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IM vs. BSD vs. WCS

By delt31

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

B/c I love polls. Next game will be one of these. IM came out of nowhere but I'm digging what I'm seeing - never owned it or BSD before. Seem to be similar in many ways except price! Of the two - which is deeper/more complex?

WCS I've owned before and is prob the more appealing title for the masses. Thoughts?

Selling a nice RBION if you have any of these and want to trade ; )

#2 1 year ago

That's a tough choice Iron man and BSD are great games but I vote Dracula just because I love the creepy theme.

#3 1 year ago

Hated BSD. Found it WAY WAY overrated. I am in the minority on here though.

WCS I thought was an amazing pin to play. Great sounds and shots everywhere. Well executed. However, once I beat Germany, it became a snooze fest.

IM: played once or twice. Felt too linear in shots.

I'd pass on all three and look for something else.

#4 1 year ago

Kinda thinking same - pass on all 3. All are pretty decent. BSD and WCS not too expensive and fun. WCS for whatever reason does not appeal to me that much. I have a BSD on loan and have been playing it a lot lately. It's a pretty simple pin and very challenging gameplay. You work hard building up to start several mb's and then it's all over in an instant. Game even laughs at you when you fail miserably. Very frustrating. I have not played IM much. It might be fun to own but at that price rather have other pins.

#5 1 year ago

Iron Man is an incredible game. If you can find a nice example at a fair price, jump on it! The game is super fast and fights back. Short games that always feel like you were one shot away from blowing it up.

#6 1 year ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

IM: played once or twice. Felt too linear in shots.

Once or twice? I would find a way to get more time on the game before passing judgment. I can't tell anything about a game in that short amount of time and I've played literally thousands of different games.

Also, Iron Man isn't linear at all. You can do any of the main objectives in any order. There are some rules about what can stack with what, but very little in the game is gated behind linear progression.

To the OP, all three are good games. I've owned all three, and still have Iron Man. WCS is easily the best Jpop game and it has wide appeal. BSD is pretty polarizing. I like the game, but it can drive me crazy at times. If I had to rank them, I would go:

1. Iron Man
2. World Cup Soccer '94
3. Bram Stoker's Dracula

#7 1 year ago

You already owned WCS and not the other two so I'd rule that out. BSD vs IM? Both have simple rules, yet short ball times. Can't go wrong with either. Pick one, play it out for a while, then pick up the other. Neither would be considered "deep" or "complex" though.

#8 1 year ago

WCS is an "easy" game. Most shots are safe to make, and aren't too risky, unlike on other games. The rules are fairly simple, and it's a grind to progress through the game. It's not a game that would have much staying power for me.

BSD can be a drain monster, especially with lightning flippers installed. There are a number of risky shots and a funny bounce will send a ball right down the middle or speeding down the outlanes. It has a few interesting features. I'll play it once in a while, but I don't find it fun enough to want to hang on to it for very long.

IM is a difficult, but fun game. It's not nearly as frustrating as BSD. It takes some practice to master this one. There are a decent number of shots, and a few interesting features. The theme was done fairly well.

#9 1 year ago

I’d go with Iron Man. It’s fun and fast and kicks your ass! Shorter game times keep me coming back for more.

#10 1 year ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

I'd pass on all three and look for something else.

Agree with this.

Gun to my head maybe IM becasue WCS is easy and long and BSD is probably the most overrated game in history. THIRRT oh whom gives a crap

#11 1 year ago

I played Iron Man at Pinball Pa in Hopewell and absolutely loved it. WCS is fine, and I've never played BSD, so I'd vote for IM out of the three.

#12 1 year ago

IM is a blast. Doesn't really feel all that deep but it's never let me down for a quick fun game. WCS is a fun game, but having had it you have a feel for it as is. BSD is a beast, even says so during the game. While it isn't particularly deep, it's a super challenge to get everything going at once and easy to drain. I just traded a DW for BSD. DW is fun as well but gets easy too quickly. I used to think BSD was just too hard, but like Tommy, it's hard enough to always give you a challenge but rewarding enough that when you hit it big, you know you earned it - from a gaming perspective. My vote is on BSD.

#13 1 year ago

Fellow BSD owner here. It’s the one game in collection with a permanent place. I love Iron Man and I’m “Eh” on WCS. BSD has my vote in this case for the same reasons others have already mentioned.

#14 1 year ago

I recommend IM or BSD and grabbing whichever pops up first nearby for a good price and in good shape. Edge to IM if you prefer less maintenance. BSD is more complicated than it looks and can be finicky to keep 100% operational.

#15 1 year ago


My BSD is bolted to the floor. Games have come and gone but this one remains. Best multiball and best replay factor because it's so challenging. High scores are hard to come by, but satisfying when you accomplish them.

The only draw back is your family will probably hate it because there's "nothing to do" in it. Very misunderstood game. Also seems to get low ratings because users say 'it scares my kids, my wife, my dog' etc...

WCS is a lot of fun and although I would never own one, I always look forward to finding one in public or at a friend's house and give it a few plays. Good family theme.

It's been a long time since i've played IM. It was fun from what I remember but super hero themes aren't my thing.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of these, really. BSD is the tops for me.

#16 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

WCS I've owned before and is prob the more appealing title for the masses. Thoughts?

Well you have owned it already. For me, I really need to be pining for a game to give it another run in my house.

So it comes down to IM and BSD. I own both, and I guess it comes down to my mood. Both are shorter and tougher games. And both have something you are specifically trying to do. On BSD it's all about the Thirty Millions. Stack it up, and watch the points fly. Kill Dracula, or collect Castle Jackpots during it for huge payoff jackpots. It's a blast.

IM is similar in that it's fast and brutal, but it gives you two main objectives. One is a single ball objective (Do or Die hurry up) and the other is through the whole game (Jericho). I tend to try and setup, but not start for the first. The second always feels like a consolation prize. However, once in a great while I'm good enough to have a collect of Do Or Die Hurry Up start Jericho. But that's pretty rare for me.

IM can also bring amazing pinball satisfaction and frustration very quickly. If I have 10 minutes, I can bang out 3 games of IM and be thrilled or angry. But I always seem to be satisfied. IM delivers.

So I guess with all that, I'll vote IM. But I think that's only because BSD has been in my house a long time. If you asked me 5 years ago, I'd have voted BSD because it was a complete addiction for me then.

#17 1 year ago

IM and BSD are running neck and neck. Both will challenge you and can be set up to play hard or harder, depending on your preference. Go with whichever you can find.

#18 1 year ago

As others are saying, BSD is the only game in my collection that is "bolted to the floor." I like all three games though. Theme and art would perhaps keep me from owning WCS, but IM would be one of my first choices if I get around to trading my GB. Way more mechs/value in BSD and WCS over IM though--both are absolutely loaded compared to most modern machines.

#19 1 year ago

Wcs is way too easy..got board with mine almost immediately like every other J pop game. The only J pop game that has stood the test of time in my collection is Totan because my wife would kill me if I sold her precious.

BSD was my first machine sold it to finance a new game and then promptly bought another BSD within a year. Have owned mine for 20 years. It makes you a better player by forcing you to trap the ball and make the shots or pay the concenquences. Fantastic game if you want to get better at Pinball this and f14 are good sparring partners.

IM is an excellent game great theme and also kicks your ass. I’ve been loooking for a reasonably priced one for some time when one pops up near me I’ll buy one.

I would buy either BSD or IM. The good news if you don’t like them off loading them will not be an issue. Good luck with your next acquisition.

#20 1 year ago


#21 1 year ago

my vote is BSD but anyone who knows me could tell you that.

IM is great like others said is similar to BSD in the challenge and shorter games.

I thought about getting rid of my BSD before, but then I realized I would always want to get another one down the road. Its the game I always wanted since I was a kid and a CFTBL(maybe one day). I loved monsters and spooky stuff as a kid and still do to this day, so that is a plus as well.

If you get an IM you could sell it down the road and be pretty close to getting both WCS & BSD

IM or BSD you cant go wrong

#22 1 year ago

BSD and WCS are both good games but get old fast. IM would be a clear winner here for me.

#23 1 year ago

IM would be my choice of the 3

#24 1 year ago

Iron man would be my choice have owned it maybe 3 years.I played a wcs at expo in exhibitor hall it was awesome.

I like bsd but it's prohibited in my household with young grandkids.

Good luck

#25 1 year ago

I have or had all 3. Sold a BSD 5 years ago and missed it . I got another one 3 years ago and it will never leave. It is simply a top 10 game for me with no other pin like it. I had IM and it was fun for 4 months and then it got old hitting the monger. IM is fun but there are many Sterns as good or better. WCS stayed 3 weeks and it had to go. In my opinion it is one of the worst B/W games ever.

#26 1 year ago

I had all 3 and agree with Wolfy .

#27 1 year ago

Thanks for all the input guys. I'm going BSD.....never owned one and need to try it. I like challenging games and love the theme and sound. I just hope it doesn't get stale....

1 week later
#28 1 year ago

Thought i would revisit this thread to say I finally understand BSD and why it's rated high. As someone who thought it could be too straightforward with limited shots, I can say it's the game I've had that one more time feeling the most. It's very hard but very fair as well - I never feel like I'm robbed like some other games (GB, etc). As someone who moves games fairly often for something new, who knows what might happen but I definitely now understand why people love this game.

BSD respects MB - making it feel special, has some of the best callouts, effects and theme integration and the shots feel very satisfying. I now understand why people say it's a pinball players pin. Very little "shine" to lure in newbies (as it was pretty much overlooked by all that came over recently although they are all non pinball players). Great game. Appreciate the advice on the thread.

Next on my list could be IM but would need to move my nice shadow for it which I'm not sold on yet. Need to play IM on route first....only other option would be tron (love that game) but waiting on that 2018 vault pin first.

#29 1 year ago

Iron Man is a fun game to play but...

BSD is a fun game to own. No modes and the stacking of everything makes it an all time winner.

WCS never did much for me. "Goal!!!!"

#30 1 year ago

BSD is a masterpiece. I've owned IM for a long time as well. I would sell IM long before my BSD.

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