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Interactive Rob Zombie Mausoleum - Living Dead Girl -[Medisinyl Mods]

By Medisinyl

2 years ago

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#6 2 years ago

Want but my game is for sale.

#8 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

you should buy one anyways. Just to try it out. I'll bet it looks fantastic in person. What a way to freshen up a game. Plus with the newest code, RZ is going to the moon.

Unfortunately, mods gon't generally pay for themselves when you sell. You are better off selling a game stripped to the basics and selling mods separately. I may well end up keeping it, if I do, this will be on my short list.

#10 2 years ago

Where do the other parts go? Same game?

#12 2 years ago

I have been considering a 3d printer, please educate me. Which one do you use?

2 weeks later
#29 2 years ago

This mod made me keep my RZ. Pulled my FS ad, got in on run #2. Very cool looking mod, can't wait to see it in the game.

1 week later
#49 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Getting multiple reports now of issues with the photoresistor burning out on run #2 (lights stay on solid and don't interact). I've got more components coming in on the 10th to beef up the circuit and will get a fix sorted ASAP before shipping run #3. I believe I already know the fix, and I may still be able to get the run out by the night of the 10th, but I need to be sure I avoid any further issues, so run #3 may need to ship out on the 11th (no change to Run #4).
I have yet to hear of this issue with run #1 (nor have I had any issue with mine), but should one arise, a fix will either be sent, or returns for repairs are always an option.
Sorry if there is any delay.

My run =2 is still in the box. Should I send it back for replacement?

#51 2 years ago

Is it component failure or connection? Either way please send parts vs return

#53 2 years ago

Finally got mine installed today, game starts with mod lit bright, in gameplay it slowly fades to red but never goes completely out, gets bright when hit so it is somewhat interactive. (much different than demo vid)

#55 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

The LDR is incredibly sensitive to light. If there's any light bleeding in on it, it won't go completely dark. In testing, even putting my finger right over the sensor wouldn't allow for completely black, so I would perhaps suggest blocking the bottom of the reservoir off in case any GI, etc. lights are getting in.
EDIT: Just got the new parts in and will work on building and testing a new circuit (this will be available to anyone that has purchased this mod, even if theirs is working properly). Will update here tonight.

Don't think it's light leak, 2nd game, stuck on no interaction. Think the slow fade was the way a failure manifests itself. Think you have the issue resolved as you hypothesized?

#64 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

To better clarify, I've updated the instructions with a clear note that the pictured power box is at the back left of the cabinet under a sticker (not the larger power box in the middle).
Otherwise, to update the order progress, 2 spots are left in run #5 (to ship Jan 26).

Pictures could be better showing backing plate with 2 screws through on the lightbox assy (4), and back up on the retaining clips to show them clearer, that's too extreme a close-up to see what's what(6).

#66 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Thank you for the suggestions. I'll add some photos up here soon for additional reference.

On pic 4, it's possible someone might install the board with leds facing away from sensor (it's possible) Showing your backing plate with the lightboard in correct orientation will prevent that.

#69 2 years ago

Guessing this was your inspiration.

if not, pretty big coincidence.

#88 2 years ago
Quoted from rockrand:

I have to defend the price you are charging for this killer mod,I buy tons of mods and make some myself for all of my games and this one is well worth 200.00 and has made a huge improvement in my Rz and I don't believe I am alone because it looks like you have sold a few dozen so far I also believe if some other mod maker could come up with this they would likely charger more,don't stop creating mods like this

Well it takes a day to print (guessing) a couple hours to paint and probably an hour to assemble. Add that all up including parts needed, I can see $200 (I guess so, I bought one) It integrates very nicely. Given there are so few RZs in existence, the price is more than justified given the market is limited.

#89 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Run #4 has now been shipped/dropped off and tracking numbers have either been sent via PM or through the order page.
Run #5 is planned to ship out on the 26th (still 2 spots available).

When I initially noticed a new post in this thread (after the clue), I thought, "crap... I made it too easy, someone already got it." There is something common to all of them in some fashion, which would become...the next clue (then it would just take some prior knowledge or google skills).

You're keeping your cards close to the vest on this one eh? Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve.

#106 2 years ago

Installed my repaired LDG mod just moments ago, played one abbreviated game just to test, working correctly so far.

#108 2 years ago

How do I tell what my game number is?SN RZSI316160170 = Rob Zombie Spookshow International (RZSI) 31616 (date?) #170 (0170) Guessing here.

#114 2 years ago
Quoted from mackey256:

I got mine last night (Batch 4) and planned to install tonight. I'll let you know if anything goes wrong.

Quoted from Medisinyl:

Likely listing these for sale Sunday night or so (and a separate thread will be made then), but for those that have been following the sneak peeks here, I present the 3D gas pumps Caps were designed to cover the screw holes, and there is a plastic window that's hard to see in the pics without a reflection. Real rubber hose. Movie screenshot for reference (hopefully this is enough detail to be recognizable ):

How would it look if you shrink the pumps place them abreast where the original is? Seems like these are trying too hard to fit. to me.

#117 2 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

I'm sure it would look good that way as well, but to implement that now or do anything smaller in general would be to re-do nearly everything as it's comprised of multiple parts, including multiple decals I created. As it stands, the decals likely wouldn't be legible any smaller, and the screw holes, plastic window grooves, rubber hose dimensions, etc. would all have to be re-worked if it were smaller.
I always had (2) 2D pumps at each of those locations, so it was the logical step in my mind to place them there (as I've been looking at them that way for over a year now, I'm not even sure where the original is supposed to be, ha ha :p [EDIT: I see it was originally just on the front one now, though it looks the best on the other post IMO]). I had debated making a double pump for the back under the awning area, but that would also start to block inserts on the upper playfield, the station details, etc. I didn't want it to look too crowded there.
Otherwise, I believe these were only 6mm taller than the factory 2D plastic (EDIT: closer to 5mm). Everything else beyond that is to scale based on many photos I found of the film set.

I was thinking next to each other under the awning but you are correct the original is out front. looks good, just a bit jammed in IMO. Certainly not TZ mod level packed though

#119 2 years ago

It does look better from a distance all kidding aside, you are right it's not nearly as crowded looking from that perspective.

#123 2 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Placement of pumps looks unnatural. Could they mount on a plastic that is attached to the two posts? Maybe having them side by side would be an improvement.

been discussed, see above.

#130 2 years ago

I want a Murder Ride Spinner!!! Fawzaa, can you write one into the code. Would be a GREAT addition for collecting 1000 switches.

#134 2 years ago

I discussed masking the sensor to lower light sensitivity. Maybe it was me??

#136 2 years ago

So proactivwly I should try a layer/layers of tape over the led?

#146 2 years ago

Quoted from John_in_NC:
On pic 4, it's possible someone might install the board with leds facing away from sensor (it's possible) Showing your backing plate with the lightboard in correct orientation will prevent that.

Hmm, so install opposite the picture above.

#150 2 years ago

I’ll reverse mine before powering up again. Repaired parts were working so far but not going to tempt fate.

#157 2 years ago

Flipped my board, Mod still lights as it should with the light board facing away from the sensor.

I might suggest a little wider cavity for the light board and sensor as my assembly was very tight to get everything in and out twice

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