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Is LCD bad for pinball?


2 years ago

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    #21 2 years ago
    Quoted from trunchbull:

    Stern was rarely good at dots to begin with, so it's no surprise their transition to a bigger, more complex, and highly detailed presentation form would come with a bunch of stumbling (SW is nearly incomprehensible when it ventures outside of merely providing information)

    Aside from the games with FMV rips & the last few with down-rezzed CG work, Stern was very good at dots. Metallica & ACDC's dots had excellent & fun design & animation. LOTR, TSPP, FGY, POTC, etc - all had fantastic dots that were equal or better to B/W's best.

    The problem with the LCDs so far is that Stern doesn't have the experience, talent or time to make them look contemporary. So far they look like 90's CD-ROM games. So even tho they're using a modern display, the content on it makes the games look dated...but not in a good way.

    So, even tho the DMD is "old technology" - look at what we're talking about here - PINBALL, for crying out loud. An ancient obsolete game. Pinball is inherently retro - and that's part of the appeal. When people play pinball, they're not playing for the tech - they're playing for the old timeh retro appeal and fun, even if a game is new. Because pinball is retro, a well done retro DMD is going to look far more appealing and fitting than an LCD with dated transitions, animation, font, etc.

    So far the only LCDs that have felt relatively contemporary are WOZ & Hobbit...but they are a bit slot-machiney in presentation. They're far beyond Stern's talent, though - but they've also had far more time to work on them.

    #32 2 years ago
    Quoted from trunchbull:

    You know, you're right, actually, they did some good stuff, though I don't agree on AC/DC at all - I guess I'm just soured by their recent efforts, and I think it just comes down to overall presentation as well.

    AC/DC has a few FMV shots, but - the "hand drawn" dots are really good and funny. The song intros & cartoony Devil Angus and his antics are great.

    #51 2 years ago
    Quoted from KenLayton:

    LCD monitors in a pinball is just a Baby Pacman all over to me. If I wanted to look at a monitor, I'd go play a video game.

    The video game comparision is inaccurate. Baby Pac is literally a video game with a joystick - then you play the pinball part - then back to the video game. An LCD on a pinball is a score/info display. Period. Try playing WOZ or Hobbit - there are zero "video modes". There's no joystick. It's a score display.

    #53 2 years ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    Or just try WoZ, but pass on The Hobbit...unless you really, really like multiball.

    Pass on it if you want to miss out on the best game of the past few years. Your loss.

    #58 2 years ago
    Quoted from Dr-Willy:

    Hasn't everyone complained about there still being old dated dmds in games, and why haven't they moved to lcd's pretty much since Avengers? Now there are lcd everyone is complaining they want their dots back?

    If the content is going to look like poor 90's CD-ROM, then yes - I'd rather have proper charming retro graphics on the score display than poor font/animation/transitions on an LCD. Currently I find almost any DMD game with ColorDMD in DotsXL to look better and feel more "pinball" than any of the LCD games so far.

    #81 2 years ago
    Quoted from Axl:

    LCD is bad for newer games without them. For the non pinhead buyer, they look dated compared to the games with huge full color display.

    Yet dated-looking animation and font make LCD games ironically look MORE dated than DMDs.

    Retro Dots=cool.
    Bad HD animation=lame.

    All the ops I know say Aerosmith isn't earning well compared to the other games. So - an LCD isn't some kind of amazing game changer for players. Everyone has an LCD in their pocket. It's not a big deal. On a pinball, it's merely a score display. A minor piece of what pinball is all about.

    #87 2 years ago
    Quoted from mbaumle:

    I agree with this, and I agree with everyone else who has expressed their disdain for LCDs and used this as their reason; but maybe that's just because manufacturers really haven't spent enough time experimenting with what they can do with better display technology. Multimorphic seems to be really pushing boundaries. William's tried some cool things with Pinball 2000. It would've been neat to see them really dig into the platform a little more.

    Multimorphic has the same problem on a bigger scale - their 90's quality art & animation makes the platform look less modern to the average person. At least a pinball with a janky LCD score display can still get by on an attractive traditional playfield. Mulitmorphic's downfall is they haven't invested in an excellent art director and animation team, and the platform depends purely on the screen's visuals. Revenge From Mars' art direction was great at the time - and resolution aside, still holds up today due to good art direction.

    #94 2 years ago
    Quoted from gunstarhero:

    Anyways, the era of LCD is upon us, so it is what it is.

    That's fine, I'm not against it - im just sayin, when it's poorly done, I'm
    not going to be impressed just by the nature of it being an LCD. Hobbit is well done and impressive. Batman is a decent first attempt by Stern, as it pretty much follows a traditional DMD flow. Aerosmith is a decent first attempt at 100% original content...but, still looks a bit amateurish and dated. SW is a mess tho.

    #102 2 years ago
    Quoted from powerslave:

    Lcd is not bad for pinball is bad for old generation of pinball
    I m sure it will stop the increase of value for dmd generation

    No it won't. It's just a score display. What's on the playfield is what makes a game cool. Look at SW. Look at MM. One has a castle, trolls, catapult, great art, great rules and humor. The other has some screens on it.

    People aren't impressed by screens. They're impressed by innovative mechanical fun features.

    The "DMD generation" wasn't popular for its screen. It was about the gameplay, designs, features, audio packages, and rules.

    #104 2 years ago
    Quoted from powerslave:

    The time will say
    And next year Stern gone have 4 new games with LCD
    Stern seem to have other than LCD to give
    software of the last 2 games is very impressive

    The software is currently very divisive ...none of it lives up to the Classic DMD area games. Aside from that, we haven't seen an LCD Stern game that has the perfect combination of art/theme/sound/design/code/fun yet.

    1. Batman - Niche theme, good art, insane price, clunky design, prototype code.

    2. Aerosmith - Meh theme, great art, Prem/LE no one seems to care about, functional yet genetic code.

    3. Star Wars - desirable theme, bad art, chess-math mess code.

    There are still DMD Spike games with unfinished code (GB, Kiss, etc)

    Eventually they'll get the combination right - but a pinball machine's desirability is based on what that one machine has to offer. Classic games are classic for a reason - they've earned their reputation and stood the test of time. If Stern makes ONE good LCD-screened game - that's not gonna change people's affection for the classic games. Pinball is inherently retro - new screens will never make pinball fans dislike classic titles.

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