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Iron Maiden Premium Resale Value

By pindude80

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

I've been on the fence about getting and Iron Maiden premium or pro. I've played both and think both are great games. I think I am leaning a little more towards the premium. The only thing I'm worried about if I get a premium is resale value because I took a pretty good hit when I sold my Aerosmith premium and it took a while to sell.

I think resale value right now would be good on an IMDN since it's a new hit game, but if I get one it would probably be a while before I sold and I'm sure other new "hit" games would have come out by then.

It might be difficult at this time, but anyone have any speculation what an IMDN premium would sell for down the road or now if I got it and had a change of heart?

#5 1 year ago
Quoted from Strummy:

In my opinion I would buy the one that you think you're going to have the most fun with. Iron Maiden premium is a blast. I usually take some sort of hit when I sell my games. As long as it doesn't break the bank, I'm glad that I had a good time doing it.

I think I would have more fun with a premium and why I'm leaning that way. I don't mind taking a hit, but it's tough to take an $800 hit like I did on AS when I've only put a few hundred plays on a game. I'm not into pinball to make money and if I break even or lose a few hundred I'm good with that and kind of consider as rental money.

#8 1 year ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

If you're that worried about it then why not wait to buy a used one and let someone else take the NIB hit? Seems like you want the NIB experience but don't want to lose money, usually doesn't work like that.

Buying a used one has been my plan, not really many used ones out there at this time so I just need to try and be patient, but IMDN looks so great it's really testing my patience

I don't really care about the NIB experience, done it quite a few times, to me it's not all it's cracked up to be and definitely not worth the hit you take come resale time. I've been pretty lucky and bought quite a few games with under 100 plays on them in the past and hope that will be the case and I can find a used IMDN within driving distance.

#9 1 year ago

Nope, see post # 8, really could care less about NIB experience.

#11 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Why are you buying a game with plans of selling it anyway? I never buy a NIB game with intentions of selling it but if i do, I definitely expect to lose some money on it.

Because I have limited space and grow bored of games after a while.

#13 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Oh ok. Well i think IMDN is going to keep you entertained for a long time but id still look for a used game since you most likely will be selling soon. How many games do you have room for?

I think it would probably keep me entertained for a while also. I much more than likely will hold out for a used game. I'm not sure I'll be selling soon, but a day will more than likely come when it's time to sell. Not sure on game capacity, I could fit a few more in the basement with some re-arranging, but once games go in the basement I don't play them as much and that is where I have my EMs and SS games.

#16 1 year ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

If you can't stomach losing 1k on resale, than you shouldn't be buying NIB. Just buy another used pin to pacify you until there are a ton more IMDN out there and you'll find one for sale and let the other guy can take the hit for you. That's the price of buying NIB. You already discovered that with your AS experience.

Yeah, a grand is just too much for me to justify losing on resale. I almost sold my Mustang I bought NIB and was going to take a good hit on it so I ended up keeping it. Good point about just buying a used pin to pacify me until there are more IMDN available used. I had a similar thought that I just need to get back into some of my other games and cool my jets on getting an IMDN until there are more available.

I was also kind of looking to find out what people thought a fair price was for a used IMDN premium, but another pinsider said most premiums end up at $5800-$6500, not sure where IMDN will fall in that range, guess it really depends on how long I wait and how many pop up for sale.

#21 1 year ago

Thanks to everyone for the replies and insight. In conclusion I do not want to take the NIB hit so I will be staying away from a NIB purchase. I appreciate the replies stating how about how much of a loss selling a NIB game will be because that gives me a guideline on what I should be paying for a used one when I find one. If I could find a used one around mid 6s give or take I would probably grab it even if that meant losing a few hundred when resale time came around; I would be ok with losing $300 or $400, but just don't want to lose $800+

At this point I think I am going to quit torturing myself watching IMDN videos; I already know I like the game and would like to own one. I am going to focus on getting better at some of my current games until I find a used IMDN.

#23 1 year ago
Quoted from pickleric:

Check with dealers, a few often have demo games for $400-$500+ off with a few hundred plays.

I did talk to one dealer, he said he had a demo game for $6900 shipped. Didn't seem like a good or bad price. I guess that would be $400 off since street price is $7300 for a new one.

#25 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Only on Pinside would someone expect to buy a product, use it for a year, then sell it for the same price they paid for it.

yep, I pretty much always plan on taking some sort of loss on a game, just try to minimize it as much as possible which is why I will not be buying NIB.

#27 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thats not a good deal in my book. Id stay away from that distributor.

I agree and that's why I didn't go for it. They are actually a reputable dealer, I don't want to say who it was, but this deal didn't seem that good.

That brings up something else I wanted to hear from people on- what would be considered a good deal on a used game? I was thinking $6400-$6600 right now and probably less as time marches on and new titles come out.

#34 1 year ago
Quoted from TNTs:

Wow $1000 hit after having it a year.....its amazing what is clearly forgotten which is the shipping!!! Right off the bat you might as well subtract $400....So its costing you $600 when you resell it....So whats the big deal you paid $600 to enjoy a game in the convenience of your home go play at any time your hearts desire.Too bad you sold your AEROSMITH because they had a HUGE MEGA UPDATE and the game is AWESOME and very SATISFYING.
PUT IT THIS WAY..let's say you buy IMDN @$7400 and you want to sell it for a $500 lose(which doesn't make any sense because your playing the game)which puts it at $6900 most people won't pay that because shipping will CRANK IT UP to $7300....I'll pay the extra $100 for a new game/warranty....
At the end of the day it sounds like it's not worth it for you after a year....when these machines get released the full code won't be finished for 2 years or so,so you should get games that are 2 years and older rather than NIB

I know about Aerosmith! I heard about the new code this past week and it sounds good, but when I had it I played it for a couple months and it got BORING due to the code that was on it. Which you make a good point about not buying games until they are a couple years old, which is ultimately what I did; sold AS to get ACDC premium. I do however feel the code is pretty good on IMDN as it is and I would expect a few updates to be coming to make it even better.

I don't think a $600 loss is too bad on a NIB game, but I think it would be more than that and like you said add $400 if someone wants it shipped which doesn't make it worthwhile to a potential buyer.

#35 1 year ago
Quoted from ultimategameroom:

What are premiums selling for new? Shipped direct or picked up at distributor?
And I’m not talking Whysnow “ I get a better price than everyone else does pricing”.
Last NIB stern I bought was MET road case so it’s been awhile.

I believe new they are going for $7300 shipped now after their last price hike which I'm not sure what it was anyway, maybe when Deadpool came out?

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