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I'm trying to find a new TV series to watch

By rai

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

I love Lost, Sopranos, Breaking Bad etc..

I love BB now but at first I couldn't get into the first 2 episodes but after I tried and forced myself into the series I was hooked.

I am looking maybe for something that I need to force myself to watch but will grab me if I push on.

I am confident I'll love TWD and GOT but I'm waiting for a while to binge watch those.

I was trying to find a TV show to begin that I'd not seen before. Looking at Amazon Prime or Netflix

I watched ''The night of' 'Goliath' and both seasons of 'Fargo' first two were ok Fargo both were good.

Season one of 'Better call Saul' was just ok not sure if I'll watch any more.

Was curious if I should give these shows any more chances?

Liked the first True Dective but only watched one episode of the second because it seemed lame.

I started to watch a cop show called 'The Killing' and was halfway into season one and just kind of gave up because they were working in too many plot twists like the political aspect which seemd forced.

I watched 2 episodes of 'Mad Men' and while it's well done, I have not seen any skin at all and seems like a 'Desperate Housewives' set on the 50's. I will give it a try but not sure if it's going to get any better. Not sure if I should continue.

Watched 2 episodes of 'The man in the high castle' which I should like but I have not got into the characters like I just don't care that much about them. Not sure if I should continue.

I just watched the pilot of 'Twin Peaks' has potential but I'm not sure if I want to push on.

Watched one episode of 'Dark Angle' not sure if I should continue

Watched season one of House of Cards after they killed Kate Mara in the second season.

One episode do 'Shameless'

Three episodes of 'Halt and catch fire'

#10 2 years ago
Quoted from Mfsrc791:

What about Westworld?

I'm getting my Apple TV so I can watch HBO go that will be a good option.

I'm like halfway through 'Bardwalk Empire' not sure if it's ant good, certainly it's not as good as Sopranos

#11 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Better Call Saul

Watched season one was just ok, wanted it to be more intense like BB it's more milk toast.

Also not crazy about old actors playing characters that are supposed to be decades younger.

#12 2 years ago

I will watch a series that's just starting I prefer a complete series so I can binge watch.

#15 2 years ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

Season 2 is a lot better. He starts to become the Saul goodman we all know and love

I just wish Mike wasn't so old he's starting to look like Gollum.

#18 2 years ago

Halt and catch fire

I really didn't like any of the character yet (3 episodes). Last episode the main character just starts making out with a dude for no apparent reason.

#20 2 years ago

Mad dogs think I watched 15 minutes didn't really hook me.

#26 2 years ago

BSG. Saw it, but seems like Lost was best early uneven later on.

Like Narcos but don't like to stop every year so I may wait until it's got more seasons done.

Watched Deadwood was very good imo.

#32 2 years ago

I never saw lost when it was on but watched it two times now, so-so ending but still one of my favorite shows of all time.

#55 2 years ago

Yes. Thanks.

I think my problem is trying to be hooked after 1-2 episodes.

I have watched Justified, Homeland, many others just 1-2 episodes in.

It was same for me with Breaking Bad where I didn't like it until I was already 10-20 episodes in but then I loved it.

#56 2 years ago

Any advice if I should continue with Twin Pesks?

#59 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

Didn't see it mentioned here but I just finished off season 2 of The Man in High Castle on Amazon prime......really love the story on this one. The tie in with Hitler, the Chinese, and America......some butterfly effect action....solid cast so far. It is slightly fantastical but it's working for me.

I just watched episodes 1-2 of High Castle.

Kind of ok, Maybe need to give it a longer look.

Narcos is very good just saw season - but very interesting.

#89 2 years ago
Quoted from poppapin:

What's old got to do with it? He's a bad mofo & I bet he could kick your ass!!

Guess so, but he's supposed to be playing someone in his late 50's when he looks every bit of 70.

#92 2 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

If you have Amazon Prime try "The Man in the High Castle".

Watched 2 episodes just seems meh so far.

I guess the bottom line is many shows you have to invest time watching many episodes before you can tell if you like it or not.

#118 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

Not sure what you're waiting for on Game Of Thrones. It's spectacular and there's only 2 seasons left. And it's a pinball machine! Cmon!

I am reading the GOT books, don't know if I should watch the series or read the series first and neither one is finished.

I hear the books and the TV show might diverge somewhat is that so?

I was trying to wait for TWD or GOT to be completed before watching.

I did this with Lost and Breaking bad and BSG never watched a minute before they were totally complete.

#119 2 years ago

I hear the Tudors was good?

#142 2 years ago

thanks all. Surprised nobody mentioned Freaks and Geeks?

Great cast and this is exact time I went to HS
freaks (resized).jpg

#143 2 years ago

have only watched episode 1 of Shameless. I thought it was so-so.

I watched 1-2 episodes of Ray Donavan. So-so

I think I have a problem since I watch hundreds of movies, that I believe you need to get hooked in the first 30-40 minutes of something,. I mean if I'm watching a movie and I make it 40 minutes in, I can bail knowing that I won't like it or just watch the end its only another 40 minutes. But with a TV series it could be a 70 hour commitment. With a TV series I guess maybe you need to watch many episodes before making a decision.

#146 2 years ago
Quoted from balzofsteel:

watches cop shows and has amazon prime - give Bosch a try.

OK, I just watched the trailer and wasn't blown away, but it has gotten some recommends on this thread.

#147 2 years ago

Right now, I think I am going to watch Twin Peaks and/or Mad Men since I started them already.

As for Halt and Catch Fire I have watched 3 episodes and none of the characters appeals to me (no hot chicks is certainly a minus, say what you want about Lost but there were some babes on that show).

JulietS5b (resized).jpglost (resized).jpg

#175 2 years ago

I forgot to say watched Band of Brothers, was ok but not great, The Pacific was not as good imo

#176 2 years ago

I'm watching Twin Peaks, it's pretty good so far.

1 week later
#211 2 years ago

great ideas, I can probably spend the next 5 years catching up on the shows mentioned.

I have heard Halt and Catch Fire mentioned several times. I love the idea, and I've read a few non-fiction books on the subject of early computers such as a book about PARC, a book about Microsoft and Google. I just can not get into the characters in the TV show. Still may give it a chance but more looking forward to Bates and TWD etc..

#220 2 years ago
Quoted from cycochris:

Quarry is good. pretty dark. set in 70's America.
» YouTube video

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll dig this thread up in a number of years. I really don't like getting involved on a show that's just one season in. Prefer to watch years at one time.

5 months later
#227 2 years ago

Just started with Mindhunter, it does start out slow but kind of realistic mundane things we all go through. But I think it's going to build (hopefully) like a long form of Silence of the lambs.

It's set in the late 70s too so that's cool since I grew up then.

#239 1 year ago

Have finished watching both GOT and TWD

#249 1 year ago


GOT has better production value but (as with the books) the story is very scattered all over the place, but very well done with the gottcha moments.

TWD (IMO) is more fun but seems as if some times the storyline can stall or get into dull areas and a lot of un-likely moments such as (the main example) Sasha coming out of the coffin at just the correct moment *this is too much of a Deus ex Machina moment* and such as the Kingdom showing up at just the right moment to disrupt another something.

I believe both shows were better early on, but especially TWD where it's getting very soap opera like and unbelievable, and some thing like Terminus are resolved too soon but some things like Woodburry and Negan plot line go on too long, and some characters like Carl and Carol get the hell on my nerves. Basically more TWD characters are annoying, whereas GOT characters are a lot more likable and GOT has more eye candy.

IMO Cerce and Tyron are the best characters.

Both shows have annoying characters and both shows have unrealistic battle scenes but I like the sword fights in GOT.

TWD gunfights are starting to get to the level of the A-team where the main people can just be in the middle of machine-gun fire and don't get a scratch.

*A Deus ex Machina is when some new event, character, ability, or object solves a seemingly unsolvable problem in a sudden, unexpected way. It's often used as the solution to what is called "writing yourself into a corner," where the problem is so extreme that nothing in the established setting suggests that there is a logical way for the characters to escape. If a bomb is about to go off, someone finds a convenient bomb-proof bunker in easy reach. If a protagonist falls off a cliff, a flying robot will suddenly appear to catch them.

4 months later
#260 1 year ago

I’m almost done ‘Justified’ which I love.

Season 1 was just ok but the rest is great.

#263 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

If you liked Walton Goggins in Justified, you gotta watch Vice Principals. Completely different character, but another excellent performance!

Thanks he had started to get on my radar, see him in The Hateful Eight.

#305 1 year ago
Quoted from Kkuoppamaki:

Not a new series, and probably mentioned a few times but started watching Black mirror recently and enjoy it - except the first episode which is just borderline disgusting, skip it or watch it last. Every episode is different and not tied to the others so no need to binge watch them in order

Just watched episode 1 was disturbing.

1 week later
#328 1 year ago

Side note: watched Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me.

It’s out there, a prequel to the original series so not much of Agent Cooper.

But sad they replaced Lara Flynn with another actress.

The movie is not great but has some great moments and very disturbing.

1 month later
#355 1 year ago

I’m just starting Bates Motel (one episode so far) looks good. I’d also like to watch Mad Men.

#360 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Bates motel is absolutely amazing, not a bad episode out of the whole 5 seasons. My two favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad and Bates Motel.

Great to hear, I like seeing people from Lost as supporting roles in other shows like was a few in Justified, saw the actor who played Richard in Lost is in Bates. See they have show runner in common Lost and Bates Motel.

Breaking Bad and Sopranos and Lost are a few of my favorite shows. Justified was great as well.

#373 1 year ago

Thanks for all the suggestions, there’s so many TV shows out there new and old, it would take me forever to watch half of what I’d like. Not to mention movies lol

I can not believe the quality of TV shows now, even the meh shows like TWD current are worth watching, and I still have shows to rewatch like Breaking Bad and Deadwood not to mention half the shows mentioned here I’ve not even started to watch (Westworld etc.).

#380 1 year ago
Quoted from Darcy:

Check out 'Bosch'. Some other Pinsiders have mentioned it. A crime drama that is well produced with many interesting episodes.

I watched 1-2 episodes but was not blown away by it but the same thing when I watched Justified first 1-2 episodes were not great but after a while it got great. Maybe I’ll get back to Bosch soon.

After Fargo 3 and Bates.

3 months later
#396 1 year ago

Just begun to watch Colony. So far I’d say it’s meh.

I’ve watched 4 episodes and trying to decide if I want to continue or cut it off.

Anyone have any advice?

I felt like Breaking Bad took me a while to get into, but as we know B.B. is well reviewed and praised as one of the best shows of all time.

I really liked Lost but that was more the opposite where it started off great and went plus/minus over time like TWD.

Is Colony just meh??

#400 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I liked Colony, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone at this point. The show recently got cancelled, and nothing was wrapped up at all, so you're really left hanging at the end.

Thanks, as you may know other shows have got canceled that are still worth watching Freaks and Geeks, Star Trek, Twin Peaks as an example.

So was it just meh all the way and not worth the time? I can rewatch Lost or BB again.

#413 1 year ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

They aren't "decades" younger.
Maybe 7-8 years.

Johnathon Banks is 71.

His character is supposed to be ~ 62 in Breaking Bad (probably was his age when filming B.B.).

Saul takes place ~ 6 years prior so Mike should be 50-something he’s played by an actor in his 70s.

I’m 50-something years old and he looks like my fathers age.

Odenkirk is 55 playing a character in his mid 30’s.

2 weeks later
#419 1 year ago

I’m watching Curb your enthusiasm is very funny.

I finished Bates Motel, didn’t feel as if it finished as strong as it started, last couple of seasons was ok not great.

#420 1 year ago

How is Penny Dreadful??

I like that era and subject matter but haven’t got around to watching it.

#425 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Wow this really surprises me. Bates motel to me was strong from start to finish and didnt have any bad episodes at all. Its my 2nd favorite TV series behind Breaking Bad.

Not me. The last episodes especially with Dylan and Emma they seem like completely different people than early with Dylan seeming like a robot acting wise. He was such a good edgy character in the early episodes then he’s all mister Mom in last season.

To me, once Norma died the show went down hill that was the when it jumped the shark.

2 weeks later
#437 1 year ago
Quoted from jlm33:

If you are looking for something different, may I suggest the German TV series Babylon Berlin?
A drama / crime series held in Berlin in 1929 during the Weimar republic.
Really good (Best seen in German, of course)... but not family friendly (sex, violence...)

I’ll need to see if that’s available in US.

1 month later
#450 11 months ago

I like Ozark some but it just seems too far fetched. Like it’s taking this from Breaking Bad and that from Sopranos this from Fargo but just isn’t as believable or realistic.

I’d wish the FBI agent was more like Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks or a tough but lovable agent like from Justified but instead he’s a totally unbelievable character who wouldn’t last two minutes in the real world.

#452 11 months ago

Bates started great but kind of declined a bit. IMO. Dare I say ‘Lost’ some of of it’s magic as it drags to the conclusion.

#454 11 months ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Season two was even more ridiculous than the first. I enjoyed both seasons, but it's definitely not a show that holds up under close scrutiny.

In real Mafia/Cartel world Marty would be dead by now, Ruth and family dead like episode 1.5.

FBI agent shoots up a bar and is undercover lover would not last long.

This is on the ‘Fargo’ spectrum of believability.

That’s why I liked Sopranos so much with real possibilities of jail or getting wacked.

1 month later
#471 9 months ago

It’s getting very crowded with new shows Disney and Apple are supposed to be joining the streaming market. I’ve noticed that shows like Ozark and Goliath are ok but really I just watched because of Billy Bob for Goliath and because I liked Breaking Bad so I watched Ozark. But overall the shows may end up being diluted if there are now hundreds of new shows on.

3 weeks later
#475 8 months ago
Quoted from Azmodeus:

I am fully enjoying the third season of true detective.

I started to watch 2nd season but couldn’t got into that one.

I’m re-watching Breaking Bad now, something I do with Sopranos every few years will re-watch. I find (much like reading books) it’s often more rewarding to re-read a book you know you love than take a chance on something you are not sure of.

Movies I’m not that selective about because it’s just 2 hours not like a TV series or a book.

#477 8 months ago
Quoted from Platypus:

I read today in the NYT that 2018 saw 495 original scripted programs up from 288 in 2012. Attributed in part to demand from Netflix and Hulu. Talk about dilution.
I am currently enjoying Vikings on Amazon.

I was thinking the same thing. With each show having dozens of people involved in front of behind the scenes. It’s probably easier than ever to get a job in TV.

Just to show how bad TV can get. Norm MacDonald had a talk show. I figure how bad can it be? I watched a bit it was Norm talking to David Spade almost like Norm would say “tell the story about this and such” and David goes “I don’t remember that how did it go?” And Norm would promt David about the story.

Talk about a low bar of entry for a TV show. I’ve seen better production on some podcasts.

#484 8 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I thought it was hilarious, but I'm a big norm fan. Even his closest friends dont know whether hes doing a bit or an actual show. I hope you watched that episode to the end at least.

No, maybe should.

I lost interest when they were going to commercial and Spade said we don’t have commercials it’s Netflix bla bla.

#494 8 months ago

I love Breaking Bad don’t get me wrong.

But there are just a few things that are just too far fetched / coincidental that just probably could not happen.

*Breaking Bad and Sopranos SPOILERS below*

For example he meets air traffic controller dad who is distraught because daughters death causing an airplane to fall on his house. Not to mention all the red herring of the bomb/crash scene that lead up to ... nothing.

For example he sees that little kid on the news got killed so he drives his car to the exact location at the exact time to intercede and save Jessie.

There are other such coincidences that I’m sure were planned to make the story seem far fetched and unbelievable but they are too much over the top in some degree.

Sopranos has the same similar thing such as the hot water heater that floods the basement but in that instance it’s a coincidence but at least it’s plausable not like a freaking airplane falling out of the sky.

1 month later
#546 7 months ago
Quoted from Industen:

"Bosch" on Prime is very well done if you like L.A . Noire Crime drama

Just watched first 2 seasons. Was good especially the LA setting but I prefer Justified overall.

I think the second season was better than the first but overall was a lot of convenient plot tie ups.

#549 7 months ago
Quoted from boscokid:

Not really a TV series to watch but Nat Geo channel is showing the Oscar winning Free Solo documentary commercial free Sunday night at 9et and 10:45et.
Suffice to say this dude is insane to climb without ropes, and just watching the trailer made my palms sweat and stomach queasy.

I’ll look for that.

Here is the opening scene of MI 3. It’s a little corney but that got me interested in free solo videos.

#553 7 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

The guy in Free Solo actually did a critique of all the famous hollywood climbing scenes. He was pretty relaxed about it, didn't pick them apart too bad, and even some of the more gratuitous stuff he'd say something like "totally unrealistic, but so rad".

I was wondering something like that Tom Cruise climb made it seem like he was climbing the route for the first time which the real climbers don’t do.

Also I was curious how the guys get down after a free climb. It seems like some climbs you can go back a different rout even walk off or else they may bring some rope to get back down because obviously it’s so much harder to climb free down I would think.

2 weeks later
#559 7 months ago
Quoted from boscokid:

Bosch is entertaining. Love the LA feel, and the fact he can get from the Hills to downtown in 30 minutes. Season 5 is coming out in April

I’m liking Bosch as well.

My wife watches NCIS she said they can get from Quantico to the xyz place like it’s down the road a bit but in reality I’d be 2+ hr drive.

1 week later
#568 6 months ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I couldn't get past the first episode of this show. Does it get any better?


#576 6 months ago

I watched episode one of True Detective 3 it was painful to watch.

#578 6 months ago

Just started to watch Mrs Maisel at first like 70% into first episode was a bit boring but it picked up and seems to be good.

Also re-watching Deadwood at the moment.

#582 6 months ago
Quoted from SteveO:

A pet peeve of mine that they do is play music like Elton John and Bowie, during the closing credits that came later than the 1950's early 1960's which is when the show takes place.

I noticed that too but doesn’t bother me, it’s just the mood or vibe that they are going for, not like they play Bowie on the radio during the show that would bother me.

Often I don’t care to watch the closing credits of TV shows because some don’t really have different music but I first noticed on The Sopranos and now this show. I think maybe it’s better to be noticed good or bad than just to skip past the ending credits.

2 months later
#588 4 months ago

Just watched season one of Big Little Lies. Not sure about it overall but had a few funny moments.

#589 4 months ago
Quoted from Azmodeus:

I am biding my time now, waiting for the coming winter...
[quoted image]

They messed that up fairly well.

#592 4 months ago

So many shows out now it’s impossible to watch even 10% of them.

3 weeks later
#615 3 months ago

May have been mentioned but just watched ‘Chernobyl’ was excellent.

#638 3 months ago

I’m going to check out Dark and Stranger Things.

#647 3 months ago

I have all these pins at home but honestly only play like 60-90 minutes a week. Just love playing but not for game after game.

I probably watch as much YouTube as I play pinball and TV/movies/sports probably 5-10x as much as pinball.

1 month later
#657 51 days ago
Quoted from Dono:

We just finished 2nd season, it was better than season 2 we thought... focused on catching the Atlanta child murders|Wayne Williams... acting is very good all the way around.

Watched it as well, not really that gripping like what I’d prefer would be Silence of the Lambs.

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