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Iron Man Club: Adrenaline Junkies Welcome!

By RobT

5 years ago

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#1434 3 years ago

Just got a NIB IMVE from the latest run. First game after setting up got the DoD hurry-up and then Jericho. Next game was 5 million points. Lol, love this friggin game.

Couple quick questions though -
Is there still no earnable extra ball in the game (just have to get lucky and get it awarded from war machine)?
I found two little silver thumb screws loose in the bottom of my game when I got it all set-up, any idea where these go/came from?
How many of you have disabled your orbit up-post? After that first game, I disabled the post and the game is so much faster and more exciting.
What is up with the letter "O" in the Drones artwork by their insert on the playfield? I had never noticed this before at all, was going over the game with a fine tooth comb to look for flaws in the clearcoat etc. and finally noticed that - - it looks like some paint is missing, but it's the same on every image I've ever seen, like it's supposed to be muzzle flash or something? One of those now that I've seen it I cant unsee it.
Jericho - did the rules change in this latest release on being able to start a multiball while in this Wizard mode (similar to how the DoD hurry up was reduced from 50 mil to 35 Mil)? When I finish M-O-N-G-E-R the previous Pinballnews write up says that two more balls should be kicked out for multiball, but that doesn't appear to be happening.
Everyone pretty much think the code is done for this game, or is there a chance we'll see something new and a little deeper?

Anyway, glad to be a part of the IM club - one of my favorite themes with one of my favorite and fastest pinballs.

#1441 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

You can set up an earnable extra ball.....I think mine comes at around 25 million.

Ok - that's based on your replay value, I was meaning more like, earnable in the sense that you complete certain objectives in the game itself to light or award the extra ball, like killing X number of walkers lights the extra ball in TWD. My guess is there is none in IM...

Yeah, dont look at the DRONES art if you haven't noticed it already! Bugs the crap outta me, good thing the rest of the game looks awesome - love the decals on the brushed aluminum look.

Ok, so I'm not crazy on the balls added in Jericho - must be old code.

#1444 3 years ago
Quoted from Grinder901:

Mod the hell out it and show it off man!

Will do - here's my list of to be installed so far:
Bladeskins (mirrorblades with the IRON MAN artwork on top of them)
Speaker light kits with acrylics
External Subwoofer
Lit flipper buttons
Shaker motor
Back Box lighting kit (love the way it makes the sky look like it's storming)
Custom Laser etched topper
Custom pricing cards
Custom start button inserts

Any others I'm missing worth the money?? I like the arc reactors mod for the pop bumpers but they're a bit pricey and I don't want to have to remove that right ramp... Really want to find a good bust of Whiplash and replace that toy with something more visually appealing. How many people have spent the $$$ for all those little lit figurines instead of the factory? Are those really worth it? Anyone have one of those TV mods that play videos while the game is on? Not sure how I feel about those...

Seen some awesome custom stuff on this thread.

1 week later
#1480 3 years ago
Quoted from shimoda:

Anyone have an idea why speaker panel sound might be out? Replaced the amp chip (TDA2030) to no avail.

I assume you checked the fuses? A friend of mine had his audio go out on his ST and it was just a fuse.

#1494 3 years ago

Ok, so this is bugging the shit out of me... was playing today and for some reason I looked at the coin door and noticed the coin door lights were not on. Checked the connector no voltage. Gonna write Stern tomorrow, but first was looking through pics from this thread and noticed ALOT of pins with no coin door lights on. Anyone know whats up with this and can save me the time?

3 weeks later
#1572 3 years ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

So, what's the best backbox LED kit for Iron Man?

Cointakers deluxe. Their standard is awesome too. Seeing my friends IMVE with his back box lighting kit from Cointaker changed my whole perspective on the back glass - it looks alive with the lighting in the sky and clouds, etc.

1 week later
#1600 3 years ago
Quoted from Grinder901:

I had a thought. The plastics over the slings seem odd to me. No where else on the game are Black Widow or Nick Fury represented. They don't even rate call outs in the game from what I can remember which seems weird as well.
So unless someone wants to pull clips and alter the code (erak) I have a mod request. I'd be a buyer if someone could create some badass looking replacement sling covers. Maybe have one be the Iron Man suit and one be War Machine. Or maybe two halves of the Iron Man mask. I remember seeing some cool SM plastic replacements red and black half and half of the Spidey symbol. I'd love something like that for Iron Man. Black Widow is hot and all but they just don't fit in the game.

Yeah, I had the same thought. Even more of the circuit board design extending into the slings would look better. Maybe some high res printed ones too, unless those would clash with the lower res plastics. not sure what people can legally make and sell though...

#1629 3 years ago

I just put the pingraffix IM bladeskins on my IMVE. I was worried at first of the decals being applied to the mirrorblades catching when lifting the playfield but have been very, very happy with how durable they are. No tearing, no scratching. The blades look awesome with the rest of the art package. Highly recommend. Going to put in the latest released transformers ones in my TFLE now...

#1641 3 years ago

Was playing my 2 month old IMVE tonight when the start button stopped responding and wouldnt let me start a game. Shut the game off, restarted, button fired up a game right away. At the end of that game the button stopped working again. Shut down, restart, did switch test, switch worked on game start up, played a game, button stopped working did a switch test and no read on the switch. Shut off, turn on, button works on first game again but nothing after. Any suggestions??

#1651 3 years ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

My guess is the switch needs replaced. That happens and is an easy fix.

Yeah, I wish it was that easy. First thing I did was pull the switch and test the microswitch directly. Switch is just fine, the game is just not reading the signal - same with the tilt bob. Looks like I'll be getting in touch with STERN tech support.

Edit - loose connector in cab and two loose wires in IDC connectors at PCB. Real manual with wiring info wouldve been helpful...

3 weeks later
#1792 3 years ago
Quoted from Gorno:

Schematics/wire diagrams would be great too. I am not sure it exists.

I feel ripped off on this as well. Seems STERN is only publishing "complete" manuals for some of their pins. I had to dig around in other older SAM games to find schematics and hoped they matched close enough to do some troubleshooting. BS if you ask me. My TWD has the same issue.

#1795 3 years ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

Check out this canvas my wife got me for Christmas. I'm pumped!

Very cool. Do you know where she got it?

#1805 3 years ago

Got an epic score on my IMVE this weekend. Two crappy balls (less than 4 million), and then bam, ball 3. I had completed IRON MAN once before during ball 1, managed to accidentally bank the ball into the iron man targets starting double scoring and it went up and started DOD hurry up immediately. Cashed in right away for 60+ million and then went into Jericho with double scoring for most of the mode. Ended up with 242 million. Gotta say, the game is a rush when you finally get all of that lined up together and then actually make your shots after. Timing the double scoring is tough, but wow does it pay off and worth trying to stack.

#1812 3 years ago

Your pic was blurry, but it does look like the wires got reversed when soldered in place.

7 months later
#2434 3 years ago

Because too many old farts have too many old William's games and they don't want their collection going down in value when new games come out so they want to keep the classics ranked high... Or maybe they just don't like IM kicking their butts and like the other games better.

1 year later
#3175 1 year ago
Quoted from Grinder901:

Matt from Back Alley designed them and Joe from Laserrific made them. I have an alternate red version for the right plastic as well. As far as I know, mine were a one off but give Joe a shout

FYI - I actually designed those for Joe. Didn't feel like correcting you a year ago but since its come up again I figured I'd share.

1 month later
#3238 1 year ago
Quoted from Meegis:

A lot of hate gets pushed on it because it's tough as nails and a lot of wood chopping (unless you ease up on the difficulty settings).

Avengers getting push back?! How can that be when:
- The code took how many years to get to be mediocre?
- The plastics block all the out-lanes making it almost impossible to see how to nudge or make lane changes for the inserts
- The black widow ramp is tight as hell and in a weird spot with weird angles
- The extra ball hole gets rejects more often than successful hits and is mostly pure luck getting it in
- The game has ZERO flow and very few "feel good" shots
- It's the definition of chopping wood (even worse than Transformers)
- The overall art package is very weak

I'll stop with that and refrain from digressing from this Iron Man thread anymore... But yeah, shocked to see IM go before Avengers. The others are definitely keepers in my book (STLE is the definition of what an LE should be, wow is that a beautiful game).

#3241 1 year ago
Quoted from Meegis:

I can respond to it all, but yes, this is an iron Man thread.
That said, I'd turf avengers well before my IM as well. Just saying a lot of people don't give the game a fair chance.

Well said, maybe I should give Avengers another go sometime too...

Side note, my four year old got to Jericho on ball 2 today. Almost had the do or die hurry up and jericho ready on ball one, but needed one right ramp first for "We got a bogey." Wonder what age he'll knock his old man's score off of the grand champ board...20180404_203940 (resized).jpg20180404_203458 (resized).jpg

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