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Introducing PinShield. The pinball glass and playfield protector.

By Pinshield

41 days ago

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    #1 41 days ago

    Hello Pinside,

    I'd like to introduce you to a solution for protecting your pinball machines glass and playfield while not in use. PinShield is the premier pinball glass and playfield protector. PinShield provides pinball machine owners with a convenient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing way of protecting their prized pins from the negative effects of UV light. PinShield is available in standard and wide body glass sizes with custom sizing options available. While in use, PinShield acts as a reliable work mat, offering a soft easy to clean texture, providing the right grip for small hand tools, documentation, or circuit boards.

    PinShield is available for $14.99 + S&H

    International shipping available

    Please PM me for questions, comments, or concerns

    Thank you for your consideration,
    IMG_5974 (resized).jpgIMG_5975 (resized).jpgIMG_5831 (resized).jpgIMG_5835 - Copy (resized).jpg

    #11 41 days ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Honest question, is it just a rug?

    No, The material is not cloth in any capacity.

    #13 41 days ago
    Quoted from zacaj:

    Is it grippy on the underside to to keep it from sliding?

    It is the same texture on both sides, available in standard and wide body glass sizes with custom sizing options available.

    #14 41 days ago
    Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

    These are made out of a material I am quite familiar with! Great idea, and good pricing! If you can get somebody to print an image on these, I am in big time.

    We are currently in the process of performing testing, utilizing different methods of imposing images onto the mat. Print quality has varied so far but we are close

    #15 41 days ago
    Quoted from sataneatscheese:

    Looks like a yoga mat... good luck!

    The material is of a higher consistency as compared to yoga mat material.

    #17 41 days ago
    Quoted from Nihonmasa:

    It seems to be neoprene.
    How much is the shipping internationally?

    International rates vary depending on location. PM me your Swiss postal code so that I may calculate the exact shipping cost.

    #25 41 days ago
    Quoted from too-many-pins:

    Five suggestions for you.
    First off add a location to your user so people have an idea where you are shipping from (if these are being drop shipped likely best to give that location). And also advertise average shipping cost.
    Second DONATE to Pinside - it is the least you can do if you are using their site to advertise
    Third give people some idea of shipping cost, material item is made from, etc so they have some kind of a clue what they are buying. Not too much detail just enough so they know they are not buying a piece of carpet.
    Fourth Offer some kind of an introductory discount (say &12.50 for first 30 days to get your name other there and create some buzz) Then once you get a few feedbacks go to your regular price.
    And lastly offer quantity discount - your best customers will likely want a few of these to cover all their machines not just one!

    I just finished setting up the seller store so the location has been added. Bakersfield CA 93313

    Donation is incoming

    I will have an exact shipping cost posted within the next few hours i just have to get down to USPS and weight the box.

    $12.50 introductory price is active!

    Once I get the shipping estimate i will gladly offer a quantity discount.

    #27 41 days ago
    Quoted from jkashani:

    Does this stop ghosting and pooling?

    Im afraid not, but it will hide the ghosting and pooling so you dont have to see it when you walk by!

    #28 41 days ago
    Quoted from jp1985:

    What about protecting the cab?

    Pinball-armor sells a nice cabinet protector

    #29 41 days ago
    Quoted from MikeS:

    I've been using a cut-down yoga mat like this for years' to do this on the adjacent machine when working on a game. Keeps your tools and everything in place due to the grippy surface. Price isn't bad for something that's already pre-cut.
    [quoted image]

    Each one is cut to order from a 200 ft roll

    #30 41 days ago

    The store is now set up and ready to take orders! Thank you!

    #36 41 days ago

    I’m still trying to find a good way to ship single mats. Multiple mats will be charged actual shipping so it would be cheaper to buy more but I am still looking for a solution for small orders. Thanks for all the suggestions and positivity guys !

    #39 41 days ago


    Thank you everyone for their interest in our product. I have been working on this for some time and wanted to see if there was interest and after today we know there is. We are going to be processing all orders and inquiries received so far for our new product, but going forward we are going to put a temporary hold on all further orders so we can regroup. We will be reaching out to everyone who has already inquired about an order to be processed, my PayPal Store is not working correctly. We are actually working with Company on branding these and adding custom decals to the mats as well. Thank you guys for your understanding and we are looking forward to the feedback after the first group receives their order.

    PinShield Team

    #53 40 days ago
    Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

    Nice Job! I like the product and the clean lines when used across multiple games!
    (Im too much of a cheap bastard though, I use the Free Harbor freight moving blankets that cover the rails and side art)
    Best of Luck!

    Even though you have your own covers, your support and positivity is very much appreciated

    #66 37 days ago
    Quoted from Aniraf:

    How does someone purchase them?

    We released this product with our prototype model and introductory pricing so we could get feedback on how it can be improved. We have received lots of great comments already and will resume sales with our new and improved version soon. We will be sure to post pictures as soon as it is ready!!

    #67 37 days ago
    Quoted from hawkmoon:

    This is a great idea!!!! Also remember,PAGG in Dixon is right around the corner!! Bring some,B looking for ya!!!!!

    We have already marked it down on our calendars. Hoping to ramp up production so we can be at the show with a stack of these ready to go!!

    2 weeks later
    #78 21 days ago
    Quoted from PtownPin:

    Nice looking product...how much are these?

    Thank you! They are $18.99. We ran the first day at an introductory rate just to see if there was interest in the product. We were able to get some feedback from a few folks locally and on Pinside and we moved forward with a new stlye logo.

    #79 21 days ago

    We have processed a few orders through our Pinside shop, It appears we no longer have the issue with the checkout that we had initially.

    #82 20 days ago
    Quoted from shovelhed:

    I will be ordering 3, any news if you can put specific game art on them?


    #83 20 days ago
    Quoted from Aniraf:

    Is the shop online?

    Yes, the shop is up and everything seems to be running perfectly!

    #88 20 days ago
    Quoted from jfh:

    My logo, not the game’s logo

    We are actually doing this for another local business already. As long as you could get me a large file with your logo, we could add it in a single color.

    #89 20 days ago
    Quoted from PtownPin:

    Logo would be really cool, but wouldn't this create licensing issues? I kind of like the generic cover. That way its not tied to a specific game.

    That's correct, licensing is an issue but we think it would be a worthwhile investment. We will update you as we get more information.

    #93 18 days ago
    Quoted from Nhpolarbear:

    Let’s say you wanted it to say Jurassic Park or any other newer game it would be in violation of copyright?
    If it was your first or last name or the name of your business or arcade it would be ok?
    Too bad. It would be nice to have the name of the game on each.
    I ordered. How long before you start shipping? No hurry. Just asking.

    We will receive our shipment back with the new logo no later than Saturday. If it comes in before noon then we will ship all pending orders out Saturday. If we receive them after noon on Saturday then all orders will be shipped out at 9 am on Monday morning. Starting next week we will begin shipping all orders out every Wednesday and Saturday. Thank you everyone for your patience and for your support!

    #95 18 days ago
    Quoted from robertmee:

    Movie titles arent copywrite protected...they can be trademark infringements, but as long as you arent using fonts or logos, probably ok.

    Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

    I'm assuming these are shipped rolled up? How is the memory when unrolled? Also, how is storage when you have people over? Do you just lean them up against the wall or something?

    Correct, they are shipped rolled up. When you unroll the Pinshield for the first time just lay it out on a flat surface with the rolled edges facing down and it will flatten itself back out in about an hour.

    #96 18 days ago

    When you take them off of a machine you can just drape them over a chair or roll them back up and put them away until you are ready to recover your machine.

    #98 18 days ago
    Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

    They are looking better with every picture!
    Two questions, if you dont mind. Are their any plans to have a product that drapes over the rails, and covers/protects cabinet art?
    Regardless of above, do you have a prepacked amount/quantity that makes sense to offer?
    ie, you receive 24 in a box, so selling 24 at a time, by putting a label on the box, as well as say dozen pricing?
    (Maximizes shipping too.)
    Thanks! I like what you have made very much!

    First of all thank you! We really like how the new logo turned out as well

    At this time we don't have the option of getting a big enough sheet to cover the top and sides of the machine in one piece. We could cut 2 pieces that would be able to drape over the sides and we could send a couple of adhesive backed hooks with the roll so that it could be attached on the bottom of the cabinet and keep the material taut. Not sure how great that would look though

    All of our PinShields are measured/cut by hand and sent to a local printing shop. We do offer a volume discount which we have in place with a local pinball retailer/repair shop here in Bakersfield. Shipping would be actual cost, we wouldn't need any handling fees or anything like that. Send us a PM with the quantity you have in mind and i'm sure we can work something out.

    #100 18 days ago

    Yes I’ll be there, If you want to meet up and grab some just let me know. I wanted to get a booth but I wasn’t sure how much inventory I’d have at that time.

    Quoted from shovelhed:

    Will you be at pin a go go next weekend?

    1 week later
    #105 6 days ago
    Quoted from Nhpolarbear:

    I’ve still not received mine. Ordered several weeks ago. Update?

    Good morning, your order was shipped out last tuesday. I will PM your USPS tracking number to you this evening.

    #107 6 days ago

    I just PM'd your tracking number.


    #110 2 days ago
    Quoted from Nhpolarbear:

    I just received and these are very well done. I’ll have time later to set up and take pictures. This will look much neater than towels and sheets.
    I believe you would do well at one of the bigger shows. It’s always the postage that is the killer. I still see value because I have cut my own drawer liners. Let’s leave it at that. These are worth it.

    Thanks ! I’m glad you were happy with them. And yes, shipping is a killer, there’s no way around it because each mat weighs over a pound. Thanks again!

    #111 2 days ago
    Quoted from calfdemon:

    I received all 3 of mine and am very happy with the quality and fit. While I will still use my towels and throw blankets that are themed with my pins, these go down under them and actually keep the towels and blankets from sliding off which they had a tendency to do. And when I am working on one of my pins, I remove the towel or blanket on the pin next to it and I have a nice padded, no slip surface to put my tools and parts on. Very happy with my purchase!

    Thanks again calf demon and if you decide you want more in the future I’m in Santa Clarita once a week. I could just drop them off and save shipping!

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