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By RDReynolds

7 years ago

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#13 7 years ago

First time I got to eternal life multiball I had one switch to go - one of the I N D Y rollovers.

I was new to the hobby and didn't realize that you could toggle which one was lit with the flippers.

Strangely enough, the hardest shot in the game for me would be either orbit. I can never hit em when I want to.

#20 7 years ago

Another good one on IJ - I had no idea you could hold the flippers down during the medallion video mode. Until recently I always rapidly pushed the buttons to pan left and right a bit at a time.

#62 7 years ago
Quoted from pmWolf:

How many of you also own the Stern Indy?

I own and enjoy the Stern Indy. It was my first pin and it won't ever be leaving.

My hope is that one day someone updates the code - the theme is way too cool to be wasted on such a shallow ruleset.

2 months later
#95 7 years ago

The cointaker IJ kit is the only one that I haven't liked. They use green for INDY and ADVENTURE and it looks awful.

I used warm white supers for those inserts and the POA GI.

Retro warm white for all main gi.

I used cool white supers for the 3 jackpot inserts to make them pop a bit from the mode inserts.

For the modes I color matched based on the graphics. Everything else is color matched. Ill post a pic tonight or tomorrow.

2 months later
#123 7 years ago
Quoted from gripwhip:

Hi all,
New IJ owner. Great pin! I have read about a lot of trouble with the PoA. Mine is working fine, but I wanted to replace the inserts bulbs underneath with LEDs. I did the rest of the inserts on the playfield, but I am leary of doing the PoA. I see the steps in the manual to remove it. My question is whether it is worth removing and potentially having issues caused by messing with it or is it no big deal? Suggestions?

It's scary the first time you pull it off. and you have to remove a bunch of other stuff, but if you go slow it's actually not that bad.

3 months later
#171 7 years ago

Bar mode became amazingly easier for me once I realized you could hold the button to move back and forth fast instead of mashing it like crazy.

3 months later
#312 6 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Does anybody know if all the reorchestrations are done for PinSounds on IJ? It looks like they're still working on it on their website. If anybody has one and has feedback I'd love to hear it. Don't want to buy an incomplete product.

Any video of this anywhere?

1 month later
#348 6 years ago
Quoted from ff6735:

Just joined the club in October, by far my favorite Williams title. It is just the complete package for me.

image-511.jpg 171 KB

image-428.jpg 195 KB

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image-590.jpg 165 KB

image-420.jpg 265 KB

Nice looking game, welcome to the club! You should get the ruins light mod, and maybe change that GI to warm white.

1 month later
#455 6 years ago

Could the post rely on a switch at the top of the right ramp being triggered before the rollover right by the post?

#462 6 years ago
Quoted from Kahanaohana:

that rollover switch next to the post, triggers good in switch edge test.

Do all of the switches on the right ramp trigger properly in test?

Just because a switch triggers in test doesn't mean that the software isn't relying on multiple switches triggering properly during gameplay.

When you test these switches always use a ball, not your finger.

#464 6 years ago

What rom version are you running?

11 months later
#795 5 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Two questions:
1. I replaced the flipper coils from 11629 to 11630 and it made a big difference in terms of power (no longer feels like stuff on the playfield is going to break), but I still have balls flying off the left ramp periodically after the turn, flies into the plane. Is there any adjustment to make, or barrier to put long the right side of the ramp?
2. At the path of adventure, the ball wants to go left 90% of the time. I've pulled the POA it forward as far as it will go, but still tends to go left. Is the default setting of the POA level or should it maybe lean a little right? Any other adjustments for the POA?

the biggest adjustment on the POA is actually the metal arm that the ball rolls against as it drops onto the POA. Bend it a little bit toward the front of the playfield and you'll get more action to the right.

1 year later
#1386 4 years ago

Looking for a collector quality IJ playfield. Anyone?

7 months later
#2286 4 years ago

Anyone know where I can get the pinsound re-orchestration package?

1 year later
#3958 2 years ago

I really need a set of those anti air ball plastics.

1 month later
#4140 2 years ago
Quoted from Davi:

Airball protectors
***Last call - last batch***
I've got many requests, so 2nd, last batch is almost ready. If you have contacted me, no need to do it again, I will contact you about details.
I have few extra, here is the last chance.[quoted image]

Im in!

4 months later
#4649 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Do these go anywhere? Didn't see a spot for them.[quoted image][quoted image]

You don’t need those anymore because you’re running a color dmd.

10 months later
#6213 1 year ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

Just got my last protos in for the lane guide.
They look good and fit well. One issue is that if you have the plastic protector... with the lane guide it prevents it from being distorted to fit under the screw for the apron guide. Normally without the lane guide the end of the plastic can bend under the screw.
Imma gonna shave some off of the lane guide for good measure.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Sorry if I missed it. Are you selling these?

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