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Is Franchi Out at Stern?!

By davidlldennis

1 year ago

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    Post #174 From the man himself. Slap Save Podcast will be a must listen. Posted by Metaluna5 (1 year ago)

    Post #234 Podcast link with Franchi discussing details Posted by PismoArcade (1 year ago)

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    #228 1 year ago

    Let me just set the record straight so we can get back on topic.

    ALL beer tastes like rancid cat piss.

    #252 1 year ago
    Quoted from davidlldennis:

    Then he gives Kaneda shit for poor ethics.

    On the topic of Munsters leaks and ethics....who at Stern leaked them in the first place? If it was Franchi, the ethical quandary is on HIM. Once those pictures have been leaked, anyone who doesn't work at Stern isn't ethically bound at all.

    #253 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinLen83:

    Trudeau's actions didn't deter my love for GB either.
    The machine did nothing wrong, it's creator did

    #272 1 year ago
    Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

    People keep telling me well you don’t want a cgc game because the code,

    Those are weird people. Williams games have excellent rules/code matched perfectly with great designs and features. Perfect amount of depth & fun any pinball machine would need. There's a reason MM, AFM, and MB were 10k-20k games & warranted remake demand...they are pinball perfection. The thought that all pinball machines need math/chess or massive depth to be fun or worth owning is a myth. I love LOTR....deep game. I love IM...not so deep game. They're both absolutely perfect at what they try to accomplish AS GAMES. That's what makes a good game. Rules/gameplay/theme all work together in harmony.

    5 months later
    #337 1 year ago
    Quoted from zombieyeti:

    If it was terrible I wouldn’t be there. And I worked for Zidware.
    I like Chris - I’m disappointed he decided to make his decision to split a means to try to damage others.
    Having Kaneda ‘interview’ you with zero challenges is a great way to get the real picture for sure... I was there btw throughout - he should re-trace his steps and rethink the facts.
    He doesn’t like me for some reason - so I’ll give him one, from my vantage point: his problems are his own making.
    No professional artist does what he is saying. You are being paid for the work AND usage rights. You don’t own your work anymore. So when you decide to sell it you are making additional income from art you were afforded to make on another persons dime. Not ethical- not ever.
    When you are asked nicely to stop selling it you do NOT argue or belittle the company that owns your work. And you don’t DO IT AGAIN... and again...and again.
    And when you do? Expect it won’t be well received. Apologize and stop it.
    And as an aside - throwing personality insults at people is petty. (Greg is hilarious, btw) I’ve never had an issue with anyone at Stern and consider everyone a friend at this point. But I also have never tried to tell Gary Stern or anyone else how to operate. I’m a hired gun working on a team.
    Listen, If I mess up, I’m not a victim of anyone else but myself. I own up to it and try to learn from my mistakes.
    blah blah blah...Actions speak louder than words. It’s easy to control a message when you define the rules and know that no one will rebut out of professionalism. It’s regrettable that Chris chose this path. I wish him the best - he’s immensely talented and has plenty of great work ahead of him. I just hope he can get out of his way.

    Spot on take. Since Franchi's came onto the scene, he's always played the part of the sad-sack victim. Great artist, but doesn't understand the "rules" of professionalism...his ego gets the best of him, he wants to be THE STAR...Kaneda, as someone who talks about pinball almost exclusively in terms of art, plays to that to get him to leak art & spill the beans on podcasts. Franchi never understood that Stern is the star...Stern knows what Stern wants, and Franchi just can't run around doing whatever - it messes with their plans, their relationships, and paints them in a bad light. Long story short - he needs to learn how to do the work, get paid, and just shut up. Needing the adulation of the pinball hobby scene that badly is unhealthy - hang out with your friends & family.

    I hope whatever company he's working with now lays down some strict ground rules in the contract, or they're just gonna have to deal with the same thing.

    BTW, he's not just Mr. Victim with his work, it bleeds into his real life views...when I saw this hot take on equality issues, I knew exactly who he was & why Stern would eventually have to boot him. "Wah wah wah, I'm a man, my life is so hard, wah wah wah!"

    #340 1 year ago
    Quoted from Chalkey:

    Betrayed Stern time and time again and no idea why he wasn't brought into the fold.
    I can't believe they kept him on for anything after he leaked nevermind the other licensing issues and PR nightmares. Surprised there's supposedly another company willing to pick him up.

    Well, Derp Root ran with Jpoop. At least Franchi has talent & didn't steal from anyone.

    #347 1 year ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    Well said. I didn't care the posting his personal comments on his facebook page either, and assessing his entire character based on...one...viewpoint.

    That comment was from someone else’s FB page. I’m not FB friends with Franchi. That was out there in public for everyone to see....also I’m not judging him on one comment. I’m judging him based on his non-stop victimhood & “everyone is wrong but me” attitude. He’s done that here, he’s done it on podcasts, he’s done it on social media. My screen grab was just one example, but a very telling one. When a man is complaining about women not opening a door for him - he’s not even thinking that women spend a lifetime worrying about getting kidnapped, assaulted, raped, and killed every time they go out....so Wah Wah Wah, I don’t wanna hear about how bad you’ve got it as a man in this world. Bring it back around to professinal life, I don't think Stern has NEVER had a woman artist, designer, or engineer...I'm sure women artists would love to have an opportunity to create art for a pinball machine. Franchi's privilege allowed him that opportunity....but he's the victim. Wah wah wah.

    #350 1 year ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    Im sure there are, but once again, having a differing view point does not make you some horrible person.

    It's not about a "different" point of view OR being horrible. It's about a person who is always making himself a victim. Blaming others for his faults, rather than looking inward or being empathetic toward others and their experiences. I don't think he's horrible. I think he needs to be more self-aware to understand why he is often in this position or feeling this way. Perhaps therapy if he hasn't tried it. (...and just clarifying - I'm NOT saying that as an insult. Therapy can be a wonderful tool to help you figure out things about yourself and improve your life)

    #352 1 year ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    I dunno, I try and focus on the individual. We all suffer and face great hardships in this world, and there's no reason we can't validate one another's suffering as well as accomplishments.

    Absolutely, but as Yeti put it - his problems are of his own making. He needs to recognize that and grow from that experience, or history will continue to repeat. Look, I know I'm being blunt - but I'm talking from experience. I'm an artist who works with a team...it's not just about me. When I was younger, I was a bit more like Franchi...and a few times I did some really stupid shit that made my colleagues and bosses look bad. They probably SHOULD have fired me....thankfully they didn't, and they told me why they were upset and why what I did was wrong. I took that and learned from it, and grew...I didn't resent them or keep doing the same thing again. I learned that lesson in my 20's, and it's done nothing but make my personal and professional life better. Franchi's not too old to learn and grow. I know my blunt posts are a bit caustic, but really I want the best for him - because he is an amazing talent. Just think how much more amazing he'd be if he was a bit more reflective and understood where his bosses & colleagues were coming from?

    #354 1 year ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    Maybe. Hell, sometimes i think i need some therapy.

    There's still a stigma about it when there shouldn't be. We all have stuff to work out, and sometimes we don't have the right people in our lives to talk to about it.

    #359 1 year ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    Not sure understand your argument. Bowen seems to rub people equally wrong with his social media attacks.

    Fasle equivalency. Who's Bowen rubbing wrong? Sexual harassers & dudes who wish it was still the 80's so they could be a-holes without consequence? Oh no.

    #361 1 year ago
    Quoted from jgentry:

    I dont know Bowen or Franchi personally. I do hear plenty of people that seem to really dislike both of them based on their online interactions. So I just thought it was a strange comparison. And no, not all of the people that Ive heard say similar things about Bowen that you are about Franchi are 80's neanderthals. You are painting a lot of people with a very broad brush.

    A lot of "I heard people say" going on here. If you're upset about something Bowen said, bring proof, let's discuss. I've seen his posts where he's been on the correct side of issues, sticking up for people who've been abused and harassed. If someone is upset by that, that tells me more about them than Bowen.

    #364 1 year ago
    Quoted from thedarkknight77:

    Bowen got every bit of what he deserved........in fact, I think they went easy on him. There was nothing wrong with that art work and Bowen was way, way, way off base.

    Everything was wrong with Oktoberfest's art. EVERYTHING. Monkey or no monkey, it's just offensive to the human eyeball as truly horrible artwork.

    #374 1 year ago
    Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

    Watch Family Guy. Not all artists draw pictures.

    I literally draw all day long...but it's in the context of drawing out thousands of storyboard panels, sketching things for artists and designers, etc..mostly quick & loose drawings for animation use. I don't paint highly detailed "gallery quality" pieces of art like Yeti & Franchi.

    #377 1 year ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    Are you a lefty? How long has it been since you traded in paper for a tablet, storyboard wise? Do you use Wacom or a different brand?

    Yes, I'm a lefty! (Political joke post in 3, 2, ....)

    I think we went digital in 2008...we use Wacom Cintiq. I can't draw on a tablet for shit, but Cintiqs are fun!

    #402 1 year ago
    Quoted from romulusx:

    Not necessarily correct side,you meant to say your side,didn’t you?

    Pretty sure being against abusers and harassers is the CORRECT side. Or are you pro-abuse and pro-harassment? Cool, cool.

    #405 1 year ago
    Quoted from Extraballz:

    You all know Chris F could like to play the victim and Gary Stern could be a complete tool. Both can be true at the same time. Just saying.....

    It's Gary's company, and he's paying Chris. End of story. At the end of the day, even if Gary's reaction was bonkers, he's not wrong about any of the things he was upset about...he's paying for licensing deals that are very specific - he can't have one of his freelance employees making money off Stern & the licensors without being part of the deal. Chris was paid to skin a pinball machine. That's the end of what his involvement is. He makes art, Stern gives paycheck....unless they ask him to do anything else, it ends there.

    #424 1 year ago
    Quoted from seenev:

    I listened to the interview and only hearing his side it still sounded like "Yes... I was always technically in the wrong, but why can't Stern just be cool about it?"
    Even so, it kind of sounds like Stern is a crappy place to work.

    He freelances from Michigan. Frankly, he doesn’t know what it’s like to work there.

    #426 1 year ago
    Quoted from La4s:

    Have any of you guys been to a comic convention? I would say at least 75-80% of the artist booths are filled with unauthorized drawings of Marvel/DC characters. And, many of these artists are previous contractors for Marvel/DC.

    Perhaps the slight difference is this: Marvel owns all their characters that convention artists sell sketches and prints of. Perhaps they don’t go after them because they’re too big to care, perhaps cuz it would be seen as a backlash against the fans. In any case - it’s their IP, their call to make.

    Stern makes machinery. All of the artwork on their machines are licensed by other companies & regulated by a legal deal made with the licensor. None of the art or characters in Stern’s games belong to them. So when one of their contractors tries to make money on the pinball related art, there are extra layers there, and Stern is within their rights to protect their business relationships by clamping down on it.

    Marvel>Rando artist selling stuff

    Marvel>Licenses IP to Stern for use on machines>Stern hires pro artist to draw art for machine>Pro artist sells IP on the side that does not belong to Stern

    #427 1 year ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    .. wait. What? Something you need to cop to RH?

    Typo, edited.

    #431 1 year ago
    Quoted from PaulCoff:

    Totally agree. But I have to wonder... Does Lou ferrigno ever pay Marvel for his photos that he sells at shows, or do cosplayers ever deal with this as well. I’ve heard the 501st went through some restrictions once “ the mouse” bought Star Wars.[quoted image]

    Ferigno is selling himself...even though he's dressed as The Hulk, it's his likeness, his image. I'm sure there's some legal rabbithole one could go down and find something that's a no-no about it...but Ferigno isn't working for them, they're not his boss, etc. Franchi could sell pictures of himself dressed as Gary Stern lol

    #439 1 year ago
    Quoted from romulusx:

    I’m talking about the Bowen argument,not his work habits

    Why conflate them? His work habits are the reason he’s not working for Stern anymore.

    Whining about how he’s a victim is a TREND - whether it’s how his job with Stern fell apart or how it’s everyone else’s fault when he’s offensive.

    But anyway, keep not understanding the issues & have fun dying on that “I’m pro-harassment” hill. Don’t you have daughters? Your whole notion that harassment and inequality is just an “opinion” is bizarre AF.

    #446 1 year ago
    Quoted from romulusx:

    Nobody is on the pro harassment hill, I am just tired how some guys just try to act like their so enlightened that if someone disagrees at all with them they
    go apeshit.No daughters but been married for 40 years and still get the door for her.You guys on the coast get so bent out of shape about stuff like this,what you should be concerned with is all the debt your state is in and your tent cities ,mostly because your leaders function out of feelings instead of common sense.My state is firmly in the black while your state is consistently in the red.

    Cool Breitbart book report. Absolutely irrelevant to this topic, but parroting far-right media about things you personally know nothing about is a fantastic life skill, keep it up!

    “You guys on the coast” ....lol. Keep on dividing!

    #449 1 year ago
    Quoted from romulusx:

    I was just making the point of where priorities are all screwed up!
    Now it’s your turn Greg because I know by now you have to get the last word.

    So, your priorities are harass women & live in a state that ranks 28th nationwide. Got it.

    It’s been a fun time in the hobby with you, but life’s too short to talk to rapist defenders. You’re going into the bin, you’ll never hear from me again. Byyeeeee!

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