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Iron Maiden issues

By rvdv

1 year ago

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#1246 7 months ago

What are you guys doing for balls flying off the right ramp?

Instead of the ball remaining on my wire form where it pitches down, it flies into the shooter lane or over the lanes into the apron.

6.5 pitch, wax, nothing else stupid or setup wrong.

#1251 7 months ago

Yah, so, no idea what to do about the right ramp airball:

#1253 7 months ago

Now that I’ve watched it a few times, you can see where the Ball appears to hit the left (from our persoective) side of the rail and then it’s thrown right and out.

I’ll take a good look there tomorrow.

#1257 7 months ago

No matter what, I can’t get YouTube to process this in 1080, here is a link for download:


#1258 7 months ago

It looks like the problem starts as it hits the first bend on the rail. Since it's taller there, Stern knew this could happen. The problem is, instead of settling back down onto the floor, the momentum from riding up the rail seems to make it ride high on the opposite side and the ball is ejected at the second bend.

The ball going up the rail at the first bend might not be an issue, Stern appears to have planned for this, but the balls inability to settle back down is what leads to it being ejected at the second bend.

If I had to guess, I'd say my ramp probably wasn't constructed 100%, all I can really do is bend what I can, but a new ramp from Stern is probably in order.

#1264 7 months ago

Thanks for the tips guys. I'm going to try some of that stuff, David at Stern is sending me a new wireform. Maybe I can cut down on the airballs until that comes. Excellent game with excellent support.

#1291 7 months ago

I read this thread in its entirety before I bought a premium from JJ. I had some very minor issues like switch adjustments and my launches don’t make the loop. Also, stern is sending me a new right wire form cause the original was made a bit out of spec.

I haven’t owned this game long, but I purposely waited 6 months before buying it, just buy it. Maybe the launch gets figured out, maybe it doesn’t, but if not, this game still does 98 things right out of 100.

I’d love for the launch to get fixed, maybe the washer fix will prove to be a fix, but it’s just a launch. This game is too good to pass over that.

Quoted from yuriijos:

I think this is BS. A NIB game like this should not need these kinds of adjustements. Fix the fuckin problem Stern! I wanted to buy this game and was going to sell one of mine to get it. Thinking about it now, I’m out. I’d have to sell a perfectly good working game, add more cash to the deal, and once I finally get it, I have to constantly fix or mess with the manual/auto plungers to play the game correctly. For $5600 you can kiss my ass Stern! I’d rather keep what I have.

#1293 7 months ago

Mine will be here Thursday, still very playable, maybe 2 out of 10 jump the ramp and half of those end up in the shooter lane.

Quoted from Malibu-SS:

I had this problem with mine as well......a new wire form fixed it up!
While waiting for the wireform I did bend it a little in a few places which made it a little better

#1306 7 months ago

I'm going to post some things that worked for me. I was able to accomplish this in about an hour, mainly I think due to reading this thread and what people have done that worked or didn't. I saved a lot of time learning from you're guy's mistakes

-My up/down ramp seemed loose, and it was. All three screws worked themselves loose, I didn't touch those prior.
-Stern sent me a new right wireform as balls were flying off the old one, works great now.
-I had balls going around the big side loop not being counted. two screws drops the opto bracket from the bottom and 2 plugs frees it. They looked straight enough, but they seemed to be pointing a bit up. I bend them both down, installed, and haven't missed a loop yet.
-Both my manual and auto launches were missing the loop. I adjusted the shooter rod, still missing. Based on advice here, I put a washer under the metal adjustment guide, didn't seem to help. My balls were hitting the bottom post.

Adjusting the guide as high as possible and 1 out of 4 were making the loop, 3 of 4 hitting the bottom post. Two things I did made all the difference. I had previously bent the prongs of the auto launcher so both sides were touching the ball, both at rest and at the end of it's action. What helped was bending both prongs inward toward the center so they contacted the ball closer to the center. Things were better, I was about 60%. What got me the rest of the way was tuning the coil power. Started at 255, went down to 250. Better. Went down to 240, same. Went to 245. Almost perfect. Went to 246, worse. Went to 244. At 244 I auto-plunged 10 in a row and all 10 made the loop. I pulled the plunger and with a full non-lazy plunge the ball made the loop 10 times in a row.

Put everything back together, and for the second time in the 100 games I've played I got the effect at the start of trooper multiball. Every ball for 3 games auto plunged correctly. I did have a couple misses on manual plunges, but I'm pretty sure the plunges were lazy.

As far as I'm concerned, it's fixed when it works for 100 games, but either way I am closer. I stopped playing so I can go to bed victorious

#1313 7 months ago

Any person who's bought a new machine from any company since the beginning and says that it didn't need an adjustment is a liar.

Quoted from Tranquilize:

We should create a masterclass video: "50 ways to fix your brand new Stern."

#1317 7 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

and I'd argue DI has 30% more value and plays just as good if not better.

This is the biggest bunch of shit I might have ever read on this site. DI plays like shit because JJP used incorrect ramp flaps on both of the orbit shots. Instead of a nice clean flowing game, it's a bunch of bricks and misses because the balls are catching air when they shouldn't, hitting places they shouldn't, and not making the shots they should. The fact that I took the ramp pieces out, tapered them with a dremel and put them back in to fix the issue proves just how serious it is. The game plays night and day when the issue is fixed. Lots of people are having the issue, most people don't realize it, and I tried to tell JJP about the issue and they didn't care at all. Something SO simple just kills DI, so lets not start some JJP vs Stern bullshit.

I could also tell you about my NIB WOZ RR that was so awful the ball couldn't even complete the very first ball launch, they didn't dress the wires under the castle mini and the ball would just hang up under it. That's some awesome QC right there, they didn't even plunge the ball.

#1336 7 months ago

My balls flew off the right wireform, I sent a video to Stern and they sent me a new one. Been fine ever since. Call Stern and see what their take on it is.

Quoted from Supersquid:

Mine does it as well, but only when it's a clean shot up the ramp really fast. Saw someone on here but foam on the bottom crossbars of the wire forms to slow it down. On a side not, I was starting to have a problem with both my manual and auto launch hitting the lower post 90 % of the time. Did the washer fix under the guide screw and now it works like a charm 100% of the time now.

1 week later
#1398 7 months ago

Don't modify coils. Having anything except the correct coil is not fixing the issue, and probably won't work anyway.

When my game was having issues, the ball was too hitting the top part of the rail too far to the left, you want the ball closer to the right so it comes into contact with the rail right at the start of the bend. If the ball hits the rail after the bend, it will take momentum off.

Just as a test, bend the left and right side of of the auto plunge forks both left a little bit. unfortunately, with he angle of your video, you don't show where the ball comes into contact with the top of the guide very well so I'm not sure if this will work or not, but since it seems things are pretty bad maybe it's worth a try.

Also, don't forget about the ball hitting the rail too hard. Lowering the power of the coil in the menu can help, it can change where the ball hits the guide, which can actually add more "power". When My games was close, I started playing with the power and it's down about 20 from 255 and makes it around every time.

Quoted from RA77:

I may try modifying 1 of the coils.

4 weeks later
#1511 6 months ago

6.5 degrees. That's how the games were designed to be played. People can do what they want, I just cringe a little when I read about people jacking up the back legs as far as they'll go.

Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

What's everybody doing as far as their pitch on the game?

#1541 5 months ago

Everything plunger related on Iron Maiden is blown way out of proportion.

Quoted from yuriijos:

You would think with all these issues Stern would address the plunger assembly already. I’ll pass on buying any game from them until they get this shit straightened out.

#1551 5 months ago

Stern didn't do a good job engineering this game. Was it 1,500 posts bad, no. Did the early buyers have it a lot worse than the late buyers, yes.

Still, all this launch stuff is not a big deal.

Quoted from yuriijos:

Over 1500 posts about issues tells me there ARE issues.

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