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IMVE: No coils firing....

By UKCatsFan76

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Just unboxed it and set it up, other than the left flipper switch not even being on the flipper and the DMD cable totally unplugged, all seemed well.

Played about 10 games and ball drained without flippers working, I was thinking it was a trough opto problem, ran the switch test and all switches are good, ran the coil test and the coils do not fire including the flashers, went through the coil cycle test and none of them operate.

Any ideas?


#2 4 years ago

Check the fuses.

#3 4 years ago

Make sure the high power interlock switch on the coin door is working. wires on it, flap on door pushes it closed enough. Door harness isn't in the way.

LTG : )™

#4 4 years ago

You can check the high power interlock by pulling it out to enable it.

LTG : )™

#5 4 years ago

I pull the interlock and still no coil power, the coin door switch seems to work as the 50V/20V warning shows on DMD, but no high power

#6 4 years ago

Then I'd go over the boards in the head to be sure a connector isn't loose or came off. Then pull and check fuses with a meter, at least the coil ones.

LTG : )™

#7 4 years ago

Alright, where is my multimeter when I need it.

Just looking at the LEDs on the board, it appears that F10 a 20V for coils/flashers may be out. No true way to verify without multi-meter, just LED indicator lights that show there is nothing flowing across that fuse...

#8 4 years ago

Try a new fuse.

LTG : )™

#9 4 years ago

Use a bigger fuse than it came with to make sure it doesn't blow again....


ha ha ha ha ha ha

#10 4 years ago

try with the same fuse, leave the backbox open. try the coil test and see which one burst your fuse...After you will see where to check.

#11 4 years ago

After (6) fuse replacements and testing the coils, the fuse blows no matter which coil is tested, ball launch, pop bumper, it doesn't matter, all have the same result, fuse blows, usually after one or two fires....


#12 4 years ago

27 total balls played on new pin....

#13 4 years ago

Gotta call stern tech support. They'll figure you out.


#14 4 years ago

That sucks man.

#15 4 years ago

Called Stern, they suggested I call the distributor and get a new I/O board sent out to me...

They thought it was a high current transistor which I would agree if only one certain coil was causing the fuse to blow, but it is any coil, it took me (3) stores just to find 5A/250V slow blow fuses and luckily I bought the 6 that they had, all (6) are blown now

I could pull out the multimeter and try to diagnose myself, but this is a new game with warranty, so I guess I will wait on a new board

#16 4 years ago
Quoted from UKCatsFan76:

27 total balls played on new pin....

You seem upset but I don't know if your anger is directed toward Stern, the distributor, or elsewhere. Whatever the case may be, you should not be surprised. Stuff breaks on pins if you play them. I have never owned a HUO Stern that did not have a few things break within the first few weeks. It's the nature of the beast and is considered acceptable by most (That is-as long as Stern/distro stands behind the warranty).

#17 4 years ago

Not upset, just disappointed I guess...

Wanted IM for a couple of years, finally get one in the house, doesn't work kind of disappointment

#18 4 years ago

I would suggest at least testing the ohms of the coils in the game while you're waiting to rule out a shorted coil. Reason is, a bad coil will fry a new transistor/driver board from stern.

My gut feeling is a flipper coil transistor has fried. They ones that Stern use are not really rated high enough to drive the voltages going through flipper coils on a Stern and those transistors should be replaced by IRL450N transistors. They are rated for a much higher voltage and will not fail as easy.

#19 4 years ago

A shorted coil would lock on at boot with a good fuse, and should last a few seconds before popping the fuse.

#20 4 years ago
Quoted from Chrizg:

A shorted coil would lock on at boot with a good fuse, and should last a few seconds before popping the fuse.

Right, but a failing/failed transistor may not display this behavior until activated. Do not assume a coil is not shorted if you don't hear or see it actuate on power up...let me explain.

How do you know if the magnet coil is not shorted then? There would be no indication visually.

How do you know if the coil is not just slightly shorted? That would exactly act like the symptoms presented.

There is no way of knowing if a coil heated up and shorted in the time the power was previously applied the last time the game was on. I have seen it happen a dozen times.

#21 4 years ago
Quoted from Chrizg:

A shorted coil would lock on at boot with a good fuse, and should last a few seconds before popping the fuse.

I can leave the fuse in and as long as no coils fire, the fuse will not blow, start the coil test and "pop" small flash of light and there she blows

1 week later
#22 4 years ago

There always has been and always will be glitches from time to time with NIB. It's the nature of the beast. When you have 700+ parts getting tossed around in transportation, something is going to haywire. Especially since most of our electronic components are made in china. Shits going to happen.

#23 4 years ago

Have you gotten the new board yet and did it fix it? Mine is doing the exact same thing but the fuses haven't blown???

#24 4 years ago

New board on its way. Found out problem was the right ramp flasher/bulb was grounded. Blew transistor q28 I think.

New lamp socket and bulb coming also. On vacation this week. Will get them installed next week.

Chas from Stern was quick to diagnose. For right now lamp socket is unplugged and game plays fine. Just no flasher on right ramp.

#25 4 years ago

Awesome, at least you're able to play it now. I would have been upset/disappointed too.

So where does IM rank in your current lineup?

#26 4 years ago

I have owned many games over the last couple of years. I am just very limited on space.

Iron-Man to me has the simplicity early 90's Williams games but great sounds and I even enjoy the dots.

It is a game that anyone can walk up to, look at the scorecard instructions and know exactly how to play it. It is simple, fast and fun. Do or Die with 2X scoring is the key.

Tron's ruleset is much more complex than Iron-Man.

It will stay in my collection due to the reason the rules and sime and the game is fun. I hate trying to explain LOTR, WoZ or ST rules to guests.

On basic fun and enjoyment, from the games I have owned, I would rank it above ST Pro, WoZ, early code Metallica Premium. I would rank it right with Tron, ACDC Premium, SM.

#27 4 years ago

Would you mind sharing what store you finally found the slo-blo fuses at....I've been using fast-blo...Thank you......Joey

#29 4 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Radio shack has them.

Thank you bro...... ......Joey

#30 4 years ago
Quoted from Breaking_Dad:

Would you mind sharing what store you finally found the slo-blo fuses at....I've been using fast-blo...Thank you......Joey

My local Rat Shack did not have 5 Amp slow blows, had to go to Ace Hardware

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