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Is this factory Mylar?

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By Therios

2 years ago


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#1 2 years ago

I know this is a stupid and probably asked 1000 times n00b question, but here it goes anyway.

My Mylar looks to me like it was put down OVER playfield damage. It also looks like inserts were replaced prior to being sanded. And it looks like the Mylar overlaps in many places and it results in the edge bubble look.

So I was just wondering if this Mylar was factory or aftermarket. I have not yet decided what I want to do with this pin yet but I can see a complete tear down and rebuild. It would be a true task to fix the graphics and would be fun. I don't think it is in all that bad of shape. Unless my neophyte eye sucks that bad. And that is entirely possible!

So here are some shots for your perusal. The last picture shows that the pin has ted's approval.

image.jpg image-148.jpg image-546.jpg image-745.jpg image-459.jpg image-371.jpg image-925.jpg image-790.jpg
#2 2 years ago

I'd say that it is very possible that Mylar was put on after the fact once damage was starting to show up, especially around the slingshots like it appears in some of the pics. Don't know why someone would put Mylar over Mylar unless they were afraid to remove the old stuff.


#3 2 years ago

Factory mylar would be made to fit close to the edges of drop targets, slingshots, ect....So like gamefreakfrank said they just layed mylar over mylar with no real pattern.


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