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I'm stuck! No Good Gofers or Tales from the Crypt?

By Hawkeyepin

11 years ago

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#1 11 years ago

After my recent posts I remembered I'd had NO LUCK finding a decent TFTC in the last several months and....letting my interests wander, i came across No Good Gofers. I've never played this game but it looks pretty fun. Anyone with any experience playing it? If it's as good at TFTC then it's just a price issue (NGG typically more costly). I wish I could play 'em side by side but figure I'd get more experienced opinions from some of you.

#2 11 years ago


May I ask where you are? I did not see it on your info page on Pinside...

#3 11 years ago

NGG is a way better game for play/ruleset/humor. Yes, its definately a higher priced game and they are more rare to find for sale. I live in Canada, and a nice one just went here for 3500.
I have only played TTFC a couple of times, and I like the theme and gameplay, but when you compare it to NGG there is no match.

"Yesss kiddies!!"

#4 11 years ago

Santeh I'm in Iowa

#5 11 years ago

I think wolfman works Iowa some, maybe you should email him and see what he has?

#6 11 years ago

When I talked to him last night on the phone he said he was in Iowa. I can't believe nobody has negotiated a deal on the TOM.

#7 11 years ago

I want the Theater of Magic, I just have all my cash tied up in Judge Dredd / Dr. Dude and a Pinbot sitting in my house...I could sell and get TOM but I dunno if I have the time..

#8 11 years ago

I was wondering when the new Wolfman list comes out?

#9 11 years ago

No idea, I know he was going to look at a lot of pins with some AAA titles in there, but the guy was asking too much for the whole package, so wolfman was going to show up with some cash and see if he would take a lower offer. That's last I heard and it was when he was in Colorado a few days ago.

#10 11 years ago

I really like the No Good Gofers game .. at least on the Xbox 360 Williams classics DVD. If I ever had a good line on one I'd seriously consider buying it. I know it's not up there with TZ or CV etc but when I was young I'd wake up early and sneak on the local course to play early before the "geezer leagues" teed off. I did buy a a membership and also ended up playing for them in their youth league championships. Now I'd be lucky to have a good score at Putt-Putt

#11 11 years ago


For what it is worth, I have now had a little time with my TFTC and it is a good game but perhaps not great. And, quite, it reminds me a lot of Jurassic Park in regards to the playfield layout as well as that Data East used some of the same sounds in both games. However, between JP and TFTC I personally would go with JP. Oddly, though, the pop bumpers on my TFTC are much weaker than on my JP. Hmmm....

I would say this, though. The light show on the TFTC remind me a lot of Bride of Pinbot in its shear overwhelming nature. Thus TFTCs light show is really impressive!

Perhaps I was lucky as I got my TFTC for $1000 and I think that is a pretty good price for it. I would not, though, really recommend anything over $1500 for it.



#12 11 years ago

I am waiting on the pictures for the TOM, before working on a deal.

#13 11 years ago

Sorry guy's, I made a deal with Wolfman for the TOM some time ago. Hopefully he is going to deliver it to my plant outside of Chicago within the next day or two. I have the fun to get it down to Florida. Not sure if I can trust a common carrier or if I'm going to ship it with NAVL.

I played NGG at the APE show in Miami. The machine needed to be cleaned up a bit but other than that it was a fun game. If you have kids they would love this pin.

#14 11 years ago

Your going to love that TOM pinny fxdwgmb. Gorgeous game. A friend of mine has one, and I can't stop playing that game. Play it more than his CV. I still can't believe the same artist behind CV and TOM (Linda Deal), did the butt-ugly translite for Demolition Man. You have to love the side art for DM! A naked Sly in the cryo-chamber. ROFL!

Make sure to post some TOM pics of that pinny here!

NGG is a very fun game if you have everything working (ie the slam ramp). If you aren't taking care of the flippers, well your screwed. Lots of long shots. I played the worst example of one at a local pinball show. Terrible experience.

TFTC is a incredible game. Super fun and affordable. Played better than JP, and thats saying something because JP is great.

#15 11 years ago

Congrats on the Theater of magic fxdwgmb! Enjoy it.

#16 11 years ago

I must say, I have been playing my TFTC more and it is growing on me. I think the ramps are outstanding on the machine and some of the shots are hard to say the least, such as hitting the captive ball! Goodness! All of this, combined with the impressive light show, makes it a nice game. Well done Data East.

However, it does still have one down side in my opinion. The game has some obvious parallels with Jurassic Park in regards to general playfield layout. Also, some of the sounds are the exact same for the two games, even though those sounds fit well with the themes. As I am fortunate enough to have a Jurassic Park, I am not enamored with the few close similarities. Yet they are different machines and, as such, are unique enough to be able to sit next to each other and not feel too redundant.

Again, a nice job by Data East and, to date, I would give it an 8/10. It should be noted, though, that my machine needs the pop bumpers adjusted (they are weak!), a rubber ring kit, new pinballs, and some cleaning/waxing thus I could only guess my rating may be a solid 9+/10 when I am done.

I still feel that Jurassic Park is a better fit for my tastes, yet I am not complaining at all with the design and enjoyment with the Tales!

#17 11 years ago

fxdwgmb - So you're the guy who bought TOM. Wolfman called me this morning and said I was 2nd on the list, but the first person who contacted him had bought the machine. Hope you enjoy it, but wish I had called him a little earlier.

#18 11 years ago

Tallgrass - Today is your lucky day. Last minute I decided on the Scared Stiff. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm nuts but I played this pin at the pinball expo last month and loved it. Additionally the family will like this pin much better.

#19 11 years ago

Scared Stiff? Excellent game! Not a bad choice! I personally even like it better than ToM, altough most people probably won't agree on that.

So, tallgrass, have you phoned Wolfman yet? It it yours now?

#20 11 years ago

Trying to make arrangements to meet hi somewhere so I can pay pick it up.

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