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    #107 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rondogg:

    I bought a game recently but the pinballs in it were old and had a lot of dings. I checked everywhere for NOS Indiana Jones pinballs. All anyone had were generic repros. No thanks, I'll play with my old tired rusty balls until I find what I need.

    The funny part is, a decade or so before the end as we all will know it, you'll be back, stuck, and left playing with your rusty, old, tired balls once again.

    We should all feel so lucky if our women don't desire a clean freshly polished set of balls on their playfield, or We'd all be left with playing with our own in whatever state they may be in. Some just downright useless and unplayable.

    #108 1 year ago
    Quoted from Astropin:

    Not when the original is going for 12k. These are not precious works of art (for the most part)....they are big toys.

    Some did and may still say that about the 57 Chevy, 69 camaro z28, any of the first 15sh years of the corvette, or the 427 big block vette, or etc etc etc, well all those but the entire car market and car collector market with all those original pieces of art/ history/ pure joy.

    Even those who collect what's left of actual toys made up until the 90s, may argue it could be art of sorts. I guess it depends on what your definition is.

    #110 1 year ago

    What would happen, if like cars, the only version of a classic desired, would be the one that is in original unmolested form, or of original time produced parts?No new pf, plastics, ramps or even screws? The mm, or mb or name title here, original, in 5 plus years, start getting bought up by collectors with deep pockets and big warehouses, who give a crap about ever using or playing what they're buying. They want return on their retirement and will sell to the next rich family who looks for the same. It could happen. Be a lot of pissed of guys with repro parts. Their mm still collectable, but similar to say price difference of a 50s corvette with numbers matching engine vs the one without, or with the wrong engine. Worth good money but, not even close.

    The rest of us can't afford originals, buying 2000 whatever year new camaro and corvettes. Big bucks, all new, fast fun, but won't be worth anything in our lifetimes. Depreciate to nothing in 5 to 10 years.

    Chew on that.

    #111 1 year ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    "Is that a real poncho, or is that a Sears poncho?"

    Poncho? Maybe not, but Sears is very close to becoming history. Sucked since they went Chinese. Tools rust and break, quality is crap. It'll be an old sears sign selling for tons of money, for that little piece of what was once a great nation.

    None of us really know til it happens.

    #113 1 year ago

    Well, if you just want a fun performance car, not the v6 either that everyone else has and would only impress you and say your 10 year old son, and had little to no chance, in your lifetime of being collectable, or go up In value, then go new, but if you want a proven collectable that won't fluctuate or plummet in value after a year or 10. You want cool factor, and anyone who is anyone that knows cars, to stroke your ego and be great conversation maker. Well the original will never disappoint. When your 10 year old becomes a young man, will appreciate your decision all the more. It's a no brainer. Besides the fabrication, etc for parts would be easy on the original, where if gm went belly up good luck with finding talent that could fix or make replacement electronics, and the chance of lawsuits if they tried.

    #115 1 year ago

    The fact is, if a small group of people started paying 20k plus for all original survivor machines, where do you think most of you guys opinions would fall on remakes? If, like a new mustang or camaro, or whatever car they remake, is a superior car in every way, but just will never have the cool factor of the originals, well guess what car many would have or afford, but no one would deny which car they'd rather have? No matter how cool you'd want to be, or desire, your new flashy miracle of technology will always fall short.
    We'd all be ripping our cpr parts out, scrounging to find original parts to cash in. It's what happens, people cave to the cash.

    #119 1 year ago
    Quoted from Astropin:

    Please...one more cargument...I know you can do it.

    Well, find me a collectable that compares. Wanna talk original barbies vs the last 20 years, especially the piggy Barbie for the sjw types. Maybe that's more your speed?
    Maybe the value of film, say loonytoons vs remakes. Ghostbusters original vs sjw pile of dog shat? What's more valuable to history, or people with a clue? Maybe new if you want to show people what sucks.
    See, being a man with fairly large testicles, an alpha male, not a cuck in his mom's basement, as much as I appreciate my childhood and the coolness of toys from the the last great decade, I'd rather reference cars, and own cars. It's an adult thing,vs toys.

    #122 1 year ago
    Quoted from Astropin:

    Look...and this goes for most "original vs remake" arguments.
    If "cool" is the only thing you care about then "original" wins virtually every time.
    If you want the greatest performing Corvette you buy a brand new one....if you want the "coolest" Corvette you buy a 1963 coupe.
    I own a 2016 Charger Scat Pack. It's better in virtually every single way over the original...that being said you can certainly make the argument that the original is "cooler".

    Yes, and your new better in every way car, lacks cool to everyone in cars. You own that very car for one singular reason, and that's just for hopes that some of that cool from the original graces you at some point. Why do they remake anything? Because it's superior to anything newer? Hell no!! It's to monopolize on the cool factor to make money. Always falls short.

    63 vette coolest? Come on. It's cool but it's not even top 5 of vettes.
    I often ponder the fact that people have declared certain things to be the end all be all. The 69z camaro is declared king because of what? That line that goes from wheel well across the fenders? seriously. Who made these standards for all to follow for what's best design or coolest?

    Just like the Beatles, overrated historically with that awful bubble gum pop. Bruce Springsteen, seriously? Yellow submarine and pink Cadillac? Amongst other crap. Please, can anyone stand up and say, this crap music is really crap. Bob Dillon? Yeah he was a great lyrics writer, and poet, but he should've never, recorded and sang on anything.

    #127 1 year ago

    On a side note.
    Does anyone have an original gremlins lunch box thermos they want to get rid of? For some reason, having had a fairly shit childhood, I clung to the little I got as a kid, and took care of what I could, but I couldn't prevent my adopted parents from allowing the brother who destroyed everything, from using my beloved thermos, for which he cracked and broke, dropping it while deer hunting.
    I want to sell it for top dollar, or maybe keep it for bragging rights and cool factor when they announce the remake and remake the movie and release the new lunch box, which will look like the original, but I hear is made of space shuttle materials and have a holographic image that appears when you open it.
    Thank for anyone willing to help.
    By the way, most the story is true. Wouldn't mind that thermos.

    #128 1 year ago
    Quoted from ForceFlow:

    The older board systems are fairly solid and serviceable. The newer ones--they don't appear to be nearly as serviceable.
    But--most older games were routed at some point. It's rare to find one in exceptional, untouched condition.
    I had a chance to play an AFMrLE recently, and compared to all the routed AFM's I'm accustomed to, the brand new one was a real treat to play.
    But, I'd probably never buy either one at the current market prices. Either way, prices for high end or NIB games are a little ridiculous.

    It's not being untouched, as in never driven never played, it's original, as it was meant from factory, no new this that or the other sparkles.

    #130 1 year ago
    Quoted from Astropin:

    Well I'm just glad that you sir are the arbiter of what is and isn't cool. Glad we got that cleared up.

    Never said that, but if the market and the gods of collectables declares dog turds More valuable then cat turds, no amount of arguing would swing the opinion or convince those buying to see my point.

    #134 1 year ago
    Quoted from Astropin:

    That's just perfect...not even on my list of reasons why I bought that car. Never owned the original and never really liked the original that much.
    I bought it becasue:
    500hp and four doors
    Bang for the buck vs other current high hp vehicles
    Technology (I got every option and love them) Adaptive cruise control is a must for me. Auto high beams are fantastic. Lane assist is nice on my 8 hour highway trips.
    25mpg on the highway is ridiculous considering the 500hp.
    I personally think it looks cooler than the original (although I can appreciate that others feel differently.

    Well I guess the guy who buys the family mini van makes a justified argument for having it, definitely never for cool, but you'd be the first man buying a modern rendition of an original hot rod car, you don't like, for it's features.
    I'm personally not an originalist purist, but I wouldn't buy a remade whatever if my original was more valuable no matter how much better the remake was.
    Personally I like chip foose type thinking. I'd take the numbers matching engine, store it and drop a supercharged ls motor in it, mated to a 6 speed or higher trans, since were getting 8 speeds, etc,and have the best of both worlds. Could even mod the chassis for better handling, ad long as I could put it back to original and cash in our pass it on.

    #135 1 year ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Not to mention the 65 MPH speed limit, of course.

    Well, there are the trips to the country that allow for some fun, plus with minimal work, they let you on racetracks.

    #141 1 year ago

    Yes we all cling to our childhood music as the best. Some may declare the caveman genius for harnessing and using fire, but i say the invention of the stove and microwave, the real genius. I mean, fire appeared from lightning, half the genius came from God.

    If new kids on the block came out in the 60s, they'd be the Beatles, then when rock started being popularized and their music career is never-ending, you can morph into writing rock songs for which you admit to ripping off other musicians and what did lenon say? Oh yeah they heard other musicians songs and wrote music from it that was their own, I'm paraphrasing. Lol. New kids of the 60s would've released hangin tough to cheering women, and then after hanging on in music longer then most groups in following generations are allowed, given a chance to transform, could've wrote Helter skelter.

    Who decides this stuff? Beatles genius, stones, and on and on chosen ones, while other better musicians don't get a mention. U2 had one good album of a few good songs, they still linger and are given God status. Pearl jam, same thing.

    #143 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ns2973:

    Isn't more access to the hobby for more people always a better thing?
    Purists can keep the older versions if they choose, but getting more people playing the most popular games is a win for everyone right?

    No, many eventually leave and chase what becomes cool after. I would say. Even the very generations coming up now won't care about pinball. Like music and all the crap they're told is cool, they just follow.

    #146 1 year ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    I've got a "bitchin camaro!"
    » YouTube video

    Perfect example of people with no talent that should be working a crowd of 3 drunks at an all night bowling alley at 3am.

    #149 1 year ago

    Imagine if Hollywood stopped being creative a decade or so ago and decided to just remake what was the best in film, with a splattering of a few good newer films, and many of them were great originals but they remade, even the newer good films a few years later, without a complete story, point or proper ending, just sjw nonsense...... hey wait a minute.

    #150 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ns2973:

    Well I'm 34 and have an arcade in my basement. My fiancee is 24 and loves the games and I see young people all over loving the game.
    I'm all for people having access to play pinball. More play is more fans and more money in our hobby to make more new machines.
    Exposure to me is what will keep us going.

    Yes but oversaturation of a good thing will make for copies of copies of copies of ideas for money sake, decreasing value and loss of interest. Eventually something will be deemed collectable or valuable perhaps and the rest just novelty. Who knows. The More pinball machines made, the cheaper many games will get. Already seeing it with newer releases and prices In the tank so some can own the latest and greatest. Sooner or later something will give. There's only so much money and so many buyers, but a never-ending supply of new games and remakes.

    #152 1 year ago

    If it only had cup holders for my beers after I whoop ass. I'll look into the 2018 model.

    #156 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ns2973:

    I couldn't disagree more. You think it's a zero sum, its not. Pinball could have a much wider base and expose millions of new potential buyers.
    The reason pin prices skyrocketed was an influx of new players. Are we here to maximize investments or to have fun playing a hobby?
    Grow the base of buyers, more money flows to create new content as well. I own a mmr, it got my brother into the hobby, he never would have been able to play it without the remake as I wouldn't spend 15k for an original.
    This isn't music or Hollywood where content doesn't die. Machines break and have a life cycle, production of new ones doesn't saturate the same as some other industries.

    Yes and no. stern for instance isn't even trying to bring pinball into this century. They aren't even matching what Bally Williams best was in their heyday. Pinball is repeating and cloning old ideas for the most part, for money. There's already kickback for this. I could tell you several new ideas that the so called experts making these should be already doing.

    1. Why not get rid of flat glass pf covers for ones that are formed to house ramps and such that come up above where the glass would typically be? Imagine the insane ramps and loop d loops and toys.
    2. How about backbox with a flawless seamless game play that actually had something to do with the game instead of a glorified old school original Nintendo look and feel. Why not an actual pinball ball that carries gameplay into a vertical playfield? In most its just a pretty video display like watching tv, more for the onlooker.
    3. They could add to the 3 dimensional feel of idea 1. and make more room deepening the pf inside the cabinet with room for more integrated and seamless play with multi levels. this is where wide bodies could've really better utilized the area of play and advanced the gameplay.
    4. Why not evolve flat pf altogether, with a more dimensional one, not like orbit, but have dips and bumps that carry the ball in cool crazy ways, and with a good design you could still make for controllable gameplay where there's less ability to know where the ball will go for sure and make you adjust gameplay at a moment's notice to a multitude of possibilities that lead to good tough high scoring shots.
    5. Playfields made of painted cleared wood should be yesteryear. It's a recipe for disaster with varying expansion and contraction ratios of paint vs wood vs clear coat vs whatever.
    6. Steel ball bearings that rust? Come on. How about ceramic, or ceramic coated steal for magnet games. I'll pay more to never have to worry about the problem.
    7. With mirrors and light you can add dimension and illusions or trickery of the senses to make you think your seeing things.

    They don't even utilize mechanical toys to their fullest. Simplest of movements and action. Should have toys that actual defend against your moves. A hulk that swings his arms and fists when the ball is near. Would look better then just magnets moving the ball too, which is great for magician themes and spirit themes, perhaps some superhero as well.

    #157 1 year ago
    Quoted from spfxted:

    ...or the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause...

    ?? Makes no sense

    I'm not a religious man, but I do know this all came from somewhere not of man. Those 2 things are ridiculous man made crap. I'm not even talking any God the 50 religions believe they know of.
    When I say God I'm talking something completely different.

    #164 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ns2973:

    So you think more people buying more games will discourage innovation? More money in means more experimentation.
    Look at jjpotc, that game isn't made without the influx of people, innovations only continue if there is a market and you are arguing for a smaller market.

    Agree on jj trying but the acception to the rule doesn't make it the norm.

    #166 1 year ago
    Quoted from MinusWorlds:

    But if you left who would be the biggest attention whore? You’re head and shoulders above everyone else...

    Criticize like a little bitch, adds less then nothing, but feels impotent guy.

    #167 1 year ago
    Quoted from merccat:

    Is it just me or did people loose sight of the original thread and that this is a parody thread?
    Anywhoo... remakes expand the market and an expanded market pushes innovation.
    Custom molded playfield glass? Yeah, that’s cost effective, not cumbersome at all to ship and store and easy to replace. Oy.

    Ok are you an expert on molded plastic to say it's ridiculous and not cost effective? doubt it. I want pinball to evolve and advance, apparently some want to argue over cost they have no idea about. Keep paying 8 to 10k for old ideas etc. Sorry but the electronics that did what they did 20 years ago should be way cheaper, not way more expensive, leaving money to evolve and innovate, not increase profit.

    #170 1 year ago

    You added nothing more then the bro who says, oh snap in a cheesy 90s ghetto rap rhyme off game show. What? Is this yoyoyomtv rap?

    #187 1 year ago
    Quoted from vicjw66:

    And the other half came from Benjamin Franklin when he invented lightning with his kite and a key tied to the string.
    It’s true. Just google the science behind lightning and the science behind fire.
    There is a picture of Ben Franklin right next to caveman Jesus.
    Also google the deteriorating state of the Wisconsin public education system.

    Says literal guy

    #189 1 year ago
    Quoted from vicjw66:

    And the other half came from Benjamin Franklin when he invented lightning with his kite and a key tied to the string.
    It’s true. Just google the science behind lightning and the science behind fire.
    There is a picture of Ben Franklin right next to caveman Jesus.
    Also google the deteriorating state of the Wisconsin public education system.

    Please explain your genius theory to how cavemen harnessed fire? I'm sure you were there to witness it.
    There are multiple theories. Science can explain the scientific reason for many things, but science can't explain everything. The kite and key story is bs. Fire was utilized before, And no one can say how it came about. Glad you have the Answers. You were a product of public schooling I'm sure, probably those genius years they told you to hide under a desk during a nuclear attack, they just forgot to tell you it was to kiss your ass goodbye. Yes, those genius public school year teachings. Was that when doctors did cigarette commercials telling you how healthy they were? Those higher learning years? Just shut up.

    #191 1 year ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Well this is a support group, isn't it?

    He might as well suggested crossing the streams.

    #193 1 year ago
    Quoted from leonml:

    He might as well suggested crossing the streams.

    Quoted from vicjw66:

    When their brains got lt big enough and they got smart enough they figured it out.

    Science can explain everything because everything that happens has a scientific reason behind it. It is our feeble minds that have difficulty explaining the science. Now let’s try and get this thread back on track again. Wait, what is this thread about again?

    Wrong!! Lightning was burning forests long before cavemen figured out friction and cavemens heads were huge compared to modern man. In fact Einstein had a small brain compared to normal.

    If science could explain all, then everything would be fact and all scientists would agree on all. There would be no such thing as theory and there wouldn't be multiple theories on many things that exist. Yes everything just appeared and evolved into whatever. Everything didn't just appear out of thin air, if it did, where did thin air come from, or nothingness, which is nothing, but nothing is something?

    You have to stop seeing something greater then yourself as that dog shit brainwashing nonsense they teach in Sunday school to impressionable minds.

    #195 1 year ago

    Hey, what if C A T, really spelled dog?

    #206 1 year ago
    Quoted from vicjw66:

    That’s deep Ogre. And quite an appropriate reference for this situation.

    That line always cracks me up.

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