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Iron Maiden issues

By rvdv

1 year ago

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Post #96 sarcophagus switch fix. Posted by DG_Amuse (1 year ago)

Post #434 Black t-moulding pictured to replace stock banana yellow. Posted by Strummy (1 year ago)

Post #597 Stern fix for Newton Ball issues on LE Posted by Fytr (1 year ago)

Post #887 Fix for fast balls not registering on upper loop Posted by PinNin (1 year ago)

Post #1039 Picture of factory fix for bad mummy newton ball on Prem/LE Posted by RA77 (1 year ago)

Post #1343 Fix for fast balls leaving wireforms Posted by Kevlar (1 year ago)

Post #1452 Shim method to get auto launch to work nearly 100% Posted by hank35 (1 year ago)

Post #1713 How to fix auto launch forever. Posted by NeilMcRae (1 year ago)

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#166 1 year ago
Quoted from Russell:

Yup, been there. Waiting for those Marco rollover switches.

how many do you need and do you need diodes? In case my LE needs it I want to have them ready.


have to say given the price of this machine its pretty crap that you have to do so much work to it.


#174 1 year ago

pretty poor something so basic needs an eyesore like that.

#212 1 year ago

I'd say too early to make a difference... but you never know. The sub-assembleys may have been made a while ago.

1 week later
#414 1 year ago

I'm starting to get less excited about my LE turning up

#486 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

I thought the Top left pop bumper light was an odd decision as well. In general, the GI light when playing in the dark is poor. I've never purchased Pinstadium lighting, but might break down for this title.
It's really disappointing that a company with Stern's resources can't design a better, more robust newton ball. It will likely be a maintenance issue, which effects location games particularly hard. For home use, probably not such a big deal.
My game actually arrived fairly dialed in...only some minor tweaks to the flipper locations that were slightly off.
Unfortunately, my PF has major/visiable "grain". The picture shows the worst angle for viewing the wood grain. When the lights are off, the grain is also visible from the players position. The clear is smooth, so the grain doesn't effect play at all. Just effects the beauty of the artwork. You'd think that for over 7k on the Premium, you'd get a "Gold quality" PF/clearcoat. My AS Pro and SWLE look much better...no visible grain.
I'm told that grainy PF's are the "new normal". If so, major bummer.

dood you don't have much luck. I wouldn't give up so easy and I'd press for a replacement.

#538 1 year ago

something missing? LOL

#539 1 year ago

thats just nuts that the trough is missing.

1 week later
#625 1 year ago
Quoted from imharrow:

Look at the picture again. On the right, the assembly where the balls sit, with the optos looks like it is present. So if you want to get technical the trough is there and the drain assembly (or something isn't)

whatever it is - its shit!

#632 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

So I was told that Stern has a fix available for the chronically out of adjustment newton ball switches.
I called Stern Support and asked for the fix. They sent me a new bottom post that screws onto the newton ball post under the playfield. It has a much sharper point on it than the stock post. I haven't had a chance to measure the stock one to see if it's any longer or not though.

Of course, they only sent one.
Since I loosened/lowered the stock posts 2 full rotations and used loc-tite on the threads to keep them there my switches are probably working 95% of the time and never false firing. I'm going to wait and see how it goes before I bother putting this new post on.
In any case, I'd recommend contacting Stern support to get them to send out this replacement post if you are having issues. Make sure then send you 2x of them though.

part number 530-1037-00

I emailed Stern but they are going to ship a load of them to the UK distributor then I'll get mine.


2 weeks later
#759 1 year ago

so I had the switches adjusted and my IMDN is on fire - what an epic game, and just scored my highest score!

1 month later
#954 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Still could be the switch. Just rule that out first.

ok on my LE - is it pro?

#991 1 year ago

any of you guys in the US that can get the new captive ball post 530-1037-00 x2? They are apparently on the way to our disty but I'm fed up waiting and fed up adjusting them.


#993 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Order them straight from stern. I never bother going through a dist. Why add a middle man?

they wont send to the UK... they used to do that but not any more.


3 weeks later
#1129 1 year ago

a little bit of heat undoes any thread lock, my advice is only use blue labeled thread lock not red or green. I race model monster trucks and blue thread locker is always good enough and good enough for pinball.


2 weeks later
#1183 1 year ago

just checking in. Got the new posts mummy is perfect but orb get stuck after a hard impact and needs manual intervention, is this where you are loosening the post using threadlock and thats the fix?

#1191 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thst may be something different Neil not sure. The pointy post that screws onto the clairvoyant newton ball comes loose on its own all the time. That is why people are loctiting it to keep it from coming loose.
Does your game have the pointed hex post or the first ones that were made that arent pointed on the end?

mine had the old one put the pointy one in, the mummy ball is working great, orb needs manual re-centering...

#1192 1 year ago

anyone been sent a complete orb newton ball assembly?

#1206 1 year ago
Quoted from Mtg381:

Sorry, I don't have the part number, but I bet you can call them to get it. I placed and picked my order up in person.
I haven't replaced the switch...yet. I was able to make major adjustments to existing spoon and leaf switch after tightening everything in the assembly and it's been working since.

And NO! David Carver from Stern said he was sending me one on 9/14. I sent a follow up email last week and still haven't heard back. The whole thing is a big joke.

I've requested one also.

4 weeks later
#1315 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I'm going to warn you all now!
There is a reason the netwon ball posts are not threadlocked from the factory. Doing so is going to introduce you to a world of hurt later if you need to disassemble the netwon ball assembly. Both the post (4) and spring retaining colllar (8) are threaded onto the newton ball shaft. I only put a little bit of blue threadlock on earlier today and wish I had not because it made taking part 8 off really difficult. I ended up putting vice grips on the collar below and wrapped fiberglass tape around the ball. I used the tape to pull the ball counter clockwise until the assembly came apart. The residual threadlock made it a real chore!

heat on blue thread locker kills it.

#1316 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Stern reengineer a cheap part? Pure comedy. Vote with your wallet. IMDN is my last Stern, no matter what theme/design comes in the future. IMDNLE was the same price as DILE, and I'd argue DI has 30% more value and plays just as good if not better. Plus it has replaceable transistors. Wait till your IMDN breaks. When the node boards start failing, peeps gonna be pissed.

build quality on both suck IMO.

4 weeks later
#1445 1 year ago

put heat into the ball with a soldering iron and it will burn off the thread locker. Never use red thread locker only blue.

3 weeks later
#1559 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

All right, team: I’m having the Orb issue. Could someone please point me to a post with the fix? I know I’ve read it, but want familiar enough with the game at the time.
It just won’t register - if I manually move the captive ball back and forth, yes it works, but it never triggers during a game. So... ?

honestly there is no fix. its just a turd. you have to fiddle adjust the thing until you get it working - blue thread lock helps.

#1599 1 year ago

Six things you can guarantee in life. Death, taxes, auto plunge issues, orb captive ball issues, mummy captive ball issues, sarcophagus issues. If you haven’t had them you will.

#1621 1 year ago

the manual plunger is adjustable by not pulling on it so hard

#1622 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Though it would be kind of awesome if Stern started shipping plastic toilet shims out to fix the auto plunge issues...

but on this - wholly appropriate, its a turd of game - quality build wise.

#1623 1 year ago
Quoted from Tonic67:

What a great thread..thanks to all. Got my my premium dialed in tonight. Just needed a couple of tweaks..this is the best Stern pin I've played in years. Amazing job on this overall package. Thanks Keith and staff at Stern!
[quoted image]

sadly I doubt you will be at the end of the tweaking process. I very much try to be positive about stuff, but on the LE/Premium there is just far too much that doesn't work well enough.

#1629 1 year ago
Quoted from dts:

My LE, after tweaking, has been rock solid for 6 months. Maybe I was lucky, but my adjustments included the autoplunger loop, and both the clairvoyant target and newton ball target, the same target mech. Also had to adjust the switch behind the mummy tomb as the ball would get stuck there. No probs since.

mine was also great for 6 months...

1 week later
#1663 1 year ago

just noticed the LE stern manual has the roll over switches in the sarcophagus tear down pictures!!! Do you think Stern changed it or ran out of roll over switches!?

1 week later
#1713 1 year ago

Few have you have asked now.

I had the auto launch problem. I tried everything:

1: The washer
2: The wax
3: the adjustment of the mech.
4: cardio surgery
5: Frontal lobotomy
6: Faith healers
7: dentistry
8: turning it off and on again.

none of them worked.

Then I was watching Star Trek, not that new rubbish, Star Trek 4, full power now sir!

More power! that's what this needs.

So I stuck a bigger coil in https://www.pinballlife.com/stern-090-5023-ot22-600-coil.html 22-600. Don’t install the diode. And I’m using 205 on power settings.

Boom, all good. but with trooper a little too much power, so dialled it back on the settings. No more Fucking problem.

You're Welcome.


#1718 1 year ago

Stream with the coil in....

#1726 12 months ago
Quoted from SpadeofAces18:

What did you set the power number to?

About 200 - can check tomorrow night.

#1729 12 months ago

No diode and my power is set to 205


#1736 12 months ago

I don't recall having any detection issues on this though. touches wood.

#1738 12 months ago

No diode for sure on the replace coil solution.

#1749 11 months ago

Stern should change the design to my coil choice and put my initials on the power jackpot in the next code as a reward -> "NJM"

knowing my luck they will now make the game shout "asshat" when my initials go in

#1753 11 months ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Thanks Neil.
We are picking up a Maiden Pro at TPF.
If our game is off on this shot when we get it home, I think I already have a spare 22-600 Stern coil laying around.

Great choice it’s a fantastic game and I’ll see you at TPF - really looking forward to it!


#1755 11 months ago

on the one in Chief and the one in Stockholm I played (both pros) had a similar problem although not as bad as only half way.

#1780 11 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

So has the auto launch and other issues been corrected on current production games?

If anyone has a game with a 2019 manufacturing date on it I’d love to see the ball guide. There was a rumour that stern had a new one but when I asked about it they had no knowledge of it.

#1781 11 months ago

Stern could easily deploy the coil fix in new builds given the coil price is the same! Release a service bulletin And then just release reduced power option on code 1.07 (with the power jackpot initials updated lol).


#1782 11 months ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

I’m glad I passed on getting this game. The shooter and auto launch is complete BS. My MET is actually acting up a little too and it’s because the ball contact of both the auto plunge and manual plunger are not hitting center of the ball. I’m gonna have to adjust the mech AGAIN. If I want to play it I’ll just play it on location and save me the money and headache.

Honestly mate I hate Iron Maiden the band, but this game is epic, dial it in with the fixes here and you won’t stop playing it.

#1784 11 months ago
Quoted from Returner:

I replaced the coil to 22-600 on two machines now. One of them went to almost 100% autolaunch after adjusting ballguide, power at 230.
Mine is about 75%-80% and i still need power at max (255), could have use for even more power....
Problem is not the launchmech i've tried with a brand new autolaunch assembly, and rebuit one with other nylonbushing to take out play in all direction, same result.
I've seen that on early machines the ball guide is a little diffrent. The metall goes all the way down to the playfield down the shooter lane towards the launcher. Later one has a gap around 2-3mm and the taps that goes in playfield are visible and has play in the holes. Perhaps it could be the the black metall rails that goes along the sides of playfield that is higher, haven't measured.

I was in Stockholm couple of weeks ago playing pinball a Soder Biljardin! great pinball scene in Stockholm.

check how the playfield is in the holders, there is a lot of variance here. Also is your game one of the early pros where he ball got stuck on the far left side? I think this is related to the playfield not being square? There definitely was a change from the earliest built games on how the playfield sits in the game.


#1807 11 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

I largely agree with this (having struggled with many of the previously pitched solutions). My only caveat is the shooter guide itself is still a bit wonky. Last night it was failing 5-10% of the time. Not a huge problem, but it's a shame the guide isn't more solid (in terms of how it's fastened to the PF).

is yours a pro?

#1815 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yep, Stern needs to make a running change and up the coil for the launcher to Neil's solution.

and add my initials to the code high score

#1816 11 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

That's it? Swap the coil out in the auto launch? Are there any power issues to worry about?

yup. the increase in the coil is negligible from a power POV. Been running it a while now without any issues. Mine is working 100%. Just remember to knock the power down a bit so trooper is not overpowered.

if you think about it a new game plays fast there is little resistance on the ball, after time the ball slows and that causes the issue. Stern probably never play the game on a dirty enough game so probably didn't predict this. Thats why folks doing the wax fixes it for a while.


#1817 11 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Premium. As far as the shooter goes, there isn't any difference. True?

yes but I seem to see pro's with more issues?

#1824 11 months ago
Quoted from Sutol:

He'll be at Tpf and I'm sure he's doing a signing and photo session.Jusr remember to form an orderly line people.

Quoted from Who-Dey:

Neil i bet tons of people will be wanting you to autograph their auto launch coils!

LOL I'm ready!!!

IMG_2657 (resized).JPG

#1828 11 months ago

Use your phone in slo motion mode to record it and upload to YouTube and we can help.

#1835 11 months ago

are you serious on that coil ? LOL

#1849 11 months ago

I'm with who-dey on this. I got the faith healers to check out the switches after they did their work on the auto-launch and nadda. Moving to the Williams style roller switches has put this issue to bed an I highly recommend that solution.

1 week later
#1871 11 months ago
Quoted from MJW:

Just changed out coil and auto working perfect. Not missing at all. Power at 255. I know recommendation is to reduce power but it’s working perfectly.

have you got trooper yet? If not get that and see how it works. The reduction in power is not for the initial ball launch but so that the balls don't overshoot trooper.

#1872 11 months ago
Quoted from MJW:

How are you guys correcting manual plunge ? It hits the rubber on top of skill shot pretty much all the time. I tried moving shooter assembly to line up ball with shooter. My auto plunge is about 95% and don’t want to make any moves that would effect the auto plunge. Any ideas?

glad that you fixed it. but thought I'd comment on this. For a long time it will work and then as the balls, playfield etc get crap on them the ball starts to slow... so fitting the coil works well.

2 weeks later
#1884 10 months ago
Quoted from pindude80:

Was playing my game last night when I noticed that if I hit the flipper button while the ball was in the shooter lane it would score 1k points every time. I went into switch test to check it out and when I hit the flipper button in switch test mode "top ball sense" would come up on the display. Is this the sarcophagus lock problem, if not does anyone know what switch it is and what I need to do to fix?[quoted image]

Its the utterly shite design of the captive ball. You need to adjust it until it works, read the rest of the thread.

#1887 10 months ago
Quoted from mbott1701:

I replaced the coil for the auto launcher with the one recommended by neilmcrae and vireland , but am still having the ball brick into the post at the skillshot about half the time. I have the power set to 205, but also tried 225, with the same results.
Can someone that has their auto launch dialed in, post a top down pic of the launch kicker arm to see how the ends of it are resting against a ball in the shooter lane?

can you take a video please?

#1890 10 months ago

yeah the guide looks suspect on that, it needs directing more downards.


#1892 10 months ago

try first without bending it.


#1899 10 months ago
Quoted from bowz:

So, my newest problem is right when you start a game, instead of giving you a chance to pic whatever song you want, it makes you take 1 song, along with saying the sarcophagus lock is open. i made a video of the damn thing with my phone, but can't for the life figure out how to upload it here-says it doesn't accept .mov files.
Either way-anyone have this problem before? I'm assuming its something with a switch involving the sarcophagus.

is the an LE/Premium? if so likely captive balls. Put the game into switch test and you should be able to see what's causing it quickly.

2 weeks later
#1929 9 months ago
Quoted from pokerag2:

Have any of these more common recurring issues been addressed by Stern on the later run games?
Deciding between Pro and Premium.

they have a new ball guide for launch in testing but they will deny it. suspect this will roll into future games quietly.

2 months later
#2003 6 months ago

bigger coil fix!

1 month later
#2106 5 months ago
Quoted from roar:

Two part issue on my premium... I'd say about 20% of the time I lock a ball in the sarcophagus it gets hung up on the end of the lock mech, past the last switch. Machine goes into ball search and even after it tilts down the ball won't roll from its position into the subway. When I go into the switch test neither 39 or 40 are lit up, the ball has rolled past them and is just stuck there. The ball just sits there... I thought the ball may be magnetized and was stuck against the captive ball but when the mech tilts back you can see separation. So it is just leaning up against the left side of the mech. I have to physically pick the game up and tilt it back to get it to dislodge, or take off the glass and poke it when the mech is tilting down.
I don't think it is a stiff switch issue like I've read others report, bit I'm not sure because that is part two's problem...
Part two is when I went to pull the mech I can't for the life of me get the post off the captive ball so I can get the whole mech out and have a closer look... is there something special you have to do to get that post off? I just can't get a grip on the ball from the top side... maybe I'm doing it wrong altogether though and that post isn't supposed to come off?

read the thread about the roller switches and no the post isn't meant to come off I'm pretty sure.

#2115 5 months ago

ah yeah, I used a gas soldering iron to heat up the long metal actuator and the ball came off.

1 month later
#2167 3 months ago

my coil mod is 100% on two different IMDN's that I own.

1 month later
#2184 57 days ago

my ramp keep playing up on my premium. it opens super wide...any ideas?

#2186 53 days ago

I’ll take a picture

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