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Interactive TOMB mod for Iron Maiden PRO -- [ Medisinyl Mods ]- Limited to 5

By Medisinyl

8 months ago

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#1 8 months ago

Pre-orders now open here: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/shops/1104-medisinyl-mods/01995-interactive-tomb-mod-for-iron-maiden-pro-pro-model-only

(I'll update this thread as necessary to keep track of shipping order, etc. [if I fill more than a one run before I can ship it])

This mod quickly ties into the right ramp flasher by replacing the z-connector under the playfield (supplied with the mod). This allows for several fun interactions (my favorite being that jackpot shot right underneath the mod [gives the sense of a bash-toy in person] and right-ramp shots during modes. It also interacts with sarcophagus jackpots, orb jackpots, and anything else that triggers that right-ramp flasher (some effects are different/longer than others).

This requires removing the bracket that the plastic Eddie is attached to and installing Eddie into my mod using the factory bolts. The mod itself uses two of the factory bolts to also quickly and cleanly install.

The mirroring is Gold and custom made with window-tint and an unbreakable plastic. The doorway looks 100% like a mirror until that flasher activates to reveal Eddie with a red burst from his gun and red burst from the tunnel. The mod uses three 8-SMD flashers and two additional SMD bulbs.

Video showing the interaction (yes, the ridiculous narration/audio is supposed to at least get a smirk [written/recorded by myself with the help of Addictive Drums 2 for the programmed drums]):

I didn't think I'd really make such an audio track, but I was messing around on guitar to a drum machine with Maiden on the mind, and the tracks just kept accumulating until I was too far into it to stop, haha If some people get a kick out of it, perhaps I'd consider something similar for future releases. Of course the Stern comment is tongue-in-cheek, and there are multiple Iron Maiden references

Lyrics for the sung part:

"Don't you want to see
What lies beneath
Deep within the halls
Of the Pharaoh's Tomb?"

The side of the Tomb reads as, "UP THE IRONS." The front reads as "MM" (for Medisinyl Mods).
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#4 8 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

I'm not a big mod guy, but this is very well done. Cool lighting effect. Even the video is good! You could teach Pin Stadium a thing or two about launching a new product.

Quoted from Yelobird:

Well done looks Amazing! I'm guessing Pinstadium helped with that info-mercial. lol Looks awesome.

Ha, well, I guess I'll have to look up how Pinstadium does a video . I know the product, but didn't know they may have done something similarly corny, lol.

#6 8 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Best of luck with sales.

Thank you I might need it, haha. In stark contrast to my last 6 or so mods (that still sell regularly after nearly a year for some), immediate sale response has been dead on this one. Not sure why, but harsh criticism is welcome .

I prefer to create these large, "world under glass" mods, but with ~100 hours into this one, not counting test-print time that exceeds that alone (lots of finite measurements, testing, and redesigns), giant print times, R&D cost, etc., it is prohibitive without support (otherwise, I am passionate about creating such pinball mods). I have had a non-3D printed idea for TWD since I got the machine years ago, so I may go a different direction and tackle that soon if I'm not having to produce these (perfect theme for some Halloween spirit )

Regardless, I'll start painting up a run soon that should be ready to ship by next Wed./Thurs.

#8 8 months ago
Quoted from greenhorn1:

I don't own the game so I'm not in the market but this is one of the very few mods that I think looks good and would actually see as an enhancement to the game rather than a detriment. Good work!

That's a much appreciated sentiment. Thank you

#11 8 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

Have you posted in the bigger Iron Maiden threads? Sometimes it's easy to miss these small ones, especially when they aren't bumped a dozen times a day.

I did post in the club thread (already buried) and Lermods' general IMDN mod thread (I figure anything more would be "spamming"). I believe this mod is most similar to my LDG mod for RZ, and that one is in about 20% of all RZ games (all the main RZ mods being sold out multiple runs in advance). Not the end of the world. Just a surprising difference in response for IMDN thus far that makes me question what's different. There must be more IMDN Pros out there than RZ, right? I'd question if mods are just in a down-period, but older mod orders still trickle in about the same, with multiple special requests recently for my long discontinued SoF mod (that pales in comparison to this one, haha ).

It may be the sort of mod that needs to be experienced in person to appreciate the difference. Even just shooting the ball through the tomb is a significant fun-factor upgrade for me (I know not everyone else feels the same way about the ball disappearing). Perhaps I could offer a couple at a discount for honest reviews when I have some available. I also may re-work this mod to completely remove the Eddie and go another route before abandoning it for the next project.

#14 8 months ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I’d like to offer a quick and honest comment because it seems like you’re soliciting feedback. Full disclosure, I bought your LDG and gas station mods for RZ.
When I saw your RZ mods, I had to have them. They fit perfectly and made sense with regard to theme. With this one, I think I understand what you were *trying* to do, but it doesn’t work as well.
I believe the intent is kind of a cutaway pyramid with a magic mirror reveal of the cyborg. However, it’s not intuitive. It comes off as kind of a strange, polygon glob on the ramp. It doesn’t tie in well with IMDN.
I like the colors. I like the small touches like the hyroglyphics. There is a good idea in there, but I don’t think it’s fully realized.
Your mods are awesome and I’m happy when I have the same game as you because you make great stuff. I don’t think this one hit the mark, but I look forward to what you come up with next.

Excellent feedback. Thank you!

I can definitely see what you're saying. The confined space does leave some desire for a more developed shape (I used the maximum space without blocking any inserts or playfield/pharaoh view), but I was fairly happy with the final result (always good to get reality-check feedback from others with a different perspective). I may disagree that it doesn't fit IMDN as I've always associated Iron Maiden with the Powerslave/Egyptian theme.

I might redesign the mod without the mirror and Eddie, and at a bit of a lower cost.

#16 8 months ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Are you working on anything for the LE/Premium?

If I redesign this mod without the plastic Eddie, it would much easier to integrate with a Prem/LE. I have other ideas that would be universal to the models, but am unsure when I'll get to those, especially if I do decide to first tackle the TWD topper idea I've had for quite some time.

#18 8 months ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

More feedback: I love the idea that you can only see Eddy when the lights flash. But I'm having a hard time imaging how this looks, and you don't have any pictures that show what it looks like while I'm playing the game. The promo video is interesting, but too many cuts and not all about the mod. Take a video and pictures from the player's perspective.

Late tonight I'll get some photos and video of that player perspective (post by tomorrow night).

For now, I've reduced the cost by 10% (lowest it will be in this form).

#20 8 months ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I hope you don’t get discouraged, especially when it’s clear you poured your heart and soul (and time and money) in this mod. Keep the awesome mods coming (GB????!!!!)

While I may be discouraged from such an involved 3D printed project in the near future (they really do take up a massive amount of time), I do like to contribute to the hobby with these mods and would never want anyone to buy anything that didn't 100% bring more enjoyment to their game. It had been a 6-month gap since my last mod, but I plan to increase my cadence if possible. Believe it or not, back in April, I lost the girl I knew for 11 years and was with for 6...because of spending too much time producing my mods (it's not unusual for me to go without sleep to make the deadlines I set on them). I kept making my orders as they came in of course, but I needed an emotional break otherwise. What can I say, I like to tackle creative projects, and happen to be obsessed with pinball

I just figure this is a learning experience, and I'm still proud of the result.

#22 8 months ago

I have some video as well that shows installation and another from player perspective, but I'll have to get them up later. Some additional photos for now (the brighter orange one is an earlier prototype):

20181004_233438 (resized).jpg20181004_233610 (resized).jpg20181004_233715 (resized).jpg20181004_233731 (resized).jpg

20181004_225805 (resized).jpg20181004_225907 (resized).jpg20181004_232004 (resized).jpg20181004_232151 (resized).jpg
#24 8 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

To be honest, I think it's too bulky looking. Sorry..

Nothing to be sorry about. I knew that would be the reaction of many before I started it. I'm fully understanding that not everyone will agree with what I find to be fun in pinball. From the ACNC thread, I know lots of people don't like anything blocking the view of the ramps. I personally love what they did with it.

#26 8 months ago

I was unable to get video that didn't blow-out the the lighting and make it hard to see the Eddie image (even the reflections on video aren't as bad in person). In person I can see the Eddie plastic clearly when lit (with some degree of light reflections at certain angles). This clip shows how the Eddie gets installed into the mod and a quick look from the player's point of view (I'm 5' 9").

I've decided to limit this mod to only ever making 5 of them. Should that be reached, it will be discontinued.

I also intend to apply myself to other mods this month rather than Iron Maiden I believe. I have plans for GB, TWD, BSD, etc. and Oct. seems like a good month to tackle one or more of them.

Quoted from Mudflaps:

Keep the awesome mods coming (GB????!!!!)

My first mod was actually for GB, but never publicly released as it was merely an enhancement and re-sculpt of the terror dog several people were selling (and I wouldn't feel right selling what was essentially someone else's work). Not certain I'll get to GB this month or not, but the idea is simple enough I could likely prototype it without too much hassle, and if it looks cool, I'm sure it will pop up on Pinside eventually

Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I like the effect of seeing Eddie etc.
I was thinking it might look better without the whole right side?
So, just the doorway and the mirror effect?
Price would presumably be much lower as well?

While taking that section off would reduce the mod by one $2 flasher (only place I could find T10 5v Stern flashers was at Cointaker, but I've since ordered a bulk lot from China of something similar I will test for future mods [at 10% of the cost]...this was after testing several different lighting options that didn't work right [strips, standard bulbs, etc.]), some light soldering, and perhaps a couple hours off of the 18 hour print time (not counting the other parts), most of the effort and time would still be present, and part of the cost of the mod is in the many many hours and expense that goes into having it exist in the first place (that I can see will never be recouped even if I sell everything I'm now offering, and that's perfectly fine). Ultimately, I don't think such a change would make the difference it would need to be worthwhile, and I truly dig the ramp tunnel myself. (sorry for that being a bit unclear to read)

I do of course appreciate the input.

#28 8 months ago
Quoted from Billy16:

That is a cool mod for a Pro, I hope you come back to Maiden and design something for an LE/Premium!

Thank you. And yes, the ideas are there (none that would be as measurement or R&D intensive as this one was). Next Maiden mod should be universal to all models and may have between three and five different pricing tiers.

It's seeming likely at this point that I will forego revising the current mod and use that time to instead explore ideas that more people may enjoy, and at lower price targets.

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