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Is Franchi Out at Stern?!

By davidlldennis

1 year ago

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    Post #174 From the man himself. Slap Save Podcast will be a must listen. Posted by Metaluna5 (1 year ago)

    Post #234 Podcast link with Franchi discussing details Posted by PismoArcade (1 year ago)

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    #268 1 year ago
    Quoted from LoveNeverDiesGuy:

    Complaining about hard floors while waiting in line for a pinball machine, who does that?
    Not Gellin.
    [quoted image]

    I've worked decades on my feet, flat clown feet at that, and it's awful, but I definitely wouldn't complain about something like that or moaning about someone having an obnoxiously good game.

    Maybe he should just bring a fold up chair with him everywhere.

    For me, losing weight would help oh so much. Joint pressure is amplified by fattitude.

    5 months later
    #345 1 year ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    I would be very careful taking one statement from anyone and using that to determine who they are as a person. Everyone is so quick to judge someone that they really dont know at all. And even if his views are the exact opposite of yours you still have more in common with him then you have differences. I could take one select statement from every last person on the planet and make a strong case that they are a horrible person. That wouldnt make it true though.

    Well said. I didn't care the posting his personal comments on his facebook page either, and assessing his entire character based

    Even if he feels that way, and you contrary, that doesn't dismiss his personal experiences or invalidate his opinion. To jump on a hate train, just because, only divides us all the more, and the media is certainly licking their chops at revenue based on division. Harmony doesn't get much revenue.

    If it bleeds....

    We seem to get off on moral superiority presently in this culture. And that only serves for a giant shit slinging party, and when "right" is often a matter of perspective, it's often just a matter of opinions battling opinions, and both sides feeling better about themselves, while trashing the other side. All the while a complete lack of mutual understanding or empathy is missed out on, and without genuine empathy, how can we ever feel civilized?

    #349 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    That comment was from someone else’s FB page. I’m not FB friends with Franchi. That was out there in public for everyone to see....also I’m not judging him on one comment. I’m judging him based on his non-stop victimhood & “everyone is wrong but me” attitude. He’s done that here, he’s done it on podcasts, he’s done it on social media. My screen grab was just one example, but a very telling one. When a man is complaining about women not opening a door for him - he’s not even thinking that women spend a lifetime worrying about getting kidnapped, assaulted, raped, and killed every time they go Wah Wah Wah, I don’t wanna hear about how bad you’ve got it as a man in this world.

    I dunno, I try and focus on the individual. We all suffer and face great hardships in this world, and there's no reason we can't validate one another's suffering as well as accomplishments.

    I've found dividing people into groups and subsectors is an easy way for classism to proliferate, and classism is an easy way for large scale abusive power systems to maintain control.

    He's a person, first and foremost, and flawed as much, and or in different ways than you and I. For me, that's okay. I've seen some of his perspectives, listened to him on Slap Save several times, and a portion of this latest interview, and I don't have to entirely agree with how he commands or expresses himself for his views and thoughts to have validity.

    We can all be different. Different is good, even if different isn't always a mirror.

    #368 1 year ago
    Quoted from JodyG:

    For American Pinball to pick Franchi up, they would have to admit their art sucks...and I don't see much of a chance of that happening.
    As for the way Franchi handles himself online...I always get this weird incel vibe off a lot of his public comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in the corporate pinball world, that isn't a flag that is smart to fly as one of the faces of your company.

    "Incel" seems like one of the hip, new labels to toss at people, and do so securely, and bash away. I just don't like bashing at people in ways that are so vast, versus their specific actions or sense of character. It feels like it's a pretty negating term to brand others with.

    Again, I understand things he may state publicly can seem inflammatory or agreeable, but who am I to judge? Opinion, sure! But judge, no. Frankly, we need less judgment in this world.

    Quoted from Rarehero:

    Absolutely, but as Yeti put it - his problems are of his own making. He needs to recognize that and grow from that experience, or history will continue to repeat. Look, I know I'm being blunt - but I'm talking from experience. I'm an artist who works with a's not just about me. When I was younger, I was a bit more like Franchi...and a few times I did some really stupid shit that made my colleagues and bosses look bad. They probably SHOULD have fired me....thankfully they didn't, and they told me why they were upset and why what I did was wrong. I took that and learned from it, and grew...I didn't resent them or keep doing the same thing again. I learned that lesson in my 20's, and it's done nothing but make my personal and professional life better. Franchi's not too old to learn and grow. I know my blunt posts are a bit caustic, but really I want the best for him - because he is an amazing talent. Just think how much more amazing he'd be if he was a bit more reflective and understood where his bosses & colleagues were coming from?

    I'd be curious to see some of your art, if you wouldn't mind sharing, here or via PM. Sadly, the only thing I really enjoyed about the Munsters, was the art....

    Regarding the overall discussion, I don't feel I'm qualified to vouch for who needs therapy and who doesn't. I don't know him or anyone on this board that well to broadcast my viewpoint like that, and in this particular discussion, the suggestion of therapy comes off a bit more like judgement than consideration.

    I agree with a lot of what you've said, for sure, but as an outsider, I'd state using licensed artwork sans direct permission over and over again, is surely an awful move. Then again, the other side being, and maybe zombieyeti could shed some light here (but obviously he wants to stay in good favor and employed) would be that Chris was selling prints, due to commissions not paying very favorably from Stern, and as a pinball artist in general.

    It is what it is, bad professional moves, but possibly very understandable.

    Quoted from ThatOneDude:

    “If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” ― J.K. Rowling
    I would amend it to be "how he treats those he sees as his inferiors," but the point stands.

    I'll appreciate quotes from Rowling a bit more when she decides to demonize pinball a bit less. Not that I'm a fan of her writing or the film franchises, but as a pinball fan, I can definitely see the license doing more good than harm!

    #369 1 year ago
    Quoted from Stones:

    Bowen made a comment on his friends fb page. It was a picture of a girl holding the face of bride of pinbot over her face. The girls mouth was open (where bops mouth should be) and said something like "anyone got a ball?" It was totally a joke...and funny. Bowen made some comment like "is lance Armstrong available?" And Franchi went off the deep end. None of his business, but decided to police the whole thing.....lame.

    I don't think any of us would be very popular...or kind...fellows, if we made a mastectomy joke, especially in October....or ever, really.

    We either accept all targets or none. And bad jokes are just bad, easy "jokes". High road that shit.

    #372 1 year ago
    Quoted from Stones:

    True, or we could be like Franchi and make that "The hill to die on." The girl had to step in and defend and explain herself....frustrated Franchi said something....Franchi accused Bowen of being sexist towards women.....or something like that...

    It all sounds like a stupid waste of people's time on all accounts, frankly. (Not that my own b.s. here isn't as well.) Digital ego driven glove slapping, back and forth.

    I fart in all their general digital directions!

    giphy (5) (resized).png
    #376 1 year ago
    Quoted from zombieyeti:

    First off - my intent to comment here wasn’t to pile on Chris. I was bothered greatly by what I heard on the podcast and wanted to add some context to prevent the imaginations going wild on the anti-stern front. So please don’t take my perspective as open season on Chris. Again I like him - he’s amazingly talented and well suited for pinball.
    Second - Stern pays well for the usage and creation based on standards I’m accustomed to. I’m certain Chris made more than me based on hourly breakdowns though as he was known to knock things out quickly. I’m envious as unfortunately I’m slow as molasses when it comes to the finish & polish stages... has me rethinking my life choices all the time in fact
    Chris also has said he has a day job and pinball was moonlighting for him. So, justification of selling prints is at odds with that as well.

    It's just got to be a complex work situation, like any are really, just this is public and at the center of an interest based forum.

    I'd have to imagine you two had/have a nice rapport, and that none of this is how either of you wished for dynamics to split, regarding Stern.

    Keeping things in check, in a passion, ego based career like artwork, has to be as much a challenge some days, as the work itself. So I do empathize with the struggle we've been discussing, on all fronts. How vocal can one be, about their personal creative labors, while maintaining both personal and private professionalism?

    Thanks for your thoughts and insights, it is appreciated.

    Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

    Watch Family Guy. Not all artists draw pictures.

    There are many facets to art, that is for sure! I was just using the word in a generalized sense. Dude could be a beat poet on the site too!

    Quoted from Rarehero:

    I literally draw all day long...but it's in the context of drawing out thousands of storyboard panels, sketching things for artists and designers, etc..mostly quick & loose drawings for animation use. I don't paint highly detailed "gallery quality" pieces of art like Yeti & Franchi.

    Are you a lefty? How long has it been since you traded in paper for a tablet, storyboard wise? Do you use Wacom or a different brand?

    #388 1 year ago
    Quoted from davijc02:

    Also ensure it’s PBR because...Merica!

    The hard coffee is nice to try for a 4 pack. Wouldn't drink it much past that, but it's surprisingly smooth, and not grossly syrupy sweet.

    The PBR Extra is a nice boost over standard PBR.

    They have a really lovely building to tour, one of thirteen that existed at one time in their brewing empire years. Now I think Miller brews their stuff via contract. Worth the time, if you're in Milwaukee. I went there this past year for the Wonka unveil, then spent most of my time beer hunting/drinking.

    #407 1 year ago

    Oddly ironic that Chris had to/felt he needed to leave Stern due to making an extra buck using existing Stern artwork he'd created, for a guy hired to do work on Batman 66, which utilized preexisting artwork from another license holder (albeit obviously given permission.).

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