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Alien Pinball - CONFIRMED!!! - Pinball Brothers Remake

By pcprogrammer

2 years ago

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1 week later
#395 2 years ago
Quoted from tacshose:

Until I see a post from aurich I don’t believe anything.

I honestly have nothing to tell you. I don't talk to the Pinball Bros people, I'm not involved in anything. If they're remaking the game it's news to me. If they want to pay me my royalty on the games that were made that I never saw and continue it for new ones I'm game. This is me not holding my breath.

But I have no interest in being involved in the speculation, what happens or not is whatever to me really.

2 weeks later
#589 2 years ago
Quoted from Zitt:

Please be there to sue them (with a C&D) if they don't pay you a royalty and use your artwork.
I'd love to see them put in their place.

Even assuming it worked that way I can tell you right now the lawyer would cost more than what they never paid me in royalties the first time around.

#591 2 years ago

They’d have to be able to produce a valid contract for that, and they can’t. But it’s neither here nor there, and pretty boring. I’m not suing anyone.

If this actually happens and they don’t bother to reach out to me I’m sure I’ll have something to say, but until then it’s just more smoke and drama on a project that has had enough.

My opinion is putting any faith in these guys is dumb though. They’ve demonstrated on more than one occasion they’re happy to walk away and leave others holding the bag. That was true long before Andrew was out the picture, remember they’ve been involved for a long time. Caveat emptor.

#614 2 years ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

I got a buck each minus taxes...

Let's just say I didn't take the project on for a buck each, but in the end even $1,000,000 x 0 still = 0 so who cares?

I'm mostly over it all (mostly /newt) but really the shame of a redo, if if happens, would be to not take advantage of actually working with Fox, instead of control freak terrible manager Andrew ruining things for no reason. When I finally, at the very end of things, got to talk to the Fox rep directly she was perfectly reasonable and way more flexible than I expected.

Anyone watching the 40th anniversary short films on YouTube? I've only seen one so far, need to watch the rest, but they're being very cool about exploring the universe it seems. My guess is a lot more could have been done. Ah well, so it goes, I think the complete package in the end is still pretty good.

1 week later
#626 2 years ago

I wasn’t paid what I was owed and I’m not suing anyone. So really neither of you are representing my position.

You take risks with startups, I knew that, it is what it is. I can feel how I do about it without needing to let it be anything more than that.

#628 2 years ago
Quoted from BOBCADE:

Hopefully your work on Alien helps land you another gig with exposure to your art and gained experience.

Appreciate it, but if I was offered another pinball gig I'd probably turn it down. Mixing hobbies and business is risky stuff, I knew that, but now I *really* know it, heh. I might be a little slow sometimes, but I can take the hint eventually. And honestly, I'm good at what I do, but if you want an illustrator there are plenty of people with more skills than me, I'm rusty at even drawing these days.

Gonna stay in my lane, which means pinball projects I control. There's just no reason to add compromise and committees to something you love. Then I can work at my own pace, and not sweat being slow. Like this Metallica project I've teased a few times for the past (checks calendar) 4 years.

4 weeks later
#669 2 years ago

I have very little in the way of inside knowledge here. But I don’t think it’s that weird or outlandish. A ton of time and money was spent to develop this game. Why wouldn’t they want to try and recoup it?

It’s not a vaporware game, it’s real. Real rules, real shots, real multimedia, real license. People seem to like it!

I honestly have no clue what will happen. All I can say is I have a decent sense for what would be involved. It’s not a pipe dream at the very least.

#671 2 years ago

Remember these are the same people who kept pouring money into a very deep pit for years. It’s not like this would be a change of pace.

1 month later
#735 2 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

18,500 is reasonable asking price for a NIB

lol, not really, no.

1 year later
#968 12 months ago

I have zero inside knowledge about this. Someone told me the Pinball Brothers were looking for me a couple years ago, but they didn't try very hard since they have my email and I wasn't inclined to spend any effort on my part. Who knows what they wanted. Probably my Photoshop files.

I hope they're using new art for the game, since I was never actually paid for mine. My contract was null and void years ago, they don't have the rights to anything I did. I got a game out of it at least, which was a really nice gesture on behalf of the people in Wales, and I appreciate it.

With the way the company collapsed, the number of games actually made, and the fact that my contract was all royalty based I only lost out on a few thousand dollars in the end, so I just mentally wrote it off. But still, unless someone wants to cut me a check they can pay someone else to do new art. Frankly that might be better anyways, maybe the new artist can work with an actual physical game, and without Andrew's constant nonsense and lies about what the license allows. If someone's doing it I wish them the best.

Whatever happens I think everyone is smart enough to not get too excited about some schematics. Don't give anyone a dime for anything until you see rows of finished games and someone you trust is allowed to open the hood and flip them. It's easy to blame Andrew for a lot of things, but keep in mind that the Pinball Brothers were around for all of Alien, they'd show up, make a bunch of promises to the team about things going better, and then vanish again. I'm not saying they're bad people, just that I've seen this movie before and how it ends. Don't let a trailer get your hopes up is all.

#971 12 months ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

yes. I should of added Aurich, Dave and anyone else who was involved and not compensated for their efforts should also get $$ first. even if it's a few thousand dollars!

I'm trying to get an RTX 3080 and an AMD 5600x right now, I'll take any payment towards my PC build. Market is rough out there!

If they're deleting the playfield screen I actually finished all the art where that hole is when I did it, the rest of the planets are all there. I honestly was never a fan of that thing. Seemed like a big waste of BOM if you're going to end up sticking screens in the backbox anyways. Just one more reason the 'modular pinball' idea was doomed to failure. Every mistake you made in the beginning stuck to you for every game after it.

#975 12 months ago
Quoted from dts:

I can see how that’s annoying as you designed the art there, but in practice, the LCD is great. I went in skeptical with it, and now wish it was integrated into more games. Provides more immersion into the game, never need to look up, in addition to more lighting to the surrounding area.

Yeah, as MK6PIN is pointing out there was originally no backbox LCD, just the playfield. And okay, it's different, but cool.

Thing is, as soon as you start mirroring it to the backbox it starts to feel like a waste of build resources. And then you have the dumb decision to make the playfield and backbox LCDs different resolutions and aspect ratios and it just becomes really stupid. Now it's impossible to design for it in a way that looks good on both. It's just mirrored, there's no way to do any slick stuff where you send one image to the playfield and a different one to the backbox.

You're paying for two screens and optimizing for none and it's pointless to me at that point. You could use that budget for all kinds of better things, like flashers for instance.

Not putting art there is fine. I only designed the whole thing without the screen because it just made more sense. Then if I needed to shift things or anything changed I had a complete vision.

Also, at one point I toyed with the idea of trying to make the playfield art match up with the LCD so you could have it continuous in the background of the screen. I think Captain Nemo did something like that? Never happened because without physical access to a machine I couldn't do the work to line things up properly, so I abandoned the whole idea.

#992 12 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I have zero inside knowledge about this. Someone told me the Pinball Brothers were looking for me a couple years ago, but they didn't try very hard since they have my email and I wasn't inclined to spend any effort on my part.

In an amusing turn of events guess who emailed me today?

I told Roger basically what I posted here. See where it goes. Honestly at this point I'm out of vitriol, I'd just like to be paid if anyone is going to use my work again. If they tell me anything in confidence I certainly won't post about it here, but until that time happens nobody has made any efforts to include me or take care of me, so I consider it all free game to shoot the shit over.

Clearly writing about them in public reminded them that I have an email address.

Anyways, on the speculation again!

Again, I know nothing, but making the game not a wide body makes no sense to me. It's too radical of a change. Unless the plan is to just scrap so much of the code and layout that it doesn't matter. But why do all that work? There's a mostly finished game there already.

Deleting the playfield LCD won't change the game at all. Adding back in a magnet that was supposed to be there is a fairly minor change. People do it with Twilight Zone heh. But you can't just squeeze a game into a smaller package.

#1055 12 months ago

I had a nice chat with Roger today. I will no longer be speculating about anything here, time for me to go back to being silent. I didn't want to just vanish since I had posted already, so I'll say this: I can't speak to anything that may or may not happen. But I was listened to and I'm content to see how everything goes. If anyone was concerned about me, thanks, but don't be.

The only other thing I want to say is: I've been inside the belly of the saga for this game for a long time. I've seen a lot of people for years speaking like they knew what was going on, and making authoritative statements in these threads. 95% of them were wrong. Even when things were going tits up people were wildly off base about what was actually going bad.

Just keep that in mind, grain of salt and all that.

2 weeks later
#1635 11 months ago

I can't really comment on anything, but since this much is public I'll just say this: wishing for nothing but good vibes and success all around. It's pinball, just gotta see how the ball rolls, but I'm rooting for this to have a happy ending.

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