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Is JJP really done with Pirates?

By Rockytop

1 year ago

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#52 1 year ago

The answer is 110% NO!

1) Jack already announced he has the rights and license to make more games for 3 more years.

2) He also mentioned what's wrong with building up demand

3) He also mentioned never say never

4) This is their MO ... they have done the same thing many times. They will bring back Pirates in probably 6 months, much like YBR. They will talk to their dealers, and gauge demand, figure out a number, and build the amount they can basically pre-sell. I predict they will not sell the game themselves, but rather announce another batch of say 250 games, which would more or less be sold before they even make one.

5) Much to some JJP doubters, YBR is sold out. Those games are sold straight to their retailers, the demand was there, people can call it a money grab, great because it is. If you create something people want to buy why wouldn't you make it? This is the nature of a business. JJP has retailers telling them they will take X amount of games, then hell yeah you're going to make a run. The same thing will happen for Pirates if and when the retails come back to them and say 'hey we could sell another XYZ amount of these games'... they will make another batch.

6) I think you'll see batches of Pirates made for the next couple of years, 200 more 6 months from now, 200 more another 6 months after that maybe. I think i you study their patterns, as they're doing line changes for new games, they quickly squeeze in an old game. They took Pirates off, they squeezed in more WOZ. We all already know and understand that Jack said they're announcing TWO games this year, Wonka will come out next week right? Okay so they got two lines one is working on WOZ, the other I'm sure is already making Wonka.

Probably about 6 months from now, Wonka will come off, so their next game can go on (GNR or Toy Story) just prior Im predicting they'll announce a short run for Pirates.

7) Understand as well Wonka is going to be their biggest or second biggest hit ever... everyone is predicting that. People have to understand they ordered enough parts to make probably 1000 games, which at an average of 9,500 is 9.5 million dollars. Not to bad! Either way they used all their parts, they're all gone, to make complete games. So now what they'll probably do is talk to suppliers, about getting enough parts for another 300 games probably. That might take 3 to 6 months to deliver. Again when I predict you'll see another run of Pirates.

Lastly, they've sold lets say 1,000 Pirates. They'll need parts to service those machines, I have no doubt, they'll be putting in another order for parts, but first they'll need to talk to their retailers, over the next 60 days to determine just how many they will pre-order if they make another run. Once that is established I'm sure there will be an order for parts and more games to follow.

I do NOT think JJP will sell the next batch of Pirates from their website, it will be strictly thru retailers who pre-ordered xyz # of machines.

#64 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

i'm not sure they are going to produce Pirates any time in the near future or if at all, regardless of the license. they aren't like stern where they can switch back and forth between games so easily and produce 3 or 4 games at a time, and they need to get more titles out to grow the company. producing another 400 POTC games is not growing the company, especially if it's true that margins were on the thinner side. It's a very complex game to make. They are going to be very busy with Wonka orders and then we have the next two after that. if that is true, they will have no time for POTC. I'm not saying it will never be rerun, but it does seem like from a business strategy perspective they need to move on to bigger things.

I understand your assessment but just re-releasing WOZ for the what 3rd time refutes everything you just said. I understand the logic behind your comments, but JJP is a different company. They don't produce many titles very quickly, so going back to the well so to speak seems to work for them. I stand behind what I'm saying 110%, they will make more Pirates, but they will wait to determine first how much demand there is first. Their retailers will line up and tell them how many they believe they can sell, and when they know they can make more in a batch they will. I predict you will see nothing in the future but more Pirate LE, and before its all said and done you might see another 500 made over the next 2 to 3 years.

I do agree with you however its time for them to move onto bigger and better things... Wonka is going to be a home run for them. The orders are going to be out the door, giving them an opportunity to make over 2000 without a break in the line. But when they do come back to Pirates will be thru retailers only, they're more or less already ordered, and they might even be more expensive like $9,999.00

I think we agree on a lot but and your logic is good, but I think their history shows otherwise.

#72 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I dont get the demand for Woz YBR In the first place. On any given day over past year there is always at least a dozen in marketplace, Mr pinball, and ebay.

I tried to explain this to many other people and they just don't want to hear or understand the truth. Here is the reality check... Beatles was NEVER made for people on pinside. That I can tell you for a fact... when you come out and say hey we're thinking $25,000 for this version or $8000 for a Gold, how is that game appealing to people on pinside?

Let me take it another step... many people on pinside said hold on you ripped off Seawitch. If you want Beatles right you just buy a Seawitch. Again the game wasn't made for you... it was made for very rich Beatles fans who pay a lot of money to collect things. Hence the design could be something we've already done, something simple, something easy to play... SEAWITCH. How many Beatles fans who are going to pay 25k for something do you actually think ever heard of a seawitch pinball game? The first place Beatles pinball was ever advertised was on some Beatles store.

How many beatles games have you seen come up for sale on pinside? I think its one right?

Rich people with a lot of money do not care about the price, doesn't it look iconic, is it limited, does it look like a work of art.

YBR, might be the most amazing theming, paint job, whatever put on a pinball game. High End retailers will sell these games to rich people who walk in and say "i'm doing a game room give me everything you got'. Dropping $200,000 is nothing to them. YBR is appealing to a different crowd who doesn't visit pinside. Most of the people on pinside are buy, sell and trade looking for the best deals.

Some rich guy is going to pay $15 to $18k for YBR and get it delivered, set up and a warranty. They don't care, because the game looks like artwork, it appeals to the same person who spent $100k on a stupid RUG.

You would never pay $8500 for a Guardians of the Galaxy pro but I actually know someone who did... they thought it was cool, so hey deliver it, set it up, and give me a warranty so that if anything happens you come fix it.

It's a different world outside of Pinside. YBR only appeals to the highest end retailer with the highest end user, who may never even play the game. To some its decor.

PS: I'm not saying there isn't super RICH people on pinside. I'm merely saying that VERY RICH well off people who want to create a themed game room in their garage, basement, or whatever, aren't thinking about the price, as much as the theme. Have you ever seen some rich peoples game rooms, or their garages. They'll pay some absurd amount for an old gas station sign, or gas pump. They don't care about money, you have to spend it on something right?

#74 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Pirates is done for good

Wrong. Hey I'm telling you for a fact they're making more. That guy Pinstar or whatever he's selling the game. Wouldn't you want everyone to think get the last ones, and get them now. Some of these people are marking the game up $3000.00. I'm not kidding. A retailer near me sold two last month for $12,500.00

Some people are beyond fumed, don't know why but they're just because JJP is making more WOZ. They're making them because their are retailers out there who say, make them and we can sell them and sell them they will for more than MRSP.

Pirates will get more games, and I'm betting it will MRSP at $9999.00 and they'll announce another 250 or something, all sold thru retailers.

Jack himself said clear as day... 'hey what is wrong with building up demand'. You build up demand by not having any games to sell.

MM, AFM, MB, those games got made over 20 years, ago, but they made more right? LOL

WOZ is a game from what 8 years ago now, and they're making more right now.

The retailers will tell JJP hey we got demand, and then you'll see more games.

#75 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Difference between WOZ and POTC is dealing with Disney. The 3 year clock for the license started quite a while back and Disney isn’t easy to work with. Unless they make more in the next 12 months, doubtful they will renew license.

You're very correct, however you heard Jack himself state 'We have the license for another three years'. He told you he can make more games, he said never say never, and he said what is wrong with building up demand.

Because you're working with Disney you might not see ANY changes to the game, just more LE's nothing else with a slight bump in price probably to $9,999.00

I give it 6 months and more will be made.

#79 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Lot of opinionated FACTS being thrown around lately.

True and do you know what the one real fact is? That Jack said he had the license for 3 more years, and he said what is wrong with building up demand.

Another fact we know is JJP has re-released their games many times in the past. The last fact is people speculate most of the time without knowing anything.

The one true fact is JJP said they're not ruling out making more Pirates. So why is this even being debated... they're going to make more. LOL

#83 1 year ago
Quoted from rs812:

I know for a fact this game is freaking awesome

Yes it is and you know what... Yelobird from Mod Couple made it even more amazing. The game totally lends itself to mods for improvement. The game was just wide open for upgrades. If you own this game and haven't bought every mod Mod Couple made you need to get on that big league.

#87 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Not more or Another.

I think you totally misunderstood what I said. In his release of WOZ, if you watch that video he does say they're not ruling out making more Pirates. He also mentioned they have the license for another 3 years, and he said what is wrong with building up demand. This makes me believe they will make more.

I agree unless you're the owner of the company NO ONE knows for sure. But from everything I've heard, I would assume more will be made in about 6 months. Do I know for a fact I will even be alive 48 hours from now, or if Pirates will ever be made again no. What I do know is they have continued to make WOZ now off and on for 8 years. I'm going by what I heard in that press conference, and past history. I'm making my guess based on those facts.

#88 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Great now I feel guilty for calling out your post

Don't feel guilty. This is the issue with message boards. No one really knows what someone is saying, thinking, or anything else. People sometimes misunderstand, read into things wrong, or someone could type something up the wrong way.

Dude, you're the best MOD company out there hands down. Your the best. I've told EVERYONE to buy from you!

That has nothing to do with agreeing or not agreeing on a point. I think we'd both agree we'd like to see more people in the pinball world own POTC game.

And based on what I've seen I think they will get that opportunity when the demand is there, whereby JJP can make sense of putting it back on the line.

I'm saying based on everything I've seen, heard, read, and based on their past I think you will see it again. I do agree with you though... no one knows anything unless they are the owners of the company. And btw I've said that same thing a thousand times already. NO ONE really knows but the owners.

#92 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

WOZ is a tough comparison cause who's kidding who thats a cash cow with an open ended license. He can make that game as long as buyers show up.

While at the same time he's made who knows 4000 or 5000 WOZ and only again guessing 1000 POTC. There is room for more because people WANT the game. If demand is there, he's already said he's got the license there will be more.

If people beat down the door of retailers then you will see more games. Hey that would be good for you right... your mods are amazing and only enhance the game.

BTW while on the subject... I'm still waiting for more mods for the Pirates!!!! We need something like a shark over the boat ramp, and a captain jack in a boat heading into the cave!!! I check your site every week hoping to see something new!

Keep them coming!

10 months later
#208 4 months ago

Here is my take... I think Jack wants them to make more Pirates. I think others at JJP do not want to do more Pirates. The parts are a serious issue with this game.

But here is my opinion... only do Collector Editions make 100 of them and charge $13,500.00.

They will sell out in the same week they announce it.

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