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Is Frankenstein and Taxi a good offer go my RS

By Celiac502

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Well a new offer is From Mike Mills, he has offers up a unshopped Frankestein and a decent shape Taxi for my RS. What are the thoughts of you guys.
I now have a Monopoly, Minty T2 with tons of Mods, a Getaway ( But I'd have to drive 5 hrs to get).
I really would like 2 B list games rather than 1 comparable trade, the guy with the RiBon is not answering his phone lol imagine that.i figured that was to good to be true.
I know I could get my investment back
out of Monopoly if I ever sold it and Taxi and Frakenstein I could probably do ok on, but I know the T2 trade is a little off.
I just wish more people would offer 2 b listers

#2 7 years ago

I'm a huge Road Show fan! So... There is no way I'd make that trade. I find that game so funny! And the shots... Smooth! Getting 6x and extra ball lit by hitting back to back ramps... priceless (most players aren't good enough)! I've sold it once, lost it once (ex wife). Never again will i let it go!


#3 7 years ago

If your just looking to trade shop sell...the frank and taxi could be a money maker.
If your looking to trade keep ..ah not so good.
Taxi is fun in a 5 plus collection frank to me is just fun to visit in other collectors homes.

#4 7 years ago

I just want more pins but I don't want to be in the hole if and when I decide to sell or trade.

#5 7 years ago

That would be a great trade for you in every way. You come out ahead value-wise, and IMO Taxi and MSF are both better games than RS. Win-win.


#6 7 years ago

I wouldn't do it. I'd hang onto RS.

#7 7 years ago
Quoted from IowaPinballClub:

I'm a huge Road Show fan! So... There is no way I'd make that trade.

I personally agree, RS is the much better pin than those being offered in trade

#8 7 years ago
Quoted from Celiac502:

I just want more pins but I don't want to be in the hole if and when I decide to sell or trade.

It's a decent deal. You can sell both of those and make more money that it costs to get a RS. Provided the games are in good condition. Frankenstein is a good pin, probably deeper than RS and more fun to play.

#9 7 years ago

toss up. I'd lean towards making that trade unless you love RS (as opposed to like) or if you hate one of those other two titles. All three are good games, if not bordering on great imho. Imo, RS is at least 50% better than either of those two games in my limited play on each.

#10 7 years ago

Put some of your others up for trade and I'm sure you'll get more offers! Btw I'd get that thumb looked at

#11 7 years ago

Lol I don't have others, I have a gladiators and a RS, so that's why I kind want quantity vs quality . But I also don't want worthless quantity in case I want to trade later down the road.
What about Frankenstein and taxi vs a RBioN.
I know I can get the frakenstein and taxi and the guy with RBioN called me back and he said he's still interested but won't be able to do it until beginning of May due to work.

#12 7 years ago

Id rather have a RBIOn than a Frankenstein. I don;t have a ton of playtime on it but It seemed like a bit of a clunker to me. Of course I'm not a Sega fan so factor that in.

#13 7 years ago

I would rather have a Taxi and frankenstein than a road show myself. Sounds and shots in RS are not my cup of tea at all.

#14 7 years ago

Franky and Taxi much more fun than.....yaaaaaaaawwwnnnn.......Road Show. Have all three and
MSF will never leave collection, but sold RS as soon as I could find a buyer and it was great condition. Taxi also left with small regrets.


#15 7 years ago

I would suggest that you take the value off the table, as they are fairly close. (I do think a MSF and a Taxi would bring more than a RS, conditions being equal) What do you like to play? If these are going in your collection, then go with what YOU enjoy playing. Pinball is supposed to be fun, and what good is having a machine that you really don't enjoy.. I would much rather have one pin I really like , regardless of value, than 2 I never use. Maybe , if you don't love the RS, make the trade and if it turns out you only like one them, sell the other and put the funds in the "next pin" fund.

Play value is what it should come down to here.
Every customer that has ever come to buy a machine from me has asked, well which one is the best? I always say - play them all, play for 2 hours if you want. The one you want to play again is the best one for you.

My 2 cents

BTW make sure that display in the MSF is good.

#16 7 years ago

Yeah Paul he has a nos dot I think I'm going to buy with it

#18 7 years ago

I do like RS but I am new to the hobby so I don't really think I LOVE it.
I have played titles I love And RS is pretty and all but I think I could love others more lol
Like Forrest said, I'm not a smart man..... But I know what love is.

#19 7 years ago

I'm confident enough in my manhood to admit it: I *love* RS!

#20 7 years ago

Monopoly sounds like a nice trade, it's a fun game.

Quoted from RobT:

I'm confident enough in my manhood to admit it: I *love* RS!

I also LOVE Roadshow. lots of fun

#21 7 years ago

Is the Roadshow faded any?
Is the playfield in great shape, heads working well, no credit dot?

#22 7 years ago

the MSF is a no fade with a really nice playfield( though needs shopped, it's nice)...I recommend the NOS DOT. Mike is spot on, and a super guy, and very honest to deal with. Seen both machines and I think you will come out well. TAxi is a 1k game usually and MSF is 1800 to 2300. Goodluck with your trade

#23 7 years ago

Go for it. After I get to come play it that is.

#24 7 years ago

I think the trade is pretty fair especially for similar condition machines. You might want to play MSF first to make sure you like it. When I had friends play MSF, it was split about 50/50 who enjoyed and who didn't care for it.

Always fun to change up the lineup......However, I would keep your RS especially if it is really nice as I think the value will be higher in the future on that versus the Taxi/MSF.

Good luck.

#25 7 years ago

Went and played the Frank, although dirty it was fun and I liked it, the DmD was scary so I'd have to throw in 200$ to get the new dot.
The Taxi wasn't that that happy. A lot of missing paint on pf and a lot of cab paint missing. The GI lighting was out and he had to wiggle the buttons to get it to boot.
But it did boot after he messed with the buttons.
I'm still on the fence.
Mike is a good dude tho.

#26 7 years ago
Quoted from Celiac502:

the DmD was scary so I'd have to throw in 200$ to get the new dot

I think new big DMDs are $400

#27 7 years ago

Damn that DMD is HUGE!

#28 7 years ago

With just play, I'd personally pick Frankenstein all day over Road Show, so taking Taxi out of the equation all together, I'd do it.

But, it really don't matter what I think -- what do you think about RS?

#29 7 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Damn that DMD is HUGE!

and expensive!

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