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Iron Maiden issues

By rvdv

1 year ago

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Post #96 sarcophagus switch fix. Posted by DG_Amuse (1 year ago)

Post #434 Black t-moulding pictured to replace stock banana yellow. Posted by Strummy (1 year ago)

Post #597 Stern fix for Newton Ball issues on LE Posted by Fytr (1 year ago)

Post #887 Fix for fast balls not registering on upper loop Posted by PinNin (1 year ago)

Post #1039 Picture of factory fix for bad mummy newton ball on Prem/LE Posted by RA77 (1 year ago)

Post #1343 Fix for fast balls leaving wireforms Posted by Kevlar (1 year ago)

Post #1452 Shim method to get auto launch to work nearly 100% Posted by hank35 (12 months ago)

Post #1713 How to fix auto launch forever. Posted by NeilMcRae (10 months ago)

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#217 1 year ago

I’m about to buy a Premium but I’m getting a bit worried. It seems that they are rushing these out the door a little too quickly and not testing them very well. Should I wait a little while to let the get their act together?

3 weeks later
#602 1 year ago

I just ordered one too. The tech guy (Not Chaz) sounded perturbed. But he usually does. We must be flooding them with this request. Always enjoy working with Chaz!

#604 1 year ago

I agree, but they probably don't have most of our contact info. I'm not sure that the distributors send that to Stern.

1 week later
#697 1 year ago
Quoted from trilamb:

My Eddie piece of mind figure has slowly over time drooped over and now the left ramp balls get stuck on his head. Wondering what the best fix for this would be. I can’t seem to “bend” him back into shape as he just eventually droops back over. I stuck some tissue paper under his left foot and that is a temporary fix but it looks like he went insane after stepping in toilet tissue.
Also don’t want to super glue his butt to the wall as that will mess up my resale value. Any ideas?

amazon.com link »

#720 1 year ago
Quoted from hoby1:

Me too. Called Chaz he sent a new one. They said they are using CA to put them on so that’s what I did. Crap set up if ya ask me

What is "CA"? Mine got squished and moved. I'll be moving them back to original position and was going to se 3M double-sided tape.

1 week later
#778 1 year ago
Quoted from dts:

Then I put furniture floor protectors on the inside of the autoplunger where it contacts the ball, . . .

You'll have to replace those about once a week. I tried that on an older pin (when I was new to pinball) to protect the ball from scratching. Lots of force right there wears them down or moves them quickly.

3 weeks later
#890 1 year ago

Does anyone know how to remove the lower Newton Ball on a premium/LE? It won't center or re-seat correctly and I'd like to polish and smooth the centering/resting plates. I tried to remove it last night but couldn't figure out how to separate the ball from the plates. I was able to remove the pointy post and the two nuts and two wood screws, but then couldn't figure out how to proceed to separate the ball (above the playfield) from the plates/spring assembly (below the playfield). Has anyone done this?

#893 1 year ago

Thanks! I'll check it out tonight.

#910 1 year ago

My LE lower Newton Ball was having constant issues since day 1. The issue was that whenever it was hit it wouldn't re-seat to a consistent centered position. It would get stuck pushed back or to the side a bit and then start registering phantom hits over and over again. I took it apart and examined the sleeve in which it sits. This sleeve is circular and has a sloping edge so that the ball will automatically center itself. However mine was cut so poorly that there was a ridge on one side and cuts all along the sloping sides making it impossible for the ball to move smoothly.
I filed the edges of the slope with a rat tail file, then a finer file and then polished it with a cloth Dremel polishing bit dipped in some Novus 2 to make it as smooth as possible. Problem solved!
The first two (blurry) pics are the "before" and the last is the finished product.
If your IMDN is having similar issues I suggest that you check out this piece.

Newton Ball Seat 1 (resized).JPGNewton Ball Seat 2 (resized).JPGNewton Ball Seat 3 (resized).JPG

#913 1 year ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

same thing was happening to mine, I thought it might of been the spring getting caught on a edge or something.
the mummy one centers every time, but the orb one...
This thing took me forever to get adjusted correctly, the pops set it off pre-maturely or it didn't get set off at all.
Then it kept getting stuck in the slanted position.
that thing drove me crazy

What did you do to fix yours?

#983 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Mine keeps coming loose as well, drives me nuts. Anyone else having this issue? What did you do to fix it if so? Locktite, super glue?

Locktite. Works perfectly.

1 week later
#1025 1 year ago

Got to shake Locktite well before using. And don't use the first drop. Like mustard in a squirt bottle.

1 week later
#1080 1 year ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

. . . my god it is hard to get the responsiveness of the sarcophagus newton ball lock leaf switch pendulum hex rod thingey correct.

Check out my post #910 above. It's the only way I could get mine to work correctly.

#1082 1 year ago
Quoted from Groo:

Don't think I've seen this with the Orb shot on the premium. Stops registering after a while and I noticed that the post (2.0 version) slides right out of the scoop/switch with a hard hit and can't be reset without manually doing it. Spring doesn't seem to reset the ball location either sometimes. It gets stuck and won't spring back unless you hit it again. Problem now though is it wont' go back into the cup/switch.
Edit-Reading back through I may try to unscrew the post a bit so it's longer and unable to get out of the scoop. Also saw a post about lubing the part that is catching and keeping the ball from resetting.

Check out my post #910 above. It was doing the exact same thing and this was the only way I could get mine to work correctly.

#1119 1 year ago

From the one angle you show, it looks like you may be able to manipulate that screw or put a rubber "bump" on top or in front of the screw to allow the ball to bump it and roll past it and into the sarcophagus. But it's hard to tell from the one picture.

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