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#96 7 months ago

I can't wait to get my BK Premium. I like when toys interact with your ball or when they are moving not only just for the show effect, I like when they block ways or change the layout of a game. The crane in Dark Knight is one of the best interactive toys in pinball in my opinion. But I also like show effects if they are done right, like the shadow ball lock, the electric chair in metallica, the hand in TAF or the magnet lock in SW.
But can we say the Black Knight is only this plastic toy? He interacts with the ball in different ways, he looks menacing and mean. But he is not only a toy, he is way more: He taunts you, talks the whole game with you, he is your enemy and to win the game you have to beat him. He is the main antagonist! To beat him is the motivation to play the game, the BK drives this game. Many games don't have an antagonist or he is hidden. I love the idea that the BK is present on the playfield and that he gives the player a fight.
If you call that a toy, than the BK is one of the best in pinball for me.

#155 7 months ago

Why is it so that more people that played BK love it than bash it. But the few that don't like it like drfrightener are so vocal about it that they don't like it and why do they always think their opinion is the only truth? In every BK thread about this game drfrightner is on a crusade against this game. Post over post and always the same stupid arguments over and over. There are many games out there that I don't like much, but I never had so much anger in me about the fact that there are other people that like these games.
There are JJP games that I like, there are STERN games that I like. And why is it so hard to accept, that I and many others prefer games like BK more than games like Wonka? Iron Maiden and Stern Star Wars don't have many toys. But for me they are the games I play the most and I would not trade them for any other game out there. And I hope that BK will be the next one like these two. If every game in the future would be like Willy Wonka I would stop buying new machines. But I think it's good and cool that so many others like it and are having fun with this game.
I said it in an other thread before, drfrightners rating for the shadow is 2,5. For Star Wars 3,69. That are 2 of my favourit games. So when he says that BK is such a bad game it's one more reason for me to buy it.

But back to the reason for this thread. Is the BK toy lame? I can think of many lame toys in many games, but I think there are not many better ones out there than the BK. All the voice work Steve Ritchie did for this toy should be considered too if you want to judge it. The toy interacts with the ball in many different ways. It has interactive lights and the best voicework ever to make it real. And did I say that it looks awesome? I still don't get what you could want more?
So anyone that thinks that it's lame, please give me one toy of the last 10 years that you think is better and interacts with the player and the ball in more ways than the BK does? I think as a toy it's on the same level of greatness than the ship in Pirates, Rudy in Funhouse, the crane in dark knight.....but are there better one out there?

#170 7 months ago

Yes, "translite looks horrible", "playfield is barron", "complete flop", lame toy and no fun......... cause drfrightner said so!

But I can't help, everytime when I see pictures or videos of this game, perhaps I have a perceptual disturbance to what I read from drfrightner. Fo me it looks like an awesome and beautiful game, one that I am waiting for years to get one like it is.

#181 7 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Tell me who's willing to pay $9000 for this game, knowing full and well a year from now you might not be able to sell that game

Why did you buy it than?

#213 7 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Why don't someone ask the question if the artwork on the backglass is good? I think it might be the worst artwork I've ever seen on a modern day pin. It looks like it was created with melted crayons. Seriously who thinks the artwork on the backglass is good forget the toy or lack thereof, what about the backglass does anyone like that?

I have all three versions as desktop wallpapers on my Computer and think they are perfect and cool. They remind me of early video games, Dungeon Master, Wizardry, Bard's Tale, World Warcraft, Stonekeep!!! Love it.

#214 7 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

I'm not worried about how ANYONE spends their money, I'm pointing out a fact that every stern game gets cheaper and cheaper and they want more and more money. I could care less how you spend your money, but I think its pretty fair to say that this game will not hold its value. I just talked to a Stern dealer who told me he's only been able to sell THREE, on the flip side they sold 60 Munsters. its not selling because there is no license, and without a license you need to make the second coming of MM or something, they failed.
You can buy one of these machines to your hearts content, I have no issue with that, I'm sure the next guy who buys it off you, for a massive discount will thank you! My issue is only with STERN going cheap, but charging more. Are you seriously going to tell me a flat out LIE and say oh yeah they put everything into this game, they went all out, no you can't say that because that just wouldn't be honest. So then why didn't they go all out, since they didn't why didn't they charge less? I like Stern I own several of them, but asking $25,000 to $8000 for Beatles I mean c'mon man! Do they think everyone on planet earth is dumb?
If you're going to ask for sky high prices then deliver sky high games! End of story! This has nothing to do with JJP, but at least they go all out every single time like them or hate them, they always try to do something incredible. Stern is trying to get the most and give the least. That is my only point which I feel is hard to argue!

You repeat and repeat your posts, but that does not make it right what you say, it just get's boring. All this got answered over and over in enough posts before.

#233 7 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Here is how the real final verdict will be stamped...how many machines do they sell. Hey there are people today who still like the Ford Pinto so with that being said bute is in the eye of the beholder right? LOL. I talked to a major distributor and he told me Munsters 60 machines sold Black Knight 3. Yes i know Munsters came out first but 60 to 3 I think that says it all Black Knight got slayed.
I hate the back glass, I would have rathered a more photo realism, no give me a mech in the backglass like the old days. The game gives you no value for the money, and is another example of Stern trying to rip off their customers, that goes triple for Beatles.
But I’m only one opinion, just as the people who love the game only get one opinion. But the only opinion that matters is buy the game for 6k to 9lk. Just because you dropped 5 bucks at a pincade that doesn’t count, sales is what matters. Do you love it enough to drop serious coin not. We can all praise the game and slam the game but how many games get sold that is the only verdict that matters.
Once again I’d like to see Stern give 6k to 9k in value otherwise I’d rather go out and find a really nice NBA Fastbreak!

#272 7 months ago

Always the same, if I say I like a certain Stern game there are guys like drfrightener that call me a JJP hater. If I say I like a JJP game, I am a Stern hater. You all can go on and on with this.

I do understand that for drfrightener pinball games are like attractions. That should deliver a good show. But for me a game should also deliver a good fight after hours of playing it over and over again. I don't believe that anyone would go to his attractions as often as I played my star wars game. And its's still a thrill and fun to play it. For me the value of a pinball game could not be measured with it's BoM. It's for one part about the gameplay and the other part is the artistic effort they put into it. You can't measure this and people have different taste.
The ticket for an Arch Enemy concert is way cheaper than a Ed Shearen concert, but even if they would be sold for the same prize. I would value the Arch Enemy ticket way higher. Case that's my kind of music. And it's the same with Pinball machines. I would always pay the same or more for a Stern BK than for a Wonka. Cause I like the theme, art, music and gameplay way more. Sure I would love to pay less. ;P But I would never buy a game cause of the BoM.

Drfrighter always brings JJP in this discussion. I had almost all JJP games. And it just is not true that they bring out the games with finished code. If I think about the WoZ I had and the many many updates it took to finaly let this game shine. Or how long I had to wait that the hobbit was the game it now is. And my PotC is still not finished. If someone says other things he is the fanboy.

I will never sell my hobbit, it is a fantastic game. And has a great BoM. But it is not the game that I play the most. SW, Iron Maiden and AC/DC are getting way more plays by me. And I am thinking about selling my JJP PotC also it has the greatest BoM of all my games. I just don't like the game concept as much as I thought I would. BoM has nothing to to with how often I play my games.

Oh god I start to write almost as much as drfrightener, before I come to the point I like to say. And that is about the Black Knight toy. There are other toys with more BoM. But I still think the BK is one of the best toys ever created. And that is cause it's a perfect mix between interaction on the gameplay, and a great show. I had a metallica le and played it a lot, it has many cool toys and all are toys that bring a good show effect into the game. But after a while they became getting old for me. The electric chair effect is great, but seeing it over and over again got lame for me. Smaug in Hobbit now is great, but it took JJP many many updates to bring him to life. The BK is a toy that fights you. It is a challenge. It's taunting and menacing and it delivers not only a show, it acts with the ball in different ways and it is DANGEROUS!!! And it's thrilling to shoot and I don't see it's getting old. That makes a good toy imo.

It's boring when Drfrightener wants to make a point that Munsters sells better and so it must be a better game? And why is he telling us this over and over? He wants to sell BK and doesn't get his money back so it's a bad game? We can talk about hours about this and we all are having different minds about it. But why don't we talk about the title of this: Is the BK a toy lame? And I say no!!! Please tell me what do you think are better toys in pinball than the BK?

#294 7 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Some of the people on this website are just LIARS! End of story!

Why did you buy your BK Premium? How many times have you played it to judge it?

Cause you list this game in your collection even before it shipped. And you gave bad reviews about this game so I am just asking why you got it when you don't like it and how you got it. Or could it be that you are one of the people who is a liar?

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