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Is Willy Wonka next from Jersey Jack ?


11 months ago

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#287 9 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

If the rumors are true, they NEED to release Toy story next. Toy Story 4 comes out in a few months and from a marketing and sales standpoint- it needs to be next. Hopefully they will make a smart business decision and will have a way to market the pin alongside the movies release.

Has it been confirmed that the Toy Story game would be based on the new movie and not the previous ones? I could see them doing a game based on the first three released around the same time as the movie doing really well but maybe that makes too much sense.

4 weeks later
#354 8 months ago

Let me get my rumors in order, Pat should be on Toy Story not WW right? WW should be standard body? No price increase (wishful thinking)?

1 week later
#481 8 months ago
Quoted from adol75:

The one big new news actually not mentioned above is that Bandai Namco is now JJP distributor in Asia. He is also talking about licensing from them, which would open a bunch of doors. Quite the partnership Jack got there !

This is big news, could lead to some cool licenses and should also get a lot more pinball in Asia.

1 week later
#615 8 months ago

Jackson has had allegations for decades, but GnR are no saints or strangers to racism and homophobia.

#619 8 months ago

It’s about demographics. Yeah dudes in their 40-50s who grew up listening to GnR still like them but teens and people in their 20s? Their parents will be at GnR shows not them.

#644 8 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

The only thing that was new was that both WW and TS are both designed by Pat.
YBR , WW, TS and then GNR is fairly established.
It's when they get debuted, that is the question!

Based on the rumors over the years it makes me think WW was started/originally someone else and Pat came in to finish. Also makes me think YBR has been in the fold for a while and was just waiting for a good time to break up releases/add lead time to a major release (second most likely, JJP doesn’t need help breaking up releases).
I also thought when they reveled DI and showed off the new standard body cab that would be what they used going forward outside of the next game (pirates) but that must have been assumed I can’t find any facts or quotes to back that up now.

#824 8 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I was talking to the Mrs. yesterday about pinball for way to long (she always loves that lol) and whether or not I should go for Pirates or wait for Willy Wonka. She said she would wait for Willy Wonka out of principle for JJP not including the original spinning disk mech and the opening / closing chest yet still keeping the price the same. Damn lol. It was hard to hear that argument again but I can see her point. I went back to some older Pirate gameplay videos and the entire game still just looks so much cooler with the original disk and chest mech. For nearly $10k I could stomach not having licensed actor audio / video assets due to the amount / variety of toys in the original Pirates prototype but after the mech changes it was and still is a sore point when considering purchasing the game. Who knows, maybe I'll still get one, on the fence at the moment about buying an LE or waiting for Wonka.

I put a deposit down day one, later got a refund after all the drama and swearing off pre orders after what was going on with Alien. To be honest kinda lost interest and stopped following the game. Been to the local arcade multiple times to play the title now and have watched rules videos and am looking to get a LE. Did not miss the spinning disc or opening chest at all while emptying quarters into the game.

#834 8 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Did you reach out to your local distributor (able electronics) to see if he had any left?

I’m looking for a HUO, lot of issues with my NIB DI so I’m trying to avoid that again.

#924 7 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

For the guys not understanding the appeal of another GnR game.... Here's the answer. Jjp is brilliant for doing it.
GnR fans are definitely not young people which is good bc young people have no money. People who love GnR are old enough to have something called disposable income OR they don't care and spend whatever income they have which is enough to buy a pinball machine. Combine diehard fans+ an expensive game + money to actually spend = win.
Here's another win for jjp
Willy Wonka + GnR = best jjp year ever.
Excited to see them succeed bc they offer the most for your money period.

This is pretty true. I don’t think a new GnR would do well on location but JJP isn’t banking on that and know their crowd will be into this. The older GnR fans have the disposable income and don’t care that the band has used the n word, f word, and other hate words in their lyrics. Obviously I know that song won’t be in the game but for a family company I’m still a little surprised they’d do this band. I know the Hobbit is pg13 but it feels like a soft pg13 to me.

#956 7 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

A reliable one. You can believe it or not.

I see you’re buying one, leaning towards believing. Does the source have any info on a price jump for the next game?

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