like Dialed In is better anyway. Our money goes to the game and not some heavy licensing fees.

#653 7 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Your loss. DI is an awesome game. Don't understand the bitching about the "cell phone". It's just an information screen, really...and it's integrated beautifully.

This plain and simply a troll tactic to attempt to put down one of the best pins ever made. There is nothing else about DI they can bash, because it is so well done by Pat Lawlor in every area. All of us know that it is not a cellphone game. Trolls say this to get under a smart man’s skin. Don’t let them. It is not a cell phone game, any intelligent person understands that. What you said is totally correct. It’s an information screen. Old scudders some times have a hard time accepting new technology. Lol

#670 7 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Seems like everyone who owns one loves it, keep reading of people picking one up here and there. I wonder if production costs are too high or if its simply due to JJP needing to produce new pins. Also wonder if the lack of licensed assets in the game has impacted sales and / or reduced the outlook for future sales?

Lack POTC assets? You mean almost no assets. The logo, title and one photo of actors. Almost no reason to buy table except great layout. That has killed sales for most. Like buying Batman without any show footage. It would not have sold many at all. POTC has no music, movie clips, etc. would have been better if themed as the Disneyland park ride only.

#677 7 months ago

When a person pays nearly $10,000.00 for any title, they expect and should receive many IP assets of any given IP. When they don’t get that, the perceived value is greatly diminished even though the game itself plays fantastic. This is marketing 101 and the real reason for a diminishing return on POTC business wise, even though the game play and JJP made up assets, not based on the movies, are good. This is why the plug was pulled on making more. JJP is filling orders and that’s it. They don’t want a lot of tables sitting around unsold, like they had with Hobbit.

Hobbit just may be the sleeper hit because it now has all IP assets in abundance. A good example of how POTC should have been done. I wasn’t even thinking of buying Hobbit till I watched Kevin and Nicks 2 streams. They sold me on it. Good job guys!

It is quite doubtful that prices for POTC are going to go up, as everyone will be focusing on the new titles that have full assets, like the ones we are discussing here; i.e., WW, TS, GNR, etc. since those games will be as good, if not better, since Pat is the designer, all new money will go to those tables. POTC will sadly be left behind, even though a good table. Would have been better if it didn’t have the POTC license. $10k is just too much money to have little in the way of IP and the lack of sales are proof of that fact. WW and TS will be the launching of a new era for JJP sales wise.

#680 7 months ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

well POTC has outsold all previous JJP games in Australia, Sales Talk and bullshit Walks!

And you know this because why? Completely false. Sales have been almost nil in Oz.

#682 7 months ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

Dude sells them.

Well if he wants to protect sales, that is understandable. But still don’t believe that it has been number one seller, that’s the BS part. Not knocking the table at all. Other than lack of assets. That’s what we’ve been discussing here.

#711 7 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

Because he's the one who Imports them into Australia and sells them , besides jjp he's the only one who would know and what's the point in bullshiting for more sales when they are ceasing production and only making orders already placed . ( hilarious )

And we’re all suppose to know that some random poster is the distributor because why? His curt manners used on his posting toward my post is deplorable!

#720 7 months ago
Quoted from ultimategameroom:

I would be cautious taking anything he says or posts as fact. Yes he’s a jjp distributor but As of a couple years ago he claimed he was Still working on the original MM remake.what a damn fiasco that was even tho it eventually got passed on to someone who could actually complete the project.

Thank you! That’s my point exactly, whomever this guy claims to be. “Take what he says with caution.” Treat people with class and respect and you’ll go a great deal further if you’re in the sales game especially. Of course I don’t know exact sales figures and wasn’t trying to knock the game at all. WOZ is the biggest selling JJP title in Oz and nothing else is even close to my understanding.

To be fair to us consumers, POTC while a good game, important IP assets not included. Also, 2 key toys that were touted for over a year were removed. We’ll see if they run it again. If the orders are there, you can bet your bottom dollar, they’ll make another run.

To put POTC in perspective, here is what pinside shows worldwide ownership claims. I realize not everyone uses pinside, but the percentage relationship is shown between POTC ownership and WOZ ownership.

POTC pinside worldwide 0BDBC660-61B3-4BF4-844A-5AF7D752BA1C (resized).jpeg WOZ #1 359B72E9-EF1B-4323-8845-6B374279E0AD (resized).jpeg Dialed In E56EF751-F2D3-43AA-9BBD-119FB32D2C42 (resized).jpeg

POTC is not number one in Australia, as one of the distributors claim here, WOZ appears to be.

#726 7 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

POTC: They might as well change graphics and call it black pearl edition.
[quoted image]

That would be good.

#730 7 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

How many " random " posters have pictures of Jack in their pinball Warehouse . He didn't claim to be anyone , other people have said who he is . He responded to a post you put up and called bullshit on it . You said you don't know what the sales figures are so maybe you should words like " I think " "possibly " "could be " instead of stating your opinion as fact . [quoted image]

You think that should impress us? Looooooooool Jack’s a good guy and would pose in anyone’s place that has one of his machines. Anything almost anyone writes in a forum is their opinion. That’s what forums are for, to state your opinion. You’ve got to be somehow related or on Bally’s payroll. Lol

Read the numbers I’ve posted a few spots above. The percentages don’t lie on the numbers. This guy you revere is Not giving us the truth about POTC being the number one seller in Oz. I said I understand his view point, as he is reportedly in sales and wants to hype the machine. I still don’t know whom you’re talking about. To me, that is a random poster. Don’t know “Bally”, except they at one time made great machines. Now I’m not going to post anything more about this. Let it be.

#735 7 months ago

Agreed excited about JJP releases this year!

1 month later
#1257 6 months ago
Quoted from davijc02:

This new game will start production roughly 7-12 months after its unveiled to the world.
Probably cost $15k as well.

Haven’t looked or been in this thread for a long time and not much has changed it appears. Can’t help but chuckle about your comment. $11,500.00 for another iteration of WOZ, wow!

#1259 6 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I bet WW and TS will be north of $10k

Agreed, high prices.

#1261 6 months ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

Sigh, I hope not. Even $8500 is really too much for me, but I might have been able to talk myself into something stupid for Wonka. I can't go any higher for that, though. At 10k we would be looking at 9K used ones. Oh well, I just played a metallica pro and had an awesome time on it. Lot of fun games out there to be had under 6K.

Yes, better value for money for sure.

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