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Irving Kaye Bank Ball repair

By MrFledge

73 days ago

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    #1 73 days ago

    Hi. New to the forum. I have an Irving Kaye Amusement Enterprises Inc Bank Ball (Skee Ball) machine that is in very poor condition. At least 2 of the solenoid actuators are fried and I'm not sure about the main transformer. Can anyone out there help me with a solenoid replacement options? The main transformer has several taps. 120vac is used only for the background lights. One tap appears to be providing 6vac (relative to neutral) to the scoring lights and one other also looks like 6vac to the solenoid actuators. Any thoughts, info, or advice would be appreciated.

    #2 71 days ago

    This is a pinball forum. Try to find the manual and it might list the coil #'s... Gauge of wire is the first number, # of windings is the 2nd number. [XX-XXXX]

    Why do you think something is fried? Is stuff just locked up? If so, it's probably seized and needs to be de-greased/cleaned.

    Keep in mind that if something actually is "fried", if you do nothing else but replace the coil, it will possibly just "burn up" the next coil you stick in there. Can you test the coil's resistance with a meter to confirm it's OHMS reading or see if it's shorted?

    You could try KLOV forums for better exposure but keep in mind that machine is WAY before video games. It's actually a lot more like an EM rifle games more than a video game or pinball.

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    #3 71 days ago

    Are there any markings on the coils?
    The EM section of Pinside might be more helpful.

    #4 71 days ago

    The picture I posted was not from my machine. I posted this just for reference. This is mine. I know the coils are fried because they are charred and falling apart. I understand this is a pinball forum but from what I've seen here, many of the older EM machines use the same technology. I'll move this over to the EM section. Thanks for the advice.

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    #5 70 days ago
    Quoted from MrFledge:

    I know the coils are fried because they are charred and falling apart.

    I don't see anything falling apart. Charring is fairly normal in this era... Keep in mind that a coil is just a wire... only way it can fail is "open" or "shorted". Can you use a meter and actually test their resistance? Can you manually advance any/all the mechs?

    If the mechs are seized, it will likely need a dissemble and a de-greasing/cleaning. Hell, it will need that anyway.

    If the mechs are moving freely, you need to start testing the resistance of the coils with a meter. You can actually make your own coil if you know the wire gauge, count the number of turns, and purchase the correct magnet wire.


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