I'm New, and need some time warp help!

By figmuffin

7 years ago


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#1 7 years ago

So I am new to owning pinball machines, but have wanted to get into it for a while. I just got a free Williams Time Warp machine that needs work. It powers on and the better part of it works fine. I know for the most part what parts i need (rubber, flipper assy, drop targets) but i also need a new playfield. I have looked all over and can only find one on ebay for $1000....too much! I would call myself electricly and mechanically inclined, that being said i have never worked on a pinball machine before. I also found that the sound does not work, and after playing it a few times it no longer wants to give me a ball at startup. with all these problems is this a worthy project? Fixing alot is not a problem, I will enjoy that alot. I am more wondering if it is reasonable price wise. thanks in advance!


#2 7 years ago

Well, hopefully you can find a decent used playfield for not too much but a NOS will cost you way more than the machine is worth.

#3 7 years ago

Check this repair guide link out it has all the tips tricks and troubleshooting techniques to get your machine up and running again. It is a must have/read for any pinball collector.


I would actually just get it up and running good and play it, It is a pretty good machine but not worth the money you would have to put into it to restore it. This just means you will never recoup what it will cost in parts/playfield and labour. But if you intend to restore to keep it for yourself, it would be a great/fun project.

Welcome, and best of luck getting it going.

#4 7 years ago

after talking to a few people i think i agree with you erak. As long as i can make it playable im happy.

#5 7 years ago

If you get it running good, play it for awhile you can at least sell it if you get bored of it, and put that towards another pin. Heck you got it free, and a working pin is worth more than a broken one anyday.

Post some pics of the playfield if you can it might actually look cool with original wear, kinda antiqued.

#6 7 years ago

some pictures

IMG_1696.JPG IMG_1693.JPG IMG_1695.JPG

#7 7 years ago

also right flipper only goes half the way up and then makes a buzzing sound...thoughts?

#8 7 years ago

If the flipper that only goes half way up is weak when it goes up, it's probably the EOS switch (look under the playfield for the switch that opens when the flipper extends).

If it engages strong and then oscillates and makes a vibrating sound, check for a broken wire on the coil (there are two windings on the coil, a thick wire winding and a smaller winding. Check the smaller winding for a broken connection).

If it engages and humms and gets really hot when you hold the button, your EOS switch is probably not opening when it extends. Also, if it got too hot, the inner sleave probably melted and is keeping the plunger from going in.


#9 7 years ago

It's actually not that bad a good stripdown of the playfield and a good cleaning and you will be surprised on how much better it will look. As far as the flipper problem goes, chech all the wires going to that flipper for proper connection. But here a part of the repair guide I linked for you.

" all system3 to system7 flippers will have EOS (end of stroke) switches. This tells the game a flipper is at full extension, and to turn off the flipper high power. If this switch is broken, it will cause big problems. For example, a weak flipper or a flipper coil that burns up are two typical EOS switch related flipper problems. Bad EOS switches should always be fixed. Most flipper problems in these games are related to bad or poorly adjusted EOS switches."

More than likely its the EOS switch on the flipper, but it could be the coil itself. If cleaning and adjusting the switch contacts does not fix it I would look at the coil itself next. One way to check is to swap the flipper coils over, it the problem stays on the same flipper you know it is a switch or wiring problem to that flipper, if it changes you know it is the coil. But it also could have a melted/damaged coil sleeve from overheating causing problems.

Definately buy yourself a good Digital multimeter as well, alot of problems can be checked instantly with it. eg. just check the Ohms on the flipper coils if the bad one is different from your working flipper you know the coil needs replacing.

#10 7 years ago

That playfield has some wear, but I've seen worse. Just make sure you clean it good and put a good wax coat on before you let the ball touch it. And for goodness sake, throw away the ball that came with it. It's like sandpaper to the playfield (roll it in your fingers to see what I mean). A pitted ball is your playfields worse enemy.


#11 7 years ago

a new playfield is out....cant find one, but i do wanna repaint some of it. does model paint work well? also is wax better then a coat of poly?

#12 7 years ago

If you use model paint and don't clearcoat with varathane after when you go to wax it it will actually remove the model paint.

Many waxes have cleaners in them that are like paint thinner. It will not damage the original playfield paint but the model paint will come off.

Clean your playfield really well with laquer thinner to get off the old dirt and wax. Or scrub it well with a few magic erasers if you are afraid of more paint lifting.(just not too much, to sand through the original paint) Clearcoat or any other paint/touchups will not stick to the wax and all your work will be for nothing.

I would go with acrylic hobby paint, then seal it with spray cans of varithane. When working with acrylic you can remove it with water as you are working if you make a mistake (and it mixes easier to colourmatch). After touching up do a few coats of varathane (let dry between coats)and wet sand it with a sanding block to get any imperfections between the last few coats.

You can even mask off areas and cut your lines in masking tape with a exacto blade if you are going to clearcoat after, this will help you get your lines and shapes the way you want. Or draw your missing areas in with a fine sharpie and fill them with paint, like a paint by numbers.

There are a bunch of posts on here about playfield touchups and clearcoating.
Also alot more how to's can be found online. If you take your time and match the colours well, you probably won't be able to tell unless you look closely.

Best of luck, I would love to se pics of the finishesd product.

#13 7 years ago

Wow look at those banana flippers,
looks like a great project

#14 7 years ago

The most imprtant thing is color matching....A bad color match and repair is sometimes worse than doing nothing.

#15 7 years ago

I personally don't fix the wear spots, I don't mind the imperfections as long as I didn't cause them. One of my machines even has the name "Yannik" scratched in the siderail. I doubt that I will ever fix it, I almost even like it. (I realize that I am the odd man out on this one).

I would recommend cleaning and waxing first, and then if you can't live with the wear, fix it. If you aren't able to get a good match, you might make it look worse than when you started.

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